Sunday, April 29, 2018

Movies that "would not appeal" here. The caravan arrives at the border today. Spring. A Loquacious Paean to my MP-40 (air gun)

I was looking forward to seeing "Beirut."  It's about Beirut Lebanon at exactly the same time I was there. But April 15th, the release date, came and went, and nowhere in the North Georgia Mountains was it being shown.

I asked up at the big cinema complex in the next county.  They are not showing it because they don't think it will appeal to enough customers. Instead, they will show a movie about Peter Rabbit, a movie about a "physically challenged " woman who thinks she is beautiful, and a couple of other "appeal to the lowest common denominator" type shows.  Nor does anyone have any plans to show the new movie about the Entebbe Rescue.

Well, that's fine.  I'll buy the DVD's when they come out.  There's a new movie called "Leave No Trace" , the trailer is below. I'm pretty sure they won't be showing that one, either.

The weather has changed, and the days are perfect here.  Low seventies in the daytime, mid forties at night. Low humidity.  Everything is turning green. Seems like one day the woods were all gray or brown, then the next every shade of green.

I've stopped listening to my scanners as much as I used to do.  It's getting too depressing.  Better to just concentrate on things up here on the mountain, on my own property. At least I have some control here.  I've been spending more time listening to "wildcat" shortwave broadcasts coming out of people's barns in Tennessee and Mississippi, although Arkansas and Missouri have some interesting stations too.

A lot of them are religious, but they have news worked into their broadcasts.  They're all pretty sure the End Times are coming.  I don't know about that, but I agree with them that the Bad Times are on the horizon.

Life seems to go better when it's not cold, snowy and dreary outside!

Took all three dogs to the county rabies clinic yesterday.  That's always a goat rope, but you get your dog vaccinated for $10.00, as opposed to $65.00 if you go to the vets office.

Today is the day the "immigrant caravan" is supposed to reach the U.S. border. I listened to a radio broadcast on the satellite radio about it today as I was waiting for dawn.  Apparently, the Democrat affiliated outfits that support open borders sent lawyers down to Central America, got this thing organized, and have trained the would be "immigrants" to cross the border in adult/children pairs. If they get picked up with a child, ICS is currently operating under an Obama era rule that says the adult and the child have to be released and given a "court date." The ICE agent on the program pointed out that of course, they never show up.  He was desperate to get this rule changed, but the oversight committees that have input into the issue are being blocked from action by the Democratic politicians in D.C.

No one seems to know what exactly will happen when the "caravan" tries to cross the border, but the ICE agent being interviewed said he thinks they will just come in the country, be given court dates they won't keep, and disappear. There was some woman on the show who had helped organize this thing, and she said that the U.S. has no right to keep people out who want to come. She said greedy, selfish Americans will have to realize that they have no right to live better than the people in her country, which I think was El Salvador.  She also said that by trying to keep "her people" out of our country, the U.S. was "oppressing" Hispanics and "keeping them down."


I thought this was well put.  

And that's the way it is.....

Today's Quote:

Listening to my scanners at night, I'd say this guy knew what he was talking about.

My newly acquired Umarex MP-40 airgun.


  1. Combining this post and your last post, I was concerned
    when bulldozing and ditches were dug on a large piece of
    property in my neighborhood. I thought the worst was going
    to happen like construction of low income housing. But I
    was greatly relieved to learn that the owner was putting
    in a cattle farm instead.

    Don from West Virginia

    1. Don, I don't know about you folks up there, but we have "zoning laws" which are supposed to prevent that kind of thing. The problem is, the Big Wigs that run this county don't have any trouble at all getting property "rezoned" and doing what they want with it.

      This low income housing thing has been a nightmare. Not because all people who live in low income housing are bad. Far from it. If they were local people, it would be fine. What has been the kiss of death is the state importing all these different "tribals" and dumping them off on us here. There's no work for them, there's not much for them to do here, and as is always the case, even if the older one's are not a big problem, the kids and teens they bring with them are turning out to be.

      I wish to God they'd put in a chicken farm or a cattle farm up there on the mountain instead of a dumping ground for unwanted "immigrants" , "refugees" and "home boys."

  2. That LEAVE NO TRACE movie also appeals to me, I had not heard of it before - much appreciation for letting your blog readers know about it.

    MSM does not get it. If the caravan of illegal aliens is allowed to stream in unopposed, the flood of other persons from countries will begin again (similar to when both Dems and Repubs BOTH proclaimed immigration reform was just around the corner).

    How does this poliicy of entry into USA change what is occurring in those countries ? Any pressure to improve their country is gone, and improves their economies when funds gained in USA are sent to their countries. Our population is growing too quickly, straining infrastructure which is already old.

    Nothing good comes from allowing unrestricted immigration into this country.

    1. I could not agree with you more. I also wondered how this woman felt like it was our fault that her country was a Third World S**t hole, and that she had a "right" to come here. What do they expect to do here? Home Depot is already overflowing with shrieking, pushing, shoving "illegals" looking for day work.

      You hit on an important point that doesn't get brought up very often. The land has a finite carrying capacity. I personally don't want to see our national parks destroyed to make a place for "the wretched refuse." I can already see what overpopulation and over development has done to the mountains here, and there's a limit.

      You pretty well summed it up.

  3. it may not be the final last days but certainly we can see the end of our republic. every civilization falls from its apex, but some falls result merely in bruising but others result in crushing death.
    the bigger they are the harder they fall.
    the younger two or three generations are not of 'us'. they have been brainwashed and they see 'us' as the odd ones out. if their numbers are greater we are the odd ones out.
    we will be and already are marginalized.
    what they will do when slavery returns and the selling of children in the streets for lewd uses returns i don't know. it may just be everyday normal for them.
    we will be gone, some of us euthanized, others of us just left to die having been deprived of medicines and food, classified as useless eaters. which is what happened to little alfie evans. hitler rejoices from hell at our descent into barbarity.
    i worry about our children even though they are grown up.

    1. You and CC pretty much have the same view of what's just over the horizon. I'd like to say "oh, no, that's not right" but I think, practically speaking, that unless there are some dramatic changes made , and soon, your assessment is correct. Nor do I see the Shadow State, and all it's minions, allowing any changes. They're happy with seeing the country go down the toilet as long as it does so under their guidelines.

  4. Can't stand to listen to the horse manure that passes for news anymore. I can't change it and it just aggravates me, so I might as well ignore it. Have not been to the movies in probably eighteen years. Don't even bother checking whats playing anymore. In a patchouli perfume town like Portland all you get is liberal trash propaganda anyhow.
    Been crappy rainy up this ways lately.
    Found your next car for you.

    1. I was listening to a satellite radio news broadcast, one I listen too in the mornings while it is still dark, and I'm waiting for the sun to come up. They are pretty unbiased, except that they feel they have to allow "the other side" to have their say, which is just providing a bully pulpit for idiots. I get mad, too. I don't listen to nearly as much news as I used to, which is why I haven't talked much about politics other than events happening here that are effecting me.

      We've had some days of good weather, and I feel a lot better. I was getting dragged down by constant rain and cold.....

      The Commander I looked at turned out to be in not nearly so good a shape mechanically as it looked. Nice and shiny and new looking on the outside, but transmission issues in the "dark." Let me check out that new car, I'm still in the market. ;-)

  5. Been having cold wet days. There's still patches of ice on my property and the lake's still ice covered. However, it's supposed to warm up. Looking forward to that. With any luck it'll warm up about the time I run out of wood and start burning oil. Hate to burn oil. $$$

    1. I can sympathize. We spent way more on propane this year than usual. The price was much higher than normal and we burned a lot more than we do in a normal winter. It's warm and dry here now. I am enjoying it while I can. Soon it will be hideously hot and humid.

  6. Just watched your video on the MP-40. If you have a spare 15K $ to burn I think the Beretta 38A sub machine gun would be a neat and very well behaved choice.
    Though getting a class three ticket might be a bit of a complication.

    1. If only! 💸

      The Beretta 38 was a great weapon. I've always been enamored of the MP 40 though. I know, given the scarcity of the original gun, and the legal and bureaucratic hoops and wickets I'd have to deal with, I'll probably have to settle for the"pistol" version, but I am flexible😀

  7. Two things here, first those caravan lawyers should be be hauled off for sedition, and second, no concessions should be made to Mexico as far as NAFTA is concerned, since they didn't do a damn thing to stop that caravan. I think they let it continue on just for spite. --Troy

    1. That's one thing that was mentioned on a follow up broadcast early this morning. Mexico allowed this huge mob of hobo's to pass through Mexico so they could apply for "asylum" in the United States, but Mexico denied any of them the opportunity to apply for asylum in Mexico. I watched a segment on line of a news report just before dawn today, and it showed this mob trying to crawl over the fence right down on the waters edge in San Diego. The ICE agent being interviewed said they are using the "walk in station" there to process the "immigrants", but that it is completely overwhelmed and they can't accept anymore at that station right now. But as they process people, they are indeed doing "catch and release" which means defacto permission to immigrate. The lawyers the Dems sent down to organize this fiasco apparently were well aware that this would happen, and they are hoping "the plight" of the wretched refuse stuck at the wall will force the government to allow mass entry into the U.S.

      I've always thought NAFTA was a hideous mistake. It utterly wiped out the textile plants throughout the South, and thousands of people, mostly poor people , lost their jobs while the Hispanics of Mexico and Central America gained on all fronts.

  8. We get most movies here. We even have an artsy theater that gets alternative movies showing at it. I've only been a few times to that theater.

    1. Alas, I can drive 45 minutes to get to one theater that has four movies showing at a time, or 30 minutes to get to one that has two showing. We don't get a lot of good movies up here because our theaters won't pay top dollar. You're lucky to have such a good choice.

  9. I would lose the minigun, and 30 cal off the VW (could not park it anywhere..), but otherwise an OK off roader. I keep an eye open for an old beetle with just that in mind.
    The invasion really gets my goat (Took a couple of tries to make that thought printable) One of the few actual Constitutional duties of the Feral Government is to keep the country safe from invasion. Just because they are not waving guns does NOT make this "not an invasion" What else can you call it? I get so angry when the illegal not a citizen makes "Demands". Who are you to demand a daggone thing here? GTFO of MY country. They should have shot them off the wall. Sadly, I see that if the FedGov does not wise up soon, that some groups of actual citizens will turn to vigilante justice to repel boarders. I am 12 miles outside of DC, and it seems I am in a foreign country. MS13 murdering people. Ads in a foreign tongue. People that flat do not belong here flooding the schools.. Holy cow.

    1. J, I think most of us (conservatives) are utterly bewildered about the illegal immigration thing, and the "refugees". It doesn't take any political acumen to see that the country is being dragged down by all these hordes who consume, but don't contribute. Crime is way up, but the quality of life for the average citizen, and even life expectancy, is falling like a rock. I can remember the 1950's, and life for the average American was much, much better than it is now. Job security existed, people earned a decent wage, and the "part time job" was not the standard. I think we should deport all of the illegals, and their spawn, and be damned to the people like Schumer and Brown who want to turn this country into a three ring circus.

      We are experiencing the same phenomenon here, that you mentioned. We've had a "Hispanic problem" since the late 1980's, but now we are inundated with Moslems from the middle east, Burmese, Africans, and none of them are "fitting in" or making any attempt to do so.

      It may have taken you awhile to put your thoughts together sans expletives, but the end product was excellent.

  10. I have been listening to shortwave a little more lately again, and I am curious, HF, what frequencies and what times, GMT/UTC, are you mostly hearing the "wildcat" shortwave broadcasts. I know "Brother Stair" is off of WWCR now, and really, I listen to WWCR and Radio Habana Cuba, strangely, more than about anything (my limited Spanish and life experiences tells me the latter is commie propaganda ;) ) but if you could pass along some frequencies of what you've found that'd be grand. KB

    1. KB, I'll take a look at my listening logs and get you the bands. Radio Havana and World Wide Christian Radio are more professional than what I have been listening to. Most of what I listen to now is actually just a "one man band" type of radio, old guys blasting out of their barns with pirate rigs. I'll add a reply on to this post for you with the information. Got to dig it out.

    2. Thanks for doing that and posting!

    3. KB, here is a selection of broadcasts you might enjoy. Bear in mind that I am getting these as "skip" i.e. bouncing off the ionosphere, as opposed to ground wave, so there is some fading. Sometimes they come in, sometimes they don't. If you have a good antenna on your radio it helps. The little whips don't work too well, but you can rig a long wire antenna with a minimum of effort. The USMC field handbook on radio antennas is on line free and it's a great guide to cheap, field expedient antennas.

      4840 khz 2200 eastern, conservative talk radio.

      6114 khz (religious) True News program 1900-2000 eastern

      3213 khz 2130 eastern "Brother Butch" wildcat station out of West Virginia. Patriot Radio

      7494 khz 2200-2300 eastern Crazy old man ranting about politics. wildcat station.

      9261 khz 2200-2300 eastern news, patriot station.

      7.180 mhz 1945 eastern large ham radio net, political, conservative. Stations primarily from Massachusetts through North Carolina.

      5.960 mhz Voice of Turkey. National Radio Broadcast. English . 1800 eastern

      5989 khz Radio Beijing English broadcast, 1945 eastern

      Try these and see if you can bring them in. Good luck.

    4. Thank you! Will try them! KB

    5. KB, if you have trouble, the big national broadcasts usually have web pages showing the transmission times and freqs for North America.

      the little guys are just rocking on, they don't pay much attention to propagation tables.

  11. Mr. Flashman,

    Came across .303 ammo at SGA Ammo 500 Round Can - 303 British Surplus Ammo -174 Grain Bi-metal FMJ 1980s Vintage made by MEN in Germany. Knew you were looking for some hope this helps.


    1. Falkrin, thanks for the heads up. .303 British is hard to find these days. Where did you find it, so I can place an order?

    2. SGA Ammo link is below.

      I bought some of the Malaysian 7.62N from them last fall. Shipping is pricey but discrete.

    3. I appreciate the info. I'll check their web page. A source of .303 British is greatly appreciated. Used to be common but has pretty much dried up now.

      I bought some of that Malaysian 7.62 X 51 too, can't remember where I got it, but I think it may have been Midway. Good ammo.

      Shipping on ammo is always murder. I usually try to order from someone like Midway or Sportsmans Guide that offers free shipping above a certain size purchase. But sometimes, as in the case of British .303, the opportunity to get the goods overrides the negative aspect of paying shipping.