Monday, March 5, 2018

M-1 carbine ammo on sale at Southern Ohio Guns until March 9th. "Zulu Dawn" at the mall.

That's a pretty good price.  Of course, you have to add shipping on top of it, and SOG is the outfit that wants you to pay more money for a "signature only"delivery.  I haven't decided if I will buy any or not. .30 carbine is not that common. IMI makes it commercially, but it's pretty expensive.

I have been working half a day, and resting half a day since that storm came through last week. Most of the roof damage has been repaired.  Lots of shakes got blown off and it is time consuming (and expensive) to replace them.  I am trying not to overdo, and be careful.  The work goes better that way.

It has gotten rainy and cold again here.  Although it's one in the afternoon, I'm running the heater in the main house.  It's been cloudy this morning, but we didn't have any rain until just a few minutes ago. It's supposed to rain on and off through Wednesday.

Hamilton Place Mall, Chattanooga, TN.   Never a dull moment.

Hamilton Place Mall is a mega-mall in Chattanooga, TN.  When my kids were little, we would drive over there on Sundays when we could get away, and spend the whole day there.  It's quite the attraction for out of towners. 

Unfortunately, as Chattanooga has gone more "ethnic",  there have been problems around the mall. Gun Barrel road, where I had my little "tete a tete" with the four young black men on their way to bible study, runs along one side of the mall.

Last week,  there was what the papers are calling a "riot" at the mall.  Two black gangs mixed it up, shots were or were not fired, depending on what paper you read, and everybody that was just there shopping ran like hell, or rushed into stores before the clerks pulled down the chain gates and locked themselves in.

Chattanooga depends heavily on tourist dollars, and they are in full damage control mode.  The city government and police have been putting out the line that this was an aberration. They're doing everything they can to play this down and minimize what happened. Pretty soon, the official story will be that somebody popped a balloon and that was it.

 Sadly for them, this week there was another gang fight right in  the concourse by the Barnes and Nobles, with mamma's snatching up the kids and fleeing while the Barnes and Noble staff locked themselves in (and everybody seeking refuge out.)

One of the primary gangsters from the first brawl has been captured.

  But I am confused. He is a "confirmed gang member" with an arrest sheet full of felonies as long as your arm, but he has now been charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.  That makes no sense, it's against the law for him to have a firearm if he is a felon. So why did he have one?  I can't figure out what went wrong. I'll ask the next liberal I meet to explain it to me. They understand.

At any rate, this series of incidents is related to a turf war between two black gangs. Usually, when you hear about gang violence in Chattanooga, some poor stiff got off the main roads in the wrong place, or pulled over for gas in the wrong place, and the local "brudda's" took exception to the presence of a "White Devil."  That always ends badly (for the White Devil and his family).  

Personally, I fill up in Cleveland TN before I get to Chattanooga.

However, all is not lost if you run across some young black men holding a bible study meeting.  You can communicate with them, if you speak a language they understand. I'm not talking about Ebonics, here.

(Caution: Language)



Quote of the Day:

"One cannot legislate the maniacs off the street ... these maniacs can only be shut down by an armed citizenry. Indeed bad things can happen in nations where the citizenry is armed, but not as bad as those which seem to be threatening our disarmed citizenry in this country at this time."
Colonel Jeff Cooper.

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  1. Here ya go Harry, how about some Buffalo Bore “Full-Power” 30 Carbine Ammo.

    1. Hey, Tim. Let me go look at that. I appreciate the heads up. "full power" makes me a little nervous, one of my M-1 carbines is dated 1944!

  2. Hey Harry,


    That clip of the white guy with full auto HK-93 (I think) scaring off the Zulu's.

    That's the only language they understand in their society. They cannot be reasoned are bargained with. Its peace through superior firepower or fighting ability.

    That reminds me. I am looking to all the wonderful video footage of a full on race war, civil war in South Africa. I hope they whites are fully prepped to deal with machete welding tribesman that have a 20-1 advantage to numbers. Now the wildcard in this equation is the intelligence of the educated whites versus the blacks and their witch doctor overlords and fractured tribes. As I understand it. There are the Zulu's, the Bendi (both rivals) and the coo'coo's or whatever their names are and another smaller tribe.
    Four tribes total and smaller tribes. All the tribes are fractured and are totally racists towards the other tribes. If all the whites left. The two big tribes will surely war with each other and the smaller tribes until death and famine overwhelms both larger tribes and South Africa is fractured permanently.
    If the UN is brought in (Blue Helmeted Peacekeepers) that would be interesting to see mostly black Nigerian peacekeepers attempting to get respect from all four tribes.
    In essence South Africa is a nightmare. Nelson Mandela is one of the worst men ever to be born in human history. His legacy will be one of Pol Pot, Stalin etc. The only way to keep the peace in South Africa's black population is rule with the sword. In most third world countries with lower I.Q. and overpopulation that is only governmental method that works.

    1. I might not be as blunt in phrasing it, but you hit the nail on the head. People who have not had the "pleasure" of an encounter with your real mark one, modification five "black youth" have no idea what they really are.

      I have heard there was some trouble in S.A. with the new regime putting pressure on whites, but I haven't read much about it. I am surprised whites still live there, after what happened in Rhodesia after the "tribals" took over. Nothing good.

    2. Hey Harry,


      check out the YouTube channels of Lauren Southern and her series on what is happening to the white farmers in South Africa. Also check out the white prepper group called the 'Sounlander's on the YouTube channel of FreeStartr. That will be the main white resistance group in the coming civil war. Just type in Lauren Southern in YouTube and look for SA video's and type in FreeStartr in YouTube and check out the latest video on the Sundlander's.

    3. I'll go look. I was thinking of Dani and her family in South Africa. I hope this doesn't go sour on them. I knew a girl who worked in a coffee shop in Naples, Italy. She was a Rhodesian, she and her family had been driven out by the Mugabe terrorists. She had a big scar down the left side of her face , where a "terr" cut her with a knife , just for the hell of it.

  3. I guess the difference between me and him is I'd have gotten what I paid for if I had that kind of fire-power.

    1. I'd have been tempted to make Swiss cheese out of that bunch too. It was have been hard to resist.

  4. I am so bummed that I attained excess cash after the great milsurp boom went bust. I would love to get my hands on an M1 Carbine for home defense and light hunting, but right now it is cheaper to buy a copy than the original. Youch.

    Glad that that little gun is getting some decent ammo. Everyone I know who has shot one enjoyed the living snot out of them.

    As to 'diversity,' well, due to illness and all things, I and my wife have had to move to an apartment. Not a bad apartment, but the diverse neighbors are driving wife bug-fruck-crazy. Seriously, the diverse people stand outside their apartments shouting at each other or on cell phones while their cars are playing crap music way too loud.

    I have become the old coot neighbor who shouts at them to turn their sh..tuff down and quiet the heck up. So far, no armed response back, but I've got a pistol in my pocket just to be sure. Fortunately, landlady enjoys having a rat (me) living in her complex and is busy working on breaking leases of apartment rules violators. Me, an anti-gov, libertarian conservative type guy turning stoolie for the 'Man.' Somedays I don't know which way is up.

    Oh well, so, when are you going to sell some of your guns to afford a metal roof? Prices for obscure milsurp are pretty good right now... And a good metal roof would be much more secure windwise and during fire season. Oh well, things we shoulda done, eh?

    As Teddy Savales would have said if he ever was in a movie about the Crusades, "Deus Vult, Baby."

    1. My kids lived in a place called "The Columns" in Jacksonville, Florida. It was on the wrong side of the river, although we didn't know it when we leased it. I went down there to visit, and up until about three in the morning, you could hear blacks out shouting in the parking area, breaking liquor bottles, fighting. It was like a scene out of a bad movie.

      My daughter and my son had a nice place in Cincinnati but the "ethnics" got a law passed that a percentage of all apartments and townhouses in Blue Ash had to be rented to "low income" people, i.e. blacks and hispanics. The place went third word in a hurry. I just got a text from my daughter this morning, from Nashville, and one of the things she said was that it was so wonderful to feel safe again.

      I never sell guns (or anything else, really) because I don't want to deal with the problems that inevitably arise.

      The thing with the metal roof is about finding a legitimate roofer who has local guys on his payroll, and has insurance. I don't want any illegals up here, both because I don't want to get sued when one of them has an "accident", and I don't want them knowing I'm up here and coming back with all their amigos one dark night.

      Sorry you had to move to an apartment, but I am considering doing the same thing myself. Keeping up a bunch of buildings in the middle of the forest is tough.

      Hang in there, we all just get by one day at a time.

    2. Glad your kids finally bugged out. I was actually worried about something happening before the Great Escape.

      I went from a 3 bedroom house with pool and all, watching it slowly crumble around me as I wasn't able to afford to keep it up. Paying rent sucks, but it's better than being homeless. The apartment isn't bad, just some of the neighbors, and the landlady is actively working on eliminating the problem children as she wants a nice quiet complex.

      I knew where the lines of demarcation were before I started looking, renting only in safe areas. So I knew beforehand what quality of individuals I would be dealing with. No drug dealers, no whores, no drug labs in this area for over 10 years.

      (Yes, one murder here last year, and as Wirecutter says on his site, "Guess the Race." Prohibited person (felon, DV felon, mental patient) with gun axed his (ex) girlfriend. Our local lefties tried to stir up anti-gun hatred over it, but it was shot down since he declared openly he purchased the gun from some hoodrat who purchased it in drugs from some other hoodrat who stole it, from a cop's house. Ha. Suck it, Bloomberg!)

      When/if you move, maybe try to find a nice 1 story home to rent, rather than an apartment. For some strange reason I really don't see you doing well in a crowded situation.

      And my landlady has given me permission to shoot people who are making noise at 3am. The police, on the other hand....

    3. My wife wants to get a townhouse or a condominium near or on the beach. She tells me I can go down to the beach for my coffee at sunrise, and stay down on the pier at sunset. That's what I do when we go to Tybee Island. She says I won't have to work all the time fixing things, and that eventually, I'm going to have an accident up on the roof, and get killed. She has some points. I like the beach a lot.

      Some apartments are pretty nice. If I wasn't living the self sufficient lifestyle, I wouldn't need all the storage. She likes to go to little cafes for lunch, and to nice restaurants for dinner. Florida has tons of those. Our extended family shares a condominium at Palm Coast, and she just dotes on the place. Even going to the grocery store is a treat, because they don't just have an Ingles and Walmart, they have all kinds of grocery stores that sell things we never even see up here.

      My problem is that I don't get on well with people, I have a bad temper, although I work on it all the time, and I don't suffer fools gladly. That doesn't seem to me to bode well for living in an apartment because I can't stand other peoples music, or yelling, that kind of thing.

      You did right to simplify life and get all that off your back. More time to do the things you want to do, and I have to say that has a lot of appeal.

      I think a nice apartment in a nice district, with decent people and no morelocks, no haji's , etc would be pretty decent.

      Wirecutter sounds like someone I would like it read. Can you give me the URL so I can take a look? Most of the people whose blogs I have read for a long time just aren't posting anymore.

    4. For some strange reason I just don't see you as fitting in with the city folk. I do worry about you in your multi-level house out in the woods.

      As to beachside living, down near Patrick AF Base in Brevard County is nice, and there is the local base commissary and hospital you could draw on. If you don't want to be directly on the beach you could back up a bit onto Merritt Island or go further west past the ancient dune lines and you'd be safe from anything short of an asteroid or nuke strike. Plus you can watch the launches from the Cape.

      Hate to see you have to divest yourself of your treasures. You kind of remind me of a dragon from the ancient Norse works, comfortable in it's lair of spoils.

      Here's Wirecutter's blog. For an ex-stoner, he's got a remarkably good head on his shoulder (ex US Army enlisted, some radio tower geek.)

      Not all of his stuff is safe for polite society, and lots of his readers are rough around the edges, but he really is a deep soul. Finally escaped California after he retired, to end up in Tennessee, where he's enjoying being one of, well, us, openly.

      As to standing other people's noises, it is what it is. I am not in deepest, darkest Africa, no Heart of Darkness stuff here, just the fringes. And the ragheads are few and far between (for some reason the 'refugee' influx has missed my town, so far.)

      Hmmm.. maybe you and your wife need to investigate The Villages, which is a very nice retirement community south of Ocala chock full of angry old white conservatives (seriously, George Bush II landed in Gainesville and took a motorcade down there in 2004 during his re-election. He basically ignored us in G-ville because we're lost to the liberal tides here.)

    5. My uncle lived in the villages for a long time. He just sold his place there and has moved into "assisted living."
      He really liked the place, and you are right about it being a "red" enclave. My Uncle is to the right of Attila the Hun, on the political spectrum, and he was comfortable there. I never actually thought about living in a "community." But you know, there's a sort of "Mini villages" up here, on a lake, and my wife and I have driven through it a lot, because she likes the set up. It's something to think about, although I don't golf or play tennis. I guess old people don't do shuffleboard anymore. Used to be, every little town had a shuffleboard court in a small park, down in Florida. I used to watch the old geezers play in Brooksville.

      Wirecutter sounds something like CC, except CC doesn't blog. I get along fine with old vets, and the rough edges don't bother me. I'm looking for more blogs to read, since so many of the one's I really enjoyed have just stopped posting, or now they only post once every few months. I know some of the one's I really liked have gone to facebook, and I can't read them because I don't have and don't want a facebook account.

      You know, you speak half in jest when you talk about the dragon and his horde, but you are putting your finger right on one of my biggest problems with a move. I have outbuildings here that were built specifically to store food, equipment, weapons, ammunition. I have a shop, I have a guest apartment that is fully equipped, and I have a big house so I can accommodate my kids if they need to come here. The fact that I have been equipping and stocking this place for more than 30 years, means I have literally tons of food, equipment, etc stored here. What happens to all of that if I move? I couldn't possibly store it on the other end, nor could I even get it off the mountain top because I'd have to transship every box, stick of furniture, can of beans down the mountain in my truck to the hard surface road. No mover or van could even begin to get up here.

      I always figured I'd leave it all to the kids, and I may yet. They live in Nashville now, it's only four hours away, and maybe I can just turn it over to them at some point in the future. I don't HAVE to get rid of the place to go have a place off the beach. I doubt I could afford to be right ON the beach, but I could afford something a road or two back, which would suit my wife just as well. I wouldn't mind if she wanted to go down there for a week or two at a time while I stayed up here and just came down for a few days at a time.

      I don't know how it will all end up. Probably I will fall off the roof, the chickens will devour me, and my kids will have to settle all this anyway.....

      It sounds pretty nice where you are. I've always had a problem with neighbors, especially if they play loud music, work on their cars at night, etc. I just get along better if I don't have to take anyone else into account when I am home. Like the t-shirt my wife bought for me years ago said " does not play well with others."

      Who knows. I don't really have any idea what I'm going to do tomorrow, let alone down the road. With the kids in Nashville, and that only four hours from here, maybe my wife will go spend more time with them and not be so hot to move to the land of Publix and Starbucks. The kids got a three bedroom apartment so they have a guest room for her, and she's over there right now, having a great time. They like having her visit because they both stay pretty busy at work and she's helpful to them.

      Let me go look at Wirecutter's blog, I appreciate your sending me the URL. Good blogs are slowly becoming harder to find.

    6. Just saw your comment on Wirecutter today. Glad you made it. For fun, read his breakdown on the III Percent movement. You can find it in his header under "Sam Kerodin - House of Cards." It is a cautionary tale of how the butt-sharks will take over.

      Do you read Chant Du Depart, at ? Probably the best blog I've found.

      Hawsepiper is another good one. He's a merchant marine with a master's in fish, and he's a hoot. Doesn't post every day, but his blog list is a selection of the best. Any of the blogs in his favorite are worth a look.

      And then there's Stilton's Place (used to be Hope and Change during the last 8 bad years.) He's a rather caustic cartoonist with decidedly conservative roots. "Busty Ross" is my favorite reoccurring character.

      As to finding a new Casa de Grumpy Olde Hombre, check out the home owner's rules or community laws for bullscat stuff.

      The quandary of what to do with your life's accumulation is a hard one. Historically, the divvying up of Dad's stuff has caused whole empires to fall.

    7. Deborah, I have been setting out milk and cookies, in the hopes the wood's brownies would come in the night and fix the roof. But since they haven't shown up yet, it falls to me....

    8. Andrew, I'll look at those blogs and thanks for the information. My blog list has gotten pretty small these days, with so many people fading out.

      I only have one son and one daughter. So things that are feminine, like china, crystal, silver, household things will go to the daughter. Tools, radios, guns, ammo, reloading things to the son. I doubt they will squabble, they're pretty cooperative about getting through life. I always figured the whole compound up here would just go to them, lock stock and barrel. That's how our will is written.

  5. you look at those muscles and you know these are the kids who grew up poverty stricken and 'struggling with' hunger. where did those muscles come from?
    someone has been eating well in extreme poverty!

    1. In their line of work, they probably get good prices on illegal steriods, too!

    2. nah, that's what a couple hundred years of selective breeding on the plantation will net you. meanwhile I get young cadets that can't pull the bolt back on an m14, white male cadets I shit you not. its pitiful.

    3. Maybe they don't have anything to do during the day but work out. I think most of their activity takes place at night, if the morning news on the Atlanta stations is any indication. Takes the first half hour to get through the drive bys, robberies, home invasions, car jacking, ......

      I notice when I'm in town that a lot of our new residents up at low income housing acres have kids who seem to get their primary exercise from lifting soda cans and McDonald's burghers up to their mouths. As the rural population shrinks, there will be fewer and fewer people capable of doing any physical labor I guess. We better get to work on those robots....

  6. thanks for the heads up on the 30 cal ammo. it is a bargain, but I just finished remodeling the kitchen. happy wife, unhappy bank account. maybe I can cash in my change bucket and get'nooga tourism, yeah not so much. I was going down there last summer but refrained after your and several other related experiences came to light.....south Africa just voted to remove all the white farmers and redistribute their lands. we'll be feeding them for generations. once they fed all of Africa and some of Europe too. sad. funny how 4% of the world (us) built, invented, funded, and otherwise created 99% of the largess that the whole world lives on. name one country in Africa that's space travelled, created vaccines, cured diseases, fed the world, saved the world from tyranny etc, etc, etc. no, 100 million years and half the continent is still chucking spears for a living and the other half are killing each other with machetes. then we have to feed the remnants until they get strong enough to kill again. never ending cycle. too bad we can't just cordon it off and let it go back to nature, forever.

    1. Chattanooga used to be such a nice city. Clean, friendly,and safe. Now it looks like the set for "Silent Hill" downtown, and the areas around the freeway are "Mogadishu, the Sequel." They have tons of people from Cambodia, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Burma, none of whom seem to speak any English. They have boat loads of Hispanics, who weirdly enough don't like each other depending on whether they are from Mexico or from Central America. And then, there's the BLM crowd, who hate everybody indiscriminately. It's a damn shame, but it just isn't a safe, comfortable place anymore.

      CC was telling me about what's going on in South Africa. I did some looking on the net, and came up with a video of some black politician making a big speech in their parliament or whatever they call it. He was bragging about passing a law to confiscate white people's land without recompense. To tell you the truth, despite the fact that their ancestors may have been there since the 1700's, (the Boers), white people in South Africa should have seen the hand writing on the wall after Rhodesia and the debacle of Mugabe and "Zimbabwe." Everybody knows that horror story. South Africa is going the same way. I hope Dani and her family get the hell out of there while the getting is good. Before the "terrs" come to cut them up.

      Your point about Africa is spot on. My wife lived there from the time she was little until she left for college, in Nigeria and Niger. Her parents were missionaries. Some of the things she saw there, and some of the characteristics of Africans, no one would believe if they hadn't seen it.

      Like Edward Abbey said, "Am I a racist? I guess I am. I certainly do not wish to live in a society dominated by blacks, or Mexicans, or Orientals. Look at Africa, at Mexico, at Asia."

      There's a guy who sometimes comes here that shits a brick every time I mention Israel, and one of his big beefs is the 3 billion we give Israel in foreign aid, which is half of what Americans spend on Christmas each year. The Israelis use it to buy our weapons, which helps keep our production lines open and lowers the per unit cost to our own armed forces. But as far as the billions we shell out to 3rd world hell holes and piss ant dictatorships in Africa, he has not a word to say. I usually don't publish his comments because they are embarrassingly uninformed and always seem to conclude with some boorish tag like "anyone who doesn't believe this is ignorant and stupid."

      Africans are a "silent flood" coming into the United States right now. Up in Cincinnati, in the "once a nice complex but now becoming third world" apartments my kids lived in, they had a sudden influx of Nigerians. Some church was importing them, getting them into "low income" housing, and they were winding up with 12 people living in a two bedroom apartment, throwing their garbage over the deck railing into the lake. If they are savages living stone age lives over there, they do not miraculously become civilized when they set foot here.

      Good comment, Riverrider. You are 100% correct in what you say about Africa and the denizens there of.

      Haven't decided myself about the .30 carbine . I will probably buy a case just because I'm too cheap not to!

    2. Regarding Dani, I can't help but wonder how much longer she'll thinks our president is racist with his pervious comments once the blacks overrun her place. Will she, perhaps, have some hypocritical racist thought, as she's being raped and then murdered by some black? She wouldn't be the first this has happened too.


    3. I see your point, the same thing has happened here, with less severity, in American cities. Atlanta is a good case in point. As the old residential areas of the cities, which were quiet, wooded places like North Druid Hills, filled up with "projects" and "ethnics", the white people had to move out. Now, saying that, makes me a racist by the standards of the left. No matter how true something may be, if it implies that there are problems, and the problems are associated with ethnics, you are a racist. If you go back to the first year or so of this blog, I never even used the word "black" because I didn't want to have a torrent of abusive comments piling up for me to delete. But as things got worse and worse, both on a national level and in terms of the environment my kids were living in, I just quit caring. Now I frankly don't give a damn if Dims and their minions are offended. It is what it is, and trying to "conform" and "comply" are just not part of my agenda now.

      I hope Dani gets out of there, and her family does too. They are all nice people, and they tried to get along with the "ascendant race". Historically, there or here, you just can't do that. It doesn't happen that way.

      I can sympathize with her situation. This used to be a really homogeneous area. People had the same values, the same belief system, and it was a good place to live. Now I have to put up with all the B.S. associated with having "ethnics" flooding in, and I don't like it. If that offends the high and mighty, who live in their gated communities and never come into contact with anyone but their own class, too bad.

      I guess it's wake up time for Dani and her family, just like last year was wake up time for me here in the Smokey mountains.

    4. The state does that, with my tax money. If I could, I would.

  7. Storm damage. Ughhhh... Pace yourself, with repairs yes!!!!!! Wisdom. None of us is young as we used to be.

    The rest, scares the shit out of me.

    So far, none of this yet, here. So far......

    1. Wisp, it's a creeping malady. When we set up my kid's apartment in Cincinnati, it was a beautiful place on the lake, with nice people. Three years later, it's like a scene from 13 Hours in Benghazi. You don't have to go to the 3rd world, because it has come to you.

      Then down here, in this little county on the back of nowhere, we have suddenly been overrun with BLM, Islamic "refugees" and illegal aliens. The state built a "PJ" up on a mountain side, and imported the sweepings of the gutters to fill it. Some investors got rich off the Projects, some government officials got rich off moving the low lifes up here, and some outfit that acts as a go between and coordinated all of it got rich. But the "great unwashed" that lived here now have to deal with all the turmoil and disruption these new residents bring with them.

      You just wake up one morning, and there they are......

  8. No one should have firearms if they have a big sheet of crimes they've been convicted of. Who know he could have stollen it from someone. Goodness!

    I was hoping you'd read this story Mica wrote: Crazy kid wrote it to submit to the library. I had to cancel that entry!

  9. Alissa, that's why the idea of passing more laws about gun ownership makes no sense. Guys like this don't go into a gun store to buy a guy, they buy one on the street from other thugs.

    I will certainly read Mica's story, sounds interesting to say the least.