Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Some "on hold" music. Cartoons this past week. I owe lots of people email.

I figured I better get on here before people think I am dead.  I've been out of town, then back to the mountains, and dealing with some logistical issues that have needed taking care of.  Nothing but the dreary details of life that none of us escape.  Put some "on hold" music on above, one of my favorite pieces of smooth jazz.

Here's the cartoons I missed this week from Branco.

I have gotten a lot of good emails from folks, and I am really sorry it's taking me so long to answer them.  The only thing I take computer wise with me when I travel is my Kindle, and it's just not set up for emails. You have to peck out each word with a stylus.

Things are just about back to normal here though. M is back and is feeling much better, though it will be awhile before she is rested up enough to feel "normal."  Rufus is beside himself with joy that M is home again, and won't leave her side. His little bed has been moved into her bedroom so he can sleep right there next to her. I guess the little guy lived with an old lady all his life, and feels more comfortable with M than with me.

Everything up here on the mountain is great.  Maintenance is under control.  The weather is excellent, low humidity and up into the low seventies.  The kids are all settled in their nice new place in Nashville.  I do see some really scary people walking around in town now that the "subsidized apartments" are in full operation. But I don't let it bother me.  Instead of a rustic, quiet place our town looks like Barter Town from Mad Max now, but it is what it is.  I swear, I saw two guys walking down the main street today that would not have stuck out in the Barter Town scene below.

Be back up with a proper post tomorrow.  Hope everybody is holding the line, where ever they are.


  1. Do the kids like their new place? Did Seamus make the move too?
    I read an excellent thriller last week called Pandemic by A.G. Riddle. Have you read it? Seems like something you might like.
    Even though it was snowing and so cold the past week, I got a tick on Sunday that is giving me trouble now. Horrific headache, neck all stiff, swollen lymph nodes, low grade fever. I went to the doctor and they started me on doxycycline. I feel kind of awful, so I'm hoping it kicks in quickly.

    1. Lisa, I have a friend who got Lymes disease and it was pretty horrible for him. Is that the kind of tick that got you, a deer tick? I sure hope not.

      I haven't read Pandemic but I am going to look it up and see if the library will get it for me. Sounds like my kind of book.

      Seamus got moved down from Cincinnati to his new stable in Nashville by a professional horse moving company. He is 27 now, and the vet said he might not be able to make the trip, but they were very careful to take good care of him, and he arrived ok. He seems to be very happy, the new place is much larger and has big pastures with trees where he can roam. Seamus can't be ridden anymore, so he only has to enjoy life.

      The new townhouse is really nice. Bigger than the apartment in Cincinnati, and it has an attic for storage.It has three bedrooms, and two and a half baths. It's not on the lake like the once in Cincinnati was, but Nashville doesn't have a law forcing complexes to accept "low income, subsidized rent" tenants , so it doesn't have gun fights, attempted sexual assaults, 15 people crammed into one town house, breakin's, car vandalism, and she doesn't have to take the German Shepard every time she goes outside. Although, the place in Cincinnati was just as nice, when they first moved there. It just went totally to hell after Cincinnati decided to "accomodate" more "refugees" and illegals, at the expense of the working people who already lived there.

      I hope you get to feeling better. That being bitten by a tick is no joke.

    2. Insist on as long a course of that antibiotic as you can get out of the doctor. The people in the know are now calling for a minimum of a month.... or 42 days if you can possibly get it for that long.

      You don't want to mess around with this.... I promise you. If the doctors refuse to accommodate you find yourself an ILAD approved lyme doctor. can help you and they have a hotline 610-388-7333

      the friend,


    3. Apologies.... the spell correct messed me up. The correct Web address is:

    4. hey, M. Glad to see you are still around. I remember the trials and travails you went through with the Lymes disease. Before it happened to you, I used to just disregard the ticks, but after that I was a lot more careful.

    5. Yeah Harry, things got kinda "hairy" there for awhile. I'll try and send you a personal update soon.

      There's always that fine line in publicly offering a dire warning on the dangers of untreated LYME disease (singular) and blubbering out my sob story for all to see that may not be interested in hearing in.

      Safly, Lisa just verified all the headlines I've seen this winter warning about catching this disease during freezing weather and snow on the ground.

      To Lisa,

      Lisa you may have grown up jumping into piles of leaves during the fall. That's a big "no no" now for the kids. Jumping into piles of leaves is one of the best ways to get ticks on your self.

      Those leaves that get left on the ground with snow on top are a good place as well. The snow and leaves offer insulation.

      If you have pets that stay inside but go outside to relieve themselves or play with the kids must be checked each time they come back in. We wipe our dog down with a soft WHITE rag (so that you can see the ticks)

      Oviously the kids must be checked as well and clothes must be washed and dryer on high heat to kill them.

      I keep my grass cut low as much as possible so that the sun can get to the ticks. Ticks hate the sun cause it dessicates them and kills them.
      Same goes for the shrubbery. Keep it trimmed back.

      Finally for now, Lisa, and I hate to dump this on you... you don't just get Lyme disease. You ALWAYS get Lyme and at least 2 or 3 other co-infections. Many will be killed by the antibiotic you are on if you're on it long enough. Other little nasties.... not so much. Some co-infections are parasites, not bacteria like Lyme, thus needing a completely different medication.

      If you or the kiddies are going to be outside alot, OFFr a similar product with the highest amount of DEET you can fine will help repel them.

      Not tying to scare you or anyone else. Just trying to warn. This mess sucks and has ruined my health.

      There alot more to be told, but that's enough for now.


  2. Small town America ain't what it used to be.

    1. It's absolutely horrible, what's happened here since that big "subsidized housing" complex opened. They are shipping in the low lifes by the bus load. My wife asked me how all these people can come here, when there is no work. I explained to her that they don't work anyway, they just get "their check" from the state. These two creeps we saw yesterday were horrific. Black guys, with long rasta hair , nasty and matted, hanging down their backs, their asses hanging out of their saggy pants. Really ugly, mean looks on their faces, glaring at everybody driving by. Just like being in Atlanta..... Go to the grocery store now, and it looks like some sort of international gathering. Vietnamese, Africans, Moslems, Hispanics, God knows what all. If I'm supposed to welcome them with open arms in the name of multiculturalism, they're just shit out of luck.

      The things happening here now are just bizarre. I listened to the scanner the other night, and some woman came home from work to find her house broken into. The place had been "destroyed" that's the exact word the dispatcher used, and vandalized with spray paint, had "gang signs" all over the walls. And this was just some old lady who worked at a shop in town. She didn't have anything to do with those kind of miscreants and couldn't have offended them...

      I am doing what everybody else seems to be doing, forting up on my own land. I lost my wallet here recently, and was at the Probate Judge's office to get a replacement. Talking to the people who work there, the number of locals coming in to get their concealed carry permits has burgeoned to the extent that it takes a couple of weeks longer to get processed than it did before.

      Lots of people are going the open carry route. Go into Walmart now and you are guaranteed to see men and women carrying guns on their hips. Used to be, you saw it once in awhile, but nothing like this.

      I'm asking myself what else can happen to us up here?

  3. Hey Harry,


    not much going on here. Just waiting to see if Russia and China protect Syria and fire back on U.S. Forces. We may have another 'Cuban Missile Crisis' scenario brewing.

    1. CC, I have been trying to follow world events, but I've been so swamped here, I haven't done a very good job of it.

      You know how you used to have to worry about the low lifes that lived near you down there near the beach, and I always bragged about how we didn't have to worry about that kind of thing up here. Now I think we have it worse than you. At least all you have to deal with is Hispanic dopers. Wish that were the case here. :-(

  4. I bet Harry is just as happy M is home as Rufus.

    1. Yeah. She had an accident at the kids place in Nashville, trying to help carry things up the stairs. My son told her not to, but she did anyway and got hurt. So she's home but she's pretty much limited to her room or the couch in the living room right now. Rufus is happy, he doesn't care where he is if she's there.

  5. Replies
    1. I always thought retired life would be so sedate, with plenty of time to do whatever I wanted. Hasn't worked out that way at all.