Monday, February 5, 2018

AT&T , (in the guise of Direct TV)another Epic Fail. Where have all the survivalist magazines gone? What's a carbine? I detest insurance companies.

Lots of rain the last few days. It was supposed to be "freezing rain" at one point. I drove the Jeep down to the foot of the mountain, hiked back up to the house, but the freezing rain never came.

Better safe than sorry. I'd rather make the hike for nothing, than get caught up here unable to get out for a week or so.

I got my ammo from Centerfire.  I don't think I'll be ordering any more ammo from them.  That won't stop me from placing orders for other things. It's just that it was a total goat rope because of their wanting a signature for the delivery.

I have had a lot of ammo delivered here, and never ran into that before.  Then too, they charged me $4.00 for using a credit card to buy on line, and I didn't much care for that.

To add insult to injury, Sportsman's Guide was selling it for about ten bucks less with free shipping and no credit card fee.

On the plus side, the ammo can and the ammo look as new as the day they were made, which in my case turns out to be 1982.  Live and learn.

I've been thinking about all the survival magazines that have disappeared in the last few years.

Living Ready was a good one.   It had a lot of useful information in it, and the magazine wasn't stuck on field craft, like so many of them were.

I subscribed, but I suppose enough people didn't, because after the first few issues, it went to digital only, then it just disappeared.  I have heard, from time to time, that people have seen it on the news stand at Barnes and Nobles, but I've never been able to find it.

There are still some web pages that list it, but when you go to them, they are all from 2012, or that time frame.

  Survivalist was a good magazine.  It was out of Florida. I called them one time, because my magazines stopped coming and I thought maybe my subscription had run out.

At first, I couldn't get anyone to answer the phone. Then, one afternoon, I got this old fellow who said he was just about to go pick up his grandkid at school, and would I mind calling back in about half an hour.

I did, and it turned out my subscription was expired, so I sent them a check.  They were good folks, but they just disappeared . The hard copy magazine seems to have stopped being published.   I saw the magazine advertised on Kindle in the digital version. I tried to subscribe, but  the subscription never picked up. Now it's not listed anymore.

The "Old" American Survival Guide was a great magazine. It was oriented towards rural males.  There was a fantastic following, but the guy who published it apparently died, his wife (some say his daughter) took over, and she did not want to be associated with anything so gauche as a magazine that had guns in it. So she shut it town.

Jim Benson was the editor, and he was a gentleman. Just as courteous and trustworthy a fellow as you could ever want to meet.

After American Survival Guide got shut down, he started his own magazine, but it's no longer being published. I don't know what happened to Mr. Benson, but I hope he landed on his feet. He deserved to.

The "New" American Survival Guide is ok. It's more a Yuppy publication than anything else, all fancy ,trendy gear. I read it and sometimes I learn something, sometimes I don't.

Modern Survival was the magazine Jim Benson started up when he left American Survival Guide .  As a historical footnote, I wrote four articles for this magazine, and Jim always paid me in a timely manner. Not everybody does that, I assure you.

The magazine was on the internet for awhile, then just vanished.  I never really found out what happened, but I heard scuttlebutt that he sold it to a limited liability company that then never got it back off the ground.

I thought it was a great magazine, and I liked the fact that he was open to submissions from no name people. Not everybody had to be Massad Ayob to get their articles published.

Prepper & Shooter was not a bad magazine. It really wasn't around all that long, and before it went under, it went digital only. That seems to be the trend in magazine publishing.

I've noticed that once a magazine quits printing a hard copy, it's not long for this world.  Maybe survivalist literature doesn't lend itself to digital media.

I've heard  this is still being published somewhere, but if so, I haven't been able to find out where.

Oh,well.  There was a time when the Survivalist movement was mainstream. Even if a lot of the shows did shelter under the the heading of "prepper" which made a lot of people less uncomfortable.

Remember these?

True, it was a reality show, and a lot of the people in the episodes made me cringe with embarrassment. But still, it had great ratings... for awhile.

Oh,well. Time marches on.

The Popular Mechanics survival issue is out on the news stands now. Only costs $5.00, it's fun to read, and sometimes you learn something new.

Also out on the news stands  is "How to Survive Anything " by Centennial Media.

  It's big, flashy, and expensive.  Costs about $16.00.

I looked it over, and I couldn't figure out what the point was. They have all these one page articles on different things that can happen to you, but precious little on what to do about it.

Since I'm not overly worried about things like shark attacks, and I already have a good handle on potential problems like pandemics, social disorder, etc I decided to save my money.

It's rare for me not to buy something on the topic, but I have to say that this particular magazine did not motivate me.


If you are following the news at all, these cartoons will strike you as particularly relevant.  It's hard to believe that the Democrats hired some jerks to conjure up a "portfolio of lies" about President Trump, and then a secret conclave in the FBI leadership contrived to "market" it to the media in an attempt to damage the President's campaign. But they did.

It's tough to believe that another one of  the Kennedy's has crawled out from under a rock, but that's true too.

And the fact that the Dims were all for illegal surveillance of American citizens should surprise nobody.

Thought for the Day:

Transmitting from the mountain top.


  1. Hi Harry :) Lovely gif to start the post, you've been inspiring me lately! :) I'm working on a nice painting that has the tones of the dark forest and now you've inspired me for the clouds, thank you! :)

    I think that you are right with the quote. I can't speak for everyone, but from what I used to watch on the news, the North American culture protects the criminals more than the victims, more than they deserve. Seems very unfair. I guess I've always been a believer in "country justice" or what I call "mountain justice", which seems more fair, but is illegal, go figure.

    I used to subscribe to Popular Mechanics, that editions sounds interesting! Oh the reality shows...I saw one "prepper" show ONCE (then quickly lost interest) about a couple who either lived in a school bus or had their "bug out" vehicle as a school bus. They did the usual stocking up of things...the way it was edited made them look like nuts so we stopped watching.

    OMG $300 outright? That's crazy. It's good information to know though since we'll be (hopefully) moving to a big forested area. One of these days I'd like to have tv again, mainly for cooking shows and the nature channels. Mind you...we download movies and tv shows through sharing sites and watch everything on our laptops. Not everything is available and we can get away with it (for now) here because of privacy regulations here.

    I had a similar issue that you had with Blue Cross. But it was with my dental insurance. I went to the dentist and the receptionist "sold" me on a sensitive-teeth procedure, claiming it was 100% covered by my insurance. At the end of the visit, I suddenly owed hundreds of dollars because the insurance company refused the treatment. She said "Oh, don't worry, we'll work it out..." I refused to leave the office until the dental receptionist fixed it because I had a feeling I'd be receiving a bill from someone at some point. She was red in the face a little but she argued them down and I got it covered.

    Customer service outsourcing bothers me. I ALWAYS insist now, every time I speak with a customer service agent...I say "I would like to speak to someone who is in Canada or the United States please." If they refuse, I ask to speak to the supervisor immediately. I have no patience for any less anymore. :)

  2. Rain, has a lot of public domain gif. files on just about anything. I like using them to illustrate something I'm thinking about when I am writing a post. The movement in the picture adds something interesting.

    It's very depressing to watch the news and see people getting off light after they do heinous things to others. But it does seem to work out that way a lot today. There are two Hank Williams Jr songs on the subject I think you would like. One is "Mr.Lincoln" and the other is " I got rights."

    My wife likes the shopping networks and the do it yourself shows. I like the news and weather channels. We tried going without television but we missed it so signed back up with Direct TV, but that was before ATT bought them. I have Amazon Prime and enjoy watching that on the Kindle Fire, but TV is something my wife and I enjoy doing together.

    I detest insurance companies. They're right :-P there with used car salesman on my list. They take your money and then don't keep their part of the bargain. The insurance company will always try to cheat you, just to see if they can.

    Almost every customer service person I get now is Bagwan Swami
    Ramadan, or something along those lines. No matter what questions I have they just read their little script. I've about decided to just start hanging up from now on.🙅

    This was a tough day.Spun my wheels all day and got nowhere. 😤

  3. Publishing is changing so fast that nobody knows how things will look just a few months from now. Tough way to make a living.

    1. I like paper copies of magazines, because they are accessible whether the web is functioning or not. On the other hand, I like digital magazines because they don't take up any space and are very convenient. In the case of Off Grid and American Survival Guide, I buy both the digital and paper versions of each issue.

  4. sadly my computer won't play your video....the ice came my way instead, so i didn't get the mag in the mail. will try again this weekend....the market is crashing, despite all the good news. its the deep states last play. they are setting trump up for the hit. they already laid the ground work for his unfortunate "heart attack" with all the chat about his junk food and diet coke and tv doctors saying he was dead man walking. then it'll go one of two ways. we rise up and revolt, or we bend knee and kiss the ring. i figure its the latter. i hope i'm wrong. take care buddy. out here.

    1. I can't get the video to play on my Kindle Fire about half the time. I use an old HP laptop to do the blog, and it has Windows 8.1 on it. The video program goes back to Windows 7. I'm sure that's what the issue is.

      Don't worry. I know what it's like to have a long list of "to do's" and the days seem short, everything takes longer than it should. I had some paperwork I needed to get out yesterday and it still isn't ready.....

      After recent events with the Hillary cabal, the FBI and it's secret "anti-Trump" club, and the way the Dims paid for a fake "dossier" to discredit President Trump during the election, which the FBI then "leaked" the media for propaganda purposes, nothing would surprise me.

      I took it in the shorts back in 2007/8 when the stock market tanked. Since then, I've changed my strategy for salting away resources, and I'm not directly impacted by any fluctuations on the market. However, I am impacted by the indirect ramifications, like all of us.

      One thing about it, if the market really deflates, the morons on the Federal Reserve may give some reflection to their idiotic automatic interest rate increases. Those are really putting pressure on individuals and corporations as debt becomes harder to service. Any gas station attendant can tell you what the inevitable result of that is going to be, but apparently the PhD crowd can't see it.

      These are interesting times. I'm just trying to wade through it all, day by day.

    2. i don't have enough knowledge. i figure most congresspersons are traitors but who are the rest? where are they? how to bring them to justice?
      it isn't like 1776 when there were few people and the deep state probably did not exist, even in embryonic form.

    3. Entrenched, bloated and self serving bureaucracies have been a problem in every major civilization to come down the pike, as far as I know. Not only politically, but from an economic standpoint, they constitute a dead weight on any culture. That helped destroy the Romans and the same thing is happening to us today. As you point out, American history hasn't had this phenomenon to deal with until relatively recently, but our country is still pretty young.

  5. Man, I really like the video blog.
    Those Camp Carbines were pretty cool. They have a reputation (esp. the .45) for eating up that little synthetic buffer at the back of the gun. Once that goes, the gun starts battering the wood and in short order you're on the phone to Marlin for a new stock. I heard thats one of the reasons Marlin discontinued the things...theywere having to hand out way too many free replacement stocks. Fortunately, theres a company out there currently making replacement buffers out of a more durable material. May wanna disassemble your Marlin and check to see how your buffer is holding up.

    1. I got that Marlin Camp Carbine from my Aunt's estate when she died. They used to keep it around their camp sites when they were fishing in Colorado. They never put many rounds through it, and I only test fired it when I got it. I probably should run down some spare buffers though. I remember we talked about this a couple of years ago, and I wanted to get some, but I never got around to it.

      The video thing works ok except that sometimes it won't open on my kindle , and I know others, like Riverrider, can't open the file on their computer. Probably my program for making videos is outdated.

  6. Two magazines I remember from the 1990's era was PRACTICAL SURVIVAL and GUNS AND SURVIVAL. I don't think they lasted for more than a few issues though.

    Have you seen what AMERICAN SURVIVAL GUIDES go for on ebay now ? Crazy expensive.

    1. I never saw Practical Survival, but I am pretty sure I bought Guns and Survival once in awhile. That was a long tim ago...

      I have a bunch of the old American Survival Guides. Like an idiot, when I was teaching 5th grade (did it for three years) I used my gun magazines and those Survival magazines for my two reading classes. I had kids who wouldn't read or even try to read, no matter what. They were not interested in the reading books, which were all stuff like "Kwaniki and Rashid teach tolerance to Jeffery"

      So I sent home permission slips to the parents, to use the magazines, and everybody was ok with it. That cured the "I don't want to read this crap" problem, but my magazines got "taken home" in kid's back packs, or just plain fell apart. So I screwed up my collection of the old American Survival Guides. I still have about 30 of them. There used to be a fellow on the net who had around 3 years worth of the magazines on his web page, it was called "Stephen's page" or something like that. You could down load them in pdf. Then he died and the page went away. Also, this fellow up North was collecting them in pdf, and he would send you a flash drive so you could download his collection if you would reimburse him for postage and return his drive.

      I have never understood why the people who own the publication rights to the old American Survival Guide don't put the whole production out on CD for sale. I'd damn sure buy several copies, and I know a lot of other people would too. But the scuttlebutt was that when the owner died, his wife or daughter was a lefty and was repulsed by being associated with a magazine that actually had evil guns in it. That could be why it has never come out on CD, or that could all be an urban legend, I don't know.

  7. I am enjoying your videos Harry. I love the conveniences of modern technology, but get so frustrated with all the problems we have to go through with it. Our cell service was out for 12 hours last night-not sure why. But, we do not have a land line, so we are basically on our own if some emergency occurs. We live "out in the sticks," so I can't easily go somewhere to use a phone. It seems that we constantly have problems with our wifi. We chose to stop watching tv when we moved to the country years ago. I thought I would miss it, but I find that I have more time to do other things that I enjoy. Jana

    1. Jana, I'm glad you like the little videos. I try hard to make the blog interesting for people. Cells don't work where I live at all, but they work in town so my wife and I have little cheap cell phones, not smart phones. I figure if the car breaks down out on the back roads, I will just keep walking along the road til I find a signal.

      We have a land line because that's the only reliable communications from the house. I do have CB, but almost nobody is still around that could relay a message for me, and they aren't on the air all the time anyway.

      I like shows like "Vikings", and I do like being able to watch the Weather Channel if bad weather is moving in. My wife enjoys the fashion shows. We only pay $24.00 a month now for satellite tv, and that's about what I pay for the Sirius XM subscription.

      My problem is that I stay too busy out here. The minute I finish one thing and sit down, I remember something else I have to do. ;-)

  8. I have the students design a newsletter. One of them is a survivalist newsletter. It's a pretty fun project. I try and pick a wide variety of topics, so they all have something a little different to choose from. The content of that one is great though.

    1. That sounds like something that would be interesting to a class. It gives them a lot of scope for what to include, and there's certainly no shortage of material out there. Trying to get the students interested in what we were studying was always a challenge. Especially since the material provided for the curriculum were always so mundane and often had no connection whatsoever to anything practical.

  9. Harry,
    I agree, better safe than sorry when dealing with projected weather. In order to have TV where we live we had to go with Direct TV (and its not dependable when the weather changes). We have HughesNet for our computer and this supports the TV in order to see certain shows. We're always in buffering mode when trying to watch those the end, its not worth the cost or the hassle.

    Like your video cast, is this something youll continue?

    1. Sandy, we had satellite internet for awhile. It wasn't Hughes Net, it was something like Blue Sky. The abandoned dish is still out on the edge of the woods. It didn't work very well here, and not at all if there was rain, snow, or any other bad weather. It was really slow, and after you used up your monthly allotment of bandwidth, they just slowed you down until it was unusable, unless, of course, you paid them more money.

      Direct TV was always shaky, and now that AT&T bought it out, Direct TV is completely lame. But so is Dish Network, which is the only alternative. If the two of them stop supporting SD systems, and only offer HD digital programming, that's the end of the satellite ball game for me. We get our internet over an old telephone line up here now, and it works at a maxium of 6mps download and .7 mps upload. The actual performance is much slower, and it doesn't work a lot of the time at all.

      The video cast is something I started because it was easier to do than typing a lot. Some people like it, some don't. That's why I put it at the bottom of the post, if a person doesn't like it they can ignore it. I don't know yet if I will keep doing it on not. I have had a lot of trouble with Blogger this week. I try to log on to my blog and I get this error message with a stupid square face that says "Oop! That was an error." It takes me forever to get logged on to my own blog, like it did this evening.


  10. We got freezing rain here last weekend and then again this week but the stuff that hit this week only froze on trees and raised surfaces. It was pretty though. The new horse pulled a shoe in the wet conditions so I have to get the farrier back out even though it's only been a week.

    1. Lisa, the freezing rain that hit you just missed us. All we got was very cold rain and high winds. Sorry about the horseshoe. I know a farrier visit isn't cheap. Based on the misadventures of Seamus and my daughter, it's a wonder she isn't in the poor house.