Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Sheeple are going to have to get off of top dead center.

If you'd trust someone to be responsible for your children, to educate them, and to take care of them at school, why wouldn't you  trust that same person to be armed in order to protect your children?

I don't think it's ever been more dangerous to be a private citizen in this country, than it is now.  There are a lot of mentally deranged people walking the streets, and they don't always stand out.  The guy on the right is clearly "nature's way of saying don't touch" but a lot of people with mental disorders look perfectly normal until they snap.

Schools are more dangerous than most other places because they have students who are mental cases, but they often just keep passing them on to the next grade.  I taught some like that. I had one kid (and these were fifth graders) who threw a rock from a flower bed and severely injured the elderly woman who lived next door. She went to the hospital, but he was back in class on Monday.  I had another one who was clearly a psychopath, but the school system forced me to have him in my classroom. He needed " a positive male role model" and he was part of the "inclusiveness" program. The kid used to bring a cigar box full of pencils sharpened to a diamond tip, and then throw them at the other kids. The effect was like a flachette round going off.
Could I take those away from him?  No, that was a "release mechanism" for him.  Too bad if he poked out some other kids eye during one of his episodes.  So there are lots of those characters running around in schools that mom and dad at home don't know about. Teachers are not going to cross the administrators if they want to keep their jobs.

Then there are the just plain crazies. They're out there.  Until the financial crash of the 2007-2008 period, Georgia had three large institutes for the mentally ill , that were owned by the state. When the Sheriff's Department brought someone in for crazy behavior, the hospital kept them for three days, then they were evacuated to one of the state mental institutions for evaluation and , if necessary, an extended stay.

Then came the crunch, and all of those were closed. So now, if a crazy gets taken to the ER, he gets put in a room for three days, then he is evacuated out the back door of the hospital and put back on the street. The rare exception is the mentally ill person who has health insurance to cover mental illness, but guess what? Not many of these folks do, as they are generally broke and homeless.

And there are other threats out there.  School kids are good victims for Islamic terrorists, because it hits Americans hard. The Israelis learned how to deal with this, especially after the Ma'alot Massacre, but we don't seem to learn.  The Ma'alot Massacre

Schools use the sardine defense, but inevitably some of the sardines get eaten.

Telling people that making a gun free zone of the school will protect their children, implies that criminals, terrorists, and the mentally ill are all impacted by little signs with a picture of a gun , overlaid by a circle with a line through it.

It's not a logical assertion.

And yet, after every incident, the high brow liberals come roaring out, saying we can fix this with more restrictive laws.  We needn't take any positive action that will have an impact on the ground, just pass more laws.

Lighting candles, putting Teddy Bears and flowers on the chain link fence,  all that gives people an emotional outlet when something like this shooting happens.  But that's all it does.

Our high school here has only one approach for vehicles, and that has a guard booth and an armed guard. But anybody can climb up the blind side of that mountain, and come down through the trees. Maybe it's time to let the teachers carry.  This is rural country, gun country, and most of the locals can use a gun in the same way they can a tire jack, or a chain saw, or any other tool you need up here.

No city will do that, because there are too many smirking, know it all liberals who have kids in private schools and figure they are safe no matter what happens to yours.

We have the Israeli model, we know it works.  But we won't adopt it.  Not because the working class of America has reservations, but because the people pulling the strings don't live in this world, and they don't have to deal with the situations the rest of the country does.  It's just the way it is.

That's how I see it.


  1. My thought, in all these things... "If only someone had had concealed carry." The toll wouldn't have been as bad.

    Sure, the person with the concealed carry gun, would probably be dead. But they would have died, protecting others.

    We know, we'll not get the Israelis Solution. Libs will not let us.

    We won't get the do-something-real-about-mental-issues either. The Libs won't let us.

    We'll just go on and on and on... Horror, after horror, after horror.<--Defeatist? No. Just Common sense. It's just life, at this time.

    "Liberals eyes are blinded, by their purity of spirit."

    Should add a disclaimer... I apologize to any of the Liberal Persuasion, who happen to read this. I know it will offend them. I am offended by their rants, in their blogs.

    But I really do not expect, that those of the Liberal Persuasion, will be reading here. So I am free to "Come out of the Conservative Closet"... In which I keep myself, on my own blog.


  2. Wisps, I don't think many Dims gather here. The ones that try to visit usually wind up leaving vulgar, nonsensical comments that don't get published. They seem to be remarkably short in the "reasoned argument" department.

    Lots of ladies have blogs that are centered around family, the arts, work, etc and aren't political. I like yours just the way it is.

    I liked that quote about liberal eyes! I'd never heard it before, but how true it is.

    No, nothing will change. Nothing will be done about the mentally ill, and common sense safeguards won't be implemented by school systems, because it "costs too much" and "that won't happen here."

    It is what it is, I guess.

  3. Replies
    1. Dr. J, came home from town and turned on the noon Atlanta News. I was watching Channel 2, which is ABC. They were running a segment on the shootings, and it was all drivel. Some Congressman from Florida was saying "The President should listen to the children." He didn't enlighten me on why ,exactly. Those are doubtless nice kids, but most of them couldn't tell you the name of one of their Senators, or their Representative. None of them have worked for a living, served in the military, or lived life outside the umbrella of mom and dad. What can they offer me in the way of life experience at 65?

      Then the mincing pimp that does the noon newscast did a sniveling little "roll your eyes" bit where he said "oh, that's so true, the children will show the way, there's going to be big change." This guy is doing the news because he looks like Jethro Bodin, and the women like him. But he acts like Jethro Bodin, too.

      President Trump is going down there today. The guy has a lot of courage. I'd wouldn't go down and let the less intelligent among the parents get their 15 second of fame dumping on me. Every day I admire the guy more, and things like this are the reason.

      The same news program showed some 600 pound flake in shorts and an orange t-shirt at some meeting, quivering and shrieking in a falsetto voice "don't tell me there's no gun violence." Made me sick.

  4. It costs too much! Gah, and GAH!!! again. Yet "They" seem to always have enough ready cash to provide security for their worthless selves. I am beginning to think that they sacrifice our children as a way to further the gun grabbing agenda. Am I cynical? Maybe. But after Sandy Hook, a reasonable person might have expected a bit more security for our children. But no. All I hear is that MY rights need to be more restricted. Yeah, I am beyond tired of the Democommies dancing in the blood of innocent victims. Gun free school zone my eye. How long are we going to sit still for this? Yeah, I am steaming over this. It is time to move the left off of the playing field once and for all, and let the adults take over.

    1. J, it does kind of boggle the mind. I think that it's another case of the Dims being so out of touch with the real world, with reality, that they can't see the situation as it is. They want an easy, paper fix that that fits their world view. That's why this keeps happening, and I have to say, they always seem to glory in it, fighting each other for face time on the news .

      In place where the liberals run the show, they have catastrophic consequences for the people living "on the ground." That's one reason why my daughter is moving out of Cincinnati. The people in city government there have imported so many Africans, "Syrians" and illegal aliens from South and Central America that the city is just collapsing of its own weight. I don't know how this will all end up, but I am pretty sure it will be a negative situation when it does.

  5. Harry, you know me, I steer clear of most media and violent nonsense...but I admit (sheepishly?) ;), that I read the damn Hollywood gossip news! I don't know, it somehow makes me feel better about my life I guess lol...seeing all the celebrity drama and garbage...anyway, sometimes the real news makes it onto those sites and I read about the latest, a 9th grader.

    Geez, when I was in 9th grade, all I cared about was getting away with a really rebellious hair cut and how I could get that boy who looked like the spitting image of Michael Jackson to like me! well, now, I'm shocked at all the violence. I thought about that today, how going to school seems to be more dangerous than ever. I recall three incidents at schools in Montreal where I grew up where there were "massacres". Three is too much but it's nothing compared to other places I guess.

    It's no wonder that I like to live the life of a recluse in the woods. The world is way too dangerous out there, no matter what age you are, what setting you're in. And honestly, is it up to the politicians? People won't take responsibility for their own actions, we see that daily "I was innocent, I didn't do it" and they get away with a crime due to a technicality in the law or because of overcrowding at prisons...that's another issue...or the parents of these delinquents won't take responsibility for their crappy parenting...or for not wearing a condom. Wow, another Rain rant lol! :)

    1. I don't know, Rain. That seemed like a pretty well spoken, well thought out comment to me. You can "rant" on my blog anytime.

      I like living in the woods too, but I guess I just can't turn a blind eye to everything like I would like to. I try hard to avoid politics, but it seems like politics impact on my own lifestyle and beliefs and I'm not ready to just roll over yet.

      The frightening thing about politicians is that for the most part, they are conniving, pusillanimous craven creatures. There are some veterans of the sand wars getting into the House of Representatives now who are good people, but for the most part our politicians are outright scum like McCain, Pelosi, Schumer, et al.

      They can negatively influence the lives of people who obey the law, but more often they have no impact on the supposed targets of their efforts, and all the splatter gets on the innocent who do obey the laws.

      I'm a believer in the Heinlein take on this.

      “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

      Overcrowding in our prisons is so rampant that periodically, California gives hundreds of criminals "early release" and sets them loose in the streets. Sounds "made up" but it isn't.

      In this case, where there was an individual who was clearly homicidal, mentally ill beyond a shadow of a doubt, our system just didn't have a way to deal with him. We can't take action based on someone saying he's going to do something , we have to wait until there's proof positive he is, or until he's done it. I don't have an answer for that. I would hate to get into a situation where the FBI and assorted LE outfits could pick a person up for something they said, although they already do it in a lot of circumstances.

      At least we can enjoy living in the woods and not worrying about the chaos outside bothering us too much. ;-)

    2. I really like that Heinlein quote. I live by that. And thanks Harry, it's not often I speak up about what's going on in the world. I'm a person who prefers to glance over things, but it's for selfish reasons. I FEEL everything so intensely. Some might call me an empath. It's a curse at times and a blessing. Negativity gets to me way too much and I'm sidelined for days at a time. That's mostly why I steer clear of the media. Yes, in the woods and not worrying about the chaos is all I want for my life! :)

    3. Rain, it's easy to get wrapped around the axle, I know the feeling well. I do try to keep on an even keel, but I'm torn between not wanting to get upset by rediculous, stupid things and people and at the same time, feeling like I need to know what's going on so I can plan accurately. I guess we both are going to have to look for some middle ground we are comfortable with. I've sworn off "politics" a number of times but it's just impossible.

  6. I'm a mum to 4, a grandmum to 6 and I conceal carry. I'll be damned if I'm in a public place when this kind of insanity happens and all I can do is cower in the corner. Like you said, it's likely that shooter will take me out but I'll do my very best to take him/her out with me.

    1. Donna, my understanding is that in this instance, the shooter went into the school, started shooting, wandered outside, shot some more, than ran off before police could get there.

      If there had been even a handful of armed individuals in the school, that could not have happened.

      One of the reasons I don't "open carry" although it's completely legal in Georgia, is I don't want to attract undue attention to myself in the event of some untoward event. It's true that anyone who runs toward a shooter instead of away is going to be the nail that sticks up, but in all the furor I think that individual might have a chance to rectify the situation. At least they could try.

  7. When we lived in Florida, Osceola County had armed Deputies at all schools. I guess they had none at the shooting on Wednesday. Our schools here in Cokato have armed deputies at the schools. We had a threat that the school took serious enough, to bring in more deputies.

    My son who is a reserve officer has a vest he wears while on duty. Even he has helped patrol the high school with the School Resource Officer, supplied by the city.

    1. Some sort of armed presence at the schools is going to be necessary, and it sounds like your area is at least making an attempt to address the situation. I spoke with some people in town this morning, in a cafe, who feel like the county commissioner should review our own security situation at our schools. After all, we have four armed guards at the courthouse, why only one at the school!

    2. Our courthouse here has security on the court room level. In Florida you had to pass through TSA type security to get into the courthouse in Osceola County. even if you are not going before the judge.

    3. We have only two entrances to our courthouse. Each one has two guards, and a screening machine like they have at the airport. I think that's excessive, but with a backlog of over 400 cases to try, dating back as far as three years, maybe they figure someone will get tired of waiting and come in blasting.

  8. I'd trust my son's teachers to be armed, but I don't know if they'd want to be. Possibly if it was more dominated by men it would be an open idea to them. That may sound sexist. It's just how I see it.

    It's kind of crazy that there's a huge furniture/electronic store here in Omaha. Partly owned by Warren Buffett. Anyhow you can carry a gun in there. In the state of NE it's illegal to carry a gun into a store. How does that work I wonder?

    1. I don't think that's sexist at all. In fact, at shooting events here, there are usually four or five male participants for every one female. Same with our gun shows. But I think a lot of female teachers would be willing to carry. It's not that they don't know how to use a gun, it's that they have other interests. I was the ONLY male teacher at my elementary school, and I would have been comfortable with 2 of the 5 other fifth grade teachers being armed. The other 3 were good teachers, but they were not proactive and were easily flustered. Probably, a handful of teachers so equipped would be enough to afford some measure of security above what we have now. The thing I haven't figured out is where to keep a weapon surrounded by kids. I sure wouldn't want to keep it anywhere but on my person. I wouldn't trust a locked desk drawer or anything like that. I had one kid who escaped from computer class when the computer teacher wasn't watching. He went back to our classroom, picked the lock on my desk with a bent paperclip, and crapped in the drawer..... wouldn't have wanted him to find my hand gun while he was at it! ;-)

      Here's a clip from your law code out there, on where a concealed carry permit can carry. It appears to be very like ours, in that a business owner can prohibit concealed carry holders from bringing weapons into his place or business, or he can allow it. (Of course, if I can't bring my gun inside, I'm not going to buy his tires, furniture, etc!)

      View Statute 69-2440 Chapter 69 Index View Statute69-2442
      Chapter 69 Section 2441
      Permitholder; locations; restrictions; posting of prohibition; consumption of alcohol; prohibited.
      (1)(a) A permitholder may carry a concealed handgun anywhere in Nebraska, except any: Police, sheriff, or Nebraska State Patrol station or office; detention facility, prison, or jail; courtroom or building which contains a courtroom; polling place during a bona fide election; meeting of the governing body of a county, public school district, municipality, or other political subdivision; meeting of the Legislature or a committee of the Legislature; financial institution; professional or semiprofessional athletic event; building, grounds, vehicle, or sponsored activity or athletic event of any public, private, denominational, or parochial elementary, vocational, or secondary school, a private postsecondary career school as defined in section 85-1603, a community college, or a public or private college, junior college, or university; place of worship; hospital, emergency room, or trauma center; political rally or fundraiser; establishment having a license issued under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act that derives over one-half of its total income from the sale of alcoholic liquor; place where the possession or carrying of a firearm is prohibited by state or federal law; a place or premises where the person, persons, entity, or entities in control of the property or employer in control of the property has prohibited permitholders from carrying concealed handguns into or onto the place or premises; or into or onto any other place or premises where handguns are prohibited by state law.

    2. Have you seen The Mask You Live In? Oh my goodness that was an eye opener movie for me. It's not about guns. More about how some boys are raised to be resentful. That's how shootings, rape, and other bad things happen. It just brought up a lot of things I didn't think of.

      Isaak is my empathetic child. Travis at times has told him some things that he no longer says after watching the film. He's the type of kid that will have his own and his friend's backs. He will stand up for them. One little girl that's been in and out of the hospital with stomach issues had a boy tell her her stomach was so gross when her shirt lifted up a bit. That's the boy Isaak doesn't take crap from.

      Mica on the other hand is the type that would run from trouble. He doesn't like to be around trouble. He'd be the one that freezes in an intense situation. We had him in martial arts for a bit to help over come this. We probably needed to stick with it longer, but that was when Travis lost his job. The boys had no longing to go back to it.

      By the way yes pepper really helps kill Strep and other throat infections. I've tried it a few times now. It was like my body couldn't get enough of it. Then when I'm better I hate it.

    3. I haven't seen that, but it sounds like a very interesting show. Raising kids is the toughest thing I have ever done, and I think you never quit being concerned about them.

      A good home life is essential if children are going to have any kind of chance at a decent upbringing. I'm not disparaging single parents, they can provide that too, but it makes a very tough job so much harder. Kids need a mom and a dad. When I was teaching, my biggest problem children came from broken homes, or homes in which the father was a very weak individual who provided no positive role model.

      Boys are hard to raise , because you have to teach them to be masculine without being thuggish. It's sometimes a fine line. Isaak and Mica both seem to be well adjusted guys, from reading your blog. Mica will probably grow out of that "startle freeze" as he gets older.

      My kids got tired of going to martial arts twice a week, not least because it was an hour over to the dojo, on the other side of the mountains, and an hour back. But I was driving the same trip to work, coming home, getting them , and driving it again. It was worth it. I have always been grateful my wife and I decided to do that. I know the kids don't always like it, but many of life's most important lessons can't be learned in a classroom. For what it's worth, I've always admired the way you manage as a mom, a wife, and a teacher. I don't know much about your husband but he seems to be a stand up guy from what I have gleaned. Your boys are fine young men, so you are doing it right.

      I will try the pepper treatment next time I get a sore throat. I detest that problem because swallowing is so painful. If pepper will help at all, I'm for it. Thanks for the tip.

  9. So long as schools remain soft targets these mental cases will target them because they can. The kid in Florida was a known threat. How was he able to enter the school with a long gun? Was there no one minding the front door?
    When I went to school in Caracas the place was a fortress. 18 foot tall cinder block walls with broken glass bottles on the top surrounded the entire campus. A giant steel gate was only opened by an armed guard for morning arrivals and afternoon departures.

    1. You are spot on. I wondered myself how anybody could saunter into a school carrying a rifle. It seems to me that this school had zero security procedures in place, for all the stories about there being an armed guard there.

      I had lunch with some people in town today, and the general consensus was that instead of just a little booth on the road in, with one old retired guy and a pistol in it, we need a chain link fence around the school, four controlled access points, and at least as many armed guards (4) as they have up at our court house. As for the cost, we've already paid for a fine arts center at the high school, a massive 4H agricultural center on 50 acres of prime land, a riding arena for horse shows, a brand new top of the line farmers market, a state of the art public canning plant, and a new 4H skeet range. We are now in the process of funding a new public shooting range for rifles and pistols. We ought to be able to come up with the cash for beefing up security. I suspect that the fact we have people in Burka's wandering around our town now will add luster to the idea of better security at the school.

  10. After many years in education, the one common denominator I see with troubled kids is a broken, dysfunctional home. maybe the discussion should start there if we are to look at mental illness as the trigger (no pun intended).

    In my home state the legislature is discussing a measure to allow teachers to take a class thereby permitting them to carry a firearm in the classroom. In fact, passing the class would allow it to be placed on their teaching license. I hope it passes. --Troy

    1. Troy, a bad home life or no home life is getting to be the rule, rather than the exception. How we fix that, I don't know but if there's a way, we sure need to find it. From my own limited experience of three years in the classroom, I can say that a good family environment, with a mom and dad in the house, made for good kids. With the best will in the world, a single parent will have a very hard time being a role model for both genders. Boys, especially, need a male figure to use as an example. If the male figure is a drunk who beats the mom, sells dope, and brutalizes the kid, that's what you are going to get when that kid grows up.

      That sounds like a very common sense approach to the problem , and I think your state is on the right track. I hope it passes, but I'm afraid if it does, somebody will sue in the 9th District and that will be that. Democrats have been very astute in finding Clinton and Obama appointees on judges benches who are not at all opposed to being judicial activists.

  11. Hey Harry,


    Nothing can be done, nothing will be done. The deep state people and the socailists/communists in charge want gun control. They don't want Americans rebelling as they overwhelm this country and the rest of the western world with their ideology and immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

    1. CC, I think you are right. Nothing positive will come of this, but I am concerned it may be convenient for the Dims and that they will use it to try to crack down on gun owners now.

      I take your concerns about immigrants from Africa and the Middle East far more seriously than I once would have, now that we have exactly that showing up in our own small rural county. I would never have believed it possible.

  12. This stuff didn't happen when I was a kid, but maybe I was too busy being a kid to notice, but I don't think so. Soon, schools will be like prisons with bars and armed guards to protect the kids. What kind of a way is that to grow up? I agree that teachers should be armed, but it's a hell of a way to live. Liberals have ruined this country and I hate them for it.

    1. Nothing at all about the current environment in this country is particularly attractive when I contrast it with America as it used to be. It seems all the negative things are burgeoning, while positive attributes are just disappearing.

      I know a fellow who is very left wing, and we agree on nothing in the political arena, but on basic value we are pretty closely aligned. He feels the same, that the country is so ravaged by ethnic struggles, political corruption, societal decay and poor government that it's just a matter of time til the whole shaky edifice collapses.

  13. "Liberals eyes are blinded, by their purity of spirit."

    You like that quote? I'm very pleased. Because I made it up myself. Right there in my comment on this post of yours. :-)

    It refers to what I see, in certain blogging. Usually lovely blogging women... Very 'green'... Very close to the earth and lots of fine things....

    But then, they make that Leap! That all of the Liberal Persuasion are Good. And all of the Conservative Persuasion are Bad. And of course, the Chief One is Pres. Trump. -sigh-

    They are totally blinded by their good wishes/acts. And unable to see, that the Dems and Libs, are lying to them. And sucking them in. Are not telling them the Truth.

    Case in point, did any of these Good Women, ever hear about the mountains of waste, left on Indian Land, after their "occupation"? That 'Pure Water Occupation,' which these good women applauded and applauded, from afar. Did their sources of "news," ever tell them about the mountains of trash? I doubt it.

    There ears are tuned only to the Liberal News sources. So how can they know all the Truth?

    Sorry for rambling here.... My excuse is, it's the only place I can, on the net. The soft and nice things I like, a vision of a slower life style, are only blogged about, by these very Lib deluded women.

    Exception, Dear Rain!!!! Hers are great blogs, and do not dwell in Political Talk. Just in homey things, and delightful info, which I love. I can visit there, and know I will not be blind-sided.

    1. There are very few ways that people can get news today, and those are virtually all fountain heads for left wing propaganda. Colleges have turned into factories for pumping out good, willing little drones to support the left wing agenda. It's not surprising that given the lack of truthful, unbiased news and education, the young are brainwashed into willing servants of people like Obama and Schumer. My reason for going into teaching so long ago was a belief that I could make a difference in that process. But I was naive in the extreme, and three years later I gave up the attempt.

      You're not rambling. Your point is one that a lot of people worry about. The left has gotten very good at demonizing any opposition, and they control virtually all the media so they can get their deceptive message out, while we have virtually no means of communicating our own beliefs.

      I enjoy blogs like yours, Rains, Lisa's , Alissa's and some others. They are relaxing because they are not political in nature. I try to shy away from politics, but I think it's harder for men to do that.

  14. Harry,
    Teacher's should be armed, and required to go through training like the Israeli teachers. Addressing mental issues is mandatory and needed. We need to stop brushing mental issues off and start creating laws to address the problem. Guns don't kill, people kill!

    1. Sandy, I agree with that sentiment. There are an awful lot of broken, defective people out there with no place to go and no way to get help. Some of them are really bad people and can't be changed, but some might not have such a negative overall impact on society if they had some medical care.

      Blaming guns for the acts of demented or criminal individuals is ridiculous. I always think of the poster that says "guns cause crime like spoons cause obesity."

  15. Hey Harry,


    On youtube we are fighting immigration on channels like 'Black Pidgeon Speaks, LAWerewolf, Lauren Southern is doing video's on South Africa and the murders of the white farmers there. On a side note, It appears the South African government is funding mercenary hit squads with high grade mil spec cell phone jamming equipment in backpacks so the farmers cant call for help.
    I am pushing for a 'New Apartheid' myself in South Africa.

    Stuff is heating up, really heating up online on YouTube and
    I talked to a German American that has family in Germany and the Germans are waiting for the right moment for a 'ultraconservative' rebellion against immigration. The talk in beer halls in Germany and Austria he said was 'astounding'

    There is also a hard push in propaganda on a 'white ethno state' here in America with a suprising number of blacks, Mexican Americans and Asians that would prefer to live in an ethno state than a state controlled by minorities and socialist radicals.

    Here are some names to check out on YouTube also. Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, Andy Warski, Baked Alaska, Lauren Southern and many others.

    If America falls apart or if White Americans become a minority. Then what is happening in South Africa will happen over here. This is normal. We killed off Neanderthal's, Dinsovians, etc in competition over land and resources. It can happen to us too.

    1. CC, history does seem to repeat itself, I can't disagree with that premise. I know the waters are roiled, both here and in the rest of the world. I have been keeping an eye on events in South Africa, because I have a friend who blogs from there. I know what happened in Rhodesia, and I'm hoping that doesn't happen to her.

  16. I get the impression that if this guy had been allowed to be armed, he would have been.

    And at least some in my State are starting to get serious.

    1. Ryan, I heard some of the same thoughts yesterday in town at a cafe. I wonder if anything will come of it, or if it will just pass away as time does and people lose interest. I don't want any more restrictions on gun ownership, as I don't have any faith that such restrictions would have any positive effect on these situations. But I do hope we harden the schools a bit, at least, and give responsible people the opportunity to defend themselves and the children they are supposed to be overseeing.

  17. The fact that Liberal News dominates news outlets... The only source of news, to which we turn, is Bill O'Reilly.

    We are Premium Members of his site...

    https://www (dot) billoreilly (dot) com

    And I make use of his twitter...

    He cuts to the chase. Has very informed guests. Does not pontificate. I trust his staff to dig for the facts.

    And my husband reads the Wall Street Journal, which is mostly fair. But I prefer just Bill.

    1. O'Reilly is interesting and I used to watch his show on Fox. I like to listen to Rush in the afternoons here, if I can sit down for a couple of hours, that is. Not always easy to catch the program as it seems like there's always something that needs doing.

  18. The moron at the carwash must have a bother in Nevada....