Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday morning, and it's clouding up.

Another storm coming in.  It's getting a bit monotonous.  This is April, and most tornadoes that hit North Georgia do so right about now.  There have been two big tornado events up here since 1986. We've been lucky on the mountain, but they have hit within ten miles straight line distance of here, and the two that came through during that period were massive. They tore whole swaths out of the forest, opening up mountain vistas that were blocked by the woods before. They also removed a lot of houses. One day, there were nice houses, the next just cement slabs with pipes sticking up out of them.  That was in March, 1994.  

The worst tornado event in living memory here in Georgia was in March of 1932.  That killed more than 400 people and injured over 2,100 across three Southern states.   It's engraved in the collective memory here. I suppose we will just have to wait and see what happens this time around.

We made two big supply runs this week.  One up to Murphy and one right here in town. Now we are all set for awhile, and can stay up here for several weeks if need be, without leaving the mountain top. As far as I can tell, the "new residents" in the "projects" have not made any preparations at all. Probably, it's not that important for them since they live right in town, and the power is always restored there in short order. As long as the electricity stays on and the grocery store is open, they should do fine. About all they have to worry about is a direct hit by a tornado. I was going to say "and we couldn't get that lucky" but that sounds mean, doesn't it?

My "air gun" is supposed to be here Monday.  Looking forward to that.  I've been shopping for a few extra magazines, but haven't found any for under $100 which seems pretty extreme. One of the reviews I read said the magazines have weak follower springs (sound familiar?) so I need to have a few extras.

I need six more magazines if I can find them at a decent price, since I ordered one of these magazine pouch sets already!

I have been watching reviews on line, and it looks like as long as you use the name brand cartridges and pellets, this air gun works pretty well. I have been taking a look at some tests a Swedish fellow did , shooting at about 40 feet, and blowing up beer bottles and water bottles.  There was another interesting video of the gun shooting right through watermelons from about 30 feet away, but the guy making it was a really weird looking fellow and every other word out of his mouth was "f this" and "f that." He did make a good video, though......

However, now my latent desire to own the real deal is well and truly inflamed.  I know I can't afford a World War II MP-40, but I have written to the IRS in Atlanta, asking them to send me the paperwork that will enable me to legally obtain the version of the new production MP-40 in 9mm currently being imported from Germany.  I need the forms, and I'd like to have some idea how long it will take from submission with the tax fee ($200) til I get their ok to buy the gun.  I also need to know how to pass on a Class III weapon to my son.  I renew my C&R with the ATL office and they generally seem to be pretty efficient, so maybe I can get the show on the road soon.  Until then, I'll have to be satisfied with shooting watermelons, I guess.



In search of a Jeep.

I found a low milage, four wheel drive 2008 Jeep Commander for sale, the guy is asking $8000.00 for it. That's nothing like what I was looking for , but it's a good deal and I like Commanders. We bought a 2007 version and that's what my kids are driving. That vehicle is 11 years old now, has been driven hard (and well maintained) and has never had much work needed.  The Commander was sold in the United States from 2006 until 2010, but was so large it didn't really take off with Jeep fans, and never was able to get much market share in the large SUV arena.

I'm taking it into the shop this week to have it gone over. If the mechanic gives it a thumbs up, I'll offer the owner $7000 and see what we can work out.

Olive Oil:

When we were in the store in Murphy this week, we bought 14 bottles of olive oil. While we were in line, some fellow came up and asked me why I was buying so much.  It wasn't any of his business, but I told him the price was good.  He said it would go bad before I could use that much.  I thanked him and he wandered off.

But the truth is, I've kept olive oil in the large cans down in the basement for more than four years, and never had the first problem with it.

This is what one of the olive oil growers association web pages said about it.

"It can be as much as 3-4 years for an early harvest, high polyphenol containing olive variety which has been filtered then packaged in a well sealed tin or dark bottle then stored in a cool dark place by the grocer and consumer."

You can find large cans of olive oil for around $14.00 if you look for sales, or about twice that if you just pay the normal price.  

I have a few more things to do outside to get ready for this storm, so I'll finish up here.  I think a lot of people are going to get some interaction with this particular storm,so here's hoping we all get through without any major damage.

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    1. Well, with tornadoes, when your number is up, it's up. But I appreciate the good karma๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Olive oil is one of the most adulterated oils on the market these days. I know that is not what you want to hear, but it is true....especially the stuff from Spain and Italy. Kind of like the honey market. Have you tried virgin coconut oil for cooking? Extremely healthy and does not go rancid like other oils. We use a lot of olive oil on salads with balsamic vinegar. I stock up on olive oil, too, and keep it in my dark long as you keep it unopened, it is good for many years. That Jeep looks like a good could live in that one, lol. I have read that it takes a year to get your weapons stamp and a real pain in the patootie to get the Class III FFL. I would be interested to know what you find out. Also how about a video of you shooting the air gun...should be a lot of fun.

    1. My daughter is the prime mover in our using olive oil. She insisted we stop using canola oil, corn oil and the like. It may be nothing more than the power of suggestion, but it does seem like my perennial stomach problems have been less in evidence since we made the switch. My daughter and my wife love that balsamic vinegar and there are there unopened bottles of it in the pantry. I like it alright and it's better for me than"Blue Cheese", of which I am inordinately fond.

      I'm going to pursue the ATF paperwork because I really want that MP 40 replica. The air gun is a quick fix to tide me over. I'm looking forward to getting it. I have lots of ideas on how to put it to practical use.๐Ÿ˜‡

      I don't really need a giant SUV , what I need is a good Wrangler. But, we really do like the Commander we already have in the family, it's comfortable, roomy, and reliable. Have to see how the potential addition to our motor pool does at our mechanics, though. Seemed to be in great shape to me, but I'll defer to my duty expert. He, and before him his father, have been maintaining my vehicles for more than thirty years.

  3. thanks for olive oil info.
    oil is one thing you are told won't keep and making my own is not feasible.

    1. Coconut oil, virgin or refined does not go rancid...evah. It makes great soap, too, and moisturizer for your skin.

    2. Deb, I like it. It costs a lot more than canola or corn oil, but we watch for it on sale.

    3. Virgin Coconut oil tastes like fresh coconuts.
      Refined has no taste at all. It's all good. Different brands smells have to do the sniff test. I buy it by the half gallon from Azure Standard, it is a co-op.

    4. Actually, you can buy refined coconut oil from any soap making supplier online. That is probably the cheapest, but expeller pressed, but OK. Virgin is cold pressed. Still better for you than that canola oil. It does not change when subjected to high heat as in frying. Does not smoke easily, either.

    5. I'll take a look at the prices. Olive oil is relatively expensive, if coconut oil was cheaper, and as good for you, I'd fry food in it. Seems like if coconut oil has to be ordered and have shipping paid on it, the cost might be prohibitive. I will try to find Azure Standard on the net.

  4. Even most major brands of olive oil are not pure, if that makes any difference to you, and you can't believe a word they say on the label. Also, many which say "virgin olive oil" do not actually meet the standards.

    1. That's what I hear. My selection up here is limited, as we only have regular grocery stores, and even those are marginal. But we do the best we can.๐Ÿ˜

    2. read that california olive oil is safe but now read it is a scam also.
      haven't had olive oil that tasted like olive oil in years.
      will go with the coconut oil.
      barleans is good but hard as a rock when in fridge. has to be cooled in globs the size you need because too hard to cut otherwise. must be refrigerated after opening.
      there are many other brands. they all seem okay. use some on skin, keep it in the bathroom.

  5. Man, do I ever remember tornadoes growing up in Illinois! Saw a few from a safe distance, and that much destructive power in that small an area definitely gets your attention!

    As you say, reduced to slabs with pipes coming up, or a basement full of water and debris.

    Only full-auto I was ever interested in was a Thompson. A Boeing Buddy had one (he lived in Florida), and said it drew quite a crowd at the range when his little 5' wife took it out of the violin case and opened up with it!

    I've got an Airsoft clone of my Kimber 1911, and a CO2 BB gun clone of my Sig 226. They're both reasonably accurate out to 10yds, but then they're not designed to be "high power" air guns.

    The Commander was Jeep's answer to the Hummer, which was a question nobody asked. I looked at them in the showroom in 2007 when I bought my 2006 Grand Cherokee, and even then they were chopping the prices just to move them.Decent, competent vehicle, just TOO BIG for most people. Both the 5.7 Hemi and the smaller 4.7 SOHC engines are reliable units, easily going 200,000 with regular oil changes.

    Don't nuthin' 'bout no olive oil, but I sure agree with the cartoons....AGAIN!

    1. There's an air gun club here. They have rifles, high powered things you can hunt small game with, but they are bench shooters, and seem to be entirely engrossed in target shooting. I never really paid much attention to air guns, always considered them to be toys,but in looking at all the videos on the MP 40 I've learned that's not the entire story. The Kymber clone and the Sig would be nice. I lived in Japan for thirteen months years ago, and you could buy exact replicas of any gun you wanted, accurate in every detail, but non firing.

      I think that's a good way to put it about the Commander. It's a nice vehicle but they designed it for the wrong niche market , one that's was already overcrowded and a demographic that wasn't really"Jeep." Good vehicles though.

      I am not much of an expert on olive oil either. We fry food in it, and use it on salads. Living in Italy, I acquired a taste for it, but when we came back to the states, we switched to corn oil or canola oil because they were a lot cheaper. Only switched back to olive oil a few years ago.

      Branco does some great cartoons, I try never to miss one.

      It's a little after midnight here now. Very strong winds and heavy rain, but no tornados yet.๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    2. canola oil is a terrible allergenic. if anyone is having bowel trouble, check your veg oil for canola and cut it out. if you improve you know it was the rapeseed oil [canola].

  6. Hey Harry,


    Good luck getting that Jeep Commander.

    I prefer larger vehicles for cargo capacity myself and I can see the appeal for the Jeep Commander.
    Now onto a unrelated issue.

    I have dropped my support for Israel (as well as the muslim world) because of the insane, five thousand year old religious mess will never be solved.
    More video footage as well as other evidence showing how the Israeli's started and supported the mass migration of Muslims to Europe and North America in 2015.
    Some other video footage came out recently how 12,000 illegal black Africans from Eritrea and another country are being expelled by the Israeli government. There were anti-black protestors that were 'acting pretty ugly' in this video. I will put the link below.
    Israel is a Jewish Ethno State. I don't fault them for that. However I do criticize their hyprocrisy when we talk about stopping illegal immigration, stopping Syrians from coming into our country etc, etc.
    As I understand it. I read that Canada has volunteered to take the 12,000 black Africans that Israel is expelling.

    This is the story as I understand it so far. The prevailing theory is that Israel believes that massive climate change is coming to North Africa and the Middle East by 2040. Islamic overpopulation will equal starvation and Israel will be attacked by all sides by its neighbors seeking clean water, arable land and anything a Muslim can 'unbolt and runaway with'

    Israel along with Jewish NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations) and have been leading the exodus out of Africa and the Middle East influencing European politicans and governments to take in as many people as they can.
    I believe that our involvement in Libya was also to destabilize the region to allow for mass immigration from Libya's shores as well as the Syrian conflict was also influenced by Israeli and CIA involvement in destabilization and the plan to run Saudi Natural Gas Pipelines from Saudi through Syria into Turkey and onto South Eastern Europe and breaking the Russian Monopoly on selling Natural Gas to the Europeans. The Russians are helping Assad and thereby stopping the pipeline project dead in its tracks.

    I know I wrote a lot, Its a real hard 'Red Pill' to swallow but we are being played. I don't fault the Israeli's because for them its survival. I would do the same if I was in their shoes. We cannot maintain the war economy we have and we cannot maintain the debt we have. Interest's rates are climbing and we are going the route of Ancient Rome in its latter stages.

    Somethings gotta give in our economy. We can no longer afford endless wars and other countries will have to stand on their own if they want to survive. I am not worried about an uprising of a Califate. Soon after its formation it will implode because Muslims mistrust each other so much that their great armies will start fighting each other and forget all about Europe and North America.
    There is no happy solution and the future is as grim as ever. Only a form of very limited Isolationism and independence from the rest of the world will afford our country to survive to see the turn of the next century.
    I will post the video link ASAP to the Israeli protest I talked about above.

  7. I understand that you want the MP as fun gun/range toy...which is a perfectly good reason to get one. Hopefully spare springs, parts, and mags won't be an availability issue.

    I've toyed with the idea of a fullauto figured if I did go through all the headache, hassle, paperwork,, and $$$ of getting one, I'd get one that was logistically easy to support....figured an Uzi or maybe a Sten would be the way to go. Or, most practical, an M4 or M16 variant.

    A transferable gun runs over $14k these days. Not sure I can convince myself it's worth the coin... if the wheels ever fly off civilization badly enough that you need a fullauto, there'll be plenty of them laying around.

  8. CC, what's wrong with expelling illegals from your country? I wish to Christ we would do that here. As for Israel being a Jewish state, well, yeah. They learned the hard way during the 1930's and 1940's that the only place they would ever have a modicum of safety was in their own country. Jews had been immigrating to the old Jewish homeland since the middle 1800's, at least, and they started out buying land. It was only when the Moslems began periodic pogroms, killing Jews indiscriminately, that they started fighting back. The British promised them a homeland in "Palestine" with the Balfour declaration, then went back on it. So the Jews built their own state by themselves. What's wrong with wanting to keep it a Jewish state. I'm not all that thrilled with what's happened to America since I was a kid. We were essentially an Anglo Saxon culture, until we let hordes of Third World parasites into the country. Now I can't even order a hamburger at McDonalds because the people working there don't speak English. There are parts of Atlanta, like "Chambodia" where white people can't go. Who needs that ? CC, I would never have believed you were an advocate of multiculturalism, but it sure sounds like it. >:O

    As for Israel starting the mass migrations to Europe, that's more anti-Jewish propaganda. You can find videos on the internet that accuse Israel of everything from the 911 attacks to putting poison in the oranges they export, but it's bullshit.

    As for your thoughts on the economics of the world today, I'd say you are pretty well correct. I don't know about all the pipeline stuff, and I wonder if our government is smart enough to bring about all the dire things you mention. My impression of the U.S. government is that it couldn't pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel.

    You still doing any surfing down there? What's going on with your doper Mexican neighbors? I always thought all that was pretty interesting, and I was glad I didn't have to cope with it but now I do.... things have changed a lot up here.

  9. doubt the canadians volunteered to take the israeli byblow. their drool bib wearing prime minister probably did that.
    as for cc's screed about gas he is 100% correct.
    we have a cosmopolitan friend who says 'always follow the money' alternately with 'always follow the oil [gas]'.

    1. I don't know any Canadians who wanted the "refugees" except Trudeau.

      I don't know a lot about the "oil gas pipeline" theory. It's been floating around the internet for awhile.

    2. our cosmopolitan friend didn't rely on the internet. he has been some of the affected places. also speaks foreign languages.

    3. All I can say, is that I still keep up with some of the people I worked with in "Corporate" oil and gas for 20 years, and the "pipeline" story in all it's various incarnations isn't getting much credibility from that quarter. I'm not well informed on that issue, so I can't say "yea" or "nay." There are a lot of impediments in place today , both legal and practical, to the kind of Machiavellian scheming that people are talking about on the internet or elsewhere. Right now, I tend to look at it as a "conspiracy theory" issue. However, I've been wrong on other issues of this nature, particularly the part George Soros played in manipulating the American "body politic" so I will just have to wait and see who is right.

  10. Harry,
    Be safe with the has a tendency to turn nasty. Being prepared at all times is a good thing.

    1. Sandy, it's Wednesday morning here now, and the rain has stopped. Still a lot of wind, and the rivers and creeks are overflowing in some places. We didn't have any damage other than some trees down. The county, overall, didn't make out so well. There are still portions (those where the citizens of more modest means live) that don't have electricity this morning (Wednesday)

  11. As far as Class III paperwork, I would suggest getting items through a trust; you'll have a little extra paperwork (and processing time) but it makes it so that others you choose can legally have access to the weapon - otherwise, if you leave your safe open, or your wife has access to it, you could get in big trouble.
    You can have a trust with as little as 2 people; everybody on the trust has to submit paperwork when the application goes in to the ATF, but later on you can easily add more people with a 1 page notarized form that doesn't go to the ATF unless you put more items in the trust.
    I just got a Class II item through after a 10 month wait for a trust; I've heard it is 4 to 6 months for individual applications.

    1. Jonathan, I guess I have to go see a lawyer to set up a trust. I remember reading something about buying "restricted" weapons in the name of a trust , there was an article about it in Guns and Ammo some years back. So, if it took you ten months to set up a trust, and it takes 4-6 months to get the ATF approval, that's well over a year. Not very encouraging. :-(

  12. Hey Harry,


    I hope you did not misunderstand what I wrote. I am not a supporter of multiculturalism. I will just come out and say it. A great many American liberal Jews support multiculturism but support an almost full Jewish Ethno State where only Jews live. A stark contradiction in values.

    When we want to bring back Nationalism to America. The liberal Jews of America scream to 'Nazi'Nazi, Nazi. When Israel takes a hard right turn to Nationalism. They support Israel's Nationalism. Go figure.
    One Item of note. Take a look at Israel's wall to keep the Palestinians out. Now take a look at Trump's new metal fence. Israel received more money for their wall (from American Taxpayers) than Trump got for his wall (if you want to call it a wall) I was hoping for 40 foot towering concrete walls but we are getting another 'half assed' metal fence that can be cut, torched through, etc. on the Southern Border with Mexico. The whole Trump wall promise at this point is a load of horseshit. I still support Trump but I lay the blame on this on Congress and Senate for a lack of support for a true border wall.

    I now fully believe that going to back to a 'European Values' model that the founders envisioned for this country is the only way keep America intact well into the 21st Century and beyond. I also believe that should allow only people to immigrate to this country that are from European background. The White South Africans would be a good group to take it. Self reliant, Dutch ancestry hard working people that could counter the multitudes of Latin American undesirables in the voting booths.
    I also recognize that it is too late. Too many have flooded our borders from Latin America since the 1980's and we are being overrun and soon at the voting booth, we will be overrun as well.
    This of course will lead to 'balkenization' and eventually split this country apart.
    The 21st Century will be the last century of America. I'm guessing about the year 2040 to 2075 and the Union will be over with. Overpopulation and mass migration are the key culprit's. I am not too worried about it because I will be way to old to care or six feet under from normal maladies of old age. I just don't like to see great countries or civilizations fall but its the way of things in all of human history.

    There has been some changes with the Mexican dopers behind me. Several have moved out and the ones remaining have straightened up.
    I have not been to the beach lately. I have a lot going on. Nothing bad, just lots of stuff after the hurricane etc. We are still cleaning up damage etc.

    1. I agree with your first paragraph, but it's not going to happen. The vast majority of liberals, Democrats, Snow Flakes, BLM, Anti-fa and related slugs only want "people of color" allowed into the country. It's very "bad" to white, in their view. So your conclusion (the last two paragraphs) is correct as far as I can see. Once we started being overrun here with "the dregs of the earth", I realized the country as a whole is finished. There will still be some sketchy form of government here, but it won't be "American." Take the much ballyhooed' Nicki Haley, our Ambassador to the United Nations. Her parents were immigrants from dot on the face India. She was Governor of South Carolina and had no interface whatsoever with Southern culture, in fact, she despised it. That's where we are and that's where we're going.

      I went over to Gainesville Ga with my wife on Monday. Hadn't been there in about two years. The town was taken over by Hispanics in the late 1980's. Store signs in Spanish, nothing but Hispanics walking around, etc. But this time, the section of the town that had the old mall was Moslem. We went in the mall, and some of the women working in the hair salon were wearing full burkhas. The women working at the little kiosks down the middle of the Mall were wearing the same black sacks. The mall itself was full of men lounging around, speaking arabic. They weren't working, obviously, as it was the middle of the day on a weekday. Didn't see any Hispanics, they seem to have been run off.

      Sorry to hear you haven't been to the beach. if I lived where you do, I'd be there every sunset and sunrise. Your place didn't get much damage did it? I thought you skated on that one.

  13. April 24...

    I take it you are ok, since you replied to comments, on 23.

    1. The county got pounded, and some are still without electricity this morning (Wednesday) but overall we did ok here on the mountain. I hope we don't get a lot of rain in the next week or so though, the big trees are starting to come down wholesale. Too much rain in the soil.

  14. We live close to Kansas, tornado alley. We had a few bad ones lately, but mostly they hit outside the Omaha area. We had a huge hail storm in the late summer last year. We had both cars in the shop and had to put on a new roof. It's crazy what bad weather can do.

    1. I remember when that hailstorm damaged your vehicles, and your roof. I was sorry you and your family had so much to contend with all at once, seems like you get more than your fair share of bad breaks.

      I have a giant poplar tree right next to my shop. It has grown so much in 30 years that it is cutting into a stone wall next to it. I am afraid that one day, the wind will bring it right down on the shop. But it is a beautiful tree, and in summer provides shade for a whole section of the immediate area around the buildings.....

    2. could you get some professionals to top that tree little by little and then the lower branches would still provide shade but danger of falling would have been minimized.

    3. I could, but it would be expensive. For them to come out and take down the tree is $300.00. That's also what they would charge to come up and "top" the tree, every time they came.