Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Alternate reality.

A few years back, I flew out to California and lived on a houseboat in Lake Shasta, with my two brothers.

We made two stops on the way to the lake.  One at a grocery store, where we stocked up on every imaginable good food item we could possibly use.

The other was at a liquor store where my brothers bought copious quantities of a beer called "Corona", and a lot of hard liquor and mixers.

Then we drove on up to the lake,  and signed for the houseboat we had reserved.  The marina was really nice, worlds above anything similar we have in Georgia.

There were more people on the lake than I'd ever seen anywhere before. Most of them had these boats you just put in at the ramp, then took home at the end of the day.

The houseboat was pretty big.   It was designed to sleep twelve people, but we wanted one where we could go way up to the end of the lake and not have to come back for a week.

The boat ran off diesel, and had a deep cycle battery electric system that was charged by the motor. When you shut the diesel down, if the power got low, there was a propane powered generator on the stern that would keep the lights on and recharge the batteries.   There were three bedrooms ,two baths, and a full kitchen.  On the bow there was a grill, and you could cook out there or on the range in the kitchen.

Operating the boat was a cinch. The controls were very basic and very responsive.  Everything to do with the steering and the power system was run from this small console.

My youngest brother brought a skiff he owned, and we just tired it to the stern of the houseboat. We used it as a "runabout" so we didn't have to chug along in the houseboat everytime we wanted to go ashore.

We went way down to the end of the lake, where there were not many people. At night, we would tie up to the shore, build a fire, and just relax.

I think the evenings and mornings were the most peaceful times of the day.  The "day trippers" were all gone and the lake was pretty empty.  There are no homes or cabins along the shores of the lake, or at least, there weren't then.  It was about as secluded as you can get.

I've certainly been on a lot of "get away" trips, we used to do these about every other year before all of us got too old. But this was the best.  From time to time, I talk to my wife about buying a houseboat, and taking it to Lake Burton.  It wouldn't be as hard to take care of as this house and the outbuildings are.  But she'll never agree to do that.  It will have to remain an alternate reality.

Back in the real world,  I've stopped listening to all the politicans trying to climb on board the Liberal "hate train."  Mealy mouthed liars.

The really sad thing about all this, is that the good  guys don't always win.\

"But some there were, who resisted"

Raining (again)

  We have flood watches out all over the mountains today.  The weather forecasters say we should expect up to 5 inches of rain in the mountains over the next two days.

Our little spring is just pumping out the water. My wife thinks it has never run this hard before, and we have a stream going down the mountainside to the big creek, where we usually just have a creek.

It's cooler but not cold.  We have a fire going because my wife is watching "Murder on the Orient Express" on pay per view, and likes to have a fire in the living room when she watches television.

I watched the first half hour, but I was so aggravate by all the changes they made to create a "politically correct " version of the book that I just quit. It would be ludicrous if it wasn't so disgusting.

So, today with the rain thundering down, I'm just staying inside.  I don't have anything in particular I need to do anyway.

In the good books category, I read this one:

  It was a strange book.  I was in the Marines from 1971 through 1986.  Some things haven't changed, but apparently others are very much different. Or maybe, it was because Buzzell was in the Army.  I'm not sure.  Some of the things he discusses in the book would never have happened in the Marine Corps. Not bad things, just "cultural" issues.

The aspect of the book that caught my interest is that it is largely about "blogging."   Buzzell stumbled into blogging when he was deployed to Iraq, and almost by accident his blog because a smash hit.  He was interviewed by big media, and articles were written about his blog in the national press.

Which led to some interesting events back in Iraq. The military didn't quite know how to handle blogging from an OPSEC angle.

He wrote two other books, which I haven't read. These  chronicle events once he got back to the states and was discharged.  I have a feeling that life did not work out very well for him back in the world, just from the titles.

Colby Buzzell

Thought for the Day:

Harry's blog theme song for today:

I was in High School when this tape was made. (1965)

The Democrats find a candidate to run against President Trump in the next election, and marshal the legions of Antifa, BLM, College Professors, Limousine Liberals and Sheeple.


  1. "Buzzell stumbled into blogging when he was deployed to Iraq..."

    Oh wow, that brings back great memories! I used to follow/interact with some mil blogs, back then! Army deployed. Back home. In Iraq. In 'Stan.' Back home. And some who just couldn't hack civilian life, after. They had to go back, working for Contractors. It was a whole different world, for me.

    I'd send "Care Packages," with requests for certain food and Christmas candy etc. Followed romances, at least one wedding. And a scum-bag who passed himself off, as old military. He suckered in a whole lot of people, until caught.

    And I corresponded with soldiers with no one to write to them... Some mother's group put out names.

    This was on Live Journal. And I remember issues which arose, due to Military not knowing how to deal with Mil Blogs.

    I oughta' read that book!

    1. I don't remember now how I got started in blogging, but it was about the time "The Other Ryan", Kymber, and Commander Zero started so it was a long time ago. Sending care packages was good of you, those mean a lot to troops deployed. Writing to troops was a really good thing to do. It's impossible to describe how much getting a letter at mail call means, and how devastating it is when you don't. People as diverse as retirees to high school kids used to write letters to deployed military and it was always appreciated. There are a lot of people in the service who don't have parents, wives, or girl friends to write to them.

      I thought it was a good book, although a lot of the things he wrote about left me kind of wondering if he was just joking or not. Different times though.

      I expect your library can get it for you. I am not buying a lot of books these days, in fact, I'm giving a lot of them away to the libraries. Kind of downsizing in case I want to move.

  2. yeah harry I'm about sick of it all too. trying to busy myself so I don't have time to read/hear about it....I love that song! it was used in apocalypse now in a scene of guy waterskiing behind a pt boat. in those days I was a ski fanatic and being a little buzzed in the theatre that night, I made my final decision to join the military. that, and the young captain having my name. freaked me out just about, lol....what makes me the maddest tho is the left lieing threw their teeth like its nothing and I'm supposed to sit there and believe it. it pisses me off that they think we are so stupid and they are so superior. I'm kinda glad I only have a few more years, so I won't see this country turn into a commy dump.....I go canoeing down the river for a week every so often. come Monday, nobody but me on the water and I love it. eagles will get curious as to what might be on the water and swoop right down to say hello. every kind of creature will show themselves, things you never see on the weekend, too many people. but sadly, even that is changing. I guess we're just old warriors whose usefulness has past on by. take care buddy.

    1. It's depressing to see all this human trash parading around and spewing lies, and even worse to see the soccer moms and the two martini lunch dads further promulgating the same B.S.

      I remember that scene from the movie. That was a great flick. The helicopter scene motivated me no end.

      I tried to immigrate to Australia after Clinton got elected, but the Australians turned me down, they said they only let people come live there who could support themselves without working, or who had skills they were short on . I didn't fit either bill. Always wondered why they let all those scumbag Lebanese in later though?

      My daughter left Cincinnati because it is a kind of microcosm of what the country has become. It's run by liberals, who are packing it with illegal immigrants and "refugees", who in turn require free housing, free food, free transportation, free medical care, free everything. So they tax the people who are working in Cincinnati to pay for it all. Then the quality of life deteriorates because crime goes through the roof, the third world trogs turn the apartment complexes into ghettos, and no one is safe.

      I always thought it would be secure up here, but now we have the same thing, government subsidized housing, with all kind of Burka Boys, Bruddas, Hispanics, and people from God knows where being dumped here. Since they don't work, they just wander around town, litter, beg in the Walmart parking lot, etc. They do a little drug pushing and house breaking in their spare time.

      I don't have to watch the news anymore to see what's happening in America, I just have to drive to the grocery store.

      I can still get the same kind of relaxation up here on the mountain that you find on the river, but I'm wondering now how long that will last.

      You're right in what you say. It's kind of a hard thing to accept, but it would be difficult to refute.

  3. What a great time you had with your brothers. Getting away sounds wonderful, but no chance of that happening here-at least for a while. I have a SimpliSafe system and noticed that they had abandoned the NRA. I sent an email to the company. They responded, saying that they felt that the NRA was not acting responsible. What???
    I guess I should have expected that. There is no rational thinking by these liberals. Jana

    1. We really did have good times, Jana. We went on a camping trip to the Three Gorges area of the Western Oregon high desert. We went on a trip though New Mexico to vist Chaco Canyon, take a hot air balloon flight and visit UNM, my alma mater. But these past few years, we haven't really been able to do anything like that . Somebody is always sick or some such thing.

      Lots of companies are run by people with no practical experience of the world, and lacking that, they make decisions which are abysmal. For a company to get involved in politics is stupid, since nobody is going to run out and buy their stuff because they agree with them, but a lot of people will stop dealing with a company that aggravates them.

      There is no basis in logic with these people, because logic and reality have to be combined for decisions to be sensible, and they lack half the equation.

  4. Harry,
    A houseboat, you and your brothers had fun! Since your wife doesn't want to go on a houseboat trip, ever consider renting an RV and take a little trip somewhere special?

    The rain keep coming here, we can't wait for it to dry out.

    I absolutely hate when a movie is botched for the politically correct. I won't watch it either.

    1. It was a good trip, Sandy. Really peaceful.

      We have talked about getting an RV, and living in that part time. There are some people we know, a couple who lives in a valley near us, and they live most of the time in their rv, traveling. Their son lives in town and he goes out and takes care of their place when they are not here. I don't know if we will ever do it or not. Sometimes when we go to town, I see the perfect RV and take a picture so I can look it up on the internet. M is more amenable to that kind of thing than a houseboat. Strange, since she was in the Navy....

      I've about gotten to the point where I hate to turn on the tv. The advertisements are the worst, pushing the left wing social agenda. Movies today seem to be Hollywood's effort to inculcate young people with their own lousy values. Even the movies I like, like the Bourne series, the star has to open his mouth and say stupid things so that I don't want to watch the movies anymore.

      It's raining, still, today and it's Thursday evening now.

  5. getting rid of the books so as not to overload the houseboat?

    see the burka babes here with their many children shopping at the expensive grocery stores and driving brand new big vehicles. wonder where they get there money. they are living the life of reilly.

    1. No, really so it will be easier to move. Taking care of this place is kicking my rear for me, I spend more time fixing than I do relaxing.

      The last bunch I ran into were driving some kind of expensive looking passenger car. What the hell are they doing at Subway anyway. I thought they couldn't eat food where pork was prepared and served. >:-(

  6. Great story, Harry. Always fun to read your posts. Boats are fun, but too maintenance intensive for my tastes.

    Is the Edward Abbey you quote a lot the same guy that wrote the "Monkey Wrench" books?

    1. I know. If I had a houseboat I'd be bitching about taking care of it and thinking about moving to an apartment. It's a character flaw.... ;-)

      That's the guy. He's a hoot. He hates everybody and liked to be considered an anarchist.

  7. I laughed at your comments on the houseboat adventure to lake Shasta....years ago a group of six of us (three couples) rented a houseboat at lake Powell, also brought two small ski boats. The guys loved every moment of it. My memories involved spending all my time cooking three meals a day and endless cleaning up, yikes! Decided after that I would only go if we bought a maid and a cook :).

    1. Hilogene, yeah those were the days! You are clearly a good wife. We didn't take any women on our trip, for one thing my wife, my youngest brothers wife, and my middle brothers live in girl friend didn't like each other. For another, my wife is afraid of boats( but she went into the Navy after college).

      As I recall, I did most of the cleaning up, as my brothers wouldn't do it, but they did the cooking, because I couldn't do it. We had a great time. It was so peaceful.

  8. Good story about the houseboat, we too prefer solitude - till we moved back to Misery, I mean Missouri, we lived by the damn on Lake Lanier and loved all the houseboats there. I was able to hang on one as my previous employer owned a huge one at the marina - had a waterslide, hot tub and jet skis to boot. Of course Lanier is pretty well crowded most times. I would love to live on a houseboat but I'd like one more along the lines you see in and around the pacific northwest that are more homes than boats!

    1. MF71, the one we had was pretty basic but had all the amenities I needed. I have seen some like you are talking about, there's a show comes on the travel channel every once in awhile, where the boats have all those luxuries. That would be nice,but I doubt my resources would ever stretch to something like that. When I got out of the Marine Corps, a guy offered me a job flying stolen single engine land aircraft from the Caribbean into cow pastures in South Florida, at night. I turned him down. Maybe I shouldn't have. >:-(

  9. Oh, wow..I would love to live on a houseboat all summer on a nice quiet lake someplace. You guys look like you had a great time, especially you, Harry, lol. I had not thought about Corona beer in ages...well, since we left Kommiefornia. Oh, yah, the rolling stones....the first take used to sing "I can't get no satisfaction, I can't get no girlie action" but they had to clean it up, I heard. We have a small RV, but darn it, every place we go is crawling with people. Better to stay home in my quiet corner of the world. Can't stand to be around liberal nutjobs, either. I see where Walmart will not sell firearms to kids under 21....yep, join the libby bandwagon. Renewed my NRA membership, too.

  10. I'd like to live on a houseboat. Somewhere like lake Havasu, (however you spell it) out there in the desert. You could go up to the far end of the lake to live, then just take your little run about skiff into the populated end to buy supplies. I think it would be great. But my wife doesn't like big bodies of water very much. Also we were watching the history channel one day, and the program was about some famous treasure hunter who finds ship wrecks down around Florida. I can't remember his name right now but everybody knows him. The show said his son, and his daughter in law were on one of the treasure hunting ships, and it started leaking in the night. It capsized and they both drowned. I knew from the minute my wife saw that, we weren't going to be living on a houseboat...... :-(

    I remember listening to that song, sitting out in a barn with some other fellows, and playing "the drums" on a bale of hay with a couple of sticks, while they played "air guitars". Back then, if you liked the the Rolling Stones you were a "hard" and if you liked the Beach Boys, you were a "surfer." If you liked the Beatles that had a name too, but I can't remember it.

    Walmart really sucks. I only go there out of dire necessity, when they have things I can't get elsewhere without making an 84 miles trip to another town.

    That time we were out your way, in my brothers pickup, we went to that big gorge on the snake river, and there was only one other group there, an old retired Navy chief and his wife. They were great people and we all pretty much kept to ourselves but they did visit us and we did visit them for coffee. Also, lightning started a grass fire near us, and we all got our shovels and worked to put it out!

    I sent the NRA a hundred bucks, because there's just so little else I feel like I can do. I don't trust my representative or my senators, even though they are republicans I don't trust the party anymore. Our Governor and Lt. Governor are stout, but I have known both of them for years (they don't know me, of course) because I used to go to Nathan Deal's town hall meetings here when he was our 9th District Rep, and Casey Cagel is well known in Georgia for a lot of things, all of them good from my perspective and bad from a liberal angle.

    I have to go to town today and buy more shakes, and replace some bad ones on the roof. It never stops!!! ;-)

  11. Replies
    1. Yeah. That would be nice. If I could find someone to put it on that didn't have a work crew made up of uninsured illegal aliens.

      The fact that Jorge Bruajdo Manuel Camposino is illegal will not stop him for suing you if he gets hurt on the job, and the guys who do affordable roofing up here tend to have no insurance on their workers. Not that I am making any aspersions on anyone's character, but they are probably paying cash under the table.

  12. Hey Harry,

    Enjoyed the photos of your houseboat adventure, especially the one of your seemingly passed out on the couch, but you still have a hold of your beer! You must have some Aussie blood in you somewhere. I have seen some houseboats here down on the Murray river but there are very few big lakes in Australia, most large bodies of water are in fact dams so there is only limited activity allowed on them.
    Years ago when I visited the states I was amazed at how much water was everywhere, even the semi desert areas seemed to have big rivers flowing through them, hard to imagine how different life would be here if we had similar amounts of water.

    1. I was just thinking of you folks and wondering how things were going. Hope all is well.

      Hell, I'd be living there in Australia RIGHT NOW if they hadn't turned down my application for residence. Can't figure out why they deep sixed me, and let in all the Lebanese throat cutters, but I guess there was a reason. At least Australia tries to have common sense immigration laws. Here at least half the country seems to be all for open borders.

      We have a lot of artificial lakes in Georgia, and as you say even out West in the deserts they have some good sized lakes. I'd like to live on a houseboat out on Lake Havasu, but I don't guess I ever will. :-(

  13. It would be fun to travel/live on a boat for awhile. I don't believe that I get sea sick. I've been on boats before.

    Our boys are going on a plane for the first time this summer. They sort of make me nervous with the security checks, but I'll get over it.

    1. I don't think you'd have to worry about being seasick on a houseboat, they are mostly on lakes and rivers so it's not like being at sea.

      I hope the guys have a good time on their journey. They'll be fine, it'll be a great experience for them.

  14. Houseboat vacations are fun. The family and I have been on them many times at Shasta. My MIL & FIL owned one and so did one of my SIL's. So it wasn't as costly or difficult as a rental.
    Loved being on the houseboat: sleeping on the roof deck, and waking up just before daybreak, quiet, air perfect, water like glass...

    1. Brig, it really was nice. I had never been on a houseboat before, though I had plenty of time on Navy vessels! Much nicer on the houseboat.

      You describe the beauty of it perfectly. It was one of the most relaxing things I've ever done.

      thanks for coming by.