Saturday, March 24, 2018

A mundane existence. I want a new Jeep . Citibank and Youtube do a little social engineering . Blogging going the way of the dinosaurs?

I use Google News to set up "interests" so it saves articles for me on specific subjects. This is an extract from one that came up this morning."

"Gun-rights groups on Friday criticized the video sharing website YouTube for its new policy banning videos showcasing legal gun activity.

YouTube, which is reeling from its decision to demonetize many of the creators on its platform and its own algorithm promoting bizarre sexualized child abuse videos to millions of viewers, decided this week it would censor all videos that depict the legal assembling or modifying of firearms or which link to websites that sell firearms. The site had already banned the channel of firearms manufacturer Spike's Tactical before later reinstating it. The site described the new bans as a routine change of guidelines.

"We routinely make updates and adjustments to our enforcement guidelines across all of our policies," a YouTube spokeswoman told Bloomberg Technology. "While we've long prohibited the sale of firearms, we recently notified creators of updates we will be making around content promoting the sale or manufacture of firearms and their accessories."

Here's another one from the same string.  If you have a Citibank based credit card, you might be interested.

Citibank is not a public utility.

As such, it is has no obligation to recognize your Second Amendment rights. If Citibank wants to impose a set of rules aimed at curbing certain gun sales, potentially driving away a niche of current and potential clients, that’s their right.

It’s stupid, but that’s their right.

Citibank announced this week that it wants to do its part, “as a company to prevent firearms from getting into the wrong hands.” To this end, the group explained in a statement, it is “instituting a new U.S. Commercial Firearms Policy,” which will impose restrictions on new retail sector clients and partners:

Under this new policy, we will require new retail sector clients or partners to adhere to these best practices: (1) they don’t sell firearms to someone who hasn’t passed a background check, (2) they restrict the sale of firearms for individuals under 21 years of age, and (3) they don’t sell bump stocks or high-capacity magazines. This policy will apply across the firm, including to small business, commercial and institutional clients, as well as credit card partners, whether co-brand or private label. It doesn't impact the ability of consumers to use their Citi cards at merchants of their choice.
The statement continued, explaining Citibank has a “few relationships with companies that manufacture firearms.”

“For those that do, we will be initiating due diligence conversations on the subject to better understand what products they make, what markets and retailers they sell to and what sales practices those retailers follow to ensure adherence to the best practices outlined above. This same due diligence screening will apply to potential clients going forward,” it added.

Put aside the idea that this announcement is almost entirely symbolic, and that it likely will have little to no effect on gun violence. Also, put aside the fact that the bank doesn’t specify what it means when it refers to "high capacity magazines." And let’s also ignore the parts where Citibank’s announcement makes it sound like the company wants “to pressure other financial institutions into instituting similar policies to deny consumers the right to purchase the legal protects Citi Bank doesn't like,” as the Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski noted.

Let’s focus instead on how wild it is that a banking group is getting into the game of manipulating client behavior. It'd be one thing if Citibank was taking steps to curb illegal practices, but that's not the case. The bank is telling lawful customers how to conduct lawful business. That's crazy. That's too much power in the hands of a corporation.

Citibank isn’t the only game in town. The likeliest outcome here is that targeted clients and partners will move to institutions that can handle banking needs without also imposing a set of “best practices” (i.e. telling them how to run their business).

Citibank can impose any restriction it wants. It can make any demand it wants. It’s their right. But don't be surprised if this week’s policy announcement, which is supposedly aimed at reducing gun violence, results only in decreased membership.

Living in America today is like sitting by a river in flood. You can watch all the damage happening, but there does not seem to be a lot you can do in terms of stopping the flood.  Individual freedoms and rights have been dying the death of a thousand cuts since the 1970's, at least. That's when I started paying attention to what was going on in that respect, so doubtless the trend goes back even further. I think it's accelerated significantly since Bill Clinton was President. The Republicans have
been no great shakes on personal freedom issues, and the Democrats are dedicated to eradicating the old America and replacing it with a polyglot commune.  About all a person can do is fall back and regroup, try to get away from the centers of the socialist workers paradise, which means getting out of urban and suburban areas, and getting out in the rural areas.  As events in my own location have proven though, that's probably a temporary reprieve, at best.

But what can you do?  Beats me.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd welcome them.  I've pretty much given up on writing to my "representatives", and after the last election I'm so disenchanted with the Republican political machine I'm not sure I'm going to vote for their cardboard cutouts in the mid terms.

I used to think I could sit up here on the mountain, and watch everything go to hell from the Olympian heights. It hasn't worked out that way.

But whatever happens, I'm going to base my actions on the well known quote from Robert Heinlein.

On a more mundane level, I've been keeping busy up here.  Most of the limbs, branches , etc that these big wind storms have knocked down, I've gotten policed up and ready to burn.  If we have rain this weekend, without a lot of wind, I'll get that done.

I've been trying to spend at least an hour a day cleaning weapons.  Finding rust on that Smith and Wesson revolver has gotten me motivated.  Working in some gun cleaning to my normal routine has actually been pretty relaxing.  I use Rem oil, and Breakfree on the metal,  regular wood furniture polish on the wood, and old military bore cleaner followed by a few patches soaked in Breakfree on the bores.

I've gotten my reloading bench cleaned up and reorganized. That needed doing, I have a lot of brass that I need to get loaded and stored.  A lot of powder that needs to be used.

Older picture, but my shop is a nice place to hang out when I want some quiet. It's in a separate outbuilding.

I've been taking some time to go up to the "gap" about three miles from the house, and watch the sunset in the evening.  I drive up there, obviously,  but at that time of day there's nobody on the old back road and I have the place pretty much to myself.  It's restful and a nice way to end the day.

My old Cherokee is getting long in the tooth, it's a 1999.  Great vehicle, and still going strong, but I'm considering buying a"new" Jeep.

Something along these lines.  What I really want is a four door Wrangler.

They are wildly popular up here, and just about perfect as a "family vehicle" , winter or summer.

I really enjoyed my first Wrangler. I bought it new, which is something I rarely do.  This time around, I'll buy a used one, but I'll have my mechanic look it over stem to stern first.  Too many adolescent males up here who beat the tar out of dad's four wheel drives out on the "off the road" trails that the state maintains in our county.

The two door version wasn't popular with my wife.  No place for groceries. But the four door suits her.  We traded my Wrangler in on a Commander, which proved to have a lot in common with the Tiger tank. Beautiful machine, but too heavy and not a good off road performer.

My kids have that vehicle now, and it's been a good performer in the city. Good for long distance trips, too.

Vanishing blogs.

I just went through my blog list to catch up, and a blog that has been around for a long time, and was very popular, is just gone.  "Your Crazy Uncle Bubba" was fun to read and informative. Now , you try to pull it up and you just get "this blog has been deleted and is not available for reassignment" or something like that. 

My blog list has fallen from a high of about 50+ to around twenty now.  Of those, people who used to post at least once a week, now post once every few weeks, or even every month or so .  I miss reading them.  Sometimes people just need to take a few weeks off, or a few days, or whatever to recharge. But this has been going on now for some time. I could name about 10 really good blogs that have just gone dormant, or disappeared altogether, but I guess that would be noisy so I won't do that.

Hope it doesn't continue, or I'll have to start leaving comments to myself.... at least they'll all be positive!

I know that a lot of people are concerned about getting into trouble with "the powers that be", either at work, or the government, or whatever for things they say on the blogs. I just read a story about a school teacher who was fired because she criticized the curriculum she was required to teach in her classroom, as being too liberal in content. Someone reported her blog post to one of those little groups of self appointed censors, and they filed a complaint with the school district. That was the end of her teaching career.

If I was still working, I wouldn't be able to be as honest as I am about what I think when I write my posts.  Political correctness is rampant, and has consequences for the individual who doesn't shut up and toe the line.  I often wonder if some of the blogs I like which just disappear, like  Your Crazy Uncle Bubba,  were deleted by Google after some pimply faced Antifa teen in the basement "reported" them for "undesirable content."


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  1. SAN FRANCISCO — An advertising boycott of Google's video service YouTube has slashed billions from parent company Alphabet's market cap.

    Shares of GOOGL have fallen nearly 4% since Friday after major advertisers began pulling marketing campaigns from YouTube and Google after learning their brands may have appeared alongside videos promoting terrorism and other offensive content.

    1. Serves the bastards right. I'm glad to hear some good news. You're old enough to remember the old Cher song "The Beat Goes On" from the sixties. Sometimes that's how I feel about bad news these days.

  2. They have the right to make the decisions re firearms that they made, just as I have the right to not use their sites or businesses.
    Moving my gun video watching to
    Hope you find the Wrangler you are looking for.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    1. I get very, very anxious about social engineering by corporations. I worked for a corporation in the energy field for twenty years, as an accountant. I can state with absolute confidence that there is no such thing as "corporate social consciousness." ANYTHING a corporation does is done to increase or protect profits, period. Think BP and the Gulf disaster as a stirling example.

      If they want to come out and say "well, we want to curry favor with the liberal/intellectual crowd" so we are doing this, that's fine. But when they try to position themselves as knights in shining armor, it's just hypocrisy at it's worst. PG&E is an example of this principle that's closer to home for you as you are out in Northern California.

      I'll take a look at that url you listed. Sounds like something I should be looking at.

      I'll find one. There are legions of old, retired people here who come to the mountains from Florida (where they moved from up North). They buy a nice Jeep right off the bat, then find out it's not what they were used to with the BMW or the Mercedes, and trade it in. I'm looking for something like that. I've only bought two new cars that I can remember, one was the black Wrangler, and one was a German built Rabbit convertible. I got orders to Italy, and at the time I had a fire bird. The guy I was relieving in Naples told me not to bring that , it wouldn't fit on the roads, so I bought the Rabbit. He was right!

  3. PS: You have a neat well organized shop, I like that a lot.

    1. It gets all disordered during the long winters. Lately, it's been warm enough to get out there and do some work in it. When I had kids at home, it was my refuge when I needed some quiet. But now, I am not out there as much.

  4. Citi and you tube need to remember you can't piss off 60% of your market and survive off the snowflake and unicorn crowd. I would love a jeep Sahara but it is a fortune. My next pick is a 96 4 door Cherokee sport 4x4 in good shape.The 96 was a cross between a wrangler and a Lerado to me.

    1. I think you are right. I get tired of social engineering, since we live in the broadcast area of Atlanta, we get it crammed down our throats constantly. If you look at the advertisements on those stations, all the families in Atlanta are comprised of Moslems, mixed couples, and they all have adopted kids.

      The new ones are pretty expensive, and I'm too much Scotch Irish to just plunk down $50,000 for one of those. But I expect I'll be able to find a two year old version, low mileage, that hasn't been off road for around half that. I hope!

    2. Harry look at 3 and 4 year old models as that is normal lease terms. Personally I have never gave leasing a thought but some do and you may find a good former leased one in your purchase range.

    3. Gary, that's not a bad idea. I expect most people take care of leased vehicles, as there must be some kind of penalty if you turn in a leased car in bad shape. Personally, I would never lease a vehicle myself, as I keep mine an average of 14 years or so. I wonder how you would look for a leased vehicle that has been turned in for resale? I'll see if I can find out on the net. Thanks for the idea.

    4. The certified pre-owned cars are normally leased cars at dealers.

    5. I know a lady in the next county whose family owns the local jeep dealership. I've bought from her before and always got a good deal. I'll touch base and see what she can come up with. Thanks, Gary

  5. "What happens, if nothing happens?" Good question. Because it seems to be so. Nothing happens.

    Oh, the Liberals get their "Investigations." When do the Conservatives?

    I bounce around in blogging. In other words, in the term which used to be used, I am *Emo.* -smirk- I have left a lot of blogs, saying I was "taking a break," or I was simply leaving. Don't like just disappearing. I don't like a blog to just disappear on me, so whey do it, to others. Unless one was shut down, without their consent.

    You smoke a pipe. I love a pipe. No one in my family, smokes one any more. Suppose no smoking, is good for you. But, a pipe does have its allure. ,-)

    Citi Bank hu? Must tell the husband that....

    1. Wisp, I have heard that word EMO a zillion times, but I thought it meant "Goth."

      I used to smoke cigarettes when I was flying. Everybody did. It helped ease the strain. But then we had a squadron safety stand down, and the flight surgeon brought in a big jar with what looked like a burnt balloon in it. It was a lung from a smoker. So, I tried to quit, but I couldn't. I took up cigars, which you don't have to inhale if you don't want to, because you still get a buzz off them. But that was really hard on my throat. So, I switched to a pipe. I don't smoke it often, but I do if I am worried, or aggravated, or just want a few quiet, calm moments. I have quite a collection of meerschaums, as I did a lot of TAD work in Turkey and you could buy them dirt cheap.

      I also have some nice wooden pipes from Europe, used to pick them up in London, especially when we went there once a year for a conference. I look at the rack and I can remember where I got each one. My son will get them eventually, and since he doesn't smoke at all, they will probably go to the humane society thrift shop. Seems kind of sad.....

      Citi Bank is like all the other corporations. They don't have any sense of social consciousness, that's all baloney . They just want to curry favor with what they perceive as "the majority" of affluent people.

  6. Today is Mar. 24th and the 'elephant-in-the-living-room', is the &*(^$^&**$#$%^ March in Washington. I call it, "The Children's Crusade." -smirk-

    What a bunch of excrumentum, for the Flaky Libs to think, it is alllll done by the kids. I tried to gently point out, to one of those (Flaky Libs), this is not the case. By providing her with a clickable link, to an article. Have not gone back, to see if it did any good.

    I'm sure it did not.

    But I somehow felt better, for having tried, in a very polite and gentle way. Silly me, but we take our "joy," where we can find it. Even if it is a delusion.

    On the other hand, let 'em march. And feel wonnnnderful. And hold hands and sing. And get out of the house/town, for a little holiday. If that's all they do, good.

    It's the big organizers, we have to worry about.


    1. I have a microsoft mail account. I checked it today, and as always, when you sign out, it immediately takes you to a microsoft news page, whether you want to go there or not. The headline was "The children lead the way!" Good thing I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. I'm amazed at the mental pablum MSM serves up to the Sheeple, who lap it up.

      I have never, ever been able to dissuade a liberal, even one who could talk without every other word being the f word, from doing the lemming march. I don't even try anymore, though I admire you for doing so.

      Those moronic kids remind me of when I was in high school, and it was all trendy to wear peace symbols and prance around declaring your opposition to the war in Viet Nam. None of them harbored any deep thoughts about it, they were just being "cool." That's the route today, and the MSM is shaping the coverage to make it look far more viable than it is.

      Pretty soon, those little weasels are going to have to get a job, and deal with reality. Some of them will stave off the terrible day by going to college and majoring in Medieval Literature or Women's Studies. Then they'll have to come down to earth. Either way, they'll have to get some sense or go under.

      As for the George Soros crowd and their ilk, they really are the danger, pulling the strings from the dark shadows. People used to tell me that and I would poo poo the idea, but they turned out to be right and I was wrong.

  7. Hi Harry :) I know what you mean about blogs. I have a very healthy blog roll and I've also noticed some just don't post anymore. It's a shame because I miss those people. Life does get busy. I mean, I took a whole whopping 2 weeks from blogging to do spring cleaning lol...and to ME that was far too long!!! :) I liked what you said about leaving comments to yourself lol...that made me giggle.

    It's been really windy here too. The sun is drying out the trees and with the still below zero weather, it makes for a lot of downed branches. I like that four-dour Jeep you posted a picture of. Right now we have an SUV, it's a Dodge Journey and works for the suburbs and better cared-for roads. Depending on where we end up, a four-wheel drive will be in our future for sure. I love that you are going to see the sunset every evening! It's a great way to bond with Nature and ground yourself...forget about all the media and negative stuff in the world that we can't even begin to manage or control.

    Love the workshop! And your pipes! How many do you have? I got Alex one for Christmas and he's smoked it a few times, though he'll use it more when the weather isn't so cold. He's been reading up on tobaccos and how to care for the pipe. He wants something like you have, an outbuilding for his shop/music studio. That's something we'll be building when we buy unless we're really lucky and there is a decent one already on the property. You're just missing a hammock in there! ;)

    1. Rain, I was afraid you were going to quit when you were doing your house cleaning project for the dogs. Sometimes when people stop, they just don't come back. Of all the blogs I read, you get the most comments. The number of comments is often considered a reflection of the size of your readership, so that's a positive thing.

      Well, if I left comments for myself, I wouldn't have to delete them because they were vulgar and obscene! But then, I do get mad at myself sometimes, so who knows? ;-)

      I'm pretty sure that's what I want for my next vehicle. M is ok with it, as long as it's a four door and not a two door. She wants me to get an automatic, which is blasphemy when you are talking about jeeps. But I told her she can't drive anyway, because she has had so many wrecks she almost got our insurance cancelled after the last one, so she let that go.

      Mainly now, I worry about some of the things I read because they can have a direct impact on me, personally. I have a lot of concerns about the mid term elections, and the Presidential election after that. If it goes the way I think, we will all be living with a hivist Congress and a hivist President afterwards, and then people like me are going to have a hard time....

      I've been collecting those pipes since the mid seventies, and I have a good many. Also, I inherited my fathers pipes when he died. So I guess I have probably around 30 wood pipes, and another twenty or so meerschaums, most of which I have never fired up because they are too beautiful to use.

      Men need a place to get away , especially if there are kids in the house. My dad had a pot bellied stove out in his barn, and spent a lot of time there. I have my shop.

      If you can, build your own. It will work if you get a place that has some space you can convert, but building your own will insure it's exactly what you want.

      I've got a hammock out on the porch, next to the swinging bench. I roll it up when Winter comes, and break it out when it warms up in Spring!

    2. Honestly Harry, I don't think I'll ever quit blogging! I have been off and on for a long time, 10 years now, but before I was also struggling with depression and recovery so I quit for a few years. Now that I feel better, have a bit of a nest going with Alex and the furkids, I'm happy and never run out of ideas and things to talk about. Plus I love the people and the interaction! :)

      I never learned standard so it would be an automatic for me, blasphemous as that will be lol! You have such a pipe collection! I'd love to see those pipes one day if you have the time to take photos of them. I think an outbuilding for Alex is a must as well, he needs his space. I need to be in the house because I love being in the kitchen, but if he spends the days out in his shed, I'm fine with that. Right now his office is upstairs and mine is the old dining room in near the kitchen so we basically kiss hello and go our separate ways until dinner with the occasional text back and forth - we're too lazy to go up and down the stairs, imagine? Lol...We have a few hammocks! Alex has one hanging upstairs. We have a screened in veranda off the bedroom and that's his spot in the summer. He puts the big one up and in the evening we lie on it and listen to the frogs chirping, it's a very cool spot for thunderstorms too! :)

    3. Well, it takes a lot of time and energy to do a good blog as I've sure you've noticed. After awhile, it can start to be draining. Your blog is very light hearted and upbeat, and I think that's a reflection of your own positive outlook. I have to be very careful not to be too negative , especially when I'm focusing on outside events, and not on domestic events on my own property.

      I never heard of texting each other in the same house. I can see how it would be convenient, though. I have radios I use to talk to M when I am out in one of the outbuildings, or working outside. We have cell phones, but they rarely work here due to no signal.

      I like a hammock. I wish I could keep the cats out of it, though.

  8. i have pretty much quit writing to representatives. whatever they represent it sure isn't us.
    if they have 'socially conscious' office aides they may never see that conservatives have written to them.
    they certainly don't have much contact with the common people. even if they had contact it wouldn't change their voting records as they are probably paid 'by the piece' by those calling the shots--who, in turn, are told what shots to call by their masters, and so on down the line.
    what i cannot understand is how turning the world into one big disease ridden sewer is beneficial to the evildoers in the long run.

    1. I used to go to town hall meetings in the next county where our representative would show up and answer questions. But it has been many a long year since that died out here.

      My brother, who worked in the political arena in California, told me a long time ago that writing to politicians was a total waste of time. He was right.

      The people at the top are anxious about maintaining their opulent life styles, their power, their perks. That's all politics is in America today. I have hopes of some of the younger people coming back from the sand wars, but it may be too little, too late.

  9. I vote for keeping the old Cherokee Sport. It is the last of the good jeeps. They are no longer made and hard to come by. Wish I could find one up here that is not all rotted out from the salt and calcium chloride they put on the roads in winter.
    As for blogging I have dropped off lately just had my hands full with other less than pleasant things. Nothing really worth posting about as it would not be pretty. Simply put, dealing with mother now that dad is gone has been a nightmare and a full time job. But no one wants to hear me bitch about her.

    1. I'll keep it as long as I can keep it running. I won't trade it in, just keep it as a backup vehicle. They are still fairly common here, where it's the general practice among the locals to keep vehicles in good shape and drive them for a long time.

      I know things have been pretty hard on your end , so I figured that was the issue with your blog. Still, I do miss your posts on building things, especially, as I have little in the way of skills in that regard. Hope things even out for you soon, you must be getting pretty worn down.

  10. I read a lot of Heinlein as a young lad and he a great influence upon me. From a young age I started to think of laws as "suggestions." :) It kept me from blind obedience. I might not always be legal, but I try to be moral.

    I can't believe I've been blogging as long as I have, with only the occasional break. It must be an illness. Although, I have some great blog readers, so that helps a lot.

    1. you lead an extraordinarily interesting life. Between your sailing and your travels around the country, you've got a lot of good material and your blog doesn't get repetitious or stale, something most people, including me, have to struggle with. You are , for instance, the only person I know who has actually been shipwrecked. Try coming up with something to compare to that when your most exciting event is driving to the next county!

      I'm glad some people are sticking with it. Some really excellent blogs are either completely moribund now, or in a state of hiatus, and I miss them.

  11. This whole YouTube thing is going to somewhat backfire on them. The Citibank thing is "just business", but with a political bent to it. I closed all my Citi accounts a few years ago, so I guess I don't have any ties with them any longer. The ironic thing about this is: How many criminals (aka "The Wrong Hands") buy their weapons with a credit card? Not too many, I bet, so this is just more Virtue Signaling.

    And your picture under it fits me. I've lost a bunch of weight (35 pounds), but my hips and knees no longer want to cooperate at high-speed!

    I hear you about wanting to live in a place that YOU define as "safe". Or at least extremely defensible. Or both!

    We were fortunate to escape from having a front-row seat at whatever calamity hits SoCal. We're still in a big city (165k people) *for this area*, but nowhere near the density of where we used to live. And all our new neighbors came over and introduced themselves. That simply wouldn't happen in most of SoCal. And I see American flags, Gadsden flags, and even a few Confederate flags out here, and matching bumper stickers. Totally different culture, and even though it's a "College Town", the college started out as an A&M college, and is still a bit conservative. Anyway, we're way better here than in SoCal.

    I just use Hoppe's #9, Birchwood-Casey "Gun Scrubber", and RemOil. I have some Birchwood-Casey "Barricade" wipes that I use in the field and for a quick wipedown.

    I've had friends with CJ's or Wranglers since the 1970's. Pretty tough vehicles, but prone to rust in a few places. I'm that's been addressed in the newer ones during the redesign from the old CJ models. I've been driving Grand Cherokees since 1996, and I just love 'em!

    And I intend to keep blogging as long as I can. Just been a bit busy the last six months!

    1. Dr. J, I wrote a response to your comment earlier today, but apparently it didn't post! So I am trying to redo it this evening.

      Citibank is just the latest in a host of money grubbing corporations that want to curry favor with the hoity toity limousine liberal moonbeam crowd. If it was popular to be in favor of buggery at the moment, they'd be at the forefront of the new wave.

      I've got some Hoppe's #9. Strong stuff, and I usually run a patch through the barrel with some BreakFree on it after I use that. Gets the residue out, that's for sure.

      I like Jeeps and that's what I've driven for the most part since 1986. They are good vehicles if you take care of them, and they "fit in" up here. The Grand Cherokee is a nice ride, I wish they hadn't tried to make it look so "modern and European" this year, but I guess you have to change with the times. One reason I like Wranglers is they still look like Jeeps.

      You've had plenty to blog about, especially during all the trials and travails of your move. It's been interesting and informative, though.

  12. I just want to thank you Harry for continuing to blog. I know you put a lot of time and effort into it and I do appreciate it. Your post today raises several questions that I have been thinking about. First, what can we do to stop the demise of this country? I wish I knew. I used to write my congressmen and talk to others about my beliefs, but feel that it has not done any good. The politicians no longer listen to their constituents. I am sure they see us as unimportant and of no use to them. They keep getting elected, no matter what they do, so why should they care what we think? Secondly, what if nothing happens to all the crooks, such as Hillary, etc.? I really don't think anything will happen to all of those criminals. The swamp protects their own. I guess I have a rather dismal outlook for the future of this country. Jana

    1. Jana, now that there are no old geezers left in the area who use CB base stations, I'd be just about isolated up here without the blog. ;-) I get really tired sometimes, and don't have the energy to work on it, but then I feel more energetic and enjoy doing it. So I don't post every day like I used to, and sometimes I take a little break, but I don't want to lose touch with the friends I've made.

      I think the round answer to your concern is "nothing." I've racked my brain trying to think of some effective, meaningful thing I could do to try to be part of the solution. I just can't think of a solution. Both the political parties are corrupt and your synopsis of the political elite today is correct to the nth degree. They don't care about anybody or anything but themselves. The methodology for selecting political leaders has been so corrupted in Georgia that there's a nearly weekly political scandal in Atlanta, but nothing is every done to clean it up. Even the current mayor was not honestly elected, but stole the election in a "recount" so fraudulent that the Democrats were making jokes about it.

      Not for nothing did I try to take my family to Australia to live in the nineties, and sent my kids to Canada for three years. I tried to get them permanent residence up there, but my money and efforts were wasted. Canadians don't want Americans. So we are all still here and I worry about what this place will be like when my kids are my age. I expect it will be some third world hell hole, because that's how things are going and have been for a long time.

  13. Goodness I would think YouTube would be open to different points of view in regards to guns, or any other hot political topic. If it's a hot topic it generates views for sure, one would think.

    I'm not for banning guns, but I'd be ok with better background checks for people that buy them.

    I hope you're able to find a new Jeep. Our Civic is 12 years old, so possibly we'll need to get a new vehicle too. I know my husband would LOVE a truck, so maybe that's what we'll get when the time comes.

    1. Like a lot of American media, they're violently opposed to conservative views, including gun ownership. They censor content outrageously. Anything making fun of President Trump is fine, but anything that doesn't reflect their liberal views, like the El Gringo parodies, is taken "off the air".

      We have some pretty stringent background checks in place already. What they really want is some mechanism for forcing a de facto gun registration, which is something entirely different. Any time the left wing and it's media mouth pieces start pushing new gun legislation of any kind, it's just a front for their real objective, which is gun confiscation.

      I hope so too. I've been looking for awhile, but not really hard. Now I'm putting more emphasis on it. A nice truck with four seats would be a handy family vehicle, maybe you can find a good used one for a fair price that has been taken care of.

  14. here drool as you read.

  15. I'll leave commenting ont eh political and gun laws as there seems to be enough comments on those, but I agree about teh blogs. I think many are moving over to facebook and the like as it's so quick to post something, I use my facebook page more and more these days. And I can share other content on there as well really easily. I'll keep my blog going for another good few years yet! So long as people read it I'll write it!

    1. Kev, long time no see. Good to hear from you. I enjoy your blog. I don't do facebook, too many behind the scenes schemes going on with those guys, and big security breaches. I had a facebook account for awhile but I closed it.

    2. I've been meaning to ask you if you listen to any podcasts and what your recommend? They're something I can listen to as I'm working on the house so quite useful but I'm always looking for recommendations. Nothing too political but survival and prepping related is good. I've been listening to the Casual Preppers a lot and they're good and quite funny as well.

    3. Kev, I'm no sure what a podcast is, though I hear the term a lot. There is a Canadian woman who's youtube videos I watch, and an old English guy who really gets down to brass tacks, I like him too. But if it's something like a radio program over the net, I don't have any of those I listen to. I listen to some "talk radio" programs over FM. I like Rush.

      Survivalism has just about died off over here, Prepping has taken preeminence because it's more "genteel" and not so concerned with those knobby things people really don't want to think about, like defending yourself.

  16. Harry I looked for your e mail address I thought it was in the side bar . but no . If you haven't seen this post I think you will enjoy it no need to put in comments.

    This is the blog of the writer of the Freehold books

    1. Gary, it's I thought it was in the side bar too.

      I put this in anyway, since other people might like to check out that blog as well as me.

    2. Thanks for the email address, I wanted to send you a cartoon and couldn’t figure out how :).

    3. Hilogene, I used to have the email address in the side bar, but apparently , in monkeying around with it at some point in the past, I deleted it.

  17. Harry,

    Blogging at times is hard to keep up when you have things going on at home. I so enjoy blogging, and lately haven't been able to get to the computer long enough to do so.

    Nice cleanup on your shop, along with cleaning your guns.
    Jeeps a nice vehicles, I hope you're able to find the exact one you and your sweet wife want.

    1. Sandy, so many people have just quit altogether, or only post every few weeks. Just seems like the life has gone out of it.

      Yeah, keeps me busy and I do need to get things squared away here now that the weather is warming up.

      I've been looking for a four door Wrangler for a decent price quite awhile now. I'm sure I'll find one.

      Hope all is well out there.