Thursday, April 12, 2018

Constant Sorrows! I know how the Neanderthals felt when the Cro Magnon started moving into the area.

The past week or so has been a bit ragged.   I've decided to make this the new theme music for the blog, for a bit!  ;-)

Things started to go sour around Easter.  My mom sent me this email from her cell phone, and it had a video of how her house was all fixed up for an Easter family get together.  She spent a fortune having it catered, little ceramic rabbits on the table, the whole nine yards.  My mom is totally wrapped up in the church, especially since my dad died.  Just to tease her, I sent back an email that said the place really looked good, but that it was a shame that she spent so much money, as Easter had been cancelled this year, because they found the body.

What I didn't know was that she had sent the same damn email to all her church group friends, her pastor, and that crowd. Somehow or other, when I sent my email , it went to everybody she sent the original too.  And I got this frantic email saying "Harry, that went to all my friends!!!!!!!!!" with lots of exclamation marks in case I didn't get the point.  Also, I got missives from my brothers and my sister about sending a joke like that to mom.

So I emailed them back and said I didn't work for any of these people who were upset, and I didn't owe them any money, so I didn't care a Tinker's Damn if they were mad or not.  You know what they say about people who can't take a joke. >;-(

Then I lost my wallet.  I was sitting in the Jeep outside Walmart, straightening it out, then I went inside.  Got in there, and didn't have it any more.  Went back outside, and it wasn't by the car. Time was, I'd have been sure someone would just turn it in, but that didn't happen.  So now I am going through cancelling debit and credit cards, getting a new insurance card, getting a new drivers license and concealed carry permit, etc. etc.  What a pain in the rear. I bought myself a "trucker" wallet with a chain on it, so this shouldn't happen again.

Then M got hurt at the kids.  She was trying to carry boxes up the stairs, after the kids' told her absolutely not to do that, and of course she fell down the stairs.  At our age, you don't do that without some consequences. I've got her home now and she's just got to take it easy until she feels better. At least she's home, and we do have decent health insurance that will pick up some of the expenses. I know she wanted to help, but I can't believe she did that.

Next I get an email telling me my sister is getting married again!  What!  She's been a widow for 12 years now.  She was married to a good guy, a Captain in the Marine Corps, but he died young. Now she's 62 and she's getting married?

 She dated a retired Army helicopter pilot for awhile, then she met this guy. He lives across from my brothers beach house out in Oregon.  He's some kind of Marine Engineer, whatever the hell that is.

I can't figure it.  Seems disloyal, somehow.  I wonder how her kids feel about it. Not that hot, I'd imagine.

It's going to be a small wedding, which is just as well because I'm not getting on an airplane to go out there for it.

I hope she's got sense enough to keep their finances separate, because if it doesn't work out it will make things a lot easier on her in terms of splitting the sheets.

If M dies, I'm not interested in getting married again, ever. I told her she could get herself a new husband if she wanted once I croak, but she didn't seem enthusiastic about the prospect.

Things are getting worse in town.   Yesterday, I saw two guys walking down the street that were right out of a horror movie.  Mid twenties, long, lanky nasty dreadlocks all the way down  their backs. Rear ends hanging out of their saggy britches.  Glaring , "in your face" at everybody that drove by. It was like being on Spring Street in Atlanta.  Get out of the car at the grocery store , and you find Vietnamese parked next to you.  People shouting and arguing in the Burgher King, in Chinese.

Unpleasant things are happening up here that have never happened before. I was listening to the scanners, and heard dispatch sending deputies out to a woman's house. She came home and her house had been vandalized. The exact word the dispatcher used was "destroyed."  The place was totally wrecked, with "gang signs" sprayed on the walls. This was just a modest house owned by an old woman who worked in town.  She couldn't have done anything to "offend" this trash. They were just having a little fun.

It leaves you with a feeling of dread, all these goings on.  I wonder how long it will be before something really horrific happens, and who it will happen to?

And just to top things off,  tomorrow is my birthday.  I hate birthdays with a passion.  You get to be my age, and it starts creeping into your mind that maybe you won't make it to the next one. I know Tewshooz will castigate me for having a bad attitude on the subject, but there it is.

The other issue with age is "can I keep things together and under control up here?"  It gets harder to do with each passing year.

This has been an interesting week, that's for sure.  A few more like it and it will finish me off.

How about a little upbeat music?

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  1. Hi Harry :) I loved that movie and the soundtrack! :) Thanks for that memory :)

    Gosh you're having a bad time!!! I thought your joke was funny. :) But I can see how some wouldn't!! Sorry you're in the doghouse. I've lost my wallet a few times and it's kind of panic-inducing for me...having to do all that work to get everything back in order...good idea about the trucker wallet. Mine's always in my purse, locked around my shoulders...would you get peeved if I wish you a happy birthday anyway? I for one am happy you're still kickin'! ;)
    Oh, poor gosh I hope she feels better soon.

    I don't know how I'd feel about having someone else in my life if Alex dies before me. I don't think I would have another relationship again...I'd live my life out with my pets likely. Alex has actually said that he likely won't live too long if I go first.

    The upbeat music is really nice. I really like hearing a fiddle in a band. That was an instrument I always wanted to learn how to play. I still have time to learn. First though, when we settle, I have to find room for a piano. :)

    Glad to see a post from you, I was wondering how things were!

    1. Rain, I thought it was pretty good, myself. Loved the Blue Grass music.

      I feel like I've been beat about the head and shoulders here recently. I have the Midas Touch in reverse, seems like everything I touch turns to merde.

      I would never consider getting into another relationship. I'm happy with the one I have, but if something happened to M, I would just live up here with the animals til I died.

      I didn't want my whole post to be doom and gloom, even if I kind of feel that way. That's a good old song. When my mom and dad got married, they had their honeymoon at Micanopy. It was a nice, quiet place in 1952.

      I just didn't have time or energy to get on the internet, Rain. Seemed like, as soon as I started dealing with one thing, something else would happen. I'm hoping now things will quiet down.

    2. I know that feeling of the Midas Touch in reverse...I laughed that you said "merde" grandma used to say "Holy Merde" lol...Doom and gloom happens at times, we all go through that. I felt that way for a while now when Charlie had her allergic reaction...then Jack got really sick...then the whole Stella and Pavlov saga...which may (or may not likely) be coming to an end soon. We told the guy enough was enough. We feel for the dogs though, it's a sticky situation, emotionally at least.

    3. I know you have had a lot going on up there, it's like some Greek playwright said in one of his tragedies "Only the Dead have seen the end of woe." I want to say Euripides but I'm not sure. I hope things work out for the poor dogs, you have been great about it all.

  2. Well, it sounds like an eventful week. Exchanging the wallet for a chained truckers has saved me several times, but I've also backed off with unsecured wallet and stuff falling out in front of counter. Makes me laugh and laugh (not!).

    Your sister's new squeeze. I couldn't tell if she is an 'empty nester' yet, but maybe she is worried about getting older and being completely alone. When you get hurt or sick, not having a person to help you out is scary.

    I'm not quite sure why the new people would want to live in rural Tennessee. They are more of an urban crowd - strange that small town would attract them. Were they brought in of their own free will ? Young immigrant crowds are loud and why they play that 'whale passing gas' music so loud just gnaws on me. Hey, you like it so much - try this new fangled headphones and blow your ear drums out if you want.

    Hope your weekend is an improvement.

    1. I know why those people are coming here. They just finished a new "project" up on a mountainside here, very nice, and it's all for people on the dole. So all these different groups are moving up here, doesn't cost them anything and they get a brand new apartment. Atlanta has such a huge indigent population they can't keep up the subsidized places, the "occupants run them down to dumps" and then move on to the next place and ruin it too. We NEVER had these kinds of people up here before this complex opened up, and now we are awash in them. It's hideous.

      I don't know why my sister decided to get married again, but it's a mistake . She's been living on her own for a long time now, and she was always bossy and independent. I don't expect it to last long.

      Things have to get better, short of an asteroid falling on the house or me laying them out like cordwood in town, what else can happen?

  3. Well,Harry....never say never. My first husband always said that. Anyway, Happy Birthday....what, 64 years? Should I get you a cane or a wheel chair? Lighten are still young. Maybe you need some chocolate or a few shots of good whiskey. Sorry to hear about M. Sorry to hear about the scummy trash moving into your area....nothing you can do about it, right? Life is too short to be pissed off at stuff you can't change. Enjoy your family and animals and let the rest of the world go by. You have many friends who care about you, me included, so just concentrate on them. We love hearing from you. OK, you are going thru a rough will pass. BTW, I thought the joke about Easter was funny.

    1. I'm sixty six. Which actually means, in my mind, I think of myself as 67 because as soon as I pass a birthday, I think I'm older than that birthday and mentally move on to the next year.

      I've been allowing myself a couple of Southern Comforts and Coke here recently, in the evenings.

      Well, I'm glad you liked that joke, and I liked it, but my family didn't and my wife is mad that I told my mom that joke, because my wife thinks it was "inappropriate."

      I expect things will settle down. I hope so, I'm getting tired of one BS thing after another.

  4. Ah, I had a similarly disheartening experience the other evening. I got out of my vehicle and was walking across the grocery store parking lot when two young women came out of the store and started walking to their car. A drunk Indian (Thats Indian-with-a-casino, not Indian-with-a-SevenEleven) who had been staggering around the lot saw them and immediately shifted his course to intercept. Naturally, I did the same. He approached the first gal and asked for money and got waaaaay too close to her for my comfort, she rebuffed him and he went around to the other side of the car and asked her friend for the same. Then he asked if he could kiss one of them. I'd been slowly circling around from about thirty feet distant and started to walk over there to break things up but he apparently caught me out of the corner of his ye and made a quick exit. The two gals seemed utterly oblivious to the risk they had been exposed to... he'd been close enough to just grab their things and run, or worse.
    The supermarket people, of course, say there's nothing they can do..which is kinda true - theyre hamstrung by corporate policies and insurance requirements. It wasnt that long ago the manager wold just grab some beefy guys from the backroom, go out in the parking lot, and tell the guy in no uncertain terms to unass the parking lot and do not come back unless you want a fast trip to Knuckle City.

    I don't really carry a wallet anymore. I carry My DL, carry permit, three bank cards and some folding money. Periodically I remove all the bank cards from my little card holder, lay them on a copy machine or flatbed scanner, and take images of them..front and back..and save the copy. Then if I lose them I know exactly what cards, what accounts, when the expire, what numbers on the card to call, etc. It's a pain in the ass, but its useful to have read up on how to cancel the cards you carry before you actually need to. I also make sure my ID cards in my wallet feature my PO Box address or my shop address, rather than the address where I hang my holster at night.

    I seems disloyal on a visceral level. But on an intellectual level it's pretty normal...12 years and all. But..what do I know.

    I'm with ya on the birthday thing, so I'll refrain from the well wishes. You already know I hope you have a good day regardless of what day of the year it is.

    1. Hey, Zero. I've got a good letter from you I want to reply too. I just wanted to wait until I could write an intelligent response. The dust is starting to settle around here now. Should get caught up real soon.

      Strangely enough, because some people don't recognize a bad situation developing when they see it, you can't even be sure your help in preventing something ugly will be appreciated. I'm constantly amazed at the lack of situational awareness I see demonstrated around here. Usually, it's younger women doing things like leaving the car unlocked, then coming out of a store and jumping in without even looking in the back seat. Basic things that you'd expect even a kid to know about.

      I have a debit card and a credit card now, and usually I only carry the debit card. Through sheer bad luck, I had the credit card in the wallet too. Replacing my drivers license, my concealed carry permit, my health insurance card, etc is a major pain in the derriere.

      I don't think my sister should remarry, she's 62 years old. If she needs companionship she should get a dog. You can trust them a lot better than a man, and they are a lot less expensive.

      I look at how long I have been around, and I think, 66 Christmases! More than two months on a calendar, if every day was Christmas. Scheiss. I saw this X-files once where this guy went out and vampired the life out of people at night, so he stayed eternally young. Man, if I could do that, nobody around here would ever go out at night before too long. ;-)

      If I can get out from under the repercussions of all that's happened in the last week, I'll be ok. I didn't even mention stepping off a ladder while I was three steps up because I was wearing my "see far" glasses and thought I was at ground level. With everything else, it just didn't seem that bad.....

  5. Hey I thought the one about Easter was a funny joke. Well I hope you got through the spell of bad stuff and it will be smooth sailing from here on in for the rest of the year. Loosing the wallet is the pits. Happened to me once. I think I accidentally tossed it out in a trash can at a gas station with a McDonalds bag. Never found it back. What a mess! Did you turn the car inside out and make sure it had not fallen between the seats or something of the sort?
    Been busy wrenching on cars here. Will try and put up another post about it all soon.

    1. Yeah, I went over the car with a fine toothed comb.I am pretty sure I stuck the wallet in my left front pocket while I was sitting in the car, and it fell out when I got out of the car. I had it in the car, and I knew it was missing as soon as I got in Walmart. I went right back out, but it was gone. Some low life probably found it and that's that. Who knows, it may turn up one of these days.

      Be good if you got back to posting. You've been off the net for a long time now. Not surprising, with all you've been working around, but I miss your posts and I'm sure a lot of others do too.

    2. Did do a post a couple weeks ago about my new "EMP proof bug-out vehicle" you might have missed.

    3. I am pretty sure I missed that one. I have a "blog watcher" set up to tell me when somebody does a post that I want to follow, but it doesn't always work.

  6. Only time will tell the wisdom of your sister's decision, but there's nothing disloyal about it.

    1. I don't know. I don't have a good feeling about it. No one in the family even really knows this guy, he's just a "neighbor" at my brother's weekend place. What if he's a fortune hunter? I don't think she's known him that long. I guess she's made up her mind, though, so we'll see what happens. I bet you a dollar to a donut the marriage doesn't last two years. My sister is very headstrong and opinionated. If he's ok with her being the boss, it might work out.

  7. maybe the rotten ones will get the plague.
    if someone disposes of the trash and everyone has seen nothing the termites came be cleared out.
    they think they are owed a living and should eat for free.
    and they do!!

    1. It's like the damned circus has come to town, I sh*t you not. This was a fairly sedate, fairly homogeneous place in the mountains. It changed a little after the four lane was built, but my God, these subsidized apartments have been like Noah's Ark opening the ramps and letting all the animals out at once. There is NO work here, so all these people in their teens, twenties, thirties, forties that I see beveling around in the middle of the working day, are living off government checks, in government housing.

  8. Well, I am 79 which in my mind makes me think of myself as 80;....scheech, Harry. So, the joke was inappropriate, so what. Don't sweat the small stuff, Harry. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and people are miffed about a joke? Unreal. Yep, you are a gruff old codger; it's why we love you, lol.

    1. I'm irked at my mom. Sending somebody an email without their knowing that if you use the reply function it goes out to everybody and their dog. It'll blow over. That's far from being the most egregious episode in a long history between me and my siblings.

      I'm starting to feel hemmed in. First, the country was safe. Then, the out of town areas were safe. Now, nobody seems safe. All because of a bunch of greedy bastards down in Atlanta and up here, who set this thing up to profit off of it, while they drowned the rest of us in human trash.

      Alas, I have no social skills, a bad temper, a tendency to say exactly what I think. That doesn't make me wildly popular, but like PopEye the Sailor, I am what I am. ;-)

    2. Personally, I always preferred that people say what they really think, instead of smarmy, unctuous mealy mouthing. Call a Spade, a Spade. At least you know where that kind of individual really stands.

  9. I'm sorry, but the first part cracked me up. I know your mom probably was pissed at your joke. I've done that too - sent a message from a group text, not realizing everyone was seeing it. The fact that you probably offended a bunch of church goers made it all the more funny.

    I hope your wife starts feeling better.

    You'll probably cancel all those cards, get new ones, and find your wallet.

    I hope your sister has a happy wedding. Maybe, since they are older they know more of what they want.

    After Easter for us was sickness. We got it from a family function. Isaak got it first in our family. He's had fevers, body aches, snotty nose, and a cough.
    Then Mica and Travis got it. So far I haven't gotten it. I've been searching for jobs. It makes it hard when I'm working full time already. I really want one. They said I was too creative for the position. Another position was to open up in a month. that's ok because that will get me through the school year. I just hope the job doesn't fall on it's face, and not go anywhere. Today I had an interview. Went, it went well, I got back and looked up reviews on the company. It was some stupid pyramid scheme place. No thanks! What a waist of my vacation time.

    1. Alissa, my mom tends to gravitate to really die hard, fundamentalist churches and when it comes to religion, some of those folks don't have a sense of humor. I thought it was a funny joke. Not one I could tell around here in North Georgia, of course, but I thought it would be ok to tell my mom. I was interested in her reaction. I would never have thought she would send me an email that other people could read the response to, though. That seems like an invitation to disaster.

      M is feeling better but we can't go walking at the lake or the park, and we both really need to get out once a day and do that. I don't want her to just lay around the house because we have to watch our weight. But her knee won't support an active life style right now. I will just have to be patient. She has a long, long history of getting hurt doing things that she shouldn't be, or going into a "brown study" while she's driving and having wrecks...

      I don't know what has gotten into my sister. She doesn't need to be getting married at her age. Dating is one thing, but married? And where did this come from, just out of the blue, she just broke up with the former helo pilot. I think it will end badly, but as you say, maybe not.

      Alissa, be careful you don't work yourself sick. You already do more than most other people. Most jobs here depend on who you know, more than what you can do or what you have done. I hope you find one you like, and that it won't just wear you down to the point of exhaustion.

      Sorry about everybody getting sick. The flu is still going around here, but not as bad as it was. Maybe with Spring coming on all this sickness around the country will start tapering off.

  10. hang in there, i think we'll get to start shooting them soon.

    1. I'm ready right now. I could just tear my hair out by the roots. It was rich, greedy bastards that brought that road in here, and it was the same rich, greedy bastards that set this thing up so they could dump all the riff raff off here in our county. None of the adjacent counties are having this happen, because none of them are importing bottom feeders to fill up "projects."

  11. You have truly been having a rough time of it. So sorry to hear about M's fall. Hope she heals quickly. At least, she is home with you and the kids are all settled in. I really don't think I would ever remarry. It sounds like way too much trouble. The older we get, the more set we are in our ways. But, some people our age remarry and are quite happy. I try to stay out of others' relationships(not always successfully) but I do try. I started living by the motto "Not my circus, not my monkeys."
    Even though you don't like birthdays, I do wish you a happy birthday! Hey-I always liked Popeye. Haha! Jana

    1. Jana, when my aunt died, my Uncle, who was in his seventies, tried to marry his maid so he wouldn't have to pay her. The family raised a big stink so he didn't, but then he married some woman he met at "the villages" down in florida where he lived. She had more money than he did, but she wouldn't let him boss her around and he is a dyed in the wool SOB, so she divorced him. Old people remarrying does work sometimes but not often.

      Yeah, Popeye was a good guy. Not sophisticated or polished, but "true blue" as they said in the thirties when he was invented.

      It's better to just back off on something like my sister getting married, and that's what I'm doing. As you say, "not my circus."

  12. OUCH! Hope she heals quickly. It's good you've got her back at home. Familiar surroundings usually help.

    I've only lost my wallet twice. Once at a toll plaza up past O'Hare when I was doing a field service call, and once in the back seat of my buddy's 1970 Grand Prix SSJ. He called me the next day and I went over and got it. The first time wasn't so lucky and I had to go through what you're doing. Got a call from the State Police a couple of weeks later that a work crew had found it alongside the highway. The money was gone (DUH!), but everything else was there, so they mailed it to me.

    A "Marine Engineer" is somebody who works on a commercial ship, and does things like mind the power plant and other systems. If he's an American working on an American flagged ship, he makes some serious coin!

    He's probably gone a lot, too.

    I doubt if I'd get married again, too. If D goes before me, I'd be crushed, and might not make it. about Big City problems coming to Small Town USA!! We listen to the scanner here and the worst thing we've heard so far was a Sheriff's call to go visit a couple who were having a rather loud argument that sounded like it was escalating. Quite a bit different from L.A.!


    1. She messed up one knee pretty badly, Dr. Jim. It will be awhile before we are walking the circle around the lake again.

      I lost my wallet about a year ago, I put it on the top of the jeep, forgot it, and drove over to the park. It blew off along the road. Weeks later, some bicycle fairies found it and turned it in to the park, and I got it back. Maybe that will happen this time, but this big wallet I bought with a chain should make it less likely to happen again.

      It has something to do with ships, and the guy is gone alot, so you are probably right. Maybe my sister is marrying him to get her own beach house! ;-)

      We never used to have bizarre things happening here, but then the Mexicans came in the late 80's, and we did have things like break ins, but not often. This new wave of Third World people is a whole different kettle of fish. I don't know where it will end.

      Yeah, fun when you are a kid and get presents, but not so fun when you get older.

  13. You mentioned the hate of birthday, but I hope your 'Born On Date' day goes well.

    1. It's not the actual day I dislike so much, as it is being reminded I'm getting older. Childish, but true. Today wasn't a bad day. My mom called and sang happy birthday on the answering machine, which was nice. I guess....

  14. Your reply to Mom, went to all her Mailing List. LOL If people are gonna' use those things, *mail to all*, then they have to know, they can backfire at times.

    Sister widowed for 12 years. She looks lovely and happy and I think she has the right to remarry. With separate finances of course.

    Sigh, so far, my small city doesn't look like your town. Here, the influx has been the rich kind. The big city, rich, Liberals.... Who see here, and think it is LOVELY!!! Move here! Want to CHANGE it. Because it's not Liberal or Enlightened Enough. %^*&&^$##&*(&^% Same shit. Different form.

    Your wife! *"Just wanted to help!"* %^*&*&^%$#@$^&*U That's one thing I learned, early on. It's fine to not be able to do certain things. Still working on this, with husband, of course.

    Ohhhh noooooo! Birthday time! But Dear, look on the bright side. Here, we are 81 and soon to be 85. You haven't hit those numbers yet!!!!!!!!!! :-))))

    Glad you liked the Map in my header. It's been very popular. Which is nice.

    So I end with, Happy Birthday Toad!!!!!!!!!!! :-))))))

    1. Well, just seems like a lot of aggravating things happening all at once, but I didn't go berserk. I was very mature and just sulked until I felt better. ;-)

      I hope I can make it to 85. The men in my family tend to top out at around 82. 85 would be nice!

      I really liked that map. I love "The Wind in the Willows", did as a kid, and still do!

      My mom called and sang happy birthday on the answering machine today, while we were out. Happy Birthday Toad is exactly how she ended her message!

  15. Oh gees, what a sinking spell you have lived through. Best wishes to M for a speedy recovery.

    I think of life as a sine wave, lots of endless ups and downs. So, going on my theory of life, the good news for you is that you have done the down part and things should improve! Then again, my husband thinks I am a Pollyanna since I always look for the silver lining.

    Since you are having a new birthday, I suggest you get yourself a new Jeep (that you mentioned you wanted). Surely something good should come from this birthday :)

    On the more serious topic of dreadful folks moving in closer and closer to you, I don’t have any ideas. We have been watching the Netflix series called Flint, and it is a very sobering view of the alternative worlds that exist out there. A world you see a lot more than us in Scottsdale. I am hoping we all expire before bad things really happen, or that there is a war and the rest of America can see what evil really is. We have decided at our ages (70 and 61), we are losing our ability to fight off the hordes.

    Anyway, go buy a Jeep :)

    1. Hilogene, I saw a new kind of Jeep today I have never seen before, and was instantly in love. It's like a 4 door Wrangle, but bigger, and has a canvas back. Looked really military. I asked the guy driving it where he bought it, and he got it up in North Carolina. I am going to ride up there this weekend and see what they run. I wasn't planning on buying a brand new one, but Lord! I have got to get me one of those! ;-)

      Life is a series of ups and downs, you are exactly right. Lately, I've had more ups than downs, but I am a lot better about coping with good times, than bad times. I find myself being more like I was at 32, getting really angry really fast over nothing at all. Need to be careful of that!

      That "Flint" show sounds good. I don't have Netflix but I will see if I can watch it on Amazon Prime.

      I expect really bad things any time. When it happens, it usually happens fast, unexpectedly, and right out of the blue.

  16. I thought your response to your mom was a hoot! People just need to lighten the heck up. There is a friend of mine that sends out the multi type of email, I never respond because I am likely to make some smart ass remark that they won't get, ever.
    Sorry to here your lady is hurting. Hope she gets better soon.
    Your sister is going to do what she is going to do, no sense in worrying about the guy, until or if he becomes a problem. I have dated a few times since the Cowman died. All the good ones are taken, or have had a wife that totally ran the show. There are so many cougars out there hunt'n hard, and I don't want to go down that road. So it will just be me, and I'm fine with that.
    We have a horrible druggie homeless problem in N Cal, thanks to our
    early release, and don't even catch programs. I'm out of here as soon as I get dad's estate settled, and my eye surgery done.
    Happy Birthday, hope you buy that Jeep, life is short!

    1. Hey, Brig.

      I told my mom to please not send me any more emails with more than me as the addee, because I don't want to have to worry about every little thing I say. I'm not all that computer literate, and past a certain point, the whole thing get into the "too hard" category.

      I got an email from my sister, something of a rarity as we have never been close. She said the guy she was dating that I liked, the retired Army helicopter pilot, drowned in an accident some time back. Nobody told me so I didn't know. Seems wrong somehow, the guy gets through three tours in Vietnam flying Hueys, then drowns in a boating accident. Don't know if my sister is "on the rebound" with this guy but she couldn't have known him long, at least as other than the guy across the street.

      When I see people walking at the lake or the park by the river, it's always mid day, usually a week day, so it's older people. The vast majority are couples. If I am sitting in the car at the grocery store while M does the shopping, I see the old couples going in and out of the store. This is a huge retirement area now, so seniors make up a big percentage of the population. It would be lonely to be on your own, but then, it would be worse to marry someone you weren't really compatible with. If anything happens to M, I am just going to continue on up here on the mountain top. I don't really get lonely if I stay busy, even when she's gone and visiting the kids. This last visit was for a month and a half.

      I saw a new kind of Jeep in town that I really liked. Looked like a military Jeep. I am going up to Hayesville, North Carolina today. That's where the guy who was driving the one I saw in the parking lot said he got his. Probably can't really afford a brand new one, and there won't be any used ones yet, but I want to take a look.

      M is getting better. She was going to Hayesville with me, but now she doesn't want to go because a big storm is coming, so she is staying home.

      Seems like the drug thing is everywhere now. I don't know anyone who can escape being around the problems it causes. When you bail out of the Peoples Democratic Republic of California, I hope you find a good, quiet, safe place to set up.

  17. Hey Harry,


    I am concerned about Trump's potential debacle in Syria. I think getting involved in Syria is a big fricking mistake.

    I have swallowed the final red pill and now I blame Israel for our attack on Syria.
    Syria has been a thorn in Israel's since 1948. I am tired of the U.S. being pulled into ancient feuds that have been brewing for the past 5,000 years. We can no longer afford wars, lives of America's best men and women over endless wars in the Middle East and Persian Gulf.
    As it stands I am pulling my support for Israel. I also have no sympathy or support for the muslim world. Those two are like a dysfunctional 'white trash' married couple that wish to fight until they are both dead.

    There is no end in site for that part of the world. I vote we pull our troops, etc out of the entire region and out of Africa. No more foreign aid money for any country in the world. Let them kill each other and starve to death.

    America can no longer be the worlds police force. We can longer take in refugee's nor can we take in any more immigrants. We are an overworked and over taxed machine like Imperial Ancient Rome. We are making the same mistakes as Ancient Rome and it will lead to our demise like Ancient Rome.

    I will write more on this on your next post 'Harry.

    1. Uhm, how is it Israels' fault that President Trump is deciding to monkey around in Syria? I think it has more to do with Iran maintaining Syria as a client state, CC.

      I'm not sure 1914 style isolationism will work. It didn't work worth a damn in 1941. If we have to fight the scumbags of the world, I'd rather do it on our turf before they have the chance to bring "the struggle" here. Those are not the kind of people who will leave you alone if you leave them alone.

      We don't have to be the world's policemen, but when we have to kick ass and take names in our own defense, we can't project force from the continental U.S. unless we only care about dropping some bombs.

      Life isn't simple, and international relations are a lot more complicated than life. I understand your frustration, and getting aggravated with all of it. But it's not the kind of game where you can take your marbles and go home.

  18. Well, hope you had a decent birthday anyway.

    Best wishes.

    1. B, it wasn't so bad. Just another day in the life....