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These idiots seem to think that if they make a new law, or ban guns altogether, or repeal the 2nd Amendment, that gun owners will just "comply."  Some of them will.  When California went down this road, thousands of gun owners turned in their weapons like good little sheeple.  But thousands didn't.

Meme courtesy the Raconteur Report.

These same drones are the one's who tore down all the Confederate statues they could lay hands on, and got businesses to ban Confederate flags.  They got all that done with words. But they'll find guns are a different matter.

Leonidas had the right take on that issue, when the Persians wanted the Spartans to kowtow, like these worthless insects want gun owners to kowtow to them today.

Georgia is taking a stand against the anti-Gun crowd, to wails of despair from the Atlanta elites.

Fox News excerpt.  March 28 2018

Georgia lawmakers voted to nix a tax benefit for Atlanta-based Delta as part of a broader tax package approved Thursday, following the airline's decision to sever ties with the National Rifle Association.

The bill -- which includes a sweeping income tax cut -- cleared the state House on an overwhelming 135-24 vote, after being approved in the state Senate on a 44-10 vote. It now heads to the governor's desk.

The final version dropped an earlier amendment that would have renewed a jet fuel tax exemption worth $50 million that was taken off the books in 2015.

“Businesses have every legal right to make their own decisions, but the Republican majority in our state legislature also has every right to govern guided by our principles,” Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, who very publicly threatened to pull the airline tax break earlier this week, said in a statement.

A fellow I know had his truck "keyed" while he was in a restaurant this week.  He just bought it, a big Dodge.  Came out of the restaurant, and somebody had gone up and down both sides with a screw driver or some such thing, from stem to stern.  The reason appears to be his NRA window sticker, the only distinguishing feature on the vehicle.  He was eating at a barbecue place frequented by "half way backs." Not the good half way backs, who are generally veterans and older.  No, the ones who like to have stickers that say "North Georgia Democrat" or "Trump Sucks", like to hang out there because it has a "coffee bar."  I can draw my own conclusions, just like he did.  The guy is a retired policeman, and he was fit to be tied. But what can he do?

Go back to Florida, arschloch!

I was "talking" with a long time friend about getting older, and being about as prepared as I will ever be for whatever is coming down the pike.  You do reach a point, after many years of using self sufficiency as a keystone of your life style, where you are just fine tuning. I also expressed frustration with the idiotic people who live in America, believing that the whole world is like America. That people everywhere are like they are here.  The stupidity of that is just staggering.  Here's part of his letter.

"Many of the survivalists I have met got into it as a result of serving abroad. Most notably in the Baltics in the '90's. There's nothing like seeing how the rest of the world lives to make you appreciate that we flush our toilets with water cleaner than what 90% of the world drinks. And it's foolish to not think that there's a large part of the world that hates us for that, and will gleefully dance in the streets if something happens that knocks those arrogant Americans off their throne. Certainly the clowns in the Middle East and Asia (Looking at you, Pakistan!) would gleefully dance on our graves given the chance. I would guess that many of your brethren overseas came home with a new outlook on how the world really is. It's nice to think that man is not a wolf to fellow man (I like that quote you posted), but it's foolish not to take steps against it. Personally, if I die without ever having to fire an AR at someone, eat a #10 can of freeze dried pork chops, or bandage myself by the light of a kerosene lantern, I will be extremely pleased. But...the smart person takes the steps to be ready for those things because 'hope is not a plan'."

Extract from Commander Zero letter.

The fellow who wrote that is exceptionally well connected to the guiding lights of the survivalist movement, and has been for more than 15 years. I'm very careful about OPSEC  when it comes to my friends. I don't keep mailing addresses on my computer, I don't quote people without their consent. Commander Zero gave me the OK to quote from his messages.  He runs a good blog. It's not "blogger" format and sometimes you have trouble posting a comment on it if you use a blogger address, or voting on a poll, so heads up there.  Here's a link to his place:

Notes from the Bunker

If anyone wants to touch base with me directly, my email address for this blog is    It sometimes takes me a while to get back to people, depending on what's going on here, but I will as soon as I can.

Saturday up here.   I had a long night.  Coyotes swirling through the woods, raising hell right in the tree line.  My dogs going ballistic.  This morning one of my favorite barn cats is missing.

No plans for today.  I guess I'll just see how things go.  Probably work on this post again later, after I get a few things done outside.

Just Hit the News Stands:

Summer is coming on, so it's almost all "fieldcraft" articles in this issue.  There are some good product reviews, though.

Just got the new Off Grid on the Kindle Fire this afternoon. Haven't read it yet but it is probably on the news stands by now.

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News Stories on Survivalism from around the world.

Part one of a new series of articles from New Zealand

French Preppers Gearing Up.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

American Survival Guide / American Pioneer . Wiggling a loose tooth. Old movies you should see at least once in your life.

I mentioned recently that I got a copy of American Pioneer in the mail, out of the blue.  When it showed up on my Kindle as well, I checked with ASG.   Here's what they said. I guess I am alright with this, American Pioneer looked interesting.

Today, 9:12 AM
Mr. Flashman,
We recently made changes to American Survival Guide in the interest of providing more useful information to our readers. The decision to include American Pioneer as part of the American Survival Guide subscription is intended to serve all of our readers while providing additional advice to those who plan to source food in the wild, if the desire or need arises. This transition is explained in greater detail in the Editor’s Letter on page 8 of our March issue.

Going forward, there will be two issues of American Survival Guide’s American Pioneer included in the 12-issue subscription. We’re also adding one special issue under this title to five other American Survival Guide special issues, all of which will be available on newsstands. We’re sorry if you’re unhappy with this change but we hope you understand it is based on our commitment to bringing our readers the best in survival-based content.


Mike McCourt

American Survival Guide

Wiggling the loose tooth.
Who would have thought they'd ever make a movie about this hell hole?  I guess I'll go see it, for old times sake?

Give them an inch, they'll take a mile.

Old Movies:

Here are some old movies, largely forgotten these days.   They're still very good entertainment, and better than what's offered in theaters today from my perspective.

 Sometimes these show up on movie channels like "Stars" or "Showtime." A lot of them are part of an Amazon Prime subscription, and they are all available on Amazon as downloads or DVDs.

Given that television programs are generally not worth watching on broadcast TV, the old shows are a viable option for slow days or quiet nights.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dreary day on the mountain top.

Damn those vile Russians! Is there no limit to their perfidy!

Wire Note:

Wire note for the friend who wanted some old style military bore cleaner.  Here's where I get mine.

Omaha Surplus

Ransom Virus

Strange times in Georgia.  Seems to be getting stranger by the day.  I doubt it made national news, but the City Government of Atlanta was successfully attacked by "ransomware" last week, and whole sections of the government there are out of business.  Remember the new mayor, Ms. Bottoms? She's the one who allegedly won the election by 750 votes, then , in a recount, by 72?  Everybody knows the whole thing  was rigged to make sure we didn't break the string of black mayors Atlanta has "enjoyed" since 1970.  Traditionally, the mayors of Atlanta serve their term, then go to "Club Fed" on racketeering charges. Doubtless Ms. Bottoms will continue that long established course of behavior. She's in the spotlight right now, though, because she was warned this ransomware attack was not only possible, but probable, and she just blew it off.  She has declared that Atlanta won't pay the $50,000 ransom demanded by the hackers, but as pressure builds because people can't get permits for this or that, etc, rumors abound she's arranging an under  the table pay off, and will then declare the problem "solved."


You may have heard of this religion.  Without going into a lot of detail, it's a kind of spirit worship, pantheistic, based on a religion that developed among African slaves in the South.  It has similarities to Voodoo but is considered a separate religion.  Although  Islam is the fastest growing religion in the South, Santeria is gaining adherents and is a close second.

One of the unpleasant aspects of Santeria (and there are a lot of them) is that it involves animal sacrifices.  After  the rites, the animal corpses are being dumped off in black neighborhoods around Atlanta. Nobody enjoys finding three beheaded goat corpses in their front lawn.  There's a big stink "literally" because it is not considered to be animal cruelty in Atlanta to "sacrifice" animals to placate the devils, etc.  So all they can charge people with is "dumping."  Even better, the city won't come out and pick up the corpses, as they take the position that  they don't have to be responsible for animal corpses. Another example of "bringing the Third World to you."

pick a spirit, devil, whatever suits your purpose.

Ammo purchases in Georgia going "great guns."

"Georgia law does not significantly regulate the sale, transfer, purchase or possession of ammunition in any way. Furthermore, Georgia law limits local regulation of ammunition."  Cathy the Clown Giffords Center.

One way to really throttle gun ownership, and the proficiency of those who own them, is to tax ammunition.  In places like the Left Coast, Illinois, etc this is a common practice, and the tax seems to run about 5 cents a round. Aggravating if you buy a box of 50 rounds, a bit debilitating if you buy a case of 1000.

In the recent wave of anti-gun propaganda, a proposal to tax ammunition here in Georgia has reared it's head. Personally, I doubt it has a snowball's chance, but in all the "sound and fury, signifying nothing" gun owners seem to be stocking up.  Can't say as I blame them.

Personally, I'm ordering one of these cases of 7.62 Nagant pistol ammo.  I bought sixty boxes not long ago, but a wood case, holding spam cans, is great for long term storage. If not for my use, then my kids, or grandkids.....

These Mosin Nagant pistols are good little guns. They were incredibly cheap when they came into the country, and I bought several. Now, more than 20 years later, they're pretty rare.  As I have mentioned before, I'm not ever going to reload this weird little round because of the way the bullet is seated way back in the cartridge case. But a couple of thousand rounds should last a generation or two, even if things go Mad Max or The Postman, down the road.

The woods are  still all gray and brown in the mountains.  Some green is starting to break out, here and there.  Once these winds , rain and cold settle down,  it will be a lot more comfortable. Until June or so, when it will start getting so hot and humid that you can't walk from the house to the barn without getting exhausted.  It's like living in the Amazon jungle here in the summer.


Gearing up for the Mid Term Elections:

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