Monday, January 15, 2018

A slightly bizarre catalog. We fix up the laundry room. Surplus ammo and old guns. Shadow Banning.

Monday morning here.  Nothing extraordinary going on.  Today is a big day on the "fashion show" circuit  for Direct TV, so my wife is ensconced in her nest upstairs ,  with Rufus the Ancient Dog, watching TV.  Rufus is not feeling well today. He has to go outside for a pit stop every few hours, and we are afraid he may have been run down by the cold. Before he came down here, he had pneumonia and nearly croaked.

 Rufus lived with an old lady in Cincinnati all his life. She had to go into a "home", and he couldn't go .  One of her church buddies said she would give Rufus a home, then immediately made an appointment to have him killed by the vet.

Her son worked with my daughter. He told E about it, and she  got Rufus. "Ruf" is 15, best anyone can tell.

When we got him, he wasn't in good shape. The disruption to his life, I think, was a bit more than he could handle at his age.

But when my kids were here for Christmas, they said they were amazed at how much better he is doing.  For one thing, he and my wife are always in the house together. If she is on the couch, Rufus is there on his camo comforter with her. If she is reading in her bedroom, he's there too. I think being with a "person" who reminds him of his first owner has helped him out.  Plus, he's outrageously spoiled. He has his front teeth but no side teeth, so he gets ham, chicken, and things like that cut up in small bites and warmed up, then my wife feeds him by hand. His favorite things are whipped cream and spam, neither of which he can eat a lot of because it's not healthy, but everybody needs a treat now and then.  My wife loves Rufus, and I like the little guy a lot. He has personality.

The higher elevations of the mountains are all glazed with ice. We have snow coming back in tomorrow. I wish I had a decent camera, because the "freezing line" is so distinct that if you can get a picture from a distance, everything above the line looks like this and everything below it is brown.

Today we are below the freezing line, but not much. By tomorrow evening I will probably have more snow pictures to post from up here on the mountain top.

  One nice thing about the cold, it has sure moved the tourists out.

We went into town yesterday, and I told my wife the place looked like a set for "Silent Hill."

All the way into town, about 16 miles, we only saw one other car. And we were on the main road that runs North/South out of the county.

We ran into town to get some shelves and storage containers for our laundry room.

I'm a fanatic about order and keeping everything ship shape Bristol fashion. My wife, not so much.

I do most of the laundry, because it has to be carried up the stairs from the lowest level of the house.  I don't want my wife trying that , because those stairs are hard enough to get up without a huge basket of laundry in your arms.

Also, I spend a lot of time down there in the family room or  the "little" computer room, so I can hear the washer and drier kick off.

M has been "renovating" the house since she retired, and about the last place she wanted to redo was the laundry room. We have been working down there, when the mood struck us, but we finished off the job yesterday. New shelves, new storage bins, it does look good. And now, maybe I will be able to find my socks without having to dump out other clothes that somehow got on top of them.

 I got this strange catalog in the mail last week.  I get on a lot of mailing lists, and I'm always interested in what shows up in the mail box.

This one has every kind of cord, line, or fishing line in the universe. It also has nets, tools, odds and ends. I put it on here just in case there is someone out there who is in the market for a throw net or some other hard to find related item. The catalog is free and makes interesting browsing.

Turkish Military Surplus Ammo.

  From time to time, I get an email about ammunition that somebody has come across.

How this gentleman who emailed me found any Turkish 8mm Mauser for sale stumps me.  The ammo came in for a short time back in the early 1990's, as far as I know, and then dried up.

I suppose some of it is still out there in mom and pop gun shops though.

At any rate, there's a lot of hooting and hollering around the internet about this ammo.

When commercial manufacturers load 8mm Mauser for retail sale, they load it way on the low end of  the spectrum. There are thousands of old 8mm Mauser chambered rifles out there, many of them well over 100 years old now.  Not all of them have been inspected by a qualified gunsmith, or by an owner with the tools and know how to check them out. So, the big ammo manufacturers load "low power" rounds for lawyer proofing and for safety.

But, the actual military ammunition produced for these guns was a lot "hotter." That is to say, the ammo was loaded to generate higher pressures, which result in higher muzzle velocity, when then result in longer ranges and "hitting power."

 Turkish Model 1893 Rifle converted in Ankara arsenal to 8mm Mauser circa 1933

When you get ammo like the old Turkish Mauser ammo, loaded to military specifications, it kicks more. If you run it through a chronograph, it's moving faster. It does generate higher chamber pressures.

The Turks used 8mm Mauser rifles from World War I, on up well into the 1980's. I can remember seeing Turkish soldiers at motor pools and other rear echelon places armed with the Turkish Model 1903 Mauser, converted to 8mm, all over Turkey in the early 1980's. In the late 80's these guns started showing up in America as surplus, and I have about 8 or 9 of them in different configurations.

It's worth noting that all Turkish Mausers were produced in Germany.

Turkish Model 1903 converted to 8 mm in 1938

I've fired Turkish surplus ammo, all from the 1940's, in all these rifles. It does kick harder. You do some times get small ripples in the cartridge neck (but it's not reloadable anyway, it's Berdan primed), but that's it.

 I bought several cases, 1200 rounds to a case, on stripper clips in the bandoleer when it was still around, and I'm glad I did.  As for shooting it, I do. But all my guns are in good shape. With old surplus rifles, you either need to be able to check head space and do a chamber cast yourself, or you need to find a good gunsmith to check the gun for you.  It's really hard to find a good gunsmith for these old guns locally anymore, so you will probably wind up shipping the guns somewhere unless you have the gauges and experience to do the checking yourself.

I wouldn't shoot any surplus rifle that hadn't been checked out by a competent individual. Then it's up to the shooter if they want to shoot surplus ammo. I do, and I have, for thirty years plus. That doesn't mean it's safe in every circumstance or condition. You have to suit yourself on this question.

a good video on the Turkish ammo.  The head stamp reads 7.9 because it's 8mm Mauser, (7.92X57).

Fishing for  Democratic votes:

Shadow Banning:

"Shadow banning (also called stealth banning, ghost banning or comment ghosting) is the act of blocking a user or their content from an online community such that the user does not realize that they have been banned."

And that's the way it is.....

Easy Listening: Paul Hardcastle: "Desire"


  1. Sweet little Rufus... Lucky he was found by you.

    Beautiful waterfall photo.

    Our laundry (washer/dryer in corner of cellar) was in the cellar, when we built this house, 50 yeas ago. I had had a laundry shoot put in!!!! So that was one good thing. I could do all the stairs, when I was young. Not, when I got older. He used to carry clean laundry up too.

    A few years ago, we had work done, so stack-able washer/dryer could fit in main floor 'powder room.' "Powder Room" means, it was a tinyyyyyy bath room! ,-) We lost the front closet, to do this, but all in all, it is the best arrangement. No more old cellar stairs to navigate, for either one of us.

    No more laundry shoot either, so have to make a bundle of the dirty dark, light, towels, and toss each down the stairs. (Yeah sounds awful, but some things, ya' just got to do! LOL) Do one washing a day, only 2 of us. I fold, and he carries the piles up, to second floor, I put away.

    Today's houses put laundry upstairs, so no "piles to throw down." We just got a *modern* as having it on the main floor. ,-)

    Like your political cartoons of course! The shadow banning, I believe it. But I just don't try to join in any place, where they would do that. Here is the most *political* net place, I now venture. This Old Lady can't take that stuff, anymore. >,-))))))

    Like I said before, happy to know you are here!!!!! Thank you for being here!!!!

    1. Hey, Wisp. we have lots of animals here who came to us via my daughter. I got my ferrets that way, when my daughter was living in Jacksonville, Florida and the gardener found a badly dehydrated, sun burned ferret in the bushes. E took him in, and he later came to live with me. One of the best animal friends I ever had, he lived with me many years before passing away. All of my other ferrets were either abandoned, given up because they were sick, or the owners were moving and could not take them to their new residences. One of the fellows who stops by here sometimes had a sister in Chattanooga who needed a home for a young ferret, and so "Percy" came to live with us. They are all a real joy.

      I think "Seamus" my daughters rescue horse, will be coming to live here soon after E moves to Nashville. We will keep him at the local stables, because it is much nicer for horses. I have had horses here when the kids were little and rode a lot, but the land is steep and wooded, and my little pasture is really not all the land a horse needs to feel comfortable.

      We have a laundry chute too, from the top level down through the middle level right into the lower level laundry room. It's a nice feature, but hauling laundry baskets up the stairs is not fun. We have a big pantry adjacent to our kitchen, plenty big enough for the freezers that are in there now and a stackable washer and drier. My wife wants to have that put in, it's beyond my capability, and I think we will do so as we are both getting on and it won't always be possible for me to tote laundry up the stairs.

      I don't have much use for most social media. I have no facebook account. I signed up for one, so I could go to the commercial facebook pages I do business with. It didn't work out though because it was such a pain, with all these announcements and such popping up every time I turned on the computer. I shut that account down. The other things, like "twitter" I don't want or need.

      The business of keeping conservatives from speaking is pretty prevalent, Google is one of the worst offenders and I have known people who had blogs pulled, for no discernible reason other than some dead head whiner at Google didn't agree with the philosophy being expressed.

      Like you, I don't really want to argue politics.

      Thanks for coming by, I enjoyed your comment.


  2. I wanted a gill net for my emergency kit. Ended up having to order it from a catalog for bush pilots. You know what sort of weird catalog will come in handy.

    1. They had a section in this catalog and it had some nets in it. There's nowhere here to really use a big net, but if I was on a sailboat I think I'd get me one too.

      I like catalogs. They are better than magazines sometimes, and have the added bonus of frequently offering items I can't live without.

  3. That sucks that Rufus was almost put to sleep. What a great friend that lady that went to a home had (not). Possibly they did try, but couldn't find one. I feel bad for pets when owners get too old for them. It's so sad.

    My older sister is the only one in the family that can have pets. She's the non allergic one. Possibly because she's adopted. She's always gotten older pets, but recently when her really old dog passed away she got a puppy. He's full of energy, but also sleeps a lot. She loves when the boys come over because they wear him out.

    1. Alissa, I think so too. It seems like a huge betrayal to me, because the old woman loved her little dog and thought she had taken care of him by finding him a loving home. But the "friend" was just going to do him in to get rid of him. With friends like that.....

      I know you have lots of issues with allergies, and that makes it impossible to have pets like dogs and cats. I have a niece who has allergies. She and her husband got a huge parrot. Several people in the family said that might not be a wise choice, as they also have a one year old. Sure enough, about a week ago, the kid pulled himself up on the cage, and the parrot came down to the lower level and nipped off the last joint of one of the babies fingers. So now the parrot, which cost my niece $2000, has a new home with people who don't have children, and her kid is sans on finger joint. Pets have to fit the family, sure enough.

      Puppies will run a fellow ragged. Especially out here in the woods, where if they get off away from the place, they may not be able to find their way back. I haven't actually had a puppy in years, as all my dogs tend to be dump off's that people abandoned on the old forest service road, and they just show up here and join the clan.

  4. Harry stoke the fire we got more snow headed our way. I have an 8mm and have never had any surplus ammo and mine is a Turkish it kicks using Remington .

    1. Gary, it's sure good to hear from you. I hope you are feeling a lot better. I like the Turkish mausers a lot. They don't have any collector value because they have all been modified from the original chambering, but I don't care. They are well made weapons, and shoot fine. You shooting hunting ammo? That's loaded a little hotter. It costs more too. You can buy Privi Partisan commercial ammo loaded down with fmj bullets and it won't kick so hard. There's some steel cased 8mm surplus from Poland on the market right now, good 1970's production but it will rattle the fillings in your teeth.

  5. Looks like an interesting catalog. Love dogs and old guns. Stole your memes to put on Facebook when they let me out of jail!

    1. I thought it was. Some pretty unusual things for sale in there. I love to plunder through catalogs for guns, surplus, hardware, things like that.

      You're welcome to anything you see on here. You don't need to go to jail, just flee to the mountains! It worked for Eric Rudolph until he got caught dumpster diving by a slug of a deputy. No one ever turned in him for the FBI's 30 pieces of silver. ;-)

  6. Awwwww, what a sweet little face Rufus has. To find a forever home at his age is nothing short of a miracle for the little guy, especially when he gets to watch TV with your missus. You and your family are so kind to take in abandoned and animals in need. I have been suspicious of facebook and twitter since their inception. Why do people want to blab their innermost secrets and pictures to be in cyberspace till the end of time? That catalog has some cool stuff....think I will send away for a copy. Got a sample of 'the Last Centurion' for kindle, but guess it is more a guy thing because I don't appreciate all the "F" bombs...yeah, yeah, I know, guys talk like that, but not around me. Maybe DH will enjoy it. Yes, Harry, you have a definite southern drawl.

    1. He's a good little guy. He's very appreciative of everything you do for him. He doesn't like my wife's cats, though, and they have learned not to come up and try to eat out of his bowl when he's being fed. He would gum them to death.

      I think all the social media stuff is generational. People from our time frame are generally suspicious of most of those "services", they reek too heavily of Big Brother. But younger people, who grew up with them, don't think anything of it at all. I notice that the facebook pages of some of the gun companies are a lot more impressive than their older web pages, so I think that's probably the wave of the future. But I couldn't control what facebook did with my account, and I was always getting things popping up on my screen when I was working on something else, so I ditched it.

      That catalog had some neat things in there. If I lived near any size body of water with lots of fish in it, I'd buy one of those nets you throw out in the water and then pull in. When I was out your way, I saw a big lake near the town, but when I walked down from the road towards it, I saw it was pretty much dead. Must have had salt or alkali or something in it.

      I don't use vulgar language around women, but I do sometimes if I am mad and talking with other men. I try not to, though.

      Well, I guess the accent goes with the territory. My immediate extended family all live in Oregon now, but we have been here as a family group since 1742, first in North Carolina, and then migrated on down to Georgia and Florida in the 1840's.

  7. Hi Harry. So glad that Rufus gets to live out his final years with you and M. I have a heart for all animals, but especially older ones. All my dogs came to my place after being dumped out. They all have been wonderful pets. It is almost like they appreciate being taken in and loved.
    I am really enjoying the videos you post. They make your blog seem even more personal. Thanks.
    We are set to get some snow tonight and temperatures in the teens. That is really cold for us. Hope you stay warm and safe. Jana

    1. Jana, one of the things I like best about animals is that they do appreciate any kindness you show them, and they reciprocate with unquestioning loyalty. I don't know if you read Rain's blog, but this guy asked her to take care of his dogs while he went to the Middle East to visit family, and then he didn't come back. So she has around six dogs she is caring for at the moment!

      The videos are easier for me. Sometimes my arthritis gives me trouble and typing is a bit wearing. Glad you like them.

      We are in for snow in just a few hours, and the radio is saying we can expect temperatures in the single digits with wind chills at 15 below starting tonight.

      I plan on staying home and inside, although I am going to move the Jeep down to the hard surface road here in a few minutes while it is still tolerable outside.

    2. I have been reading Rain's blog and really enjoy it. She is such a blessing to take all those dogs in. Jana

    3. Yes, she had to make some sacrifices to take them in, and she did so. Not many would have. Animals are so dependent on the kindness of the people they meet, and so vulnerable to the cruelty of others.

  8. Nice to see you in person on the video, that's a great added touch to your blog. I think that in all the time I have written on here only once did a comment disappear. That's pretty good odds I think. --Troy

    1. Troy, I remember when your comment went off into the blue. Never did figure out what happened there. I often suspect Blogger of screwing things up and just not warning people that there is a glitch.

      The videos are a lot easier for me to do, I put them down at the bottom so people who are not interested in just "visiting" don't have to bother with them, but I enjoy making them.

  9. Im liking the video blogging. Thinking about making it a regular thing?

    1. Probably, since people don't seem to mind it and it's easier to do a post if I don't have to do so much typing. As you can tell, I thought a lot about the blog after I got your last email and decided to try to keep it going after all. I was about ready to stop. Glad I didn't.

    2. Me too. I've been blogging about preparedness, and reading other peoples blogs about it, for 15 years. Yours is the favorite because of its authenticity and frequency of posting. I'd hate to see it disappear.

      I rather like the video blogging. You're correct in that it gives a more accurate representation of the mood and inflection behind your posts. Waiting for a video where you introduce the ferrets...or they introduce themselves by scampering across you in the video.

    3. I do need to let Percy have his moment of fame on the blog. I don't know if Spike would be happy doing it, he suffers from adrenal disease and though his quality of life is good , and his medication keeps him from pain, he looks pretty rough. He's a cheerful little guy though, and seems to enjoy every day. It was Percy who chewed up the rubber butt pad on my Choate stocked Mak-90, the little wretch!

      I started the video thing, ironically enough, because I was having one of those days where I woke up tired and stayed that way. I figured it was an easier method to communicate than laboriously typing out a post. And, you are very right, I'm less apt to have misunderstandings if people can hear me and see me.

  10. Hi Harry :) I LOVE Rufus!!! What a sweet face. My gosh...and a heartbreaking story. You and your wife are angels for taking him in. I had a pug who lived to 19 years old, I hope Rufus has a few more good years in him. The cold is hard on them. What a sweet looking dog...lucky dog. :) Makes me proud for taking care of our two guests.

    The photos are beautiful. I just love snow in the mountains!

    Oh, to have a laundry room...our washer dryer is squeezed upstairs (of all places) in the bathroom on the top floor. It was quite a task bringing those appliances up. But it does make it easier to put things away I guess. The cats love sleeping on the dryer when it's running too.

    1. Rain, we have a nice big laundry room, and we needed it when the kids were home. We still do when they come home, I have never seen two people generate so many loads of laundry so quickly. But when it's just us here, we don't run many loads a week. One of these days, one of us is going to take a header down the stairs if we aren't really careful. Having a laundry room on the main floor is going to be our next big project if we wind up staying here. I don't want to put the money into it until the wife is sure what she wants to do in terms of where we live in the future.

      I don't let the cats into our laundry room. The huge hot water heater is down there, and though there is a screen across the ignition chamber, I am worried one of them will creep inside there and be there when the hot water heater fires up. That would be ugly!

      We are having sleet outside right now, and the temperature is falling rapidly. It's just below freezing but is supposed to be 10 degrees by midnight. All this stuff is going to change over to snow. We have enough supplies, proflame, medicines, etc so we should be ok but it will really reek if the grid goes down again, I get so tired of that!

  11. Harry, I'm enjoying the videos as well. I consider them an up grade to your blog.

    But like that time you put up a video of that Beretta (or was it the Tarus) everyone needs to know the video is flipped. What appears to be the right side is your left.

    You mentioned that someone had suggested using YouTube for the video service. Besides the hassle of setting it up the big issue you would have is everytime you mention our president (Go Trump!) Or if you mentioned some social issue or worse yet showed off a firearm..... all the nut-sacks out there that give you grief now ..... they would now have another path to harass you. They would report your videos in droves and get you shut down on YouTube. So I wouldn't waste my time on YouTube if I were you.


    1. Matt, I didn't know that about the video being flipped. I vaguely remember the Beretta thing though, so I should have thought of it. It's like the famous "Billy the Kid" tintype, right?

      CC likes a lot of the video channels on YouTube and sends me some interesting links to good videos. I don't have a whole lot of technical expertise, myself, and I don't do any "social media"things except blogger. As for all the crazies, God knows I attract them like cow flops on a summer day attract flies. And they are just as welcome.

      Good to see you again.

  12. Back in that time frame, they had sights that were calibrated to go way out. And they were intended to be used as such. Since they were still thinking about men moving in a mass, and men shooting at a mass, you get enough guys shooting into a box, some of the rounds will land somewhere that hurts. Similar to what they do (or at least used to) with machine guns when they use them in indirect fire into a beaten zone. From what I recall, indirect mg fire was truly despised by the Germans in WW1. I'm guessing that it was hard to detect on a noisy battlefield. If I recall correctly, the ammo fit out for a MG in one of these operations was in the 10s of 1000 of rounds. Try prepping for that!

    1. Russel, the sights are indeed calibrated out to distances that are pretty unrealistic. I have seen Lee Enfield MK.III SMLE's that had the old volley sights still on them. They are highly collectible now and out of my price range, but you used to could find them at gun shows once in awhile in the good old days.

      One of the reasons I never bit the bullet and bought a full auto weapon, aside from the ATF and the tax, was that I doubted I could stock up enough ammo to make it viable if the fewmets ever hit the windmill. I am a firm and fast believer in aimed fire. I read somewhere that in World War II, it may have taken 30,000 bullets fired from rifles for each infantryman killed by a rifle. I don't know how in the world they could ever substantiate that, but the general idea is right. People who just blow off rounds down range, without aiming and taking the shot, are just wasting ammo!

      Nice to hear from you again.

  13. You’re a good man. I have a little ancient Pom mix here who is believed to be somewhere around 17. I was at the shelter to pickup a dog to foster when they brought out Cleo. Her owner died and she ended up in the pound. I’ll keep her till she dies but at the rate she’s going it might be some time yet. She’s a pistol!
    You’re doing a good think for Rufus. Nothing like the seniors, is there? Your daughter has a soft heart and it’s clear she got it from her parents. Thanks for giving him a nice final home.

    1. Donna, my wife and I like animals very much, and my daughter is the same way. She has saved everything from horses, to chicks at the pet store which were destined to be snake food.

      Rufus is a good old guy. Being a senior myself, the story of his being turfed out of his home in his old age was one that resonated with me. My daughter has a German Shepard that is young ,and wanted to play with Rufus, but Rufus wasn't up for that and was unhappy. So he came down here where all the big dogs are outdoor dogs. All he has to content with here is the cats and the occasional ferret. ;-)

      I'm glad you were there to rescue Cleo. Old animals, be they dogs, cats, ferrets, horses, or whatever have a hard time finding a final home when they lose their human friends, because most people don't want to pay their vet bills or deal with their special needs.

  14. Rufus just hit the dog lottery, I'm thinking. And I still have a Turk Mauser here. Love the thing. Sights are right on at 200 yards and I'm fixing to join a longer range and then we'll see what it can really do.

    1. He does his share in return. My wire really likes having him in the house, and he's still lucid and barks when he thinks something is awry, so now we have an internal security dog as well as the big dogs outside! ;-)

      You have a very impressive collection, I remember I was mind boggled when you mentioned some of your items. Here on the mountain, about 150 yards is the furtherest out I would be able to see , but those old guns are accurate with iron sights a lot further than that. If your new range has a 500 yard line I bet you can ding a man sized target from the prone position even that far out with your Mauser.

      Nice to see you again, as it always is.

  15. Hey Harry,


    Its great to hear old Rufus' is being kept comfortable.

    Many of us are not too worried about 'Shadow Banning' The 'Civic Nationalist's and Alt Right movement's on YouTube and on other platform's are growing.
    Thing's like 'Discord Server's' in order to allow for communication. We are using tech like roaches. Stomp on one outlet. We start another.
    It's a game, a challenge and whole lot of fun to watch SJW's, social justice warrior's have melt down's.

    1. CC, you are not much younger than I am, yet you are familiar with all this and I know hardly anything about it. You must invest a lot of time and energy in participating with these news groups and outfits. It's good to know someone who does, because I can appreciate that there are people out there waging the good fight in the dark spaces of the cyber world. I'm afraid it's all past me but it's interesting to hear about.

      Rufus is doing pretty well. He chips in his share and contributes to the common good up here, he's fit in really well.

    2. Hey Harry,

      You could do this online stuff too but you would need much faster internet speeds.
      You knowledge and expierence is invaluable. I wish you could do more online. You could really be an asset online.

    3. I could probably learn it, but my internet access is very marginal. I tried satellite internet once. It was very expensive, it didn't work at all in heavy weather, or even when there were temperature inversions, heavy fog, rain, or snow. When it did work, after awhile they slowed it down to a virtual standstill, saying I had used "my allocation of band width." So I am stuck with the twisted copper wire coming up here.

      Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it.

  16. Well I’m reading this sitting in the doggie ER because Cleo had some scary loss of consciousness episode. Looked like it was either her heart or something neurological. They’re working her up now and I suspect she’ll be back with me for a while longer. Hopefully it is just her trachea and she can maintain some good quality for a while longer. Having lost my own dog Christmas Day I’m not anxious to lose another this soon.
    Keep up the good work looking out for the unwanted critters. We domesticated them so I believe we have a solemn duty to care for species we have made dependent. Like you I have a special place in my heart for the old ones. If my dogs don’t make it to at least 17 I feel I’ve done something wrong ��. Your daughter sounds like a lovely young woman and a credit to you and your wife. You must be very proud of her

    1. That's bad news. I'm really sorry this has happened. I hope they can get her taken care of and back home soon. Before Rufus came down here, my daughter came home from work and found him unconscious on the dining room floor. She rushed him to vet, and he recovered. I have my fingers crossed for you.

      Both my kids are good people, and I am proud of them. They are one of the success stories of my life.

  17. Wow there sure seems to be a bout of doggie unconsciousness going around. Rufus too? For me this will be the 3rd time in a row of dogs losing consciousness. Turns out Cleo ruptured one of the tendons holding her heart valve in the correct position. Caused her to go into immediate fulminate congestive heart failure. Ugh!

    She’s home and seems ok with meds. May have her a while longer. Hope you have a while with Rufus

    1. Wonderingone, I sure do hope Cleo gets well and both of you can get back to normal. I know how traumatic something like that can be for both the animal and the person.🐕