Monday, May 14, 2018

I'm supposed to feel sorry for the Palestinians? Cartoon catch up. New book.

America moved it's embassy to Jerusalem, and the "Palestinians" are rioting.  A bunch of them got smoked, and I gather from snippets I am hearing that I should feel sorry for them, like the Democrats.  That's a joke.   Remember this?

On 9-11 these same Palestinians celebrated.  If they all fell over dead today, every last one of them, the world would be a better place.

There was a huge brawl out at the lake this Saturday afternoon.  There's a fairly remote little park out there with a swimming beach.  I was listening to the scanner when the dispatcher sent Deputies. "two groups of women, some 15 in all, fighting. It is physical."  Don't hear that too often.

What I heard in town today was that some of our new residents from the "P.J.'s " were out there, one old hag objected to the bathing suits some of the local women were wearing. She got physical, and it turned into a dust off between the "you can't wear that , where's your burka swim suit"crowd, and local people.  That's just scuttlebutt, but it sounds about right given our situation here. I'll bet you a dollar to a donut there's not word one in the paper about it. Can't have that, can we?

 I'm going back to town tomorrow and I will stop by a shop I know, owned by a couple who usually have a good handle on  what's going on around here.  One reason I think there's some validity to the story is that no men were involved. If it had been American women on both sides, their husbands and boyfriends would have been in there pretty quick.  Another reason is that I know the event happened, it's not made up, because I heard the police transmissions. But I don't know for sure what really happened. Not yet, anyway.

It's hotter than hell here. 90+ in the mountains, Atlanta must be horrible.  All the stink and smog from Atlanta has blown up here, they have air quality alerts and we get the tail end of it.

One of the places I went today is on a big mountain top. I could look out over the rest of the mountains, and they all seemed to be covered in brown fog.  Not a good situation. The air is usually pure up here.

The Firearms News Annual #18 , (2018 ) is out.  I've got them all, from the first issue to this one. I told my wife when I die the kids will probably  throw all that away, and she said absolutely not, they will sell them on E-bay.   Building a pyramid and being buried in it with all my stuff is sounding better and better.

Catching Up on Branco Cartoons:

A new book:

Although this South African reporter covered a lot of the brutal events in Africa during the 1960's and 1970's, his chapter on Lebanon in 1982 was the most evocative for me.  The book is hard to find, but there are still copies to be had out there. I think I might put the Lebanon chapter in this blog as an extract. I'm not sure if I'd run afoul of copyright laws, and I can't get in touch with the man to ask him. Maybe he's dead by now.

That's about all there is to tell.  

Thought for the Day:

Psalm 139:22


  1. I'll tell you what really pisses me off: All these crooks in the FBI, DOJ, Kerry, HRC. et al not in jail. What is the holdup? Plenty of evidence of treason to go around...oh, I forgot..different rules for me and thee. (spit). The Palestinians are thugs, like the Democrats. And they want to take our guns? That'll be the day!!! The barbarians are at the gate, Harry.

  2. None of the Anointed will ever be punished for what they did, or do. The Deep State and the Democrats in government will protect them.

    The Palestinians are pretty much scum. In fact, I have never run across any Moslems except Turks that I thought anything positive of, and the Turks I would have liked have all been imprisoned or killed by Ayatollah Erdogan.

  3. Hey Harry,


    The news was rather funny about the Palestinians. I agree the world would be better off without them. I also have to state that Israel pulls us into these messes that go back 5,000 years and I think the whole situation can avoided if we pulled out of the entire region and let evolution take its natural course. I think Israel would be free of their bonds to attack several neighbors including Iran and take the garbage out with out us (the U.S) getting involved.

    The Big Picture.

    I can see where many of the worlds powers want the U.S. involved in every conflict imaginable so it wears down our military, drains our money supply and runs up the national debt as well as destabilizes the social fabric of America and get us fighting within our own borders.
    'Immigration is probably the biggest threat to the fabric of American society since the Civil War. That is being used against us as well.
    The Communists call themselves Progressives now, re-branded and re-worked with the goal of destabilizing and collapsing America from within. That will forever change our foreign policy and many rogue or future rogue states as well as China would go on a territorial expansion of epic proportions with no one keeping them in check,
    That's the reason why I advocate a limited form or Isolationism. As long as the Union stays intact we provide resistance just for existing.
    China, Iran, North Korea all know we can mount an expeditionary force easily and that's deterrent enough without 'being spread to thin' across the globe as we are now.
    We can also avoid religious and cultural conflicts that will forever be a problem with no solution.

    On to beach news. Nothing new really to report, just hot and humid as usual.
    I do have a funny story about an snobby 'Baby Boomer' I will write about when I have more time. Suffice to say that this lady is like the Florida Rejects that congregate in your area 'Harry.
    I really dislike, 'no hate' most Baby Boomers. There are a great many that are very 'based' individuals, but many are still nutty as fruitcakes from the hippie days. One observation. Do you see Baby Boomer women get purple hair. Its some kind of liberal fad?

    Anyway they look like Poodles from hell. Just think. The Human race has gone from painting wild horses on cave walls 30,000 years ago to freak old people with purple hair.

    De-evolution in Progress.

    1. Well, you know you and I have a vastly different perspective on the issue of the Israelis, but that's ok. I won't throw you overboard over it. I don't know anybody who agrees with me on everything. :-)

      I watch some European news stations on the satellite tv. I am pretty sure that while Europeans may get along well with individual Americans sometimes, as a nation we are disliked by everyone. That's ok. Nobody ever likes the top dog. When the Romans ran the show, they brought great benefits to the countries they absorbed, but nobody ever thanked them for it that I know of. When the British were on top of the heap, they were generally detested, even by us and by a lot of the commonwealth. Now it's our turn to be the "cock of the walk"but I think we're beginning to ebb there.

      I am reading a series of novels called "The Tomorrow Series" in which Australia is invaded by Indonesia. Given the vast numbers of Moslems in Indonesia, and the troubles between Australia and Indonesia in the past, it's plausible. The books were written by a fellow with no military experience so there are some "gotcha" moments but overall they aren't bad. The pertinent thing about these books is how they look at America. In the story line, the U.S. sits back and does nothing to help, other than providing military equipment to New Zealand, which is the only country other than New Guinea trying to help. The rest of the world blows a lot of hot air and dithers around, and in the end doesn't do anything.

      The tone of the book is that the Americans were a great people once, but now they are a bunch of fat people who sit around on the couch and watch tv. No moral fiber. Given that Clinton was President when the first books came out, I can see their point of view, and until President Trump was elected it just kept going that way. I had a fierce argument with some guys in a barber shop not long ago, over who the last good President we had was, and the one we finally settled on was Richard Nixon. The reason we argued at first was that some thought George II was a good President, and some thought Ronald Reagan was a good President, but others didn't and I belonged to that bunch.

      The left in this country is a disease. Either the body politic will be killed by it, or someone is going to come and and excise it from "the system."

      We have people here, CC, that make you think the circus is in town. I mentioned earlier the guy in Walmart, looked like a meth addict, shriveled up. He had strange tattoos all over him, including a big star tattooed across his entire skull. He had on clothes like a clown. I used to say to people like that "Hey, I didn't know the circus was in town" but my wife made me stop since she was afraid I'd get into a fight and get arrested.

      Decline and decay. At least you have a nice place down there to ride out the storm. I look at Emerald Isle and some beaches in North and South Carolina on the internet a lot. Sometimes in the morning when the sun is just coming up I watch the sunrise over the ocean on the webcams. If I didn't live in the mountains, I'd want to live at the beach.

    2. communim is a cancer.
      moslemism is a metastaic cancer. outlying communities are established and have ties to other communities. before you know it you are surrounded.
      in walmart a couple of weeks ago daughter was wearing a scarf. a moslemette greeted her in arabic. daughter knows the response and greeted in her turn.
      cancer is either excised or the victim dies.
      there are aftereffects from excision which are often long lasting.
      live or die. the only choices.

    3. I'd agree that Islam is a plague bacillus in the American body politic. It's also the fastest growing religion in the country, so it's unlikely we can exorcise the "religion of peace." The future looks pretty bleak.

  4. Copyright stuff is really only applicable if you are making a profit off the unauthorized use of their work.

    1. Never got your email, TOR. Can you retransmit it to

      I usually don't have a problem with doing excerpts from books, because I only do it with books I like, and it constitutes free referrals to the books. I always try to run down the author to get their permission, but I think in this case the guy may be dead. If he was a grown man,covering events in Africa back in the early 60's, he'd be getting long in the tooth. It was such a good book that after I read the Kindle edition, I bought a hard copy.I only do that with books I want to pass on to my kids.

  5. Missed your blog, glad to see you are back.

    1. I am, though in a less consistent mode. I just don't seem to have as much time as I used to. That's strange, considering that I am retired, but we have been trying to get out more. With the summer coming on, there's a lot more work to do outside, as well.

      I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I hope it serves as a forum for people to use , and I hope it reassures people that there are still a lot of "normal" folks out there. Sometimes even I wonder about that!

  6. i saw a video the other day of the plo "casualties". this guy walks up, lays down on a stretcher, gets carried by the cameras all flailing about moaning , goes around the corner and he gets up of the stretcher and walks off, lol. fake news. yeah, it would be better without them. i see old kerry was aiding and comforting the enemy, plo, and having dinner with iranian agents in paris too. i'd like to be near him when the far we're spared the mooslim mess, but the neareby city, normally quiet, has erupted with nightly shootings. something in the water i guess. good luck down there.

    1. RR, they are such a bunch of liars. I was watching RT news, which is a British television news network. They did a segment on the "White Hats" in Syria. Everybody and their dog knows those guys are a Sunni sponsored group whose sole purpose is propaganda, not helping people. The incident you mentioned above has been duplicated many times by them in Syria, famously using the same little girl as a "dead victim" in numerous videos. But the British Prime Minister, who is an even bigger idiot than Charles Schumer, if that's possible, just announced that England will continue to support the "White Helmets" financially in their "good work." I have a lot of respect for the British people, but I hold their government in the same disregard as I do our own.

      John Kerry has a lot in common with John McCain. Probably the biggest thing they have in common is that we will all be immeasurably better off when they both expire.

      Atlanta is going to hell in a hand-basket, and our little towns in the mountains are getting the blow back.
      I would never, ever have imagined that what has happened here could have happened. Just goes to show, I guess, that the best laid plans of mice and men.....

    2. it is such tempests in teapots and foolishness among the idiots who are fascists .
      all are traitors, mostly from being vastly ignorant.
      they are fascists but think we are fascists.. it would be amusing except it has reached dangerous levels.
      people used to outgrow that stuff but they are staying adolescent forever.
      as for politicians i always say the scum rises to the top--look at any pond.

    3. We've never had a shortage of well meaning idiots, but the breed seems to have expanded exponentially in the last forty years.

  7. The horrible coverage of the latest attacks on Israel is just nauseating. I wouldn't feel bad at all if Israel declared a 1,000 meter beaten zone and shoots everything in it.

    Gosh-darned Socialists! Get off Israel's lawn.

    As to the beat-down at the lake? Yep. Smells positively burka-ish. Bet the good old redneck gals got them some. Hope it teaches the PJ crowd a lesson, but unfortunately the way things work in these fallen times the cops will be forced to side with the covered-up ones.

    Stay sane. The world needs you.

    1. Andrew, sometimes I feel like I am living in "Wonderland" but I can't remember going through the mirror. The Iranians shoot missiles at the Israelis, who retaliate, and the Iranians are the good guys? One thing about it though, the Israelis learned, in WW2, that "world opinion" means nothing. So they do what they have to do to stay alive. "World Opinion" won't hurt them.

      I haven't been able to find out any particulars about that incident. I was told by someone that I'm sure knows the details that it wasn't something they wanted to talk about. That almost certainly means it was "ethno causal"

      The powers that be here are very good at repressing anything that might negatively impact tourism. They also have their fingers in any lucrative pies that may come this way, and I sure that includes the "P.J." enterprise. People are making a lot of money importing the "wretched refuse" into the mountains, and some of those people are the local potentates who run the county.

      Still ok on my own land. But it's the camel and the tent. First , they get into the state, then they get into the county....

    2. then they get into your bed. you come home one day and find them there.
      did you read irish pols want people to take these moslem child rapers into their personal homes like nonpaying roommates?
      soon it will be forced, not voluntary.

    3. The word "politician" seems to be exclusive of any connotation of good sense.

  8. It really does seem like we live in a parallel universe. I cannot fathom how there isnt one set of facts, everyone looks at them, and we might differ on consequences. But gees, even facts aren’t facts anymore... I also understand that not all pigs are equal, it is just depressing to have the screen pulled back to see it so clearly.

    I wish there was someplace less insane to move but I have yet to figure that out ;(. I liked New Zealand when we were there for a motorcycle vacation, but it too is a nanny state. Plan b is to hope that things stay calm until we die of old age.

    1. Hilogene, the problem is that the facts are manufactured to suit the agendas of different factions. Remember when the President's wife was in the hospital this week, having a kidney procedure. I was sitting at a table outside a cafe, and this individual I know from the gun club walked up to me. He was all agog. He had his little phone and and he said "did you know Melania Trump is being treated for gonorrhea?" He had some B.S. article off one of those left wing "news pages" with a story about how the kidney operation was a "cover up", etc. etc.

      I told the guy that even for him, believing that was asinine. But he did because he wanted to. That's how "facts" work today.

      I'd be happy to live in Australia or New Zealand, but it won't happen. I tried to emigrate to Australia in the 1990's and they turned me down. I didn't have any skills they needed.

      It's already getting harder here to maintain the quality of life. I don't know what else to do but just hang on here, as I can't think of a better place in the country anymore. Seems like the same problems are everywhere.

  9. Harry, my blood boiled that day when I saw the coverage in Palestine. I applaud every rabid one of them that got put down today.

    Piss on the whole lot of 'em. If they don't won't to be sniped by the snipers, all they have to do is employ some common sense and GO HOME away from the action.

    But using common sense is asking too much from these idiots.

    While I'm at it, piss on the Turks as well. And let's not forget Obama, HRC, and their cronies.

    I think that should just about cover it. If I missed anyone, let me know and I will append my screed here.


    1. My sentiments exactly. Westerners have short memories, but Islamists never forget. I still remember the events of 9-11 with crystal clarity. But young people just look at it as a historical event, if they remember it at all. The left wing in the country will countenance anything that the Islamists do, because they are a protected and favored ethic group in the lexicon of liberalism.

      The Turks had a good, secular government and they were stout allies. But they got the Mullah disease, and now they're about as friendly as the Iranians. I feel badly for the decent ones that wanted to live a modern life, but it looks like the "back to medieval times" crowd has won out there.

      I'd like to forget the Obamamites, and all their ilk. But I think something will have to be done about them if we are to have any chance of our country surviving. Maybe there's an "El Cid" out there somewhere in the wings. I hope so.

  10. Great cartoon,as usual. The weather here is miserable also. Expecting 100 degrees by Friday with lots of humidity, but no rain. Guess we will have another drought this summer.
    I hope those local gals kicked the burka gals' rear ends. I am so sick of foreigners coming into our country and trying to push their ways on us. They need to go back to their own miserable countries.
    I'm with Tewshooz. I am so tired of all the liberals who break the law and just walk away without any consequences. I don't imagine we will ever see any of them convicted of anything, but I can dream. Stay cool and safe Harry. Jana

    1. Jana, the power surged here yesterday and blew up one of my air conditioners, just as it is starting to get abysmally hot. I suppose one of these days I'll have to go on into town and buy a replacement.

      I know why we're letting all this trash into the country. The companies that "facilitate" the process receive payments "per head" for each "immigrant" or "refugee" they bring in. Churches like those in Minnesota who imported the Somalis get to "feel good" about themselves until the new "guests"destroy the neighborhood. Federal and State employees get six digit salaries and gold plated insurance for "administering" the relocation of third world trash in American towns. The local potentates sell the land for the "subsidized housing" to the state, and control who does the building, grading, electrical work, etc. I think it would be naive in the extreme to think that money doesn't change hands under the table to "facilitate" this process, or that large sums of government money don't just "evaporate" while all this is going on. The fact that importing hordes of savages into a sedate rural area makes life miserable for the inhabitants doesn't weigh at all.

      I wish I could say you and Tewshooz were not right about the impunity with which the left manipulates events here, but I think you are correct.

      I guess we will just have to take it one day at a time and do the best we can.

  11. Hi Harry :) That whole celebratory video makes me sick. Whenever I see or hear of women fighting and getting physical it reminds me of every cheap sleazy cable show on television. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I don't swear, fight or try to start conflict...

    Anyway, the weather is warming up slightly here, it's still a bit chilly. I forgot to tell you, before S&P left, I got caught up in their ropes when they were running after a squirrel and have the most awful rope burn around my ankle...I'm hobbling around and boy it's sore. I have to take things really easy in the garden today. That's what I'm focusing on this week, garden and healing! :)

    1. Rain, when people whine about the poor, downtrodden "Palestinians" they look the other way in terms of just what the "Palestinians" are. The term "murderous savages" comes to mind off hand.

      Usually, women don't fight here. That's one way I know this was something to do with the newly imported ethnics being dumped off up here. I'm pretty sure the rumor going around that the whole thing started when some old woman in a burkha physically attacked a local woman in a swimming suit at the beach. But the lid is on tight as to details. I will have the paper tomorrow, but there's little hope that the story will be in there. The only thing that keeps our little paper going is that it is the official "organ" of the county government, where all the legal notices are published. The people who own the paper aren't going to print anything that might bring any heat down on the county government, or draw attention to the problems these new "implants" are causing.

      Glad all worked out with the dogs. You certainly went through a nightmarish experience with that whole business. I'm glad it ended well for them, and for you.

      Sorry about the problem with the rope burn. Those are painful. Keep some antibiotic ointment on it and it should be ok in a week or so.


    2. In my neck of the woods, if some wacko woman physically attacked me, she would not live to tell about it.

    3. It's a very unusual situation. I've been up here since 1986 and I can't remember anything quite like this. But then, we never had Moslems being dumped on us before, either. I never saw women in burkas walking around our town before.....