Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Alternate reality.

A few years back, I flew out to California and lived on a houseboat in Lake Shasta, with my two brothers.

We made two stops on the way to the lake.  One at a grocery store, where we stocked up on every imaginable good food item we could possibly use.

The other was at a liquor store where my brothers bought copious quantities of a beer called "Corona", and a lot of hard liquor and mixers.

Then we drove on up to the lake,  and signed for the houseboat we had reserved.  The marina was really nice, worlds above anything similar we have in Georgia.

There were more people on the lake than I'd ever seen anywhere before. Most of them had these boats you just put in at the ramp, then took home at the end of the day.

The houseboat was pretty big.   It was designed to sleep twelve people, but we wanted one where we could go way up to the end of the lake and not have to come back for a week.

The boat ran off diesel, and had a deep cycle battery electric system that was charged by the motor. When you shut the diesel down, if the power got low, there was a propane powered generator on the stern that would keep the lights on and recharge the batteries.   There were three bedrooms ,two baths, and a full kitchen.  On the bow there was a grill, and you could cook out there or on the range in the kitchen.

Operating the boat was a cinch. The controls were very basic and very responsive.  Everything to do with the steering and the power system was run from this small console.

My youngest brother brought a skiff he owned, and we just tired it to the stern of the houseboat. We used it as a "runabout" so we didn't have to chug along in the houseboat everytime we wanted to go ashore.

We went way down to the end of the lake, where there were not many people. At night, we would tie up to the shore, build a fire, and just relax.

I think the evenings and mornings were the most peaceful times of the day.  The "day trippers" were all gone and the lake was pretty empty.  There are no homes or cabins along the shores of the lake, or at least, there weren't then.  It was about as secluded as you can get.

I've certainly been on a lot of "get away" trips, we used to do these about every other year before all of us got too old. But this was the best.  From time to time, I talk to my wife about buying a houseboat, and taking it to Lake Burton.  It wouldn't be as hard to take care of as this house and the outbuildings are.  But she'll never agree to do that.  It will have to remain an alternate reality.

Back in the real world,  I've stopped listening to all the politicans trying to climb on board the Liberal "hate train."  Mealy mouthed liars.

The really sad thing about all this, is that the good  guys don't always win.\

"But some there were, who resisted"

Raining (again)

  We have flood watches out all over the mountains today.  The weather forecasters say we should expect up to 5 inches of rain in the mountains over the next two days.

Our little spring is just pumping out the water. My wife thinks it has never run this hard before, and we have a stream going down the mountainside to the big creek, where we usually just have a creek.

It's cooler but not cold.  We have a fire going because my wife is watching "Murder on the Orient Express" on pay per view, and likes to have a fire in the living room when she watches television.

I watched the first half hour, but I was so aggravate by all the changes they made to create a "politically correct " version of the book that I just quit. It would be ludicrous if it wasn't so disgusting.

So, today with the rain thundering down, I'm just staying inside.  I don't have anything in particular I need to do anyway.

In the good books category, I read this one:

  It was a strange book.  I was in the Marines from 1971 through 1986.  Some things haven't changed, but apparently others are very much different. Or maybe, it was because Buzzell was in the Army.  I'm not sure.  Some of the things he discusses in the book would never have happened in the Marine Corps. Not bad things, just "cultural" issues.

The aspect of the book that caught my interest is that it is largely about "blogging."   Buzzell stumbled into blogging when he was deployed to Iraq, and almost by accident his blog because a smash hit.  He was interviewed by big media, and articles were written about his blog in the national press.

Which led to some interesting events back in Iraq. The military didn't quite know how to handle blogging from an OPSEC angle.

He wrote two other books, which I haven't read. These  chronicle events once he got back to the states and was discharged.  I have a feeling that life did not work out very well for him back in the world, just from the titles.

Colby Buzzell

Thought for the Day:

Harry's blog theme song for today:

I was in High School when this tape was made. (1965)

The Democrats find a candidate to run against President Trump in the next election, and marshal the legions of Antifa, BLM, College Professors, Limousine Liberals and Sheeple.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

CNN's infamous "Town Hall Meeting"

I don't know if you watched this charade, but it was truly sickening.  CNN wrote a "script" for the students to follow. One who refused to do so was "uninvited" to participate.  The place was filled with mindless liberals, screaming epitaphs and shouting down anyone who didn't toe the liberal line.

In the aftermath,  Delta Airlines and United Airlines have terminated their relationship with the National Rifle Association, and more of that "duck and cover" is sure to follow.

below is a clip from a British newspaper, exulting that America is now  adopting sensible British views on the evils of gun ownership.

Which companies have cut NRA ties?

On Thursday, the family-owned First National Bank of Omaha said it would not renew NRA-branded credit cards, citing "customer feedback".
Replying to @dibshear and 19 others
Customer feedback has caused us to review our relationship with the NRA.  As a result, First National Bank of Omaha will not renew its contract with the National Rifle Association to issue the NRA Visa Card.

Enterprise Holdings, which owns the rental car brands Alamo, Enterprise and National, also said discounts offered to NRA members would end on 26 March.

Other companies distanced themselves from the NRA on Friday and Saturday.

Those included MetLife Insurance, the Avis Budget Group, home security firm Simplisafe, two moving brands - Allied Van Lines and northAmerican Van Lines - and Symantec Corp which had offered discounts for its LifeLock identity theft product.

The United States today allows citizens the right to own personal firearms. although that right is heavily regulated and under constant attack by the socialists and their off shoots.  The only reason we have the rights we do are the efforts of the National Rifle Association.  

Cut off the contributions to politicians, and the votes and financial support these same politicians get from NRA members, and they'd do a Lindsey Graham in a heart beat. Without the funding and the votes, they would "see the light" and we'd be hiding weapons or turning them in to the smelters, just like the Peoples Democratic Republic of California.   With the exception of some younger politicians, veterans of the sand wars who haven't yet been corrupted, that's how D.C. operates.

I know, there are all kinds of gun owners out there who don't like this or that the NRA has done.  With just under 5 million members, it is not possible for the NRA to make every shade of gun owner happy.  Some of the duck hunters, for instance,  are angry the NRA doesn't support bans on weapons other than shotguns, because as long as the duck hunters can have their shotguns, they don't care about anything else.  That's a very common mentality, and a short sighted one.

 Some of the more stringent supporters of gun ownership are livid because the NRA agreed to laws , any laws, concerning gun ownership. But all of these people are riding on the coattails of the NRA and it's accomplishments.  The bottom line is that  the NRA supports politicians who are receptive to our views. Without that support, most of these same politicians would simply abandon gun owners out of political expediency.  Anyone who doubts the NRA is essential to maintaining the rights of gun owners just needs to take a look at how violently the crowd at the "CNN Town Hall Meeting" reacted to Dana Loesch. They were playing to CNN's script, and CNN is an organ of the left.

Stick to the script!

All this screaming,  all the mindless misbehavior orchestrated by CNN,  is purely political.
These pampered kids and their liberal parents nestled in comfy suburbia down in Florida can't handle the thought that they aren't exempt from the societal breakdown taking place all over the country. This kind of thing is only supposed to happen to "the great unwashed", which is the rest of us.

One American News editorial:

Might be time to dust off your copy of Ragnar's book:

  It's an old book, but the principles are still valid.

Based on what happened when the Feinstein Gun Ban was implemented in 1994, it might be a good idea to stock up on standard capacity magazines.  Putting away a goodly amount of ammunition for the weapons you have would not come amiss.

I know I've said this before, but it seems to be a good time to say it again.

Since President Trump seems to be backing off on his support of gun rights and the NRA, if the left can cobble together some rag and get it past both houses, he might sign off on it.

If so, and 17,18,19,and 20 year olds are deprived access to AR-15's, I guess they will be letting a hell of a lot of young men and women out of the military.  But in this country, stranger things have happened.

Most of these kids couldn't tell you who  their  Senators or their Representative are:

Two good ones from "Gorge's Grouse" blog.

Gorge's Grouse

Quote for the Day:

"I am trying really hard to ignore the noise the media is making right now about guns. The whole thing is based on nothing but virtue signaling, putting the blame anywhere but on themselves and seeking to assuage their guilt for not fixing the problem long ago by simply putting a dam lock on the front door and controlling access to the schools. But they would rather put on their rose colored glasses and sing cumbaya while they harbor criminal sociopaths in their midst, instead of really fixing the problem. Because like in every other one of their causes, if the problem is fixed and goes away there no longer is a justification for their bleeding heart existence."

M. Silvius

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Spring already? Curio and Relic. Concealed Carry Permit.

This what a normal February looks like in the North Georgia Mountains.  But not this year. After weeks of extreme cold, now it's up in the seventies and very humid.  In one day, I went from heaters to dehumidifiers.  The picture above was from 2007, looking through my old pictures every February looks similar, until now.

This is February, 2008.  We used to go to Tybee Island in February, because you could get a nice place to stay and you had the beach to yourself.  NOBODY was there.  But I just got off a Tybee web pages (Spankey's Bar and Grill) and there are people strolling on the beach and surfing.

I'm not sure if the climate is changing, but the weather sure is.

When I finish here, I'm going to take Percy out for a romp in the meadow. He will have to wear his leash and harness, which he doesn't like, but if he takes off for the woods I can't move fast enough to catch him anymore. He'll be glad to get out after having been cooped up during most of the winter.

This picture was taken in 2012.  The grey ferret is Chloe, and the white one is Jasmine. They were really old when I got them, over ten years old.  They belonged to a young couple who lived on a farm. The bank foreclosed on them, and the young people had to move to a city to work, but the apartment wouldn't accept pets. So they came to live with us. We had eight ferrets then. They mostly slept, but they were sweet natured, like little old ladies who put up with the younger ferrets with great grace. They have both passed on now, and they are up on the side of the mountain, in a corner of the meadow. It's a nice spot and all of our animal family members rest there eventually. Wouldn't mind it myself, come to think of it.

Right now, everything is brown and barren. But if the weather stays like this, the mountains will be all green and lush in a few weeks. I like every season here. Winter might be cold, and summer might be hot and humid, but they all have good things about them.

I suppose I'm in a nostalgic mood today.  My wife and I replaced the passenger side front window in the Cherokee this morning, and I enjoy doing little projects where we can work together. I have a little bit of caulking to do on one of the buildings this afternoon, but overall we have things under control.  Sat out on the porch last night and smoked my pipe, haven't done that in a long time because it's been too cold. 

Today's Cartoon:

  OAN:  These guys are murder.  Quite literally.  They've made huge inroads in the Southeast under Obama's benign reign.  This segment just aired.


 Thought for the Day:

Curio and Relic License:

I just renewed my Curio and Relic License.  The one above is generic, of course.  A C&R isn't as useful as it used to be.  When there were lots of big surplus firearm wholesalers, they put out wonderful catalogs, and you had to have an FFL to get them.  C&R was good enough.  Southern Ohio Guns put out a 16 page illustrated newspaper type flyer every month in "the good old days." I have every issue from about 1988 til they quit a few years back.  You can order C&R firearms directly, without going through a gun store, because you are cleared to do so by ATF.

You have to keep a bound book, i.e. a list of firearms you buy or sell using the license. That's not that tough, you can buy a bound book for a few bucks and just fill in the blanks.

Now, with few affordable surplus guns and almost no big wholesalers left, I guess I just keep renewing for old times sake.

concealed carry permit:

top: old style license.  bottom: new license

Transmitting from the mountain:  Concealed carry guns


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wire Note: Housekeeping traffic.

Nothing going on  up on the mountain worth writing about.  Here are a few things I wanted to surface anyway.

I don't know how many folks out there have been reading the "5 Acres and a Dream" blog,  I've been enjoying it for a long time.  Leigh and her husband Dan are good folks. They live on their homestead, raise farm animals, and lead a simple and satisfying life.  Leigh writes books on homestead related matters, and Dan does jobs to make some cash money, whatever he can turn his hand to.

But recently he was badly injured , and because they don't have health insurance (as a great many people don't because it costs too much) they have incurred a lot of medical bills, plus he can't work right now.

They have helped other people over the years, when the opportunity arose, and one of Leigh's friends told her to set up a "Go Fund Me" account so people could return the favor.  She was reluctant but the need was pressing, so she did.  It is going well.  I wanted to mention it, as I know from time to time all of us need help, and all of us give help.

Here's the link to her web page.

5 Acres and a Dream

Some general housekeeping notes:
  • I have friends who are looking for either an Indian Ishapore 2A, or an Israeli mauser. If you come across one at a flea market, pawn shop, on line, or anywhere else, will you please let me know? I'll pass the word on to them.
  • Still looking for French 7.5 MAS military surplus ammo, both for myself and for another individual who would like some.  At this point, I don't expect to find any, but if anyone hears of some of that ammunition for sale, please let me know. Just enter a comment on the most current post. I don't worry about Off Topic things.
  • Had a request from a gentleman up in North Carolina for recommendations on a tactical flashlight. I have seen some reviews in the different survival magazines, but I can't recommend anything based on actual hands on experience. I would appreciate any recommendations. Just leave a comment on this post.
That's about it.

Thought for the Day:

Truer words were never spoken.

I agree with her.