Saturday, March 31, 2018

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These idiots seem to think that if they make a new law, or ban guns altogether, or repeal the 2nd Amendment, that gun owners will just "comply."  Some of them will.  When California went down this road, thousands of gun owners turned in their weapons like good little sheeple.  But thousands didn't.

Meme courtesy the Raconteur Report.

These same drones are the one's who tore down all the Confederate statues they could lay hands on, and got businesses to ban Confederate flags.  They got all that done with words. But they'll find guns are a different matter.

Leonidas had the right take on that issue, when the Persians wanted the Spartans to kowtow, like these worthless insects want gun owners to kowtow to them today.

Georgia is taking a stand against the anti-Gun crowd, to wails of despair from the Atlanta elites.

Fox News excerpt.  March 28 2018

Georgia lawmakers voted to nix a tax benefit for Atlanta-based Delta as part of a broader tax package approved Thursday, following the airline's decision to sever ties with the National Rifle Association.

The bill -- which includes a sweeping income tax cut -- cleared the state House on an overwhelming 135-24 vote, after being approved in the state Senate on a 44-10 vote. It now heads to the governor's desk.

The final version dropped an earlier amendment that would have renewed a jet fuel tax exemption worth $50 million that was taken off the books in 2015.

“Businesses have every legal right to make their own decisions, but the Republican majority in our state legislature also has every right to govern guided by our principles,” Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, who very publicly threatened to pull the airline tax break earlier this week, said in a statement.

A fellow I know had his truck "keyed" while he was in a restaurant this week.  He just bought it, a big Dodge.  Came out of the restaurant, and somebody had gone up and down both sides with a screw driver or some such thing, from stem to stern.  The reason appears to be his NRA window sticker, the only distinguishing feature on the vehicle.  He was eating at a barbecue place frequented by "half way backs." Not the good half way backs, who are generally veterans and older.  No, the ones who like to have stickers that say "North Georgia Democrat" or "Trump Sucks", like to hang out there because it has a "coffee bar."  I can draw my own conclusions, just like he did.  The guy is a retired policeman, and he was fit to be tied. But what can he do?

Go back to Florida, arschloch!

I was "talking" with a long time friend about getting older, and being about as prepared as I will ever be for whatever is coming down the pike.  You do reach a point, after many years of using self sufficiency as a keystone of your life style, where you are just fine tuning. I also expressed frustration with the idiotic people who live in America, believing that the whole world is like America. That people everywhere are like they are here.  The stupidity of that is just staggering.  Here's part of his letter.

"Many of the survivalists I have met got into it as a result of serving abroad. Most notably in the Baltics in the '90's. There's nothing like seeing how the rest of the world lives to make you appreciate that we flush our toilets with water cleaner than what 90% of the world drinks. And it's foolish to not think that there's a large part of the world that hates us for that, and will gleefully dance in the streets if something happens that knocks those arrogant Americans off their throne. Certainly the clowns in the Middle East and Asia (Looking at you, Pakistan!) would gleefully dance on our graves given the chance. I would guess that many of your brethren overseas came home with a new outlook on how the world really is. It's nice to think that man is not a wolf to fellow man (I like that quote you posted), but it's foolish not to take steps against it. Personally, if I die without ever having to fire an AR at someone, eat a #10 can of freeze dried pork chops, or bandage myself by the light of a kerosene lantern, I will be extremely pleased. But...the smart person takes the steps to be ready for those things because 'hope is not a plan'."

Extract from Commander Zero letter.

The fellow who wrote that is exceptionally well connected to the guiding lights of the survivalist movement, and has been for more than 15 years. I'm very careful about OPSEC  when it comes to my friends. I don't keep mailing addresses on my computer, I don't quote people without their consent. Commander Zero gave me the OK to quote from his messages.  He runs a good blog. It's not "blogger" format and sometimes you have trouble posting a comment on it if you use a blogger address, or voting on a poll, so heads up there.  Here's a link to his place:

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If anyone wants to touch base with me directly, my email address for this blog is    It sometimes takes me a while to get back to people, depending on what's going on here, but I will as soon as I can.

Saturday up here.   I had a long night.  Coyotes swirling through the woods, raising hell right in the tree line.  My dogs going ballistic.  This morning one of my favorite barn cats is missing.

No plans for today.  I guess I'll just see how things go.  Probably work on this post again later, after I get a few things done outside.

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Summer is coming on, so it's almost all "fieldcraft" articles in this issue.  There are some good product reviews, though.

Just got the new Off Grid on the Kindle Fire this afternoon. Haven't read it yet but it is probably on the news stands by now.

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  1. Hi Harry, I'm sorry your cat is missing, that's concerning...I hope you find him/her. Do you have lots of coyotes in your area? We don't have them here in the village, they stick mostly to the other side of the mountain.

    The whole gun issue bugs me. As you know, I don't know too much about American politics and law and all that, but it seems to me that PEOPLE kill people, not guns. What's next? Banning steak knives? Piano wire? Hammers? All I can say is give me a break already. If a 14 year old kid has access to a gun, then the problem is with the parents, not the gun laws. Just my opinion.

    That's horrible about the car-keying...people are just idiots and that's why I prefer not to have anything to do with them. Everyone is on their high horse!

    Hope you have a restful day!

    1. Rain, it's "Miss Bitey". The one that was abandoned by the mom, and I raised her from a tiny kitten, with a bottle. She was born deformed, like a downs syndrome kid, with a big round head and she isn't a normal cat, but I sure do like her. I let her stay in the apartment with the ferrets mostly, but last night she wanted out so badly, and I let her out. About two hours later, a whole swarm of coyotes came up in the tree line and started shrieking and howling. My poor old dogs were berserk. It was such pandemonium that I thought maybe she got scared and went up a tree. I went out several times through the night, and called her, but she didn't come. This morning the dogs and I searched everywhere, even old Rufus came out and helped, but no sign of her. We have lots of coyotes here, as well as bobcats, bears, foxes, red wolves , hogs and God knows what else.

      You give credence to the old saying that "great minds think alike." Thinking people know that "guns cause crime like spoons cause obesity." But the stupid drones, they watch television, and they just chant the slogans they hear from the talking heads. I'm 66 years old, and I have no intention of giving up my guns to anybody. Period. At that age, what have I got to gain by being a Stephen Fetchit and just "complying" with tyrants?

      It seems like you can't spit on the sidewalk here anymore without getting tangled up in some kind of bullshit. There's us, and there's them, and there's no in between anymore. There isn't any middle ground. Either they will get their way, or we will get ours. So you have all these cowardly bastards out doing things like keying cars, because they think they are "punishing" someone for not believing "right." Thanks to the damned four lane road coming up here, we have a whole clutch of that kind of people coming up here and ruining everything for everybody now..

    2. I'm sorry that your little piece of home is becoming so unbearable. You know, we have similar BS here in Quebec. Don't know how much you know about the politics here. Basically it's French vs. English, i.e. Quebec hates anyone who isn't French. Quebec HATES Canada. I am bilingual but over the years have lost my French due to not practicing. I have a terrible time here communicating, especially to those Quebecers who really hate English people and refuse to even pretend they understand me.

      There have been way too many incidences of people's Canada flags being burned or damaged, stolen...or property damage to those flying a Canada flag. Canada day is NOT celebrated here unless it's one of the bigger tourist cities like Montreal. I remember when I was a fearless young teenager, wearing red and white on the Quebec National Holiday and nearly getting beat up for it.

      I think there have been 3 elections based on the platform of Quebec separating from Canada, all lost of course because when it comes down to the wire, people here know how lucky they are to live in Canada.

      Alex was born in a French Canadian family here in Quebec. He spent most of his teenage years in New Jersey though, his dad got transferred. Since he's been with me, he sees the struggle of the English first hand and has pretty much denounced his French heritage. We live an English life. We've been treated very terribly for speaking our language and don't feel welcome in this province.

      That's why our plan is to buy a property in an English province. If that doesn't happen next year, we made a firm decision that we are leaving no matter what next year and renting if we have to. We've come to hate the people here, which is a shame because the Nature here is so wonderful.

      During those "referendum" elections, the same crap happened. English people were bullied, cars were keyed, bombs were place in English area was just ridiculous. But would a French person walk up to me and make trouble to my face? No...the coward would rather slash my tires or break my windows wearing a ski mask.

      Things aren't as violent anymore, but living here has left a very bad taste in our mouths and we really despise the entire language crap.

      I'm so sorry about Miss Bitey, I sincerely hope she shows up. :(

      I hope that it doesn't come down to them or us without the middle ground. We don't live in Russia for eff's sake!

    3. Your situation, being "English" and living in Quebec is a lot like the situation we have down here between "left" and "right". The leftards are hell bent on forcing everyone to live the way they do, no matter how repugnant others may find that. They won't tolerate any beliefs other than their own. It's pretty well "them or us" here already. The people who are in between are becoming fewer and fewer as they see the ugly changes taking place around them. Once things effect them or their families personally, it stops being a matter of philosophy and starts being related to survival.

      I am still hoping my cat will come home but it's starting to look doubtful.

      I'm sure you two will find a nice, quiet place somewhere in a more congenial location. It's out there, somewhere, and when you find it life will be quieter , simpler. Just be sure they can't build a big road to it!😠

    4. Rain. Golly Olde England has already begun 'voluntary' knife confiscations. In fact, they have been doing for over 5 years in London(istan).

      So, of course, besides murders with guns rising rapidly in 'gunless' England, they are now having a sharp increase in knife murders in, yep, you guessed it, 'knifeless' London (and other locations.)

      The stupid. It burns, like napalm and phosphorous with a healthy dose of anything else flammable thrown in for good measure.

      Fortunately, here in the States, knife regulations have been getting less and less, to the point that Texas allows one to wear a sword or Bowie knife or machete or whatever the heck you want. As to the Northeast USA or the west coast USA? Who knows. Again, stupid, it burns there, too.

    5. I can remember the English elites started harping on "knife or sword" violence as soon as their "snowdrop" campaign had essentially disarmed the population in terms of firearms.

      They have "amnesty boxes" in public places where you can drop off blades, but I have not heard that they are much used.

      I'm not sure what the knife regulations are here, if we have any at all. I'm not a knife man myself. I got stabbed, and then slashed, in a fight in a parking lot in 1973, and that's about my only experience with knives as defensive devices.

      In that incident, I learned the hard way that just because someone has been knocked down, you can't turn your back on them. Remember the old song, "My name is Sue" where the guy was fighting a fellow, knocked him down, but the man "came up with a knife and cut off a chunk of my ear." In my case, he stuck me in the upper leg and cut me down the lower calf. Happily, one of my friends laid him out with a two by four from a dumpster immediately there after. Those were the days....

      Four of us had gone to the aid of a young lady who was trying to get in her car at a drug store one dark night , and being impeded by about eight drunken (or stoned) Mexicans.

      Don Quixote always lurks just below the surface in young Marines. ;-)

      Today, I'd have a gun in those circumstances and I wouldn't let anybody get close to me.

    6. Andrew I never knew that about England. My issue with all of this is that if a sociopath wants to hurt me, he doesn't need a gun or a knife or a banned substance. He WANTS to do harm, he WANTS to kill, so he will. He will find a way. The problem isn't the weapon, it's the mental capacity of humanity.

      Harry, that's crazy about what happened to you, but chivalry is a dying trait and I'm happy to hear you have it in you! I'll be posting an update on Jack today at some point. Any news on Miss Bitey?

    7. I think just about anybody who visits here, and certainly Andrew, would agree with that sentiment, Rain.

      That was a long time ago. I was very young.

      Miss Bitey has not materialized. At best, I am afraid the coyotes killed her, but she didn't usually go out in that part of the woods where they were. She made have heard the fearsome row, panicked, and run off into the woods. If so, she may come back. I've searched everywhere, even took the Jeep and drove along the old forest service road at the foot of the mountain calling her, but no luck.

      I'll get back on the net this afternoon and see what the situation is with Jack. Rufus is taking antibiotics right now because he has a cough and we don't want it to turn into pneumonia.

    8. Rain, that is why the saying in the USA used to be, "God made men, Samuel Colt made men equal."

      I used to be a European medieval weapons re-enactor. Full combat, with armor. Size and strength is what made men victorious then. Since the advent of the firearm, especially the multi-shot pistol (now even better as a semi-automatic magazine fed weapon) the weaker, smaller, older and younger have had the ability to effectively protect themselves. With guns.

      Knifes are somewhat scary, at knife range. Which is also fist range, or spit (think infectious diseases) range, or hammer range, or axe range, basically any 'hand' weapon.

      Only the gun can give the defender the authority to control the space past hand range.

      If you are in knife range, your only choice is to fight like you are already dead, and take the bastard with you. With a gun, you can actually effect a change without harming anyone.

      Yes, it is the brain behind the attacker that is the problem. But a gun can give the defender the ability to not throw his or her life away in defense. Most, probably around 98%, of defensive gun uses are of the 'Oh my God, the defender's got a gun, Run Away' type. Which very rarely get in the news.

  2. I tried you link, microsoft gave me a malicious content warning, tried again and got some chinese crap.

    1. I tested it when I did the post,and it worked fine. Tested it after I got your message, and it didn't. Just deleted and redid the link. Seems to be ok now. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. I almost went ballistic when one of the squaddies at my rod n' gun club had his Jeep vandalized. I'm not kidding - he had a few veteran type bumper stickers and that's it - the most 'offensive' one might have been a 'Support The Troops' sticker.
    They slashed his tires, spray painted peace signs all over it, and scratched up all the paint.
    If I EVER see that again, some kid will go to the morgue or the hospital.

    1. The cowardly bastards don't have the cojones to confront someone to their face, so they do that kind of thing. They are contemptible to the nth degree. I detest them.

  4. Hey! I know that guy! He's awesome!

  5. I am concerned about the current level of political debate. It's one thing to disagree with someone politically. It's another thing entirely to key their new vehicle.

    The lack of basic human respect is disturbing. When the opposite side is demonized, any sort of bad behavior is justified.

    Whatever happened to being able to disagree without becoming disagreeable?

    1. Sixbears, there just doesn't seem to be any room left for reasonable discourse. Now it's way past being just philosophical differences. It's been a long time coming, but that seems to be how things are now.

  6. Hear is my take on giving up my bang sticks....

    I have a friend who runs dogs for lion hunting. One day we were out and his dogs thought it would be fun to chase and corner a
    bobcat. The bobcat had other ideas....when the dust settled, I have never seen 4 more miserable looking dogs in my life! Two of them looked like they went through a meat grinder...twice...the other two were not much better. Bobcats like being left do I. I don't look for trouble or want trouble. Corner me and all bets are off. Unfortunately, I think we are getting put in the corner!

    Love your blog Harry..keep up the good work!

    Locked and Loaded

    1. I feel the same way. If people will just leave me be, I won't bother them. I am less than ecstatic about the influx of Moslems here now, but I haven't harassed anyone or beaten up anyone. I never in my life put any pressure on anyone to buy a gun. But I will be utterly damned if someone is going to tell me I can't own one.

      You are right when you say we are being backed into a corner, to the point where it will be a choice between becoming drones ourselves or having to push back.

  7. I know what you mean about a four lane hiway bringing the left wing loons as that seems to be happening here, too. Oregon wants to put a bill on the ballot that will ban all semi autos, mostly, plus the hi cap magazines...the loons on the west coast probably have the votes to push it through. I will be 80 in a few months..too old to find another place. I draw the line here and will defend my 2nd amendment right, and my right to say what I want. That Hoggwash kid is in for a rude awakening...if he were mine, I would smack him up side the head and tell him to straighten up and fly right. Typical loud mouth teen age kid who thinks he knows it all. The darling of the left...we shall see. I feel so bad about your kitty. We have lost many the last 25 years to coyotes. Now our cat is inside at exceptions. DH even goes out with a flashlight looking for him on the rare times he thinks hunting at night is great fun. That wacko governor in Kali is playing with fire....can't wait until he gets thrown in jail. (yeah, I know...will never happen....different rules for them and us).

    1. Tewshooz, I have been incredulous about how much publicity that little twit has gotten. He is being used as a propaganda tool to great effect. CNN was gushing about how wise and sagacious the little pimp is, I had to turn off the television. This whole ludicrous children's crusade scam is nauseating.

      This was an absolutely wonderful place to live until they made it easy to get to. Now, it's still beautiful but the human element is a problem, not a pleasure as it once was.

      I feel like you do. I'm not keen on changing or moving. I like it here, despite everything. 😡

    2. i disagree harry, that hogg is using them to get the fame and fortune he wanted all along. i have seen vids he made earlier expressing his mercenary nature, since pulled down to cover his ass. no, he is a self serving asshole that wouldn't last a minute in a unit.

    3. Maybe it's a mutually advantageous situation for the media and the mewling little pimp. The media gets to push the Schumer agenda using him as it's poster child. He gets the fame and attention he so clearly craves about all else.

      I wouldn't give a groat for the guy, he typifies the limp wristed, "I know how you should live better than you do" arrogance of the left. What really is deplorable about this whole thing with these ignorant ninny kid's prancing around with their little signs is the positive reinforcement they're getting from the media and corporations. One of the Fox news hosts had to go on vacation, because Hogg was one of her guests, and she tore him a new one. In a rage, he got on his little phone and "tweeted" about how he had been abused. Suddenly all the sponsors of her show started pulling out and she was "on vacation." Who in their right mind would let a teen something kid exert that kind of power?

      I agree with you, I doubt that little twit could make it through basic in the Coast Guard, let alone anything else.

    4. roger that harry. the gutlessness of the "sponsors" never ceases to amaze me. little do they know just how small hogg"s cohort is and how little it would affect their bottom line.

    5. I was thinking of renting a van for the trip over to Nashville, so I could haul more stuff to the kids new place. But the only car rental place anywhere around here is Enterprise. I always liked them because they were founded by a World War II F-6 Hellcat pilot who flew off Enterprise. They also paid for a great History Channel series on the U.S.S. Enterprise, which I really enjoyed. But since they have joined the crowd severing ties with the NRA, they can kiss my hairy derriere. I'll never rent one of their vehicles again.

  8. Agree with your point about folks not understanding what life is like in the rest of the world. I spent a lot of the first 18 years of my life living outside the US, I think everyone should have to spend some time living outside the US to gain perspective. And I don’t think junior year abroad at a college counts :)

    1. One of the best things the military did for me, and it did a lot of great things for me, was to show me what life is really like. If a person never sees anything but America, they get the idea that everybody is like an American, and nothing could be further from the truth. There's a fellow who lives in Idaho now, but grew up in South America and he had similar experiences to my own. It made a realist out of him. Your time overseas was clearly a learning experience for you too. But so many people don't have that experience, and they are all too often the ones making decisions that effect us all. This business of letting Somali's flood into Minnesota, and now "Syrians" all over the country, including my own part of it, is absolutely idiotic. We are all going to pay for it in the future. Anyone , even the least intelligent of the "let's play with the unicorns" bunch, would know better if they'd spent time in places like Beirut or Mogadishu.

  9. I believe the commies on the left have mistaken our tolerance for weakness. Thing is,we do not WANT to have to defend ourselves against our fellow citizens. However,we DO have the will and the means to do so. Every cowardly act done behind our back just further galvanizes us.

    I see plenty of cars around here with bumper stickers that support the left. I might flip the owners off,but I would never damage their property. I DESPISE the left. It is not the conservatives that initiate violence, ever. God help them when they finally leave us with no other choice.

    1. I can't add much to your description of how things are today, except to say I couldn't have said it better. I go to Walmart and see these asshats in their baggy basketball player shorts, blackhoodies, and orange sneakers, and I know they are from the "subsidized housing" units on the hill, and were shipped in here. Then they get in their cars with all the left wing B.S. stickers, and I feel like just laying them out. They are a disease bacillus in what was a paradise. But the problem for us is that while we were taught as kids that vandalism and violence are not acceptable outlets for anger, they never were. So we go through life being the one's who get hosed by these people.

      If the day ever comes when the kid gloves can be taken off, I think I'll be happier than I am now. I'm pretty tired of sitting on my hands and watching things go down hill.

    2. How can you tell the difference between a liberal's car and a conservative's car?

      A liberal's car is covered in bumper stickers. A conservative's car has resale value.

      To make matters worse where I live, some snobby leftist jerk has a Tesla with a Bernie bumper-sticker on it. Jerk.

    3. You know, those kind of people are just everywhere now. One of the things I really miss is that before the mass arrival of the Hispanics during the "Chicken Wars" strikes, and before the 4 lane road, this was a very homogeneous culture here. It was Christian (I'm not big on religion, but I admire some of the Christian values and virtues), it was Southern, it was dyed in the wool Conservative. Now, it's really no different from anywhere else, and that is depressing as hell.

      I guess we just have to accept the guys with the Tesla's and the Bernie stickers, since we are not allowed to kill them.

  10. We live about five minutes away from Portland, Maine. Much Like the Portland in Oregon ours is a completely leftard city. Ninety percent of the cars are Subarus and Priusses sporting the pro abortion and Bernie stickers. Beggars on the median are clad in 400$ North-Face jackets and the 2000$ mountain bike is usually nearby. It has been nominated as the most livable city in the country by lib, and gay publications. That should tell you something. It is just teeming with moonbats. I can't believe during my single years I lived there for about twelve years. I even used to socialize with them hoping to meet someone, but came to accept it was invariably disappointing and frustrating experience in the end. Yes, I admit it, I reserve the right to get smarter as I grow older. These days I stay away as much as possible. Only once or twice a year when I need to get something from Hammilton Marine do I bother to go in. I learned quick that NRA stickers or any other displays of my conservative inclinations are not welcome and will usually incite some type of disdainful even aggressive behavior from the patchpouli perfume locals. They loudly proclaim egalitarianism and inclusiveness but if you don't march to the beat of their drum they will make life very hard for you.

    1. Maybe all the cities are that way now. I know the two I used to go to , Chattanooga and Atlanta, are definitely strongholds of the different Looney Tune sects that make up the left wing. What irks me is the relatively sudden appearance of those kinds of people here in my back yard. I know damn well most of them were shipped in here by the State, to fill up a "subsidized housing" complex built here. Almost overnight, we went from being a normal, fairly homogeneous group to looking like the circus was in town. We've always had obnoxious half way backs, but as they were older and usually invisible it wasn't so bad. These new "residents" are everywhere now, and they brought a lot of their rotten habits with them.

      I used to think I'd be safe from all that for the duration of my life time, up here. Was I ever wrong about that!

  11. harry, i 'm a little dismayed that you didn't let rip with a string of gunfire to ward off those lefty coyotes. the biggest fox i ever saw came trotting thru my back yard in the snow the other day. so shocked i forgot to shoot, lol. sounds like you need a new hobby, critter callin', otherwise known as varmint hunting. happy shooting. against both two and four legged varmints. sic semper tyrannis.

    1. Well, I was taken by surprise. I went out there with a couple of bread rolls to give the dogs, and nothing else. All I heard was them barking. They do that a lot at night. But when I got out on the porch, all hell let loose just inside the treeline, maybe 50 feet away. I never heard such a cacophony of howls, growls, shrieks, barks, and just general hell raising. I had no light, no gun. Stepped inside the door and got my Mauser that I keep there, but I never did see the animals themselves, and when I started shouting at the dogs to shut up, the coyotes took off. Since I didn't know they might have gotten my cat, I wouldn't have tried to hurt them anyway. Now that my cat is missing, I don't know if they killed her or she ran off into the forest when all that bedlam broke out.

      It's like the bears. They come around but I just shoot into the air. Sometimes they go away, sometimes they don't care a damn and just amble on about their business. I don't want to kill them, it's not legal even if I did, and I don't know how I would get rid of a bear body, the soil here is hard clay , roots, and rocks. Trying to dig a hole to bury a big animal would be murderous, especially now that I am older.

      I set up a whole perimeter system of trip wires to warn me and the dogs when something came close to the house. It took me hours in the broiling heat and humidity last summer. Then all these storms this winter utterly destroyed the system, not a bit of it is left functioning. For years I had a big electric fence around the meadow and the house, and if the animals like bears and hogs didn't tear it up, the storms would. There are still sections of it rotting away out in the woods, like a Mayan temple.

      I only have two old dogs outside, and one decrepit geezer Pomeranian in the house. What I guess I need to do is go adopt some puppies, so I have a larger pack with dogs that can still see and hear pretty well.

      Never seem to get the issue of animals coming in here off the national forest under control. :-(

  12. Hey Harry.


    'Dr Strangelove or How I stopped worrying and loved the bomb'

    I am not worried about all the anti-gun stuff etc. Its not going to get real bad for years. I don't keep any stickers and stuff on my vehicles. I go low profile and stress free. The way I see it is that the Union (United States) wont fold until at least 2050 or 2075. We will all be dead by then from old age. Its up to the future to figure things out and figure out freedom. Even then there appears to be another ice age coming in the future and that means much of North America will clear out real fast. Most of the warm blooded immigrants from tropical climates will run home.
    Socialists and communists tend to freeze in dark anyway and half way backs will never leave Florida with their arthritis.
    The world will depopulate quickly and modern day Neanderthal's will roam the barren wastelands.

    In the meantime I am going to enjoy spring, get some stuff done and ready for hurricane season and attempt to enjoy the beach as much as I can. There is only so much we can do to prepare for the future and ultimately we have no control of the future. All we can do is adapt and overcome.

    That's one lesson I learned in the military. Flexibility and adaptability. If you have that mindset and a positive outlook. Your chances of surviving anything thrown at you, greatly increase.

    1. It's hard to strike a balance. I always have in the back of my mind the Gun Ban of 1994. I didn't do just a whole lot to prepare for it, because the scuttlebutt was that there was no way it would get enough Republican votes to pass. Even the night before the vote, that was the word. Then a bunch of Republicans turned chicken, and voted with the Dems. And we got 10 years of B.S. as a result. So I never really feel comfortable that the future will turn out as I expect it too.

      Then too, I'm not just worried about my lifetime. I'm getting on, and not too worried about myself and the wife, primarily for the reasons you delineated. But I have two adult kids, and I worry about what a hell hole the country is becoming. They are totally the wrong demographic, they're white like me, and already belong to a minority group if you take the entire current population of the country. Given the way demographic trends are running, that is just going to get worse. So I worry about how the society will continue to degrade as different ethnic groups struggle for the "goodies" and only worry about their own members. It's already pretty much that way, "hurrah for me and to hell with you", and I don't see anyway that isn't going to get worse.

      Like you, I'm starting to enjoy spring. Wish I had a beach to go to, but maybe we will go down to Tybee for a couple of days. We'd have to take the ferrets and Rufus the old Pomeranian, but the other dogs, the cats, and the chickens could make it a couple of days without us if I put out enough food and water.

      I agree, flexibility and adaptability are important traits and well worth employing. My military experience also taught me the utter unpredictability of life, and the fact that in a second everything can change dramatically. So I am constantly trying to see what's coming down the pike, and what I need to be doing, or have done, to protect my family against whatever exigencies are in the cards.

      Good to hear from you again. I figured you were down there, basking in the good life on the beach. I remember that video you sent, of the surf rolling in on miles of beach and no sign of humanity. Doesn't get any better than that.

  13. The coyotes have been worse here lately, too. Last week I forgot to shut the chicken coop one night and a hen went missing. Course it could've been a few things.
    I picked up two of the movies you recommended for the boys today from the library. They are excited to see them.

  14. Could have been a skunk, raccoon, possum, who knows? The woods are full of predators, small and some not so small.

    I think the boys will really like the John Wayne movies. I am wondering, given the young age of your sons, if the Battle of Britain might be too intense. It's a wonderful movie, but it does demonstrate the violence of air combat pretty graphically. Maybe you and the husband should watch it first.

  15. This will make you smile.

  16. I'll take a look, Gary. Thanks for the link.