Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Cold Winds Through the Mountains. .30 carbine ammo. Get out of South Africa while you still can.

Woke up this morning before dawn, and the wind was howling through the trees.  Sounded like surf breaking on the beach.  32 degrees outside and with the wind chill, it sure felt a lot colder than that.
I had planned to drive into town today, but I think I'll just stay around the house rather than get out in this cold.  The Weather Channel says they may get snow in Northern Virginia tonight, but all we are expecting is a mix of rain and sleet.

My wife is still over in Nashville. She went up to Cincinnati to help the kids get their old apartment cleaned up and turned over.  Then she went down to Nashville with them, to help them get settled in. Right now, they are shopping for a washer and dryer, which is our house warming gift to our kids.

When G and E bring mom back  here, they are going to take some furniture back with them. We have WAY more furniture in this house than we need anymore, and we can save them some money that way.  It will be nice to have some more space in the rooms.

I ordered the case of  .30 carbine ammo.  Did the numbers, and it didn't make sense not to.

250.00  on sale, which comes to $249.00 / 20 =  $12.45 a box.  Regular price is $430.00/ 20 = $21.50 a box.

I checked around, and the cheapest .30 carbine I could find was at Sportsmans Guide, $21.00 a box.

Shipping adds about $20.00 but I'd have to pay that anyway.   The M-1 carbine is an outstanding weapon, perfect for young people , women, or anyone who doesn't have much body mass.  It doesn't kick much, and is a good "close in" weapon.  Because it fires a pistol cartridge, you can't do a lot of long range dinging with it.  It was originally designed to supplement the M1911A1 Colt, and was designed for people who didn't need a full sized battle rifle. Think rear echelon pogs, crew served weapons teams, truck drivers, etc.

I was a POG, myself, but I see their point!

You can still find the original guns from WW2, Korea, and Vietnam but they cost a lot of money.  Several companies in the United States produce them, and they cost a lot less because they are not collectibles. But they still get the job done.

This guy went through some ammo making this video!

There are times when you just really need a lot of ammo, you know?  This clip below is about Isandlwana, South Africa, 22 January, 1879. The British base camp was overrun. An inquiry after the battle faulted the slow distribution of ammunition, finding among other things that the special screw drivers required to open the ammo cases had inadvertently been left behind when the British deployed. This is a long clip, but the last five minutes illustrate the fact that when you run out of ammo, and the hordes approach, it's all over but the crying.

Time to get the hell out!

If you read the comments on the posts, you know a lot of us have been following events in South Africa.  Frankly, after what happened in Rhodesia, cum "Zimbabwe" I have always been surprised white South Africans didn't bail then. But it's hard to leave your home, and nobody likes to be "run off."

However, the new "leader" of the South African government has decided to accelerate the seizure of white farms, so they can be "redistributed" to blacks. This is the same formula that destroyed the Rhodesian economy, brought on the collapse of the currency, famine, and mass flight of refugees to South Africa and elsewhere. But hey, nobody accuses Africans in general of being able to make rational decisions.

When I was stationed in Italy, there was a big shopping section in one of the buildings at AFSOUTH, on the ground floor of Building L.  One of the shops was owned by a Rhodesian family that had fled after the terrorists took over the country.  One of the daughters that worked there was a really nice looking young lady, but she had a terrible scar all down the side of her face. She got that from one of Mugabe's "freedom fighters" as the family was leaving the country.  Lots of the whites leaving or trying to leave didn't get off that easy.

I wrote to both my senators and my representative, asking them why the United States is providing "foreign aid" to a bunch of racist thugs calling themselves the ANC in South Africa. That's who runs things there, the "good old boy" clique of the ANC.  I expect to get back some B.S. form letter that doesn't say anything, and I usually don't bother writing those  twits anymore, but this really aggravates me to death.

The short segment below is by a Canadian woman who has done a whole series on the plight of white farmers in South Africa.


Up against the wall, MSM!


Quote of the day:

"The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory."
Colonel Jeff Cooper


  1. That is an excellent price for 50 rounds of .30 Carbine. The best local price I've seen is $21 a box for ball and $22 for SP (soft point), both Monarch make (Academy). The 'Li'l M1' is a great truck/jeep rifle, but because of price and a more versatility, the .357 lever gun down here has assumed the job. Pity.

    1. I was surprised to see that particular ammo at such a low price. S&B is good ammo, good brass for reloading, too. I already have a pretty fair supply of .30 carbine, but I have learned over the years to buy anything I can use if it shows up at a good price.

      I have used the SKS, the .30 Winchester Model 1895, and the Moisan Nagant model 1938 as truck guns over the years, but never used the M-1 carbine primarily because it was too high value to risk having it stolen. It would make a great weapon to keep in a vehicle, but we have so many break in's in parking lots now, I dare not risk it.

      You'r right, it's a real shame.

  2. The 30 Carbine always got a bad rap for not having enough "Stopping Power", whatever that is, and yet it's ballistics are remarkably similar to the 357 Magnum, and you never hear that about the 357.

    With modern hollow points it's a great defensive round.

    1. I always figured it couldn't be too underpowered, because the Marines in the Pacific used it extensively, and even the Germans used it when they could get it. There's a famous film clip taken by German combat photographers during World War II. It shows German troops looting an abandoned U.S. supply convoy, stuffing their pockets with cartons of cigarettes, food, etc. Several of them are armed with U.S. M-1 Garands. If anybody knew a good weapon when they saw it, it was those guys.

      I have one case of .30 carbine hollowpoints. Years ago, a department store went out of the gun business and they sold all the stock off at rock bottom prices. I bought that case, but I have never opened it so I have never tried it out. I always wondered if the hollow points would give trouble feeding, as the M-1 carbine feed ramp was designed long before anything but ball existed. I ought to try it out one of these days.

  3. A washer and dryer is a very nice house warming gift. No doubt it will be appreciated.

    We lost power for a couple of days from that wind storm last week. We opened up a case of MREs for the first time, just for the fun of it. The boys got a kick out of all the stuff they came with and kept calling them "fancy" which I thought was funny. The food didn't go over all that well. Pierce got beef stew he loved though. Reid lucked out with a big pack of peanut M&ms in his. I tried to trade him for my chocolate poptart, but he wouldn't go for it.
    Anyhow, we had some repairs to do after (big tree fell on some horse fencing, part of a roof blew off a shed, etc). Could've been worse of course.

    1. Wow, and I thought I had it bad having to replace all those shakes. Wind storms after long periods of heavy rain are the kiss of death in forested areas. I have been really lucky, haven't even had any big trees fall across the Jeep trail.

      MRE's were just coming into vogue when I left the service. Most of the time I was in, we had C-rats (c-rations) which were basically all cans, except a small paper pack with toilet paper, salt, pepper, gum, powdered coffee, powdered cream. C-rats were not bad, but were not in the same category as MRE's. They really are "meal ready to eat."

      I have tried some of the commercial copies and they were pretty good. With the power out, I expect it was nice to have something out of the ordinary for the boys. In harsh times, those things will keep you going for a good, long while.

      Sorry about the damage, it's always a drag on the soul to get through the bad weather, and then see all the work that has to be done. Hope you get it squared away soon. You folks are supposed to have some snow tonight if the Weather Channel has it right. Good luck if so!

  4. I'd love to have an M-1 Carbine, but that won't be happening anytime soon, not a the prices they are getting for them these days. Best price I seen on an original around here is about 850$ and the new ones are running about 1100$.

    1. Everything seems to cost so much more. I know people get tired of hearing it, but when I was in High School in the late sixties, gasoline was fifteen cents a gallon at the gas station across from the school. A hamburger was a quarter, and the coke to go with it was a dime. I know people didn't make as much then, but still....

      I had no idea the new one's were running so high. I am sure I didn't pay more than a couple hundred for my Israeli gun, and it is a beauty. It has a hard wood tiger stripe stock.

      Maybe you will come across one at a gun show for an affordable price.

      I see you folks have been getting pounded by the weather up there, and now are being hit again. I hope you escape unscathed.

    2. last storm did not hit us bad at all, little rain and some wind. Nothing serious, Below Cape Cod in Massachusetts they got it bad. This latest storm now just started around noon time here and they are predicting at least eighteen inches of wet soppy snow by the time its done some time tomorrow late. We are hunkered down for the duration.

    3. I hope you don't lose power. I turned on the weather channel and they were talking about 8 million people without power in the NE after the last one came through.

      Maybe this will be the last real cold snap and snow storm this year. I sure hope so.

  5. Where is the Boer spirit? Are they just going to stand there and let their lands be repossessed or fight for it? It's a disgrace. But South Africa's ANC fools will reap what it sows, since it has learned absolutely nothing watching uncle Mugabe next door. Up next, failed farms and hyperinflation in 3, 2, 1....

    1. I guess the bottom line is that they can't win, just like the Rhodesians, who put up a terrific fight, eventually just got worn down. And then, there's this. Who wants to live in a country ruled by people incapable of governing, who couldn't run a hamburger stand, let alone a country.

      There's an old joke that goes like this. An African and an Arab went to school together in London, where their families sent them for an education. Years later, the African goes to visit the Arab. The Arab lives in a beautiful home, has luxury cars in his garage, and clearly is doing well. The African says "but Hamad, you are just a lowly functionary in the government. How do you live like this?" Hamad smiles, and says "come with me." He takes the African up to the top floor of his palatial residence, where there is a great view of a four lane highway running by. The Arab says "10 percent!"

      The African blinks, thinks for awhile, and says "I don't know what you mean."

      So Hamad says " I was responsible for the contracts on the construction of this highway, and I skimmed 10% of the funds!"

      The African is greatly impressed, and envies Hamad his good fortune. After their visit, he goes back to Africa.

      Some years later, Hamad comes to visit Mapopo. Mapopo lives in a luxurious villa, surrounded by gardens. He has a twelve car garage, filled with the finest European sports cars.

      Hamad says "Mapopo, you are doing very well for yourself, but how did you acquire all this? You are, after all, merely a government bureaucrat!"

      Mapopo smiles, and leads Hamad to a glassed in observation tower, with a great view all around.

      Hamad looks out. He seeks a squalid village, with a dirt track running through, people leading donkeys , trash everywhere, with an open sewer running down the side of the track.

      Hamad turn to Mopopo and says " but Mopopo, I don't understand"

      Mopopo gives Hamad a big smile and exclaims "100%!"

      I mean, who wants to live in an African country run by Mugabee wannabee's. Then there's the fact that in Rhodesia, the terr's did terrible things to the families of farmers, and the South African whites know their history. It's just a situation they can't win, I guess.

      South Africa is going the same route as Rhodesia did, you are exactly right, so why stay? You could never relax. Every time you went outside, you'd have to wonder if there was a Balrog in the woodpile.

  6. Harry,
    Your kids will appreciate the gift of a washer and dryer, along with furniture. It's hard starting out to have to purchase everything to have a functional home. You and your wife are amazing parents!

    1. We are a pretty close family, even though they are grown and gone. We stay in touch, and visit when we can. Now that they are only four hours away, we hope to be able to do more things together, like go to Tybee Island to the beach. We did that a lot when they were home.

      The washer and dryer they just have to have . In their old apartment, each building had a laundry facility on each floor, and you could only get in if you had a swipe card.

      But this town house has hookups for a washer and dryer, and there's no laundry mat anywhere nearby because it's 32 miles out of the city. So the practical thing is just to get a washer and dryer. We know they have spent a lot of money on this move and we don't want them to totally deplete their savings.

  7. Temp fell all day I don't care what they say. I am ready for summer. Harry while the kids are their take advantage of the help moving stuff that are beyond a 1 man job.

    1. Gary, I couldn't even begin to move furniture out of the house, because of all the damned stairs and because I can't lift a lot these days. But my son and I will be able to get the things down to the parking pad and into their Jeep Commander. The good thing about the Commander is that it is essentially a pickup truck, it just has a roof over the back.

      It's cold here again today, I am running the heat and it's broad daylight. I am ready for summer, too. But I know by August I'll be complaining about the heat and wishing for Winter. I do that every year! ;-)

  8. that South Africa situation is bad. I have a friend that lost his farm in Rhodesia way back when. he has never gone back 'home' and has no idea if the guy he left in charge of his farm is alive or not. he washed his hands of the whole place

  9. I feel sorry for white South Africans. What's really ironic is that the Boers moved into South Africa just about the same time the Zulu's came through and wiped out the indigenous people, so they are both really "immigrants." But the ANC says "the whites" stole "our" land.

    If you can never leave your house to go to work, because you will come back to find your wife and children slaughtered, how can you stay on in a place like that? Don't blame your friend for not going back, he wouldn't recognize the 3rd world cesspool of today anyway.

  10. From the Blaze

    This is what ultimately happens when you let the inmates run the asylum.

    They'd like to do that here in our country.


    1. Matt, they would. And there are a lot of Quislings in the country who would like to help them do it. Before 2017, I would have said they could "huff, and puff, and try to blow the door down" but now I'm not so sure. Without the Imam in Chief in the White House, there's less chance of serious disruptions by the BLM, at least outside the cities. But I wonder what will happen if we get a Saqwekwa Mopopo Opra wannabe, of whatever race, in there after the next Presidential election.

      I'll take a look at that link.

  11. Many of the South Africans have been working on an evacuation plan. Anyone who wants to contribute can go to; I first heard about them last year on a Radio Free Redoubt podcast when one of their representatives was interviewed.

    1. Bert, it's strange but I only recently became aware of all this going on in South Africa. The only time I ever really heard anything about S.A. was when I read Dani's blog, and it was not political, never was any news there except about things like drought. It was only after the ANC started making noises about confiscation of white people's land that I did any research. I was really surprised to find out how far things have gone there. If I lived there, I'd be getting my family out, blowing up all my buildings, and burning anything that was left. Then I'd get the hell out myself.

  12. I was still gainfully employed back when the whitewashed terrorist Nelson Mandela finally took a dirt nap. As our terrorist in disguise president at the time wanted flags flown at half staff to commemorate Mandela's passing, someone at my company did the deed. While this may be proper flag etiquette, I was having none of it. I went outside and ran it back to the top. A lot of people, including higher ups questioned why I did that and some were none too happy until I explained my reasoning. I told them that lowering the flag to half staff for Mandela was like doing it for Hitler or Mao or Stalin or Pol Pot and went through a litany of his and his wife's misdeeds. To me that would be a desecration of Old Glory. Nope. Ain't gonna happen on my watch. This explanation satisfied every single one of them. Apparently not a lot of people are aware of how evil Mandela really was.............

    1. That took a lot of moral courage, to do that. You were absolutely right in every respect, but being right doesn't guarantee fair treatment, especially about anything even vaguely associated with race. I have never understood why people lionized Mandela, but he's been elevated to sainthood by white liberals. I suspect most people in this country only associate Mandela with the glowing tributes showered on him by the MSM , the NAACP, and the Imam in Chief. I doubt they have any knowledge at all of what really transpired, or even what's going on now. South Africa is a long way off, and we have so many problems here, I have to say I'd tuned it out myself. I got most of my news about South Africa from Dani's blog, which was a mistake on my part because she was not political, it was a personal blog associated with her farm, and I should have exerted myself more. I'm really appalled with what's going on in South Africa now, although I'm not surprised.

  13. That's crazy about South Africa! I had no idea. My mind has just been on looking for jobs, updating my work, doing my work, and family. I just haven't been paying attention to what's going on in the world enough.

    1. Well, Alissa, you are not alone in that. I have been so focused on events in this country, that I haven't kept up with the world like I used to do. I hardly ever listen to short wave radio anymore, which is how I used to get most of my world news.

      And your point about the rigors of day to day life is well taken. Even though I'm retired, sometimes I am so worn out at the end of the day I can't get to sleep. It's like the old saying "When you are up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember that your original objective was to drain the swamp."

  14. I love my M1 carbines. I used to carry my first one as a truck gun, but that was when SOG and everyone else was selling them for $129.00. It was a GI Inland Mfg with a very small import mark under the barrel and I still have it, although it's no longer a truck gun. Neither are my SKS's. Who knew that AR's would someday be the cheapest candidates like they are today?

  15. They are fine weapons, both in terms of functionality and from an aesthetic aspect. It is strange, isn't it, that they were so cheap in past decades, and now they are unaffordable. That may change though, as CMP has had good luck latching on to Garands and M1911A1 pistols under President Trump and his Secretary of State. Word is, and it's still just scuttlebutt, that the import licenses on Korean M-1 Garand and M-1 Carbines may be reissued in the near future. Hillary Clinton cancelled them when she was Secretary of State, evil bitch that she is.


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