Thursday, April 19, 2018

Just for the fun of it. Spending the day going to supply points. R . Lee Ermy and Art Bell died.

I expect that everybody who is a former Marine, everybody who likes guns, and everybody who just likes good, all around stand up guys knows that R. Lee Ermey died last week.

He was known as "The Gunny" which is Marine Speak for Gunnery Sergeant.  Gunny Ermey started acting in small roles after he retired, did shows like Miami Vice as a guest, and was in "Full Metal Jacket."  Then in the 1990's he did a series of really outstanding shows for the History Channel, mostly on old weapons and equipment.  He was widely admired by people like me, and hated by people from the Hollywood elite. Eventually, they kept him from working anymore, but he devoted himself to helping outfits that helped veterans, and he was a ferverent gun collector and motorcyle devotee. He died of pneumonia.  One of the quotes you hear that the man said fairly often was "All in all, it's been a pretty good ride."

If you are an insomniac, or just a "night person", you'll have heard that Art Bell passed away last week as well.  I listened to "Coast to Coast" many a long, quiet hour late at night. The show came on here around one a.m. and usually went to about 4 a.m.   Bell transmitted his program from his own compound out in the Nevada desert.  As he said himself, he had some of the most intelligent, brightest people you would ever want to meet call in, and some of the craziest, as well. His subjects covered a wide spectrum, from the paranormal to unidentified flying objects, and beyond. Art stepped down a few years ago, and the new honcho changed the style a bit.  He had a great program.

I ordered a UmaRex MP-40 yesterday. Supposed to be here Monday.  Shoots pellets, tops out at around 500 fps muzzle velocity. Fires full auto, 52 round magazine.  Uses gas cartridges.  I am going to have some fun with it, and maybe it will join my arsenal of "non-lethal" gadgets in the Jeep when I get bored with it.

The gun below is what I actually wanted, but you have to get an ATF permit and pay for a tax stamp to own one in this country (no such B.S. in Germany, where it's made) so I had to "settle" since an original MP-40 is way above my pay grade.

So, I got this:  I can have some fun with it.  It's an all metal gun, as close to the original as they could make it and it still be legal and gas powered.

And since I have actually ordered one, I have to post this video again!

Course, it ain't the real thing, but "you don't always get what you want, but sometimes, you just may find, you get what you need." Remember that old song?

These folks have the real McCoy.


The Liberal Mind Set:

Things up here.

M and I drove to a department store in a county to the West of us, and did some shopping. Then we went to Murphy, North Carolina and visited the scratch and dent grocery store. Among other things, we bought 14 large bottles of olive oil for $2.00 a bottle. We use a lot of that cooking, trying to stave off heart attacks, etc.  Also got good prices on cheese, canned vegetables, coffee, and the like. We save enough to justify the drive.

The last couple of days have been perfect. Warm, windy, and dry but not cold.  More cold air coming in tonight though, we have another freeze warning out. Still, everything is turning green now, and it is starting to look like spring outside.

Other than that, not a lot going on here.

A new ASG came in the mail. They've mad the magazine bigger, in terms of the dimensions. The post lady had to roll it up to fit in the mail box.  Some good articles, haven't had a chance to read all of them yet.

Thought for the day:


  1. I heard about Art Bell, but I had no idea that the gunny had passed on. I'm surprised by that. I always thought of him as a man in top shape for his age. Goes to show I suppose that anything can take you at any time. I will remember him best for the Sargent that could cuss better than any living being. I salute him...he will be missed. --Troy

    1. Troy, I was taken aback as well. I think he was only 72. He lived life large, and he did a lot of good things for a lot of people. He was a great role model for younger men. He sure will be missed, you're right about that.

  2. I heard about The Gunny first, then Art Bell, and just found out yesterday that Harry Anderson ("Night Court") passed away as well.

    The Gunny was a class act all the way. I met him some years ago at "Old Fort MacArthur Days" in San Pedro. Wonderful guy, charmed the daylights out of the Sweet Young Thing I was with, and made one of those rare "He's The Real Deal" impressions on me.

    1. I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but I watched his history channel shows and was a big admirer of the man. He was a patriot and a gentleman. There aren't many of his caliber around these days.

    2. As one of my good friends says, "He was a gentlemen and a scholar. And there's damn few of us left these days"!

    3. Your friend must have been a Marine. Back in my time, that was a frequent expression used to describe a good fellow. Don't know if the other services used it.

      Like the old Irish Toast goes:

      Who's like us?
      Damned few, and they're all dead!

  3. Replies
    1. The wife and I looked at a few yesterday. We are going back to look at a used vehicle that seemed to be pretty nice this Saturday. Not exactly what I had in mind but very attractive.

  4. Pistol version available:

    1. I agonized over whether to buy the pistol version, but I want something as close to the real deal as I can get.This air gun should be fun, and I can still get on the stick and file the paperwork to get the folding stock version of the 9mm gun. I need to write to the ATF office in ATL and see how to start the process. I hate paying their"tax", and I have to research what's involved in passing on the weapon to my son when I croak.

  5. Mr. Ermey has/had a YouTube channel. His Glock commercial are still on there....

    .... R. Lee Ermey ..... in the YouTube seach field will get you there.


    1. I guess if you are on the internet in some form, your presence will linger on into the future as long as the internet exists. Beats having to build a temple and carve all your deeds in profile on the walls.

  6. Harry,
    Gunny will be missed by my family!

    I wish we had a scratch and dent store close by. You can really find some great deals. Wow $2 for each large bottle of olive oil.....thats a deal!

    Hugs to you both,

  7. Sandy, I was really surprised by his death. He was only 72 and seemed to be in fine fettle. He died of pneumonia. I very much admired the man.

    We have to make a long journey to get to Murphy, but we take the back roads through the mountains,and it's a beautiful drive. Every time we go we find at least one item we need and which has a very good price.😀