Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Terrorist who won the lottery. Not man enough to beat your wife? Get mom and dad to do it. A good book.

The Moslem terrorist in New York is apparently bragging about what he did and enjoying the attention he's getting in the hospital.  He came into this country on a "diversity visa" and got a green card through the same "program."  The terrorist got shot in the butt, which kind of takes away from his "aura" but it hasn't kept him from popping off in the hospital.

Video below explains "diversity visa "and Chucky Schumer's connection to the program.

It was fun seeing the Mayor of New York, who flies all over the world to attend Islamic events, and praises Islam to the skies, doing his little tap dance over this incident. But he isn't the only one in the country who is having a lovefest with Islam.

(Note: the video above has some commentary by James Wesley Rawles.)

It's hard for me to get very interested in this though, it's become so common place.  I notice the story of the shooter in Vegas has quietly disappeared, they never did come up with any information on why he did it, did they? Interesting.  Maybe it was something they didn't want the American people to know about.

And then, there's this little news article that's quite interesting.

A Shocking Incident in which the culture of India is disrespected by the Police!

Indian man's parents fly to Florida to beat son's wife for being 'disobedient,' police say.

Florida police rescued an Indian woman Saturday who was beaten by her husband and his parents who traveled from India to help assist him with the assault.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said Silky Gaind, 33, called her parents in India to tell them of the abuse. They then called the authorities.

Police said Gaind was being held in the Riverview home by her husband Devbir Kalsi, 33, and his parents Jasbir, 67, and Bhupinder Kalsi, 61, who traveled from India to help their son “counsel and discipline his wife for being disobedient” after he asked for their assistance, according to Fox .

When a deputy arrived at the residence, no one responded to a repeated knock. Then Gaind attempted to open the door and screamed for him to help her and her 1-year-old daughter.

The deputy forced his way in despite Kalsi trying to keep the door closed. While the deputy started to handcuff Kalsi, his parents confronted the officer, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Kalsi and Gaind argued Friday night where he battered her “repeatedly and forcefully,” according to the arrest report. Kalsi’s parents started striking her after Gaind attempted to defend herself. The infant was accidentally struck in the face while Gaind was holding her during the attack, the report stated.

Kalsi was threatened with a knife by Jasbir Kalsi. After the incident, Gaind was locked in a room and her cell phone was taken from her.

"Awful, nobody should go through that," an unidentified neighbor told Fox 13. "It really is heartbreaking. There's a brand new baby. But who beats their wife up and his mother and dad help him? Who does that?"

Devbir and Jasbir Kalsi may face “charges of false imprisonment, child abuse and denying access to 911,” according to the Tampa Bay Times. Devbir Kalsi also could face felony battery charge, and Jasbir Kalsi was accused of “aggravated battery with a deadly weapon,” the paper reported. Bhupinder Kalsi could face “charges of battery domestic violence and failure to report child abuse.”

They were all booked into Hillsborough County Jail and were being held without bond. Fox 13 reported that the three could face deportation back to India. Gaind and her infant were put in a safe place, the sheriff’s office said.


Not a lot on my agenda for today.  I have to go to the library in town and pick up some books for my wife. Then over to the next county to return some books to their library.  Here's one I got that was really interesting.

If you ever saw Clint Eastwood's two movies about Iwo Jima,  this is the book the movie about the Japanese side was based on.

Until I ran across the book on a back shelf in the library, I didn't know it existed.  This was written by a Japanese, and translated from the Japanese. It was written for the Japanese consumer, rather than American which makes it all the more unusual, and finally, it was written by a woman.  The Japanese have a very ambivalent attitude about World War II.   I used to email back and forth with a Japanese housewife, years ago. She lived in Tokyo, her husband was a "salary man" and was almost never home. She had a pet black rabbit to keep her company.  She knew nothing about the war, though she was well educated, and she had never heard of people like Saburo Sakai, Japan's greatest Ace to survive the war. When I lived in Japan for 13 months, I found that was pretty common, unless you talked to older people who had experienced the war.  That was back in 1980-81, so there were still a lot of people alive , both in Okinawa and the home islands. who had lived through it.

This is a clip from the movie "Eternal Zero" about the Kamikazi.  The scene is set in a restaurant, where a group of young men have gathered to plan a trip to Hawaii with their girl friends. One of them has been trying to learn more about his grandfather, who was a Kamikaze. The subject comes up by accident, and the other young men at the table start saying that Kamikaze were terrorists, and how stupid it is that they were willing to die for their country.  That gets out of hand.  Sorry I couldn't find one with subtitles but you will get the idea.

The movie that tells the other side of the story, the U.S. side, is "Flags of our Fathers."  The strange thing about these two movies is that they tell the same story, at the same place, at the same time, from two points of view. So after you have seen one, when you see the other you will instantly recognize the juxtaposition of the two movies, especially where two scenes interact.  It's an odd perspective.

Iwo Jima typified the war in the Pacific. The United States lost over 6,000 killed, and 20,000 MIA or wounded. Most of the 26,000 Japanese soldiers and sailors defending the island were killed.

The Iwo Jima monument at Arlington Cemetery is a place that all young Marine Officers visit while doing their initial six months training at Quantico, Virginia.

Just about everyone remembers the photo of the flag being raised on Suribachi,  it's one of the most iconic photos of World War II.

The book was really good, and given my family connections to World War II in the Pacific I enjoyed it even more.

My father, circa 1943

My Uncle, 1942.

I'm trying to get some pictures of my father in law, who was a Marine Sgt and fought on Okinawa among other places. My sister in law has a whole shoe box full of photos from that time, but I haven't been able to get her to let me scan any of them yet.

Thought for the day:


  1. Multiculturalism is all well and good, but any BS religious laws are trumped by US law. Believe what the heck you want, but follow the law.

    1. I'd go along with that, but an amazing number of people in this country, and in Europe, feel we should "accommodate" other cultures, to the extent of allowing them to follow their own laws and practices, i.e. their culture is more important than American culture.

  2. They wanted muticulturalism, and now they got it. Ain't it just ducky! I feel so enriched by it all!

    1. Have you seen the meme with the hordes of machete swinging Africans roaring down the street. It says "here comes the enrichment!"

      Personally, it has always seemed to me that things are screwed up enough here already without bringing in Third World savages from the stone age.

  3. This is a GREAT post today Harry. That story about the Indians is sickening. My youngest sister was dating a guy whose parents were from India and he told us horror stories about how badly the women are treated, even his own father beat his mother regularly to "keep her in her place". He adapted and became a real man and denounced his heritage because of it. I always wonder what happened to that guy, one of the few good ones.

    Anyway, your story reminds me of when I lived in Montreal. Talk about multi-culturalism...that is the buzz word and the reason why all the Arabs flock there. They never assimilate. There was a story of a woman who died of strangulation because her head thingy got stuck in an escalator and she refused to take it off her head to save herself, can't show her face and head...she'd rather die a horrible death, sickening.

    Your thought for the day is very true. I don't think I'm wrong in thinking that if a person wants to enjoy the life and benefits of living in Canada, THEY need to act like Canadians. They left their "homelands" for a reason, so leave the homeland traditions where they should be.

    We had our first snow overnight! Ice rink on the roads though, we're putting the winter tires on tomorrow. Winter is nearly here!

    1. It has been my experience, Rain, that the people who are most enthusiastic about bringing these people into their countries either know absolutely nothing about the societies they come from, or they are making a ton of money off the deal. I don't really know of anywhere in the first world where there aren't already too many people, regardless of what Little Chucky Schumer or Angela Merkel might say. Who needs violent, aggressive thugs that despise the host country and immediately start trying to change it so it's like the hell hole they just ran away from? I am in sync with your thoughts one hundred percent.

      Wish we were having snow. Usually it's the end of November before we have snow here but who knows, this has been a strange year.

  4. Regarding the Pacific Theatre- An really outstanding book is "Japan at War, An Oral History.", by Haruko Taya Cook and Theodore Cook. There are somewhere around a hundred interviews with Japanese about their wartime experience,as soldiers, sailors, nurses, farmers, teachers etc. Almost all our US perspective is from our own accounts- this is a compelling book for anyone with an interest in the subject matter. Many of the interviews were conducted under secrecy, because the people did not want others(in Japan) to know about their stories.

    Like many of you, our family sent men to the Pacific, at least one did not return.

    1. I am sure I saw that book at the library today. I will get it when I go back because it sounds like exactly the kind of thing I find interesting. Almost all the books in the libraries my wife and I go to are stocked with donated books. The Blue Ridge mountains are still not very affluent, and the budgets for libraries are very meager. But this small library in the next county has an excellent selection of military history books, and it's well worth the drive.

      Have you seen the mini-series "The Pacific."? It's excellent.

  5. Kalsi is fortunate they didn't set her on fire. I seem to recall that used to be the way they handled this stuff back in the 80s.

    1. They still do, in India. Here in Georgia, it's mostly Moslems and "Honor Killings" we have to deal with, rather than the Indian shenanigans. After we got into Iraq, Atlanta was the unwilling recipient of a flood of Iraqi "refugees." The "honor killing " problem started at once. The first one I remember was an Iraqi cab driver, who found out his two teen aged daughters were wearing their Burkas when they left the house for school, then changing into regular clothes like jeans at a friends house. He waited out side the friends house in his cab, then ran over and killed both girls (16-17 years old) when they came out.
      Moslems aren't real smart about killing their daughters and wives. They murder them in the house a lot of the time, and bury them in shallow graves in the back yards. Then a dog digs them up or the neighbors complain about a bad smell, and they're off to jail. Maybe the Indians here are just smarter about how they get rid of the girls and women they kill.

  6. Harry,

    I believe they should ship this terrorist to Gitmo for a military tribunal,and not processed through the U.S. Court system.

    Hubby wants to read, "So Sad To Fall In Battle".

    A special thank you to your Father and Uncle for their service!

    1. This guy is making quite an impression up in New York. He is gleeful about what he did, and brags about it. He explained that since he killed "infidels", his God is pleased, and accepts his act as a gift. Doesn't seem to matter that he killed a Belgian woman who had three kids, or a bunch of old Argentinian guys who were up here celebrating a class reunion. Allah is pleased by all their deaths. The terrorist also explained that the suffering of the wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, and children is especially pleasing to Allah, as they too are "unbelievers."

      That low life little creep, Chuck Schumer, attached this "diversity visa" bill to a larger bill and got it into law, so he bears complete and total responsibility for these deaths. But I have not seen him on TV crying about it, like he did when President Trump took action to try to vet these Islamic psychopaths at the borders. Old Chucky cried on TV about that, but this doesn't seem to bother him.

      "So Sad to Fall in Battle" was a good book. You almost never hear anything about the war from the Japanese side, it's like they are trying to just erase it from the past.

      My dad, my uncle and my father in law are all gone now. I think, in a way, that's good as they would not have been at all pleased by events in the country today.

  7. I thought "Letters" was an excellent movie. It's a challenge to make a World War Two movie about the enemy that shows the human side of the combatants and their experiences. I ws quite impressed.

    1. I enjoyed it as well. Clint Eastwood has made some outstanding movies and is a good Director. He's a good man, too.

      I hope you've had a chance to see "The Pacific" mini-series. One of the best shows on the war I've seen, and as good as the companion mini-series "Band of Brothers."

  8. I think we have a very similar Mount Suribachi statue at the Marine Military Academy, located in Harlingen Texas. Events of that time would be surreal if held today. The number of casualties was numbered in the hundreds every week. Not sure if we could comprehend that now.

    I was born in early 60's and remember the grainy footage of the Vietnam war shown on news cast. Men wearing horn rim glasses and coats reading the news of the day. No pretty boy - woman reporters, people who often wrote what they had to report on.

    1. Times were sure different in the 60's. People like Walter Cronkite. No 24 hour news, just the three networks and their half hour show each evening. No real politics, until the later part of the decade when they did begin to creep into the evenings news broadcasts. Nothing like it is today.

      The "news" today is just political proganda and outright lies, for the most part. I hardly ever even watch Fox anymore, for two reasons. One is Shepard Smith and the other is Juan Williams. If I wanted to listen to a bunch of mealy mouthed left wing hand wringing wimps, I could already do that on MSNBC, CBS, or ABC, or even, lowest of the low, CNN.

      But I do like One America News.

      I'm sure there's a Suribachi statute at the military academy you mentioned. It would certainly be appropriate.

  9. Hey Harry,


    Until we have men with hard hearts in congress and the senate that are able to completely alter immigration laws/Visa's and eject all non-citizens, The stuff that happened in New York will continue.
    No one is willing to make the hard decisions so I fear much of this stuff will continue.

    The stories on the Japanese stuff you wrote were interesting. I would like to see a reconstituted Japanese military to stave off North Korea, China, etc.
    The Japanese have it in their blood. They are warriors and warriors are respected.
    The same goes for the Germans. The Germanic warrior DNA is buried deep and can be re-awoken given the right scenario. Same goes for the countries north of Germany where the Vikings once came from.
    We could use a few good Vikings right now. Hell we could use about 25 Million good Vikings in Europe alone. That would solve a few problems and encourage people not to come from Africa.

    1. CC, as long as there is a Democratic Party in the United States, nothing of consequence can be accomplished in terms of Islam and immigration. No matter what President Trump tries to do, the Dems can always find some political activist Judge to undo or delay his good efforts. There will always be people like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and all the other Moon Bat dogs and ponies. It's as you say, these events will just keep on happening, thanks to them.

      Japan changed it's constitution last year to allow the use of the Japanese Self Defense Forces (a euphemism for their Army, Navy and Air Force), overseas in combat. Prior to that, this was strictly forbidden and the only military support Japan could provide their allies was in the area of logistics. Japan has been building up it's Navy and Air Force in particular, as the dispute over the South China Sea heats up.

      The Germans sent combat troops to Afghanistan, but under such ridiculous rules of engagement they may as well have stayed home. Germany has the same problem England has, the armed forces are open to different ethnic groups, many members of which are not loyal to the military or the country.

      We could, indeed, use a few good Vikings these days.

  10. I think maybe you're being too hard on the Indian guy. Maybe he called Mom and Pop because his hands were so bruised up, it hurt too much to hit Wifey again.
    Think Multiculturalism! Diversity is our strength!

    1. You are probably right. When you see news segments on tv where Indians or Pakistanis have murdered some girl or woman, it's usually a mob of men that did it. One on one really wasn't fair to the poor fellow, no wonder he had to fly mom and dad over and team up on the wife beating thing!

      Like Michael said, "here comes the diversity!" ;-)

  11. Another well written post. I became a WW2 history nut in high school. An instructor in high school spent his whole naval career in the pacific..

    1. It always helps keep your interest when someone you know personally, or have family ties to, participated in the events you are reading about. There aren't many World War II veterans left now, sadly.