Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Atlanta has more problems. North Georgia mountains video.

Atlanta hasn't had a white mayor since 1969.  The normal routine is that Atlanta elects a black mayor, who then gets all his cronies plum jobs, especially involving the stores and kiosks at the airport. Then the Mayor and his cronies go to jail on federal racketeering charges, usually over kickbacks from the airport.  The current mayor, Kasim Reed,  "the great elephant who fertilizes the earth with his dung", is adhering to this tradition and it seems he  will soon be checking into Club Fed once the federals wind up their investigations down there.

So, in the election for a new mayor yesterday, there were two candidates. One was a black woman, Keisha Bottoms, who used her connections to avoid paying her water bill for years (this sounds trivial but in Atlanta that's a really big deal). She drew two city  salaries at the same time, both big dollar amounts, and she is close (just what that means I wouldn't care to say) to the current Mayor.

The other was a white woman named Mary Norwood. Norwood is a kind of strange independent, neither fish nor fowl. She is, for all that, respectable and nobody has linked her with criminals or fraud, etc.

After the election,  the count was  Bottoms: 46,464 and Norwood 45,705, giving bottoms an alleged (and highly suspicious) margin of just over 700 votes.  Although no military absentee ballots have been counted yet, Bottoms gave a victory speech and said the election is over.  The Atlanta political establishment is trying to gloss over the failure to count absentee votes and other "irregularities."

The city government is black. The polling is largely conducted by individuals who are black. I wait with great interest to see how this works out.  Maybe they should fly in some advisers from Rhodesia and Liberia  to help make sure the election isn't rigged.

Looking at the more mundane, M is supposed to be home today.  I'm going over the mountain to pick her up and bring her home this afternoon. I hope that's what happens, anyway.

Lots of rain the past couple of days, and now it's cold and foggy.  I like this kind of weather, and I especially like the fact that the mountains are largely deserted now.

We're supposed to get some snow this Friday , starting after dark. I doubt there will be much of it, we don't usually get heavy snow until January, but you never know. The weather hasn't been "normal" here these past few years.

I found this video on Youtube . I recognize Mount Yonah and some of the other places in the film. Gives a pretty good idea of what our area is like. 

The new "Off Grid" is out , at least, the digital version is.  I haven't been able to find it on the news stands yet.  Mykel Hawke's is the subject of the main article in this months edition.  He did a few one off specials for the Discovery Channel some years ago, and a two season program called "Man, Woman, Wild" as well.  He strikes me as one of those guys who are handy to have around in a tight spot but not somebody you'd want to be around much otherwise.  

We found a company that transports horses, so Seamus is taken care of.  It wasn't as expensive as I had anticipated, $400 to move him from Cincinnati to Nashville, or $870 to move him from Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Florida.  So that's one item checked off the planning list for the kids relocation.  Seamus is 22 years old, so we can't be sure, if we gave him to a petting zoo or something of that nature, that they wouldn't sell him to the "killers' i.e. the dog food people.  So he'll have to live out his life in luxury and die of natural causes. 


Thought for the Day:

Christmas is almost here.


  1. Was just reading about the Atlanta mayoral election, could get more interesting, I bet those people who don't think their single vote matters might be wishing they'd voted.

    1. Jenn, the crooked goings on in elections in Atlanta would make Boss Tweed blanch. The biggest problem we have is letting people vote who are not citizens, letting people vote who are not registered, and the amazing number of dead people who vote. They all seem to be Democrats. Georgia has tried for years to fix this, but with the Obama Justice Department having a veto over our voting laws ( only in the South!), every time we try to take common sense steps like asking people to be able to prove they are who they say they are at the polls, the Democrats screech "racism!" and the Feds say, "no, you can't do that."

      I figured this was going to happen. We have the election, Bottom's is pronounced the winner by a slight margin, and then the Democrats hope nobody will scream "foul" and they can just rip off the election.

      The news tonight said that Bottoms is claiming victory but there is going to be a recount. If the same bunch does the recount that did the original count, doesn't sound to me like it will do much good. There are lots of military people from Atlanta and most of them will have voted, so I was really taken aback that the Bottom crowd admitted freely none of those votes were counted but "it doesn't matter."

  2. I remember seeing a few of the "Man, Woman, Wild" shows. The one that really impressed me is the time they tried to survive in the frozen north. They bailed and had to be rescued. Pretty hard to survive in deep winter if you haven't had a chance to prepare. Not much to eat and the cold kills.

    1. They got into trouble in the Namibian desert and had to be evacuated, too. Of course, Les Stroud himself had to pull the plug on his Kalahari adventure and be taken out early. Sometimes, I guess the suffering isn't worth the film footage.

      I was always impressed with his wife. She stuck it out and never complained. Maybe she was afraid he'd kill her if she did, the guy seems a little bit "stone cold" to me.

    2. The wife was a treasure. She lacked the background he did but was game to try anything.

    3. I felt sorry for her sometimes. I would never have exposed my wife to that kind of misery for money.

  3. I would have voted for Norwood.

    When we lived there - Pine Lake, GA close to Stone Mountain my husband was told he would more than likely never get in a gallery because he's white. So odd.

    It was prob. good for me to live there for a bit. Omaha, Nebraska is a great place to live for families, but rated one of the worst places to live if you're a black male. Sad our culture is like that!

    1. Alissa, that's common in a lot of professions in Atlanta. Atlanta was majority white (still is) for the past six decades, and there's a strong feeling there that white people, whoever they are , should be penalized for all the "wrongs' done black people, boo hoo, dat ain' rite. Your husband probably ran afoul of that attitude. It's especially prevalent in government jobs, in education, and in the scramble for small business "support" from the feds.

      I wonder why Omaha is not a good place for black males? Maybe there are not enough liquor stores to heist, or not enough white women driving expensive cars to carjack? Must be something like that. ;-)

  4. The article forgot to mention the concession kickbacks from Heartsfield. The vender's there have paid tons of money to the cronies of all the previous mayors back to Andrew Young. That office is as corrupt as they come.

    1. You're right. One after the other, Atlanta's Mayors have not been able to resist the kickbacks from out at the airport. Atlanta's political apparatus is a disease, and it's not hard to see why when you consider who comprises it.

  5. Hey Harry,


    If your white (or conservative black) Don't live in a black filled town.
    'Most large American cities are being taken over by 'socialist radicals' mostly of color and they want to redistribute the wealth through forced collectivization. Kinda like Mugabe, Idi Amin Dada, etc, etc.

    I am channeling my 'misanthropic' views right now and the best we can hope for another plague like 'Captain Trip's' in Steven Kings 'The Stand' or some other super flu, maybe a limited nuke war, global EMP, box car size asteroid smacking the Earth at 145.000 an hour.
    We are over populated by about 6 billion. In essence the root of all problems is over population. There at a lack of resources because everyone wants clean water, food, cars, houses, smart phones and flat screen TV's.
    Imagine most of the countries of the world being over populated and with living standards like Haiti. Haiti is the future, a semi-collapsed society with people scampering for meager resources.

    1. One of the issues sensible people have pointed out in the past is that even in America, resources are finite. Pouring more and more people, particularly those who only consume and contribute nothing, will lower the standard of living for everyone.

      There's a good quote from Edward Abbey to that effect on the sidebar somewhere.

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