Saturday, December 2, 2017

Still aggravated to death. Squatting in the National Forest. The relocation of Seamus.

Would you believe I got comments defending San Francisco?  Not from people who read the blog regularly, but from my snow flake drive by types. I didn't publish a one of them. They can write to CNN if they want to get their spurious philosophies out there. What I honestly can't figure out is why the same people keep putting asinine comments up for publishing, when I have said repeatedly I am not going to post that garbage. Oh,well...

I read an article about some fellow building survivalist retreats in a national forest out west. That's not as bizarre as it seems.  Our national forest here is huge, and there are no roads going into the vast majority of it.  But, before it was a national forest, people lived there. You can still find the foundations and fireplaces of cabins that were deep in those woods, long ago.  Sometimes the remains of an old wagon trail or vehicle trail leads out to them. The forest service bulldozed berms across them years ago, but those have eroded to the extent that you can drive over them.

I know one old guy who has a truck with a camper on it, and a little utility trailer. He and his old dog find one of these remote cabin sites, or just a clearing near a stream, and they live out there until they decide to move on, or the Forestas come and run them off.

Here's the article :

B. Burkett
1 December 2017

ST. GEORGE, Utah — A large amount of explosives and illegally built survivalist cabins were found by crews working to suppress a wildfire in southern Utah in June.

According to a release issued Thursday by the Iron County Sheriff’s Office, boxes of modified novelty hand grenades, explosive powder, fuses, ammunition and firearms were found in multiple survivalist-style shelters illegally built on U.S. Forest Service and state-managed land near the ski resort town of Brian Head.

Firefighters battling the 71,000-acre Brian Head fire heard a series of “popping” sounds while working to control the blaze near Henderson Hill on June 27 — 10 days after the fire was allegedly started by a man using a weed torch to clear his property in dry conditions, the release stated.
“The firefighters first thought the 'popping' sounds were rocks exploding due to heat, but as the sound continued for approximately five minutes, firefighters realized the ‘popping’ sound was actually ammunition exploding in the fire,” Iron County sheriff’s Lt. Del Schlosser wrote in the release.

Firefighters discovered a burned-down cabin and a bunker that had been dug into the ground. The bunker contained a box of grenades that had been altered by drilling out the bottoms and plugging the drilled holes with threaded, galvanized pipe plugs. Explosive powder, fuses, ammunition and containers of food storage were also found in the bunker.
On June 30, officers contacted a man in Parowan, about 20 minutes away, who admitted to owning the cabin, bunker and explosives. He also told investigators there were an additional seven or eight structures hidden throughout the area that he had built over a "number of years."

"He said it was a place to go when the end of the world came," Schlosser said.

Dozens of grenades in inert condition were found in the original bunker. Bomb technicians destroyed several hand grenades at the site and “a significant quantity” of black powder.

Investigators located each of the bunker and cabins the next day. All the structures had been built on public land. County and federal officials had to remove the items from the bunkers before dismantling them.

Two of the cabins had been destroyed in the fire. They had been constructed with concrete footings at each of the four corners as anchors for the structure. It was also outfitted with a corrugated metal roof and a metal stove and chimney.

Another cabin was located on a steep mountainside outside of the fire area on state-managed land. This cabin, which was not effected by the fire, was made of plywood and two-by-four beams secured to concrete footing, measuring approximately 4 feet wide by 8 feet long and 10 feet tall in size. Two bunk-beds, food and water storage, reading materials and a small amount of ammunition were found inside.

The name of the Parowan man has not been released.

Schlosser said a criminal investigation has been completed and has been forwarded to the Iron County Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office to determine whether charges should be filed.

Here are some Branco cartoons I haven't had a chance to post:

Some music for today:  Appropriate for San Francisco and it's minions.

Still, even though almost every day brings some new unbelievable act of idiocy from the Schumerites, at least we have President Trump , and not Her Highness Hillary. Nothing can change that.  Eight years of Barrack Hussein......

Remember this one?

As for life in the woods:

My wife is out of the area, staying with her sister.  I don't know how long that is going to go on.  Until her sister's husband feels safe in leaving his wife at home alone. I guess the heart attack was worse than I thought.

It's been drizzling rain, and foggy here. Not cold, though. Just a lot of low clouds. There are  times when the clouds come down here at the house, and I can't see 20 feet. But if I drive down to the mailbox, it's clear down there. I'm staying inside anyway.

Taking care of all the cats and the inside dog is a bit of a chore, usually M does that.  But I have plenty of time.  Tried to get to the post office  today before they closed, because I need some stamps . I've got some mail I need to get out to people, but I can't find my stamps even though I know damn well they are in my desk somewhere.  Maybe Monday, when the P.O. is open all day. I have to go that way to a doctor's appointment so I can kill two birds with one stone.

I am also working on the logistics of bringing my daughter's horse from Cincinnati to :

A: Nashville, Tennesee
B: Jacksonville, Florida
C: Here

My kids have  had horses since they were little.

But then, so did my brothers and I when we were little kids.

So now, we need to get her "rescue horse" Seamus , down to his new home, where ever that winds up being when she transfers out of Cincinnati to Nashville or Jacksonville. I've told her that we can board Seamus at the big stables here and he'll be very happy. I think she has enough on her plate without having to take care of him.  Getting him down here will be interesting, (and expensive, no doubt) but with our animals, this family is like the IRA in one respect. Once in, Never out.

This is Seamus, whom she found almost dead of neglect in a muddy field by the road. His lot has improved some. This was taken at the stables in Cincinnati where he lives now. 

So, life goes on.


  1. You should be grateful for San Fransisco. Would you rather have all those silly folks running around the mountains of GA?

    I knew a couple of guys who used to live in the National Forest around here. They were hearty folks who lived in the woods full time. I stumbled across one guy's hidden cabin in my wanderings. It was a low structure made from logs and hidden far off the beaten track.

    There are more people who live down the end of old logging roads during the warm months, but they move on when it gets too cold.

    1. They should move to Vancouver. It's nice up there. We've already got enough trouble here with people showing up who can't fit into the society. All we need on top of all that is a bunch of twits from San Francisco. Still, the national forest is deep and dark. People disappear out there and years later hunters find their bones.....

      We have some people like you mentioned. There's a complete community of squatters in the National Forest in my county. The county government doesn't bother them because that's where all the homeless, the mentally ill, the drug addicted wind up and as long as they are out there the county bosses are happy. Can't have them in town frightening the tourists....

      It gets bitter up here in winter, but there are still some who have snug places like the one you saw. They can live pretty well in those things if they don't care about amenities.

      I know one old Vietnam vet , over in the next county, who is a real Jeremiah Johnson type guy. Never goes around others, his sister brings him things he needs from civilization.

  2. On top of the POS Mexican acquitted by the snowflakes in kalifornia I read of another POS Mexican, Sergio Jose Martinez, in the sanctuary State of Oregon, (the nations first declared sanctuary state), that was previously deported twenty times and is now convicted of ten felonies during his latest visit. He thought the verdict so funny he laughed and smirked throughout his court appearance.

    And for what it's worth...forests can be very dark places, and darkness is a friend indeed.

    1. I read several regional newspapers from across the country, and that kind of story is disheartening and frequent. Almost always from the Blue States. Their answer to any threat always seems to be standing around a flower drum circle and singing Kumbaya. They get what they deserve as a direct result, but it's not the people making those very bad choices that wind up paying the piper. It's innocent people, the victims and their families. Some day, maybe people like those lawyers in San Francisco will be held to account, one way or the other. One can only hope.

      The forest is indeed deep, and dark. I will say this too, about my area. We are an open carry state. Even so, generally most people carry concealed for practical reasons . But today when I went to town to the depot for chicken feed, I saw more people open carry than I have before. People are unsettled here, for a number of good reasons. This travesty in California has just exacerbated an ongoing trend.

    2. I understand "unsettled", I carry even walking down the hill to the mailbox. I'm at the point where everyone I come in contact with I assess for how they may try to harm me and how I will pre-empt that attempt.

    3. We have had a sudden and dramatic surge of "ethnics" here, including Moslems. I strongly suspect it's due to the advent of an apartment complex just finished on the outskirts of town. Apparently, Georgia is"subsidising" (i.e.paying) the rent for "low income" individuals, to include imported BLM from Atlanta and"refugees" which the United States agreed to take under Obama. I'm trying to find out more about this for my own edification but so far my letters to my political representatives and the state government remain unanswered.

  3. Libs bitch about guns all the time, but they let that POS that killed Kate Steinle off just like he had nothing to do with it, even though he was in possession of the gun and admitted to handling the gun when it went off. I don't understand how at the very least didn't nail him on manslaughter. It just makes no sense to me. You or me would be doing twenty to life in the same circumstance. But the same ashats that bitch about guns every time there is a shooting are now suddenly all proud they got that murderer off.

    1. The whiny bitch lawyer with the beak said this whole thing was the result of the availability of guns in America, and until that is resolved such tragedies are inevitable. So it wasn't the professional criminal thug that San Francisco illegally put out on the streets, it was the gun. And anyway, his client found the gun, he didn't steal it, and he didn't know what it was, so he is blameless. I'm still appalled that lawyer had the stones to say that. It defies belief, even coming from a lawyer in a sick state, from a city that is a disease.

    2. I read that the jury was not allowed to be told that this POS had been deported 5 times before he killed her

    3. That wouldn't surprise me at all. I know they were not informed of his lengthy list of felony convictions.

  4. The main goal of most trolls is to aggravate the author, as for the guy with the cabins, why in the world did he admit to having others? Something must not have been working between his ears.

    1. I don't think that some of these people are trolls, Gorges. I've had to deal with enough of those morons in the past, and usually they are just wankers who use a lot of vulgarity and only write a sentence or two. Just mindless trash. They don't bother me and I delete them almost routinely. But what really chaffs my rear is when someone sends me a long comment justifying Antifa, or something like this abomination in San Francisco. I'm not about to give"air time" to an idiot. Those people can all sit around in a circle and smoke pot, convincing each other of the righteousness of their crack pot philosophies but I don't want to be the forum for them.

  5. Gorges, I don't know why that guy rolled over on himself.Maybe they had something on him or intimidated him. My personal credo in such matters follows the old adage "Deny everything.Admit nothing. Make counter accusations." I also believe that anyone who talks to law enforcement without a lawyer present if the red eye of the law is fixed on them, is making a horrific mistake. Officer Friendly is not so friendly these days, and the FBI bears no resemblance to the FBI of the old Efram Zemblest tv show.


  6. just saw a program about a murder. girl came forward with evidence and the police did their best to have her convicted.
    don't know the right of that case, but maybe we should be cautious about any cooperation with the police.
    we were taught to be good citizens and come forward but that seems to be dangerous nowadays.

    1. I just try to stay out of the line of fire on things like that. I'm under no illusions about how easy it is to get chewed up and spat out , though no fault of your own, just because it suited someone's agenda to do so.

  7. I’m sorry you felt I was defending the verdict. Nothing. And I mean nothing was further from the truth. I was only explaining that there are huge numbers of Bay Area residents who do not agree. However due to years of apathy in some cases, we have allowed an element to dictate the direction we go. We allowed special interests to gain power at every level of local and state government and now regular folks are shut out. Additionally our schools and institutions, both public and private, indoctrinate people into the mindset. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to be (slightly even ) more conservative and have these folks run things. My only hope is each person involved in this miscarriage of justice feel a measure of the pain the Steinle family endured
    It is our fault for not stopping what was happening. But I just wanted to express that we do NOT agree. What happened to Kate Stienle was horrible and it is not the first time. Google the Bologna family. 3 members of the same family died at the hand of an illegal that the feds knew about. Who could ever defend this?

    1. Wonderingone, I'm confused. I didn't mean to imply that anyone supported the verdict in any of the comments. But I have tried to find your comment and I can't. If it didn't get posted, it's not because I didn't want to post it, I either didn't get it, or I missed it. I will check the spam folder, maybe it got in there. If you want to send it again, please do and I'll see it gets posted.

      I know precisely how you feel, and as I said in my response to goat, I know there are lots of good people in California. I lived there for ten years or so, up near Newcastle. Back in the 1960's. It's not your fault at all that bad things are going on out there, what can you do?

      I'm sorry for the confusion. I hope you didn't think my tirade about snow flakes had anything do to with you.

  8. Good luck to your daughter on wherever her destiny takes her.

    All I can do is shake my head at the San Fran verdict...

    1. I'll be glad when she's out of Cincinnati. It's turned into a war zone, including the previously pleasant area she lives in.

      As for that charade out in San Francisco, I guess we should have expected it. They've been renowned for lunacy since I was in high school, and probably long before.

  9. Hey Harry,


    We execute Mexicans (and others) for murder down here in Texas. 'Enough said.

    I read the article on those bug out locations that burned down out in the forest. I think that will put pressure on the forest service to 'root out' trespassers' I don't know if they can ferret them all out. Sounds like in your area some of those people are dug in like 'Alabama Ticks'
    I would like to have met that Vietnam Vet that lives up in the woods that you mentioned that has his sister bring him supplies. I bet I could write a book on him or do video's on how he survives and make money on it and educate people at the same time.

    One of my favorite movies is Jeremiah Johnson. I really could pull a Jeremiah Johnson on a tropical island, somewhat. Except would want fresh water, solar power and a small A/C unit for the shack I would live in. Anyone want to criticize that is welcome to spend a week on Padre Island, in August on the beach living in a tent. The nights are cool from the breeze coming off the water but the mid-day and afternoons are horrible. The humidity combined with the direct after sun when its 107 degree's outside will make you a firm believer in refrigerated air conditioning.

    'Harry. I hope things work out for Seamus. If I was rich and could afford a good size ranch (at least 500 acres) and I had money to burn. I would get several rescue horses and give them a comfortable retirement home with heated and air conditioned barns:)
    Going back to what I was saying earlier about people 'squatting' on National Park lands. I always enjoy reading and watching video's on homeless people who are 'smarter than the average bear' so to speak and come up with original idea's and adapt to their enviroments and go from surviving to thriving. One thing that always fascinates me is 'human adaptability' to almost any environment on Earth. There is also extra points for those that can adapt to extreme changes to their enviroments from modern creature comforts to harsh and austere enviromnts where they eventually survive and thrive.
    I guess I picked up some of my thinking from my father who was an Archeologist and Anthropologist. If you recall Harry. 'Back in the 60's and early 70's my father did studies on Chaco Canyon and the Anazasi Ruins.
    As a young kid I traveled to every Pueblo and Indian Ruin in New Mexico and Arizona. I have been to places where no white man is allowed today.
    I am not an Anthropologist but an interesting study would be on collapsed societies and how the survivors survived afterwards.

    1. You'd probably like the guy. His first name is Vaughn. He gets some disability money from the government, but he lives pretty frugally. Most of what he eats, he grows. The guy has a huge garden way out in the woods, and he seems happy.

      I knew your dad was an archaeologist, we talked about Chaco once a couple of years ago and you mentioned it. Since the Anasazi have always been a big interest of mine it stuck in my head.

      Seamus will be ok. I'll wind up hiring a horse transportation company to bring him where ever. It's not as bad as it sounds, since my daughter will be moving him as a result of a job related expense and that's tax deductible.

      There's a book called "Collapse" by a writer named
      Jarrad Diamond, I think it is, and it does exactly what you were thinking of. History Channel made it into an excellent 2 hour documentary, back when History Channel was not just making trashy reality shows.

  10. Whew! I thought I might have expressed myself badly the first time lol. I assure you that we are frustrated. Years of being made to feel like we’re mean,or even worse, stupid, for expecting that immigration laws are upheld and borders serve a purpose. Just this past Halloween a neighbor helpfully posted the sex offenders map for parents with young children. A 20something SJW had the audacity to lecture the neighbors about “stigmatizing already marginalized sex offenders”. I not kidding. At times I feel like I’ve worked up in some alternative universe.

    I’d posted my first comment and don’t have a copy. I guess it was lost. It wasn’t important; just whining about how annoyed I am at the verdict and how badly I feel for the Steinle family.

    Thank you for your service. I read often but don’t comment. As foreign as the Georgia mountains are to the SF suburbs sometimes I feel the culture would be better suited to my sense of justice and my values.

    1. Donna, I checked my spam folder and didn't find it. I also went back and looked at all the emails I got on that account, because I get a copy of the comments there too. But I couldn't find your original. Periodically, that just happens and I don't know why. Blogger is renown for weird quirks and that's one of them.

      When I lived in California, it just wasn't that bad a place. We had some weird people, and of course the Viet Nam war was roaring on and that didn't help. But abject stupidity wasn't as prominent as it is now. Things like defending sex offenders at the expense of children's safety boggles the mind, but so much of what happens there does.

      My family has consistently done military service since the Revolutionary War, but that tradition came to and end with my brothers and I . None of our sons chose to serve. Neither my brothers nor I put any pressure on them. It's just the way it worked out. I'm not sure why except that the values that drive people to the military are not as highly prized by the general population now as they were in the preceding generations. So much has changed.

      I guess we all just have to do the best we can with the hand life dealt us. My wife and I were fortunate enough to find this place when it was still pristine. If things had gone differently, who knows where we would be living now. Maybe someday, you can move to place where the people are more like you and you'll be happier. Dr. Jim just moved from Long Beach to Colorado, and Bob Bookworm moved from Oregon to Arizona. It can be done!

      Glad we got to talk again, I was really concerned that you thought I didn't post your comment. I'd be glad to post your thoughts anytime.

  11. I’ve finally reached the age where retirement is truly something I believe I’ll live to see. After I talk with the retirement planner I think I’ll sell here and head to Sacramento. I’m paying almost 13K in property taxes here I figure I can more than half that for a house I can have everything I want in. And I have family there about my age. Paying those kind of taxes when only about 3% return to my town frosts me no end. When you hear about why some of these “upscale” communities have some of the worst roads in the state....that’s why!

    Don’t blame your kids for not wanting to serve. Who would now adays? Somehow I don’t think defending the rights of people who make the Steinle verdict possible would be high on my list of reasons to get shot at!

    You take care. I worked in an ER for many years. Saw a few disasters so preparedness has long interested me. I always said if something really bad happened it would be folks like you who knew how to hunt and take care of themselves and our homeless patients who would survive. I’d be dead in 72 hrs without access to my blow dryer ha!