Monday, December 18, 2017

SOG disappears? Power problems. Meanwhile, down in Atlanta. The Library.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I couldn't get in touch with SOG on the phone, so I emailed them.  I got back a message from the server saying that the SOG email address was no longer accepting incoming emails.  That sounds bad.  I have bought a lot of things, from ammo to guns and everything in between, from SOG. Their monthly flyer was the best of all the big surplus houses, in color and usually 16 pages long, full of all your heart could desire.  They stopped doing a monthly a few years back, and went to quarterly. Then semi-annually, and last year they did a Christmas flyer (Dec 16) and that was it.

Sarco is gone, Springfield Sporters is gone, Century International has pretty well switched over to modern "black guns" and police trade ins.  I suppose that's the wave of the future. Given what surplus guns cost today, and the scarcity of supplies from overseas, I guess it had to happen. But if they do go belly up, I will certainly miss them.

The current issue of American Survival Guide has some timely information on power packs, including one I think I will buy.  The cost is reasonable and they seem to be simple to operate. When we were discussing methods of charging cell phones when the grid was out, there were lots of good ideas on how to do it. Some people built their own systems out of simple parts, such as just a battery and an inverter. Some made more sophisticated pieces of gear, and others bought off the shelf products that served them well.  I learned a lot from the exchange of ideas on that. I know most people don't read all the comments, but it's amazing how much knowledge there is out there, on just about any survival subject you care to mention.

I was in town today, and I had lunch at a local cafe where you mostly find people who live here year round. The topic of conversation was the storm.  There's a lot of anger directed towards the EMC, because the outage was so long, several days for most, and because once the power came back on, it didn't stay on for everybody. We lost power ourselves yesterday (Sunday) but only for four hours. There's a feeling in the community that not enough has been done to storm proof our grid, and too much has been done to buy expensive buildings and equipment, and pay big salaries. I've alluded to all this before, so I wasn't surprised.  I think people are disappointed because the EMC rat's nest was cleaned out last year, virtually the whole board had to resign when it was disclosed in the paper that they were doing "sweet heart" deals for each other's businesses but cutting off the power to individual homeowners who were a day late on their bills. So all the "good old boys" got turfed out, and great things were expected from the newly elected people, who were not from the "big money" class. 

This storm was a shock to all of us. I expect that some of the new board will get an earful and quit. The man who led the revolution against the old guard has already resigned , citing "personal reasons."

I guess we'll have to wait and see where it goes.

As for the mayoral election in Atlanta,  BOHICA!

What's good for Ohio is apparently  good for Atlanta.  When the first votes were "counted" the black candidate won by less than 800 votes.  In the recount, she won by 92 votes.  The certification board, primarily composed of "people of color" immediately certified the results and now Ms. Bottom is the new mayor. She may get into office before the current mayor, Kassim Reed, goes to federal prison but who knows?

It's an open secret that the votes were "pencil whipped" and the jokes about dead people, dogs, and illegal aliens voting are making the rounds.  As long as the department of justice (there's a misnomer), keeps Georgia from doing anything about voter fraud, this will just keep happening.

As for things here, we've basically just been keeping warm.  I made that trip into town today but for the most part, we are staying home.  We hit the library while we were out, and got 25 books to tide us over until the library reopens December 26th. Most of them were my wife's. She can go through mystery books pretty fast.  I got five books that are a series on the Arab Israeli wars, and one post apocalyptic fiction book I'm pretty sure I already read.

I don't hang out in the library too long. I get my books, and get out.  People my age go in there and talk really loud, probably because they are deaf.  Also, the old widowers are lonely, so they use the ladies at the check out desk as a captive audience to tell their life's story.  If my wife goes first, I'm going to remember that and do it too!  People bring their computers to the library, sit at the tables, and the whole place is filled with the noise of clicking keys.  Then, there are the cell phones. No matter there's a big sign on the entrance that says "NO CELL PHONES!"

Life goes on.  I guess.

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  1. I have spoken with a few gun store employees here locally. Some of them are concerned if they can stay in business. Not too much buying going on these days.

    Man, Atlanta is a mess. The blatant corruption reminds me of Venezuela. I never thought I would see the day when the USA turns into a banana republic--but that's the road we are headed down. Then you had that airport power fiasco. What's next? --Troy

    1. Troy, thanks to Atlanta, Georgia rivals Louisiana in terms of a reputation for urban blight and civic corruption.

      The whole country is being run like a Banana Republic at state level, and the swamp in D.C. likes it that way.
      The airport debacle was typical of what happens here, because important planning and decision-making positions are filled based on cronyism and ethnicity, with no thought at all about the effect on the overall viability of the infrastructure.

  2. Harry,
    SOG Specialty Knives and Tools??? If this is what your talking about, their in business out in Glenwood, Washington and mainly run for military personnel and Veterans.

    The weather has been the talk of the Town down this way as well.

    1. Sandy, SOG stands for Southern Ohio Guns, they have been one of the top flight surplus firearms dealers in America for decades. But now, I can't contact them on the net or by phone, so it looks grim. I never heard of SOG knives and tools I don't think, but they sound like an interesting outfit. If they sell hyper expensive knives I am pretty sure I know at least one fellow who does business with them.😀

      There have been worse storms here, but this one really got everyone's attention. Most people didn't do anything to get ready because they went to bed Thursday night being told by the weather reports that it was going to be a non event, then woke up Friday morning in the dark and snowed in. It went downhill from there.😦

  3. You can buy a pretty decent solar setup that is portable that will charge a standard 4000 MAH battery pack in a good 8 hours of sunlight. That battery pack will charge your cell phone about 5 times.

    and under $50 bucks too.

    Not a bad idea to have as a backup.

    1. B, because I live on a mountain top, surrounded by higher mountains, solar doesn't work too well for me. Back in 1999, I made a big investment in a solar power system. Bought the whole package from a solar power outfit in South Carolina, and paid for them to come over here and install it.

      Then, the first winter, I found out that the sun only hit on the big Seimens solar power cell array for about 2 hours a day, on a good day. The sun just doesn't shine much right on my homestead site in winter, and I am surrounded by huge trees. So, the solar power cells didn't produce power, and the inverter was constantly kicking the generator on to charge the battery bank. All I have left of that system now is a dead inverter on the wall in one of the outbuildings, and the solar power array sitting out there in the rack. The generator was working up until this last snow storm but now it's down and I'm thinking it's time to replace it anyway with something lighter, easier to move, and far less noisy and stinky.

      I could use a device like you mentioned but I would have to walk upslope, through the woods, to a big outcrop of gravel boulders. I do go up there sometimes, to use my cell phone or just for the beautiful view, but I don't think I'd want to try it in the snow.

      However, for under $50.00 you could hardly go wrong,even if you never used the equipment. I read a review of some backup electrical charging equipment in the latest issue of American Survival Guide, and decided to buy one of the pieces of gear reviewed. It was a bit more money, but seems to fit my bill pretty well.

      Thanks for the thoughts, just about everything I know on this subject, I learned from other people here on the blog. I'm not much of a technician.....

  4. I think Classic Firearms is still on-line, but their surplus C&R is very limited.

    1. They are, and they get some nice pieces in , but their prices are generally above my budget level. I will say this for them, they are good, honest people and they deliver what they promise. I will miss SOG if it goes away, but maybe there's a different reason they aren't answering their phones or their email. Time will tell.

  5. A big deal was made here about voter fraud in NH, even though they were hard pressed to find any actual real cases. Now people at the polls, who I've known all my life, have to ask for my ID. They are embarrassed to do so, but it's their job.

    Now the big fight is over student voters. Is their dorm room, where they spend most of the year, their residence or is it their home town? Since college students tend to be more liberal, the issue has broken down into a partisan squabble.

    Just got another four inches of snow on top of the foot we got the other day. Those four inches were "flurries." Well, I once shoveled two feet of partly cloudy, so I guess I should not complain.

    1. I have a vague notion that New Hampshire, about which I really know little, hasn't been overwhelmed by illegal immigrants and "refugees." That's where our problem has come from. That, and the outright dishonest practices foisted off on us by the Democratic Party here in Georgia. They actually make jokes about dead people and dogs voting for their candidates. I had a conversation with an elderly lady once on this subject, down in Jaspar, Georgia, and she told me that the Democrats were perfectly justified in doing this, because "The Democrats are the party of the people, and have their best interests at heart."

      She was from up your way somewhere, I can't remember what state now, but she was a transplant and apparently very active in the Democratic Party apparatus in Woodstock, Ga. She was not successful in converting me to her views, but she did almost cause me to stroke out. ;-)

      It's raining like hades here, in buckets, and hasn't stopped since yesterday evening. Supposed to be another three inches of snow come through here next week. I sure hope not...

  6. Hey Harry, I just got a email flyer from SOG advertising Wolf Performance 7.62. have a couple others in my trash bin from previous weeks. haven't tried contacting but not sure why I would get flyers if they were shut down

    1. Randy, I got the same one. It has the 7.62X39 at the top, and the Mosin Nagant pistol ammo on the bottom. It was the Mosin ammo I wanted to buy. But I can't get in touch with them. The answering system just says they are transferring me to the next available salesperson, then it goes to no side tone and that's it. I emailed them, and it got returned with some message to the effect that the server on that end was no longer accepting messages.

      I don't know what's going on. I guess it will resolve itself, in that I will either get in touch with them, or they will just disappear. When Samco went bankrupt, they had just about the same sequences of events. First their flyers stopped, then their email and web page stopped working.

  7. I bet that storm was a shock. They had coverage about it here in Nebraska. When outages, corruption, and other tragedies happen true colors and problems certainly are in our faces.

    The most we've ever had power out here in Omaha has been for a few days. That's not to say it couldn't be worse. We have a lot of big trees in our neighborhood. The worst time the power went out was right after I had Mica 12 years ago. I had a new baby, and tons of meat stocked up in the freezer. Thankfully we were only without power for 4 hours.

    When the power or the internet goes down people flip out. It makes me see how privileged we are now a days.

    1. Alissa, your point is very well taken. I'm conditioned to expect the power to go out where I live, but when it does, it still puts a crimp in my style. And losing the generator , while the physical impact was negligible, had a big effect on my sense of being in control.

      When it comes to electricity, just about everything we do depends on it. When it fails, you are totally at the mercy of the power company. Ours has not covered itself with glory. The individual workers, the linemen, are good people and work hard. But the "suits" have not been friends of the people, in any way , shape or form.

      I can't imagine not having electricity with a new baby in the house. So many things you have to do to take care of them, and most of those things require using electricity.

      We once went two weeks here without power, after a big storm, but I moved my wife and kids into town, into the Holiday Inn, and I stayed out at the house running the air conditioners and the dehumidifiers off the generator. We lost two deep freezers worth of food, but USAA reimbursed us for it under our home owners policy.

  8. I just checked. Sarco is not gone. See here.
    Current sales flyer has a few Arisaka parts...Now if we could bring back the 80s pricing...

    1. Jay, it was Samco, down in Miami that I was thinking of. I must have written Sarco, the big militaria and surplus outfit, instead. Sorry about that. Incidentally , your comment got caught in the spam filter for reasons unknown, and I just found it tonight.

  9. Our library is large, so while some parts are more chatty, there are some that are really quiet.
    ALL the power companies have a long ways to go to improve the grid.

    1. Alas, our library is tiny. It is just a little red brick building, with maybe six rooms.

      You're right about the grid. It's a disgrace that it's in the shape it's in, and one day, that failure to invest in infrastructure is going to bite all of us, good and hard.


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