Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Making the Rounds.

We have been doing some traveling.  Monday we set out for Gainesville, Ga.  It used to be a quiet, red brick little town at the foot of the mountains. In the Victorian period, wealthy people from Atlanta used to ride the train up to Gainesville and stay in their summer houses, where it was cooler and quieter. Some of those mansions are preserved on Green Street, although they are now all business offices.

In 1988, there were strikes in the chicken plants in Hall county, of which Gainesville is the seat. Not for unionization, which is unpopular here in the South, but for better wages and working conditions. The big chicken producers like ConAgra, Fieldale, and Tysons spread some money around down in Atlanta, and got temporary work permits for thousands of Mexicans to come up here. Of course, temporary turned into forever. The black and white people who had been working in the plants were replaced with Hispanics. Gainesville became a "Little Mexico" replete with spanish store fronts, spanish speaking taxi services, and the obligatory Hispanic gangs, like the Latin Kings.

The 2016 Census showed Hall County at 28% Hispanic, but the actual numbers are well over 60%. Getting illegals to participate in the census is not easy, particularly when the census takers are not anxious to draw attention to certain demographic trends.

But, we went anyway. The nearest book store to where we live is at the mall in Hall County.

When we got there, after an absence of about a year and a half, a lot had changed. First, the mall is largely abandoned. Most of the store fronts were empty. The book store was still there, and a few shops like Belks.  The last time we were there, most of the people in the mall were Hispanic.  This time, it was primarily Moslems. The women working in the kiosks down the central aisle of the mall were wearing burkhas. The women in the hair stylists shop were wearing burkhas.  One of the women shopping in Victoria's Secret was wearing a Burkha.

Maybe they are selling these outfits in Victoria's Secret now, but I doubt they are that multicultural, yet.

 These women  were wearing  the "Abaya" outfits that don't cover the face, but I still thought it felt pretty strange. The resting areas, little places in the main aisle with chairs , water fountains, and plants were full of Arabic men, drinking coffee from the coffee bar and chattering in Arabic. The air reeked of cologne. Anybody who has spent time in the middle east will know exactly what I mean.  Gainesville boasts an Islamic Cultural Center, and you can go to the web page "Best Ten Mosques in Gainesville" if you want to get down with Allah.

We decided to leave, but what to do next?   We went to Cleveland, Georgia where they have a big new Walmart.  Unfortunately, it was pretty much stocked with what we have in our Walmart, though I did find some good emergency lanterns for a decent price.

Then on to Helen, Ga.  Helen is a big tourist area, and the town is made up to look like a Bavarian town. Helen used to be a  small sawmill town, but a veteran coming back from World War II had the idea to dress it up for the tourists, modeling it on Bavaria. They did a good job.

In the 1980's and half way through the 1990's, it was a nice place. Good restaurants, nice hotels, a river flowing  through, mountains all around.  Lots of very nice little shops that sold tourist knickknacks. Then, in the mid nineties, the Pakistanis starting buying everything up.  Now , they run the place. The shops sell vulgar t-shirts emblazoned with trashy slogans and images. Every other shop is a liquor store or a tattoo parlor. We weren't going to see any of this.   Unicoi State Park is located outside Helen, and the lodge there has a great buffet.

But when we got there, the cupboard was bare. The restaurant was closed.  I've been going to the Lodge at Unicoi for a long time, for decades, and never ran into that before.  According to a young woman we spoke to, business has fallen off at the park and they are only open on Friday and Saturday until June.

So, in the pouring rain, we drove over a nasty set of switchbacks to Hiawassee, Georgia.  Hiawassee has a big lake and is largely populated by octogenarian halfway backs with A LOT of money.

Hiawassee was a quiet , summer town kind of place in the eighties.  Now the mountains are covered with expensive homes, the lake is ringed with condominiums, and the funeral homes and hospitals are doing a land office business as the elderly population croaks. They do have a good steak house up there, though, and that's where we had a late lunch or early supper.

Then, in the thundering rain , on down through the little college town of Young Harris, which is just a wide spot in the road.  Other than a Methodist college, the only other thing there is a big state park. It has a great restaurant, and that was going to be our fall back position if the place in Hiawassee hadn't been open.

After Young Harris,  through Blairsville, Ga.   Blairsville was a nice quiet place once upon a time, but now it's all fast food joints and chain "big box" stores.  The old town square , which was a charming place, has been "renovated" and now looks like some "pueblo' in Mexico.

Then on down the road, through the wind and rain, and back home.  We didn't set out to go anywhere but Gainesville,  just wound up on the "loop" more by accident than anything else.  It was a nice outing, and we were really amazed at the changes in some of the places we hadn't been to in awhile.


Thought for the Day:


  1. Interesting day, but a sad state of affairs, it sounds like.

    1. My problem is that I liked it the way it was when I moved here in 1986. I think most people like "the new" mountains with big box stores, lots of restaurants, car dealerships, etc. But I don't particularly care for all of that.

      None of the "locals" are very thrilled with our new residents, but a lot of the people who live here now moved up here from places that were already overrun with Cubans, Haitians, Central Americans, etc and it's just business as usual to them. The one thing that is really sad is how developers and contractors have utterly destroyed so many of the mountains to make "developments" and "Condo's." They cut everything down, bulldoze the tops off the mountains , and build big houses like zits on the face of the mountains. The only place that is even vaguely protected is the national forest.

  2. Sad, sad story Harry. You have my sympathy, and I'm seeing the same thing here in the U P of Michigan. And my friends and relatives in similar formerly nice places across the country are telling me the same thing. the cities are such shit holes that the people that can afford to are moving out and unfortunately bringing that set of attitudes and values with them. If there was somewhere else to go I'd think about it but probably wouldn't. The last thing you want to be if things go really wrong, which I think is likely, is the new kid in town. --ken

    1. Ken, my son and daughter just let left Cincinnati, largely because the people running the place did their utmost to bring in Illegal immigrants and refugees, thus destroying the quality of life for everyone. In the last year, even our little backside of nowhere has become a dumping ground for the unwanted denizens of inner city Atlanta, and a bewildering spectrum of"refugees" from the middle east and newly imported"immigrants" from Africa and SE Asia.The impact on life here in the mountains has been corrosive to say the least.

      The left has been so successful in flooding the country with "wretched refuse" that nowhere is safe from this phenomenon. I think Captain Crunch, who comments here sometimes, is right when he says the future for us is increasing tribalism and balkanization. That bodes ill for the country and the people living in it.😡

  3. Replies
    1. Don, it's mighty worrisome. I didn't even realize that Islam had made such strides up here, in so short a time , until we went over there. Then I did some research and found it was even worse than I thought. Things in my own county have deteriorated significantly in the last year. Even old ladies in the county library are worried about the changes this has lead to, and there's no indication the trend will slow.🙅

  4. Harry-I am tired of change and sick of multiculturalism. I am so sorry to see your area being ruined. I know that it is only going to get worse. Jana

    1. Jana, as our sojourn through North Georgia made obvious to me , things have gotten a lot worse than I realized. I thought all these"tribals" were just getting dumped off her because of a big "low income rent assisted" project that was constructed in this county and then filled with all the"problem children" the state needed to unload on someone. But it turns out it's much more pervasive than that. 😞

  5. The theme here is obvious...multiculturalism hasn't brought good jobs, it hasn't made small towns look better, only worse. Shops have closed, and who can blame them for leaving?

    I guarantee you that if I tried to open an English only supermarket in Mexico with only US products, my store would be firebombed. --Troy

    1. Troy, contrary to the fulsome bleats of the news media, multiculturalism is a horrific curse. The tribals don't contribute anything positive to the areas where they are relocated. Instead, they are a massive disruption to the communities they are fobbed off on. There's conflict between the different groups, and all of them seem to feel antagonistic towards the locals. These newcomers are aggressive in their demands, but they don't contribute anything to facilitate those demands. Instead, they expect the county government to raise property, sales and business taxes to kow tow to their interests. This has caused a lot of resentment against the "cowbirds" and in my county there is a movement to vote down the special sales tax levy this year. The signs along the road say "Vote no on SPLOST. Enough is enough!"

  6. Hey Harry,


    Its a shame to see how multiculturalism has destroyed the traditional social and cultural fabric of Georgia.
    White and Black Americans will soon minorities win their own lands. When that happens. We will be on the road to second class citizenship and worse.

    Remember David Hogg, the skinny white 'cuck' that headed the student anti-gun protests.

    The wonderful hackers at 4Chan compiled a full list of all of David Hogg's Reddit Account's comments and post's that were displayed online. Now all the comments that were made by David Hogg were done before the school shooting that David Hogg was allegedly at.
    David Hogg complained constantly about not having a girlfriend also David Hogg likes Mosquitoes because they kill people. Yeah you read that right David Hogg likes Mosquitoes because they kill people.
    There were many more interesting comments that David Hogg left. Most were complaining about simply things in life and showed David Hogg kinda looks like a little Adolf Hitler in the making. There were some personality traits simaliar to Hitler in that Hitler was a control freak and so is David Hogg.
    Now David Hogg has been given a pulpit by the powers that be.

    I am glad pretty much all of hackers on our side. Hackers like freedom and they can be allies by ferreting out information that would otherwise be hidden.
    4Chan/POL/ or POL, pronounced 'Pole' by everyone can be a good place to find information that is being suppressed.

    The good news is that there is litterly a small army of misfit's in basements, apartments, college dorms, etc, etc, that spend all day and all night scouring the web for information to expose. Its almost as if they are the 'Minuitemen' of the future.

    One final note. Discord is a site were anyone can get set up an account and talk to anyone online about anything in real time. Kinda like Skype but with realtime discussions and chats. There are numerous liberty minded Discord rooms where big groups can get together using the mic's and speakers on their computers.

    There is also a newer site that's similar to Discord. I just cat remember that name. has none of the Google, YouTube censorship and is starting to be used more frequently too for video posting.

    Harry I wish you had serious high speed cable modem internet access. I would send you links and your would 'chuckle with glee' at the amount of online 'civil disobedience' that is happening.
    The 'propaganda war and battlefields of the future' are happening now online.

  7. The internet seems to have burgeoned into a lot more than it used to be. I have trouble enough keeping up with blogger, and watching youtube. All the places you described sound like they would be interesting and entertaining. Maybe if I ever get caught up around here I can slowly try to work myself into being able to visit them.

    You can look at that Hogg kid and see he's a psychopath. I expect his real beef with the school shooting was that the other guy did it before Hogg worked himself up to it. But he's definitely a "useful idiot" in the old Soviet vernacular.

  8. Hi Harry :)

    Part of your outing sounds like it was nice, but boy, the way you describes seems to be going downhill quickly. I mentioned my shock at seeing a woman with a veil at one of the local stores, the arabs seem to be really taking over and I personally am not a fan of that. After reading your post, I realize it's not just Quebec that is being infiltrated because of the language, it's really happening all over.

    The photo of Hiawassee looks so nice...but the same is happening around every lake here too...houses nearly on top of each other...I hope Alex and I can find a nice private non-motorized lake that we'll have access to in the future.

    1. Hey, Rain.

      I don't know what the total number of imported Moslems is, but if you include Europe, and North America, it's got to be huge. If they are showing up , in numbers, in little towns in out of the way places, what must be happening in the cities. These people don't come to assimilate and be part of the community, either. They are very aggressive about "their culture" and they are not "live and let live" people at all. As soon as they show up, they start opening Mosques, holding "Islamic Cultural Orientation" sessions in public buildings, and agitating for special treatment at the schools, hospitals, etc. Having them in our town has not been pleasant and I think the situation will continue to spiral downwards.

      Hiawassee is still a nice place, but the hoity toity crowd doesn't care a damn what they do to the mountains, overall, as long as they have their multimillion dollar houses perched up on top of the mountains for a good view. Then everybody else has to look at the destroyed skyline, like it or lump it.

      Maybe you can find a nice lake up there without a lot of people. Canada is very sparsely populated, compared to the U.S. so you have much more land available to you. The problem becomes how to live way out in the bush and still make a living, but maybe you could sell your art on line. I am sure people would buy it, and you wouldn't need a lot to live on as you two are frugal people. I guess we will all just have to struggle to get along these days.

    2. Actually we had a friend who lived in France, and he said the arabs pretty much have overtaken a big part of that country too. If an immigrant assimilates, I have no what you like IN YOUR OWN HOME and stop forcing it on me. Like it or lump it applies to this very well, as well as the hoity toity crowd. In each little town around here, it's like one side are multi-millionaires and the other are like us, kind of just getting by or downright poor.

      I agree, Canada is sparsely populated when you are away from the cities and suburbs. Our main goal is the woods, but we do like to fish, so a calm quiet lake would be ideal. Making a living isn't too much of an issue for us because Alex works from home and I have a disability pension (from the work burnout back in 2003), so as long as we continue to be frugal, we should be okay. And I was actually thinking of selling my art down the's an idea. :)

    3. They don't assimilate, they don't participate in the community they infest, they simply try to absorb it. France is riddled with "no go" areas that French people can't enter, and where French law is superseded by Sharia.

      There are all kinds of videos from England where your English women walking down the street are accosted and threatened by hairy, dirty, robe sporting Moslem men because the women are not wearing burkhas. I got a bellyful of Islam and Moslems in Lebanon. I have to laugh when people who don't know any Moslems tell me how nice they are, but it happens all the time. It's just a bad part of the time we live in, Rain.

      I'm sure you will find a nice place further out in the hinterland. Canada is so vast, and has so much uninhabited space. You could sell your art mail order, and work from home. I think things will work out just fine, and you'll be where you want to be in the future.

  9. S-I-G-H-H-H-H-H-H-H

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