Saturday, February 24, 2018

CNN's infamous "Town Hall Meeting"

I don't know if you watched this charade, but it was truly sickening.  CNN wrote a "script" for the students to follow. One who refused to do so was "uninvited" to participate.  The place was filled with mindless liberals, screaming epitaphs and shouting down anyone who didn't toe the liberal line.

In the aftermath,  Delta Airlines and United Airlines have terminated their relationship with the National Rifle Association, and more of that "duck and cover" is sure to follow.

below is a clip from a British newspaper, exulting that America is now  adopting sensible British views on the evils of gun ownership.

Which companies have cut NRA ties?

On Thursday, the family-owned First National Bank of Omaha said it would not renew NRA-branded credit cards, citing "customer feedback".
Replying to @dibshear and 19 others
Customer feedback has caused us to review our relationship with the NRA.  As a result, First National Bank of Omaha will not renew its contract with the National Rifle Association to issue the NRA Visa Card.

Enterprise Holdings, which owns the rental car brands Alamo, Enterprise and National, also said discounts offered to NRA members would end on 26 March.

Other companies distanced themselves from the NRA on Friday and Saturday.

Those included MetLife Insurance, the Avis Budget Group, home security firm Simplisafe, two moving brands - Allied Van Lines and northAmerican Van Lines - and Symantec Corp which had offered discounts for its LifeLock identity theft product.

The United States today allows citizens the right to own personal firearms. although that right is heavily regulated and under constant attack by the socialists and their off shoots.  The only reason we have the rights we do are the efforts of the National Rifle Association.  

Cut off the contributions to politicians, and the votes and financial support these same politicians get from NRA members, and they'd do a Lindsey Graham in a heart beat. Without the funding and the votes, they would "see the light" and we'd be hiding weapons or turning them in to the smelters, just like the Peoples Democratic Republic of California.   With the exception of some younger politicians, veterans of the sand wars who haven't yet been corrupted, that's how D.C. operates.

I know, there are all kinds of gun owners out there who don't like this or that the NRA has done.  With just under 5 million members, it is not possible for the NRA to make every shade of gun owner happy.  Some of the duck hunters, for instance,  are angry the NRA doesn't support bans on weapons other than shotguns, because as long as the duck hunters can have their shotguns, they don't care about anything else.  That's a very common mentality, and a short sighted one.

 Some of the more stringent supporters of gun ownership are livid because the NRA agreed to laws , any laws, concerning gun ownership. But all of these people are riding on the coattails of the NRA and it's accomplishments.  The bottom line is that  the NRA supports politicians who are receptive to our views. Without that support, most of these same politicians would simply abandon gun owners out of political expediency.  Anyone who doubts the NRA is essential to maintaining the rights of gun owners just needs to take a look at how violently the crowd at the "CNN Town Hall Meeting" reacted to Dana Loesch. They were playing to CNN's script, and CNN is an organ of the left.

Stick to the script!

All this screaming,  all the mindless misbehavior orchestrated by CNN,  is purely political.
These pampered kids and their liberal parents nestled in comfy suburbia down in Florida can't handle the thought that they aren't exempt from the societal breakdown taking place all over the country. This kind of thing is only supposed to happen to "the great unwashed", which is the rest of us.

One American News editorial:

Might be time to dust off your copy of Ragnar's book:

  It's an old book, but the principles are still valid.

Based on what happened when the Feinstein Gun Ban was implemented in 1994, it might be a good idea to stock up on standard capacity magazines.  Putting away a goodly amount of ammunition for the weapons you have would not come amiss.

I know I've said this before, but it seems to be a good time to say it again.

Since President Trump seems to be backing off on his support of gun rights and the NRA, if the left can cobble together some rag and get it past both houses, he might sign off on it.

If so, and 17,18,19,and 20 year olds are deprived access to AR-15's, I guess they will be letting a hell of a lot of young men and women out of the military.  But in this country, stranger things have happened.

Most of these kids couldn't tell you who  their  Senators or their Representative are:

Two good ones from "Gorge's Grouse" blog.

Gorge's Grouse

Quote for the Day:

"I am trying really hard to ignore the noise the media is making right now about guns. The whole thing is based on nothing but virtue signaling, putting the blame anywhere but on themselves and seeking to assuage their guilt for not fixing the problem long ago by simply putting a dam lock on the front door and controlling access to the schools. But they would rather put on their rose colored glasses and sing cumbaya while they harbor criminal sociopaths in their midst, instead of really fixing the problem. Because like in every other one of their causes, if the problem is fixed and goes away there no longer is a justification for their bleeding heart existence."

M. Silvius


  1. Well Harry, you know me, I can't really comment on all of this stuff except that it's a shame more people can't see through the scripted so-called opinion. The only thing I know about the NRA is that Charlton Heston was president for a while, and I liked him as an actor. I liked their slogan too.

    "Winter Festival" here in the village this weekend...not only are we hiding out indoors, the blinds are closed lol...all I hear is "vroom vroom vroom" with loud music and shouting and screaming...but on a nice note, it's sunny and my plants are growing in the window so that makes it okay. :)

  2. Rain, it comes down to this. In America, we have a very powerful left wing, and an aging right wing. The left controls the media, education, and frequently, the government. The right is largely rural, and white. Since demographics make it clear that both of those demographics are shrinking at a rapid rate , the handwriting is on the wall.

    The NRA is a group that represents gun owners. Through astute political maneuvering, support of pro-rights politicians, and the clout of their activist members, they have thwarted left wing attempts to disarm America for a very long time.

    But the NRA is weakening as hunters, shooters, and other individuals who care about firearms rights are diminishing in our society. Fewer members means fewer votes to offer politicians, fewer dollars to spend on getting our own message out (while the left does it for free in the MSM), and overall less influence.

    That sounds awful, all that racket and bustle. We have something similar when the spandex crowd comes up here once a year in their hundreds, riding the mountain roads. The county road that leads to where I live is closed, and I have to drive in the back way, on old forest service roads, and ford two creeks to get home!

    Glad the plants are growing. It is warm here today, and my wife told me some kind of plant she put in here when we first set up is blooming. I can't remember the name of it though!

    1. So I'm guessing that Trump is right wing, more conservative and more stern with all of the "liberal" ideas and "abolish guns" nonsense? Politics isn't such heated topic in Canada. And I'll be honest, whoever is in power, I don't really see much of a difference. Mind you, I've removed myself from society so that could be why.

      It sounds like the NRA needs to beef up their organization and really start campaigning for new members with good values. But maybe people like that don't really exist anymore, like you said, they are diminishing.

      I love that, the "spandex" crowd...we have that too, those fools with shiny butts on bikes lol...our roads are so narrow Harry, THEY are a menace to my safety when I'm driving in the summer.

      It's weird you know, when we moved here in the spring of 2015, it wasn't like this. In a few short years the village has marketed itself as a tourist haven. I guess it's good for the property values of the residents, but for folks like Alex and me, we are itching to get away.

    2. Rain, I'm not really sure what President Trump is at heart. He was a critic of the NRA and said good things about the Dims when he was a younger man. But people do change. I don't know if he "saw the light" or it's about expediency. However, he appointed a conservative to the Supreme court, which was absolutely critical. He has been prevented from doing much about illegal immigration or the importation of Islamists into our country, but not because he didn't try. The liberal appointees in the federal courts, the entrenched and bloated government bureaucracy, the two major political parties, the media, and the kind of empty headed left wing "upper class" nabobs we saw on television at the "town hall" have pretty much stymied his sensible efforts to address those problems. Until now, he has been steadfast in his support of the 2nd Amendment. I don't know why he is wavering in the face of the know-nothings now.

      The NRA needs gun owners, and there are fewer and fewer of them as time goes on. My generation grew up with firearms and shooting sports. That crew of nitwits prancing around in Florida with their little signs has no connection to firearms, no knowledge of them, no understanding of the constitutional issues. The left is using that shooting just as the Nazi's used the Reichstag fire. Nickolas Cruz is the Democrats Marinus van der Lubbe.

      The "bike fairies" cause a lot of trouble for normal people up here, but the chamber of commerce crowd loves them. They bring in a lot of cash and hence can do no wrong.

      I've been here since 1986, and my county and town don't bear any resemblance now to what it was then. My little quadrant is still secure because it's too far out from town, and has bad roads. But when I go to town, it's not the same place by a long shot.

  3. We are in dire times! What really scares me is all these kids will be voting very soon. The second civil war has started. When full level violence starts is anyone's guess. If the age to buy a rifle is raised to 21, then the age to vote, drive, get married or have kids should be the same!

    PS: love your blog!

    Locked, Loaded, Ready to Engage

    1. I knew after the President was elected, the left would be revitalized and more hateful and vengeful than ever. It's inevitable that they politicize things like this. It's not about a solution to the problem, it's about inflaming intellectual neanderthals and using the situation to the liberal's advantage.

      It does seem strange, doesn't it, that we have soldiers in combat who are 17 to 20, but these same individuals would be prohibited from buying a gun if they came back to the states. I've always thought that telling someone they were old enough to fight, but not old enough to buy a drink, was strange. This is even more bizarre. Never was about logic, though. It's about the Schumerites, power, and crushing dissent.

      Societal disruption is par for the course with all societies, and we are having our share of it. With the country divided into two camps, it's not difficult to see how things could get out of hand in a hurry. We live in interesting times, to say the least.


  4. For several years, I've only had one credit card - the one put out by FirstBank for the NRA. Looks like it's time to finish paying it off and getting rid of it

    1. I agree. I have rented vehicles here from Enterprise, because the company was founded by a WW2 aviator, and because they had an office in town. But I won't touch them with a ten foot pole after this. Same with Delta and United. There are other carriers who fly into Atlanta.

  5. BTW, Harry, my memes come from facebook, except the ones that I steal from you and put there. - lol

    1. It's a good thing you post them, because otherwise I'd never get to see them. I don't have a facebook account. I opened one, so I could go to the facebook sites of AIM Surplus, and some other outfits. But my last name is apparently also a last name in India, and I started getting tons of dot on the face indian referrals as potential "friends." Had to delete the account.

  6. now's not the time for burying your weapons. now is the time to be digging them up. i'm in favor of the age increase, judging by the maturity level i see in todays 18 year old, but the voting age should move up too. i'll sell a bunch if they ban them and make a ton of money. then dig in and wait. they want to make me a criminal, i'l act like one. if a man don't stand for something he'll bend over for anything. i'm done giving in. "the day of my death was recorded before i was born. why then should i fear it?" "only when men facing battle accept that they are already dead are they prepared to do what they must, and then they are capable of truly great things." t.j. jackson. sic semper tyrannis

    1. I have not been particularly impressed with today's youth either. I hope it's just because only the little scumbags get media attention, and the decent kids are left in the shadows.

      I have no intention of giving up my guns either, but I would hate to have to jump out of bed every time the perimeter alarms go off, or the dogs bark. Especially for no other crime than exercising a primary right in a country where more than half the population doesn't care about individual rights (unless they approve of that particular item).

      That's a good quote from Jackson, sounds just like the man too.

  7. I am trying really hard to ignore the noise the media is making right now about guns. The whole thing is based on nothing but virtue signaling, putting the blame anywhere but on themselves and seeking to assuage their guilt for not fixing the problem long ago by simply putting a dam lock on the front door and controlling access to the schools. But they would rather put on their rose colored glasses and sing cumbaya while they harbor criminal sociopaths in their midst, instead of really fixing the problem. Because like in every other one of their causes, if the problem is fixed and goes away there no longer is a justification for their bleeding heart existence.

    1. That's a really excellent synopsis of what's going on today. Succinct and right to the point. Too good to leave in the comments section!

    2. I must have been in a moment of unusual lucidity and the neurons were firing right. Usually words fail me.

    3. It must have been the sacred mushrooms that did it. I need to get me some of those. ;-)

  8. Harry,

    I think I'll boycott the AAA, since they are responsible for thousands of automobile deaths in this country.

    On second thought, I might want to quit my membership with USAA too, since many of their members are military and kill people. We can't have that. Gotta take away those car rental deals for them too.

    Too bad about Delta and United. I suppose the skies are safe enough now that they don't need any help from those NRA gun-toting air marshals. Nah, we can just throw that nasty airline food at the bad guy...problem solved! --Troy

    1. Troy, it wears you down, doesn't it. When the big news was crowds of BLM, Antifa, and just your garden variety white trash liberals tearing down Confederate statues, suddenly big companies weren't selling "Confederate" merchandise anymore. Now it's passe to be demonizing Southerners, so the Walking Dead have moved on to anybody who owns a gun. And naturally enough, the CEO's of companies like Delta are falling the Pied Piper.

      With the exception of Walmart, about which I have little choice because it's one of only two grocery stores in the county, I don't do business with anybody who pulls this B.S.

      If I have to drive to the next county to rent a vehicle when I want to do a lot of driving, I just will. I am not using Enterprise anymore.

      It's a messed up world.....

  9. hey Harry - sorry i haven't been around for a while but like Rain, we are not very political anymore. and you know how i feel about weapon's ownership and here in canada we do have a pretty thorough background check and must take a course...we don't find that to be too much of a problem. but the craziness going on down in the states with those lefties/liberals almost makes Justin Trudeau's escapade in india seem worse. we're pretty embarrassed by the whole thing.

    anyway weather here has been pretty ok and this is the mildest winter we have had so far. snow falls and then disappears overnight.

    lastly - from our cold, dead hands is the only way that anyone will get our weapons.

    sending much love as always! your friend,

    1. Kymber, nice to hear from you. I thought you had quit blogging. A lot of the blogs I used to read are defunct now. I know you stay busy up there, happens here too.

    2. Hey Kymber, Did you see these? It might explain why Justin acts like he does.

    3. I saw Trudeau in his "full fig" Indian rig. Haven't had such a good laugh in a long time.

  10. The blood of these seventeen young people that were gunned down is on the hands of the Sheriff and the 4 officers that stood down, like cowards, outside the building, guns drawn, while listening to the screams of the kids as they were being killed. The sheriff had over a dozen calls warning about Cruz. Notice how quickly CNN had a town hall and the marches began. Notice this is Debbie Wassermans district, too. This was pulled off like clockwork, Harry. Too slick, if you ask me. The NRA had nothing to do with anything. Frankly, I donate to the Gun Owners of America (GOA) and Oregon Firearms Federation. The day the NRA said we should look into banning bump stocks, I saw the writing on the wall. I did not renew my membership this year. The Marxist news media is pushing the globalist agenda to confiscate our guns one way or another. The kids have already been indoctrinated to want socialism and communism, thanks to the leftist teachers and professors and lack of parental oversight.

    1. I thought it was interesting that the Sheriff there is doing a jumping jack flash routine, blaming the NRA for what happened, and trying to sweep the dismal performance of his department under the rug. If they had gotten off their asses and done more than hide in the weeds outside for so long, maybe fewer people would have died. But that's not the narrative the media wants to push, since it just makes more obvious the fact that calling in the law will always mean a wait between the call and the arrival.

      The NRA does a lot of good, and has a lot of clout. I didn't renew my membership to GOA because although I like them, they don't really make any difference in the real world. I try to be a pragmatist about it, but everybody has to chart their own course.

      The educational system is largely to blame for raising good little sheeple, inculcated with the love of Big Brother, believing Big Brother's lies, and doing no thinking for themselves. That's one of the big reasons I quit teaching after my third year.

  11. Geez Harry,Where to begin.First,I am not the biggest NRA fan,but I am a life member,and have been for years. I think every gun owner should join, and do it right now. I will be buying my business partner here an annual membership on Monday. I wonder how long LaPierre has been in his position, but I understand he gave a good speech at CPAC.
    I think the idea that gun ownership is declining is probably not correct. Given the climate here lately, I think fewer people will admit it out loud, especially to people they are not comfortable with. OPSEC and all that. They sell an awful lot of guns every year. The "300 Million" number you hear all the time is the number sold since the NICS checks were imposed on us. I suspect the actual number is at least double that. And a hundred year old Enfield is a formidable weapon today, just as when it was first made.
    I have been talking to my "smart" friends, trying to figure out what the Commies end game really is. They cannot possibly think they will win a shooting war, can they?
    All that being said, they cannot be allowed to ever win another election.

    1. Jay, where we are really hurting is with the younger generations. Too many of them buy the B.S. they see on tv and hear on the news. When their hero's, the pop stars and actors, continually harp on the evils of gun ownership, they suck it right up.

      It's hard to judge gun ownership numbers from gun sale numbers or background check numbers. People like me could be counted many times over if nics checks were the data parameter they used, but I'm only one old guy.

      I think we are screwed in the next election. A lot of the people who voted for the President are angry now because he hasn't delivered on their one issue vote. It's not his fault, he's been stymied the the courts, filled with Clinton and Obama dingle-berry hanger ons. He's had to contend with a propaganda machine that would make Stalin or Hitler blanch with envy. It seems like most of the "we are here forever" bureaucracy opposes him, and half the country did from the start.

      So when the next election runs around, if President Trump runs, he won't have the base he did. Too man people can't see past their one issue to the overall negative impact of a Hillary or Obama clone being President.

      Then too, the Republican party has thoroughly crapped in it's nest and alienated the conservative rural people who were so important to it. They made it pretty obvious that they care about themselves, and don't give a damn about "the people." I have voted solid Republican (except I always voted for Sam Nunn) for more than forty years, but now they can kiss my a**.

      I think we are well and truly screwed. Come the mid terms, I wait with great interest to see what happens with the seats up for grabs. I have a feeling the Republicans are in for a drubbing. Too many complete anal orifices like John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

  12. Hey Harry,


    'Sadly this country is slowly fading into obscurity. Next more balkanization, social and cultural disorder. There will be states breaking ranks and breaking into three large confederations. Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas up to Wyoming, Idaho, North and South Dakota, Montana. That will split the country in half. The Mexicans will get California, Arizona and New Mexico.
    The North East Coast factions will be of course the Yankee states. Parts of the Deep South will be confederated in a patchwork of some sort.
    It will be an ugly, tragic mess. Several small nuke strikes will occur oversea's with scores being settled between Pakistan and India. Barbarism in Africa and the Middle East, Persian Gulf. Israel will Nuke several countries starting with Iran. Germany will fire up the gas chambers and ovens again as it flushes out the muslims. Civil Wars in Europe between the muslim barbarians and Ethnic Europeans.

    Welcome to the Mid 21st Century...

    Welcome to the next dark age.....

    1. It wouldn't surprise me if some version of your scenario actually played out. Things are worse now in the country, than they were before the Civil War. When Sumter was fired on, the front pages of the newspaper were filled with "it's about time" but the back pages had editorials saying "how did it come to this?"

      I don't feel any affinity at all with the left, I don't consider them my countrymen, and I'd be happy to eradicate their political influence. I'd like to deport the illegal aliens, clean out the schools, open up all those FEMA camps and fill them with the arschlochs I see on the television news all the time, I think they'd be a lot better off for a good "Pol Pot" experience. I'd like to see our troops pulled out of Afghanistan and all the other piss ant places we have them now, and just let the Air Force us those regions as a bombing range. I'd damn sure put a stop to the influx of ragheads coming in here, and I'd get the one's Obama let in, out.

      I'm tired of being powerless and having a bunch of shitbirds in D.C. and in the ninth circuit, piss down my neck and tell me it's raining.

  13. The Politicians, are protected by guns.
    The Politicians' Familys are protected by guns.
    The Politicians' Money is protected by guns.
    The Politicians' Homes are protected by guns.
    The work places of Politicians' are protected by guns.

    Movie Stars are protected by guns .
    The Movie Stars' Familys are protected by guns.
    The Movie Stars' Money is protected by guns.
    The Movie Stars' Homes are protected by guns.
    The work places of Movie Stars' are protected by guns.

    TV Stars are protected by guns .
    The TV Stars' Familys are protected by guns.
    The TV Stars' Money protected by guns.
    The TV Stars' Homes are protected by guns.
    The work places of TV Stars' are protected by guns.

    News Media Owners are protected by guns .
    The News Media Owners' Familys are protected by guns.
    The News Media Owners' Money is protected by guns.
    The News Media Owners' Homes are protected by guns.
    The work places of News Media' Owners are protected by guns.

    Tech Companies Owners are protected by guns .
    The Tech Companies Owners' Familys are protected by guns.
    The Tech Companies Owners' Money is protected by guns.
    The Tech Companies Owners' Homes are protected by guns.
    The work places of Tech Companies Owners' are protected by guns.

    But if you say "I want our Children protected by guns"
    Why do these same people call you Evil?
    It's not that they don't want anyone to have gun.
    It's that they don't want you to have them.
    Their Self, Their Friends, their Family and their Guards (when guarding Them, Their Friends, Their Family and Their Money) are fine.

    1. Simon, they've always been about one set of rules for the high and mighty, and another set for the "common people." These are the same people who bitch about farmers using too much water to irrigate in California, but sue the city when they are told they can't fill their swimming pools.

      They don't live in the real world. They live in a nice little bubble created by wealth, by not having to leave their comfort zones, and from never interacting with the people who actually work for a living and make the society function.

      As you say, those people are all about Them, and nothing about us, unless wanting to control us and make us live as the almighty upper class sees fit.

  14. SMH! am I the only one finding it odd that the Sherriff waits until after the town hall to release the info that his officers were cowards and did not breach the building? I hope he gets fired. I don't understand blaming the NRA for any of this. Its like blaming the car industry for auto accidents, or the alcohol industry for DUI related incidents. What is scary is these teens, these misinformed kids that eat tide pods are the future leaders. I really believe they will turn us into a socialist country.

    1. The Sheriff has a screw loose. When he was asked if he was going to resign in light of the abysmal performance of his men, he said "No. I have provided outstanding leadership."

      Ok. It sure didn't show up when push came to shove.

      I have been singularly unimpressed with what I saw of these students. They remind me of the people I went to high school with in the late sixties. All about being one of the crowd, chanting the slogans, running around with signs but not one iota of understanding about the subject they were making apes out of themselves about.

      Several commentators on Fox have made the point that the NRA is not responsible for the inadequacy of mental health care in this country, but that's not the left wing mantra, which is to blame the NRA for just about everything from floods to meteors.

      Good to hear from you again. Hope all is well on the homestead.


      The real story about the Parkland shooting is not about guns – it’s about Broward County making a political/financial decision to STOP ARRESTING students in order to better their “statistics” in order to gain state and federal grant money! They began to hide crimes and hide evidence of crimes – even felonies. THIS is how Nicholas Cruz “flew under the radar” until he committed the murders.

    3. and:

      "----- Broward County School Board policy known as the “Promise Program“. The Promise Program is the collaborative policy between all county officials the school superintendent, school board and law enforcement that instructs officers to not arrest high school students. A Broward County School Police Officer must: carry a political hat and be able to intercept anti-social behavior (ie. filter through “The Promise Program“); modify his/her action based on the specific policy need (no arrests); falsify documents (as needed), hide evidence (as needed), manipulate records (as needed); and engage inside the system with an understanding of the unwritten goals and school board/LEO objectives (improve stats). As such, Broward County school law enforcement are given political instructions, and carrying out political objectives. The 30 minute CCTV tape-delay is one unofficial consequence of that objective. School police are not given law-enforcement instructions. The school officers are the primary foot soldiers carrying out county political policy (must keep statistics protected). Actual physical security of school students is not their primary role, they don’t have time for that. The Broward County school officer is in place to protect the school system “policy” and ensure students are not arrested for criminal conduct.---"

    4. Given Sheriff Israel Scott's performance since the shootings, I'm not surprised at any of these developments. Liberals live in a world where their main efforts go to buttressing their own version of reality, rather than dealing with real world problems. They seem to feel like if they can pour enough snake oil on an issue, it is solved "on the ground."

      I was disgusted with Scott's assertion that "I provided outstanding leadership" through this mess. The guy is a political creature, not a law enforcement officer.

  15. the Bible book, Esdras II [ i think it's II, each Bible is different and Esdras is Nehemiah in some books, also some Bibles don't have all the books.}, has a complete description of what was then the future.
    Esdras was very interested and thought we would live in interesting times.
    he didn't mind seeing it from afar but he didn't want to be here.
    it is sure to be chaotic.

    what i don't understand is the pursuance of suicidal policies by politicians, here and in europe, or do they think that they will be unaffected by the destruction that they are bringing upon the rest of us?

    1. May you live in interesting times is an old chinese curse.

      I never heard of those books of the bible, they must not have made it into the King James.

      I guess the pols don't care what happens, as long as they get to be on tv and flounce around like they are important.

  16. Hey Harry,


    'I hope you spot this comment.

    What are your recolections of the first assault weapons ban in 1994?
    When it was passed, was there a time frame before the law went into effect? Did rifle prices skyrocket? I was in college in 1994 and was not really paying attention. I fear we have another ban coming down the pipe. Do you think it will be permanent or have a ten year lifespan?
    Also will rifle prices skyrocket on existing rifle already in private hands. I think they gun show loophole will be eliminated also. Yeah' I know its all unconstitutional as hell but its a reality we may have to face.

    1. Well, first off, it was not expected to pass. The NRA had carefully tallied the votes, and had enough "no" votes promised that it should have failed. In the run up to the vote, prices on ammo, magazines, and guns went sky high, and there was a virtual dearth of AR-15 rifles and magazines long before the vote. Prudent people ( I can't say I was one of them) felt pretty sure that the Dims would get it through somehow, and of course Clinton would sign it.

      Then the day after the vote, I woke up and found out that a lot of Republicans had changed sides at the last moment and voted "yes."

      The only mags you could buy then fell into two categories. One was a "Clinton mag" with max ten rounds. The others were Pre-Ban mags. Pre-Ban mags like those for the Browning High Power, which sold for about $12.00 before all the B.S. started, instantly went to around $65.00.

      If you got a "Law Enforcement Only" mag that was standard capacity, and not the "Clinton mag" of 10 rounds, and you got caught with it, it was a felony and you went to prison. You didn't get admonished or get community service.

      The gun makers had "post ban" versions of the AR-15 ready to go, so as far as rifles just for shooting, about the only real difference was you had to get a muzzle brake instead of a bird cage flash suppressor in terms of AR-15 rifles. There were a lot of ridiculous cosmetic changes, because the idiots writing the bill didn't know anything at all about guns. They got rid of things they thought wee "scary" but those things didn't effect the performance of the rifles at all. As for guns like the FNFAL , AK-47, and others, you could easily get around the ban by sending the rifle to a company that specialized in legally restoring it to original condition.

      Scarcity creates demand. Right now, M-1 rifles are very costly, but in May when CMP starts selling the rifles coming in from the Philippines, the prices will drop, so the opposite is true as well. I think if there is another ban, they may try to simply outlaw the weapons all together, as Australia and Europe did. I think the left learned from Feinstein's clumsy efforts that with guns, it's all or nothing. Either you take them all, or you don't accomplish anything.

      The Constitution will be a lot harder for the Dims to get around , the Court is more conservative now, and if that old crone Ginsburg will just do us all the favor of croaking as expeditiously as possible, I think we will get one more conservative judge in there.

      If President Trump is replaced by some leftard flunky of George Soros, and the House and Senate have Dim majorities, then there will be an all out effort to ban gun ownership. My guess would be that with the quality of the Republicans today, which is to say, lower than whale shit at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, I don't see anyone stopping it.