Monday, May 7, 2018

Minor Aggravations. On the Up Side.

Today is a day of minor aggravations:

The power keeps going on and off.  There is no reason I can see for it.  No weather issues, and nobody has crashed into a power pole as far as I can tell from the scanner.  Most of my gear is on battery backup systems, but it's still aggravating as hell.  I called the electric membership cooperative and they told me they are "checking on it." That means they have no clue why power out here is being interrupted, so they will come out to this section and start shutting down pieces of the grid while they try to find the problem.

I don't like Google.  But "Blogger" is a Google system, and all my email accounts are set up as Gmail accounts. So to make the last great act of defiance, I would have to shut down the blog, and set up seven Microsoft email accounts, and change all those addresses....

And if I did all that, Google wouldn't know, wouldn't care, and the net result would all be negative for me.

I wish more people would take up blogging.  I know from the comments that there are a lot of people out there with a lot of interesting thoughts and experiences to offer, but when I click on their names on a comment, to find their blog, it will just say "on Google for 3 years"  or something like that, but there's no blogs or profiles. 

Then there are a lot of good blogs that used to be almost daily, and now people post once every four weeks, or so.  When that happens, I get out of the habit of checking to see if they have posted, and I lose touch.

Even my hate mail, which used to be good for a few laughs, has fallen off to almost nothing. When the trolls start finding you not worth a line or two of invective, maybe it's time to shutter the doors.

We have people in this county now who feel they are being discriminated against. What it's really about is asserting dominance and wanting control.  People tell you things that have happened to them in town, petty nonsensical things that show the offended are clearly looking for excuses to be offended.

Here's an example. A Korean woman working in a business in town. An old veteran who came in and spoke some Korean asked her how she was in Korean. But in Korean, there's a subtle difference between how a higher status person and a lower status person inter relate. He asked her how she was using the form that implied she was of a lower status. She got mad and told the other people in the shop he was a "racist."  It's "racist" that Walmart doesn't have an Arabic speaking assistant manager. It's "racist" that Walmart called the Sheriff's Department and had three "black youths" who were harassing people in the parking lot removed from the property. And on, and on, and on.

Even the little old Lady at the library tells me she's wondering how all this will end up. Thanks so much, money grubbing bastards in Atlanta who arranged to dump all this trash on us up here.

Well. I guess I better go do something entertaining, like balancing bank statements, or paying bills, or washing the truck, or replacing shakes on the roof the cats tore off last night, or trying to clean up the destroyed trip wire system that's laying out in the woods after the storms.....

On the upside:

I have switched my search engine to "Duck Duck."

I opened a "Private Internet Access" account.  I am not entirely sure what it does for me, but it seems to be a wise precaution based on the recommendations of friends using it.


  1. remove after reading?
    have you heard from kymber?
    worried about her.
    emailed a while back but still haven't heard.

  2. I have to use the "reply" function to respond, so I can't remove the comment.

    I haven't heard a word.As far as I know they are fine. I think they just decided to quit blogging.

  3. Suppose it might help if folks found their senses of humor? Just read an article about an incident in a crowded elevator at a convention center. Feminist type woman standing next to the control panel asked which floors the passengers wanted to go to and pushed the appropriate buttons. Old guy in the back said he wanted to go to the lingerie department. Most folks in the elevator laughed. After all, it was a joke. Not the feminist. She filed a complaint. She was seriously offended. Sheesh!

    1. I think a lot of these people are just aggressively seeking to exert influence over everybody else. They come here, and expect us to "accommodate" them. We have to change to make them happy, they think. Some of these slugs also know they can take advantage of the current political climate and get away with things the locals can't. So far, it hasn't turned out that way but I'm just waiting for it. For instance, the hole in the wall type cafe where I eat breakfast has a breakfast buffet that includes pork sausage. How long is that going to last once these "refugees" start showing up in there? For reasons that escape me, the Chinese and the Vietnamese don't get along and that's causing trouble here now. It's not like we didn't have enough problems before they started showing up.

    2. By the way Vicki, thanks for stopping by. It's good to hear from you.

    3. I have been reading you and others, but just haven't been doing much commenting. This getting old thing has thrown some additional challenges my way, but I think I am back to my normal ornery self now. :)

    4. how long before some damned moslem spits into the sausage at the buffet? they are bastards. and women are not safe around them. getting some of the younger ones here and have to be careful. damn them!

    5. Vicki, I can sympathize with the "growing older" thought. Some mornings I feel like if I can just get out of the bed, everything will be ok after that! I'm glad you are more comfortable now, I know you have been dealing with a lot. It's really good to hear from you again.

    6. Deb, I think the women who work at that place would open a serious can of "whup ass" on anybody who tried something like that. What I am more concerned about is them coming in and raising hell about pork products being cooked up on the same range as eggs and everything else. That's how it has always been, but there are no shrinking violets in the muzzies I've run across randomly in town. I think it would be just up their alley. I don't know what the result would be, but given the ways the laws are being written in D.C. I wouldn't feel a lot of surprise if some "accommodation" wasn't demanded by the feds on behalf of the "refugees." After all, this is the same government that took away the business of a little mom and pop bakery because the owners didn't feel comfortable with making a "gay" wedding cake for a "gay" wedding. Who can say what will happen when ordinary people lose their rights to benefit "protected groups."

  4. The local power company (Eversource) seemed to have had a hard time powering up the grid after this last time. It would come on for a second then shut back down. Took a few hours to get it right.

    I think a lot of the old people from the previous company (PSNH) retired or moved on. My guess is that the new people don't know the system as well as the old timers did.

    I remember one time the power went down and a remote switch had to flipped. The local guys could not get permission to hike out and flip it because the new owners would not let them do so. Their computers back at headquarters thought it was something else. Eventually they got the go ahead and powered back up.

    1. Our power grid is so primitive, that some of the original lines date back to the original rural electrification program of the depression era. Naturally, the bad parts are in the sparsely populated, "rustic" areas. The lake and the big developments on the mountain tops don't go without power for days, hell no.

      Our EMC has had a terrible time with corruption, graft, cronyism, and "good old boy" deals in the last few years. All the old board was swept away, the new guys gave up after a year or so, and nobody knows the people who are running it now. Service reliability is no better than it ever was, short outages are so frequent they don't raise an eyebrow, and the hurricane remnants or winter storms can put you in the dark for a week or more.

  5. thanks muchly

  6. Do some research....PIA isn't really private any longer. Proton VPN and others are.

    If you really want to be blogging and searching anonymously, that is. Otherwise it doesn't do much for you.

    1. Well, you have to have some basic understanding of what you are researching, B, and I don't. I am not computer literate. I can barely use blogger. But PIA was recommended to me by several people, and it's cheap. It costs less a month than a hamburger if you pay for a year up front. Unfortunately, it seems to have some quirks with Windows 8.1 For instance, I can't sign on to the blog anymore if the program is running. I have to turn it off, blog "in the clear" and then turn it back on. I can't run Windows Update. The program crashes the computer, so I have to force end windows, turn off the program, then updates run fine.

      I am using Duck Duck and people tell me my searches are anonymous and not saved. Since I have a C&R I don't suppose that matters a hell of a lot if the Deep State decides to come after me, but it's nice anyway.

      Why isn't PIA private anymore? Whatever you can tell me, I'd appreciate. I have six days to cancel the thing but after that I'm on the hook and I can't get my money back.

    2. Who says PIA is not private anymore? Haven't seen anything about that on the web. Nothing mentioned on their website, either. It is rated as one of the best. I run Windows 10 and have no problem with it. Before that I have Windows Vista and also no problems. Don't know about might ask a geek if you know one. Some of the blogs I follow use WordPress.

    3. The only issues I'm having with the program is that I can't log on to my blog unless I shut it down, and I can't log onto my google email accounts while it is running. I don't know why.

      As I understand it, what this does for me is make it look like I am transmitting from some location other than the real one. Is that right? I'm all for that.

  7. Well, it is a more polarized world out there. How I imagined Germany was right at the transition of power from the remnants of the old government to the National Socialists. And, no, Trump and his people are not the NSDAP, they are the polar opposites.

    A lot of bloggers have gone silent or been silenced by 'the authorities' depending on what platform they use. It surprises me that Gaggle hasn't clamped down on the Blogger platform yet. Wondering if that is coming down the road.

    Hang in there. We need you. And the other 'old men' to hold us up, to remind us of what this country is actually about, not the sniveling little pathetic whiners who make up such a small portion of this great county but who get all the press and facetime.

    And there are some new bloggers out there, just not many. Seems it's easier to 'twitter' than to actually formulate a post longer than 140 words or so.

    Damnant quod non intelligent.
    They condemn what they do not understand.
    That's my personal motto.

    1. Andrew, I was looking at an old list of people whose blogs I read, and the vast majority of them have either disappeared, or they just quit blogging. Some of them have died, like SciFi Chick, who was a great person. Two Canadian friends who had a great blog just kind of faded out. I think they were alienated by the political events and feelings taking place. They mostly blogged about their homestead and the island they lived on. Lots of people, like Glock Mom and the Senior Chief, who ran a super blog, have just stopped posting, maybe they get on once a month.

      A lot of good friends of mine won't do a blog because they can't put up with the inevitable BS from trolls, or because they are gun owners and don't want to get on the ATF "pick 'em up, Mr. and Mrs. America" list.

      I don't do twitter or face book, or any of that stuff. Never could see the point.

      Maybe I'm behind the times, but I have enjoyed blogging, more reading blogs than publishing one, and it just seems to be slowly dying out.

      I guess it's a sign of the times.

    2. I am enjoying getting my feet wet over at Chant du Depart. Don't know if I have enough for a solo blog, so I'm time-sharing.

      I'll read some twitter feeds, usually posted on Twitchy, but the stupid runs so deep I'm afraid I'd stroke out having to deal with all the idiots.

    3. I don't know what twitter actually does. From the news on television, it seems like just a thing that posts messages, no graphics or anything else.Blogs are good because they are more personal, the communication between people seems more "one on one" and not general broadcast.

      I'll go look at the blog you are co-writing. Lots of people do that.

  8. Don't Quit!! I live on the west coast and its interesting to hear what is going on in Georgia. Jo in central Wa.

    1. Jo, I have a bad day every once in awhile, and decide I'm going to either quit or take a long break. Sometimes I even try to do it. But I haven't been successful so far. I expect that when I suddenly stop posting, it'll mean I'm dead.

  9. I’m one of the gone to occasional guys. Sometimes energy goes to other things. Or maybe the desire to blog runs a course.

    Unrelated I did a foolish thing and bought a Colt 1911 .45. Don’t need it but I had been wanting one. Got to go shoot it soon.

    1. Every man over the age of 17 needs at least one M1911 (legal or not.) It's like a Viking's sword, you aren't complete without it.

      Even if you never shoot it, just holding it and owning it is a pleasure. It's such a beautiful gun. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, I have recently bought some things I didn't "need" but "wanted." It's one of life's pleasures.

      You've been blogging a really long time. I remember I first started reading your blog when it was you and some college fellow. Wasn't he "Ryan" and that's why you are the "Other Ryan." Or is my age starting to show....

      Glad to hear from you. I swing by your place, but I don't have much to contribute as I have very little expertise in current tactical gear.

    2. Harry, This is true. He fell off awhile back which happens.

      I don’t see myself going away. Largely because I have been at it so long. At this point I’ll post when I want. Life will slow down soon and maybe I’ll write more.

      I wrote you to catch up but it was an older address and I’m unsure if you are still using it. If you want to drop me a line feel free. I’m more comfortable sharing that way.

      Be well

    3. Ryan, if it was an address from the old blog, I deleted all those when I deleted the blog. The one I use now is

      Do you have an email address you can be reached at?

  10. Your friends up in Canada probably got tired of the political discussions in the run up to the elections. That's my guess. I'm sure my anti-PC sentiments played a small part in it too. Now if you are missing your trolls, then things are getting pretty bad :)

    People are just too intense these days. I doubt very much that the "foreigners" here cry racism back in the home country. They've been immersed in the cultural Marxism that saturates the USA and boy, do they play that race card!

    Don't give up on the blogging Harry. We need to hear from you. Semper Paratus --Troy

    1. Troy, I don't know. Kymber and J. were always positive and upbeat, but I think all the political stuff, and a lot of the anger, did wear on them. They live on a little island in Canada, have a place they built with their own hands, and they are one of the most affectionate couples (to one another) I've ever known. Maybe the world just got to be too dreadful and they decided to shut it out. They have their own beach! And , they are right on a river. It's a beautiful place....

      People ARE really worked up and angry. I'm worked up and angry. Nothing seems to be getting better even though we turfed out the Obamodites. It's like the Deep State, the Media, and the Democrats really run the country and the President cant do anything because every time he tries, the Dems go find some slimy judge and stop everything flat. People are about frustrated to death. I'm sure Canadians find the temperature in the American Kitchen to be too hot, so they are "getting out of the kitchen." I hate it though, because it's come to the point now where I really only have one Canadian crony left, though she's an interesting person and a lot of fun.

      I really like blogging. It's like my version of CB, where you never knew who would come up on the net, and you met interesting people, many of whom had good ideas that you could benefit from, and almost all of whom were fun to just talk with. I mean, there were a few like "Red Rooster", you know, but in general..... ;-)

  11. I sure hope you keep on blogging. Enjoy reading your posts even when you get a bit
    People have no sense of humor any more, and are affronted about every little thing.
    Glad I live where there is fairly constant power. Grids were very convoluted around the last house the Cowman & I had. Made for interesting conversations with the neighbors.
    Off to bed, long day today, and early early fishing trip tomorrow, yeehaw!

    1. Brig, I do get crabby. Maybe I am not getting off the mountain enough. Or maybe I need a hobby besides this blog and guns. Maybe being closed in by the forest is making me irritable. I look at the vistas out where you are, and I'm so envious. Here, unless I go further up the mountainside to a big outcrop of boulders, in summer I am completely hemmed in by a massive treeline. I have my meadow, but it's only a few acres. The rest of my land is untouched Smokey Mountain forest. Thick, heavy, and the humidity can suck the life right out of you. Not conducive to a positive outlook. Even my meadow is not always an asset, because the "pot chopper" sees the meadow in a vast expanse of forest and automatically assumes I am a pot farmer.. :-(

      I know you are having a lot going on right now .I like to check your blog for the latest doings. Hope nobody does a back track on one of my comments and finds out I am a dreadful Hill Billy who would last about 15 seconds in California. ;-)

  12. Hey Harry,


    I found an interesting place to have house on an island with almost no population.

    the link will take you too,-96.001625,28.173415,-96.732216_rect/10_zm/1_fr/

    just copy and paste to a search engine.

    I found an "off grid' house on Matagorda peninsula on the Texas Gulf Coast that is very interesting. The ultimate in Texas Coastal Solitude.
    The house sits on the beach on the backside of Matagorda Peninsula facing Matagorda bay. The Peninsula is a thin sand spit island that I am sure is very dangerous come Hurricane Season but I can really see the potential.

    I have no plans to move from where I am now because of many different factors but as a 'survival property' or oasis of seclusion and the potential for adventure. This place looks real interesting. Imagine having almost an entire island to yourself. Yeah, there are game wardens, hunters, fishermen to deal with but its no like dealing with the general public and all the 'idiocracy' of society. Imagine long beach combing walks with no one else around:)

    Now one would have to be prepared lose everything in Hurricane Season. There is no doubt about that but the realistic part is having an oasis of solitude connected to an endless ocean of life.
    If the link does not work. Check go to Matagorda island, look at the map of the little red dots and look for the two dots on Matagorda Peninsula. Look for the one on the bay side.

    A nice Update....

    The Mexicans behind me finally fixed our mutual back fence. The fence was downed in the hurricane and weeks ago I told the Mexicans that I was going to tear out the fence and not replace it since its a waste of money. It was my fence, I paid for it. The Mexicans got all pissed off, etc. but they finally fixed the fence at their own expense. I am tired of others living off of my money, time and effort so I will no longer support certain things such as fences. I paid $5000 for all the fencing many, many years ago and no one offered to help so if they want fence, they can do it themselves this time around. Screw 'Em! (I wanted to use the 'F' word, my favorite word)

    I'm not good at making friends but I am sure as hell good at pissing people off!

    1. CC, hey, this comment sounds more like the old CC I've been keeping up with for years. Lately you never said anything about your neighbors, or finding a place way out in the wilds for some peace and quiet. I always enjoyed hearing those stories. I swear to God, some of the tales you told, Steinbeck would have blanched with envy and thrown Cannery Row in the trash.

      I'd be ok with losing everything in a hurricane because I would just build an expendable structure and only carry expendable items out there. My wife would never go live out on an island, she is pretty tired of living in the woods. But I'd go and she could stay here and keep the place up, and I'd come visit some time. ;-)

      Be sure I will check out that link. I watch a show on the satellite TV about people who build off grid homes on unpopulated islands . Remember that book by that New Zealander who found his own island and lived his life out there on his lonesome. "An Island to One's Self" I think it was called. I always wanted to do that.

      I think you are pretty good at making friends. You just aren't good at letting people take advantage of you and I say "Bravo!"

  13. I have a google and a microsoft email. I send my blog comments to my microsoft one. Anything spam like will go to that account. The job search is all on my google emali.

    I hope your power is back to being on. We have a lot of big old trees in our neighborhood, so our power has gone at times. Parts of Omaha has power lines underground. Where I live they are not.

    1. Alissa, I use different accounts for different purposes as well. It helps me keep everything categorized. Unfortunately, I'd have to start all over again to completely divest myself of Google. It's a daunting prospect.

      We have underground power lines on my land, which unfortunately doesn't help me much since the lines coming out to this part of the mountains are all old timey above ground on pine poles.

  14. Thanks Harry for continuing on with your blog. I do so enjoy it. I haven't commented much lately; I just have some "stuff" going on that is getting to me. Jana

  15. Jana, I hope it's nothing serious and you get to feeling less stressed soon. I understand completely how life gets that way sometimes. 😟

  16. Hi Harry :) I'm sorry you're having such a lousy time with the electric company. We expect outages when there are big storms, but sometimes on a clear sunny day, poof! Out goes the electricity and it's mind-boggling.

    Remember you told me that you were more wary of letting strangers into your home? Well, as you read on my blog, you were right about that. That guy we were becoming friends with turned into a real blow-hard when his drunk girlfriend was with him. Never again, honestly, Alex and I decided, no more people at the house. Only his dad is welcome and that's it!

    Stella and Pavlov are leaving Monday. The nimrod called last night, he is in Montreal and picking them up at 11am Monday morning. Seeing is believing with him though. I've bonded so much with Pavlov though...I'm starting to feel sad!

    I know what you mean about the blogging. I'm trying to keep a blog post going at least once a week. Summer is the time I don't want to be on the computer too much though. But when I miss my blogging and reading my friend's blogs, I feel out of touch so I try to make time every morning if I can! Once S&P are gone though, my time will free up just a little more.

    I planted strawberry roots last night, I really hope they grow! The potato containers are all ready to go too! I have to get the pumpkins out tomorrow into the patch and then I'm just waiting on the other seedlings to grow a little more and for the weather to warm up more too. Believe it or not, the woods are still snowy!

    1. Rain, it's Sunday morning, 13 May here. I have tried to respond to your comment three times, and the responses have just gone off into the ether without publishing.

      I finally just shut the whole computer down, and rebooted it, and a test went through so I am trying again.

      I'm glad the guy was supposed to come get the dogs. I have not been on the internet for a few days, so when I finish this I will go see what happened. I hope it is good news.

      I have found that it's better not to do much socializing. It often doesn't work out and you are worse off than before you tried.


    2. I think you're very right about the socializing. We're just not very social people and that experience we had was terrible. Just pets and us from now on! :)

      Oh, the guy is coming tomorrow by the way, Monday the 14th. He's calling tonight to confirm. We made a nice "spoiled dog cake" yesterday and they devoured it!

      Our snow is officially melted! :) Alex and I have been busy in the garden preparing for the end of May when we can plant our seedlings. We got the potatoes in the containers yesterday and we're going to pass by our mechanic on Tuesday, he said we can take as many old tires as we want (for more potatoes) so we're going to try to get 20 or so.

      I was having issues with comments on Blogger lately too, you get what you pay for!

    3. Today is Monday the 14th, so I am hoping he showed up and got his dogs, and will take care of them. You two did a stalwart job of providing a home and care for the dogs at a time when they really needed it.

      Blogger is a pill. I haven't even tried to do a post in about a week.

    4. Yup! He picked them up. We are down to 3 dogs and 3 cats now and the house is SO quiet! And thanks Harry, we really didn't do it for him as you know, but for Stella and Pavlov. :)

  17. I always read your blog but never comment. Don't stop blogging. I enjoy my read here. I get a lot of troll trouble on my blog.

    1. Rachel, thanks for coming by. I use comment moderation, or my blog would be full of obscenities. It's been a long time since I tried to let those people express their views on the blog, I learned the hard way it was pointless.

  18. Maybe the power folks just want to be a pain in the ass. I think everyone now days throws out the race card.

  19. who knows, Rob, I think they are just corrupt and incompetent. And yes, that's common today because we let it work....

  20. I used Duck Duck Go too, for searching. But, it isn't as extensive as Google, I don't think.

    Same here. Hate Google, Google+.... Actually have an old Yahoo mail box! -grin- It's my all-purpose-catch-all one. Figure it's been out there so long, don't care if it picks up some spam. Which actually, it doesn't. Perhaps it's soooo old, that no spamers pay to be given it anymore. LOL

    Had a regular doc appointment, and we were chatting about "the old days." He is NOT as old as we are but... He remembered when at midnight, the tv played the Star Spangled Banner, and put up a "test pattern," and went dead till next morning.

    Best part is... He said; "Couldn't play the Star Spangled Banner now, or someone would be offended." With a wise-ass grin. So true! So sad. But so true.

    Blogging is dying. I now have to agree. At least, the old fashioned form of blogging. I get an amazing amount of Just Visitors. But hardly any Comments. Interaction has nearly gone down to 0.

    But then, guess there are still a lot of certain blogs out there. To which I don't go. So, maybe it's just me. ,-)

    1. I remember those days. People today would be aggravated by the indian test pattern, how racist and bigoted! They're full of it, but every little thing has to be politically correct today.

      I think blogging is about wrapped up. There have to be enough people doing it so you can read blogs you like, and the political times and vehemence of today has just caused a lot of people to fade away.


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