Saturday, May 5, 2018

Well,that's odd. Down the Toilet. Moshi moshi ano ne?

"We're sorry we are unable to show any "survival, survivalist, survivalism, prepper, prepping, self sufficiency" stories. Please try again later."

I have a google news search set up to look for news articles in all those topics.  When I pulled it up this morning, that's the message I got.  So I ran "survival" independently and came up with plenty of stories. It seems to the other search topics that are "a problem." I'm not particularly surprised, given  the way Google has launched into full scale "social engineering" lately.

I've been having a fun time shooting the MP-40 air gun.  It's not cheap though.  For instance, one half ounce of air chamber lubricant, which seals the CO2 cartridges , is about $20.00 including shipping. One ounce of spring cylinder oil , runs around $16.00 , including shipping.

One box of 12 Umarex CO2 cartridges is close to $20.00, including shipping.

So, it's not something I'm going to be doing all afternoon on a sunny day.

On the plus side the manual says , presumably in an abundance of caution , that the effective range of the weapon, with both gas cartridges "full" is 350 yards. (They define effective range as the range at which the air gun can cause significant injury or death) .  I've found I can shoot it all the way across the meadow into the trees with excellent effect, and that's about 100 yards.

However, you only get one magazine of fire out of two cartridges at this muzzle velocity. After one magazine, performance falls off significantly.  Oh, well.  It's still fun. I have also found that with depleted cartridges, it does an excellent job of discouraging chickens from going up on the roof and knocking shakes loose. Doesn't permanently injure them but motivates them to fly off the roof in short order.

I'm going to have to buy more magazines, no doubt about that.

I saw a review of this book over at Oklahoma Transient:  Oklahoma Transient

I haven't read it yet, but intend to.  Hogwood has a lot of stuff on the internet in terms of survival videos, and he has some other books out.

Thundershowers coming. Should keep the woods from catching on fire.

Overcast here today.  Rain moving in this afternoon, and we are expecting thundershowers through Tuesday.  Nothing dramatic.  It's nice and cool, about 72 outside, with humidity at 87%.  Last week I was running the heaters and humidifiers. Now I'm running the A/C and dehumidifiers.

Early morning is a good time up here. Quiet, nothing but the birds making any noise.  It's warm enough to enjoy the dawn,  run into town for an early breakfast.  Getting pretty green here now, a welcome change after the long winter .

Water, Water everywhere.... but, still. 

I have a deep well up here.  It was drilled back in the late 1980's, in the middle of a particularly harsh drought that was going on then.  I get plenty of pure, clean water from it.  Of course, I have to have a pump to feed my water system.

If the electric grid goes out, I have an 18 year old diesel generator to power the pump. It's only failed once, and that was due to "old" fuel during one of the hurricanes last year.  My fault.

Still, I was amazed at how fast we used water up here. I keep 300 gallons stored, most of it in one gallon "Gatorade" jugs, some in 5 gallon jugs.  The 5 gallon jugs are heavy and bulky.  The one gallon jugs are easy to carry around, don't take up much storage space, and you can fit them into all sorts of nooks and crannies.

I have a nice stream that bubbles up on my land, and runs down the mountain.  There's another, much larger stream down at the foot of the mountain.

Still,  we used a lot of water just flushing the toilets.  It takes just under 3 gallons to flush one of our toilets, they date back to 1986 and minimizing water usage was not a concern back then.  So, if I want to stretch the 300 gallons out as long as possible in a grid down/ generator failure situation, that needs to be addressed.

I got two big drums from the local car wash. They throw them away.  They originally contained soap for the car wash. I've flushed them out, and filled them with the hose. I'll still consider that water "non potable" because the soap may have leached into the plastic drums.  Doesn't matter though, because their sole purpose is to flush the johns.

We have a septic system, but I think you can flush any toilet, even on city water, by just filling the tank.  If you have water.  In one of the early history channel docu/drama's, the plot line followed a suburban family after a pandemic.  No power, no water. They used a bucket, and the mom had to take it out and bury the "waste" in the back yard.  If you saw the first season of "The Colony", back years ago, trying to make a  toilet work without a good source of water was one of their big issues.

Ordered a drum pump (manual, of course) for $30.00, from Northern.   So, fill the drums with a hose. If I need water to flush, when the grid and my generator are not available, I pump it out into a five gallon can and use it for that purpose.

Sounds like a minor thing. You might say if it comes to that, I'll have more important things to worry about.  The thing is, power outages lasting longer than a week are not uncommon up here. I don't really have space to store more than 300 gallons unless I'm getting ready for a full on disaster. I don't want to waste good water flushing a john. It's the old "for want of a nail" thing.

Moshi moshi ano ne?

I was "talking" with a fellow whose blog I've read for a long time.  We were discussing North American wildcat or "pirate"  radio stations.  A "Wildcat" is usually defined as someone who is broadcasting a shortwave program out of an undisclosed location, using spartan or marginal equipment, and doing so without benefit of a license. They range from semi-pro to completely insane.

Pirate stations are generally thought of as having better gear, and being larger operations. They operate without "official sanction", often "off shore."

I find them by scanning through the HF spectrum at odd hours of the night.  You have to remember, though, that many of these guys only broadcast when they feel like it, and they don't pay any attention to propagation tables. HF travels either in a ground wave (not all that far) or a sky wave, or skip, which goes up, bounces off the ionosphere, and comes back down God knows where. People who use propagation tables can determine the best frequency for the time of year and time of day to "hit" a target area.  I think most of the "Wildcats" I listen to are not bothering with that.

One thing that will help you a lot is a good antenna. The little whip antennas that come on your radio are about worthless.  I am not a HAM, I'm what used to be called a "DX'er", i.e. just a guy who sits by a radio and listens but doesn't transmit. Once upon a time people collected cards from the stations they heard. You sent the station a card saying when, what and where, and they sent you a card for your collection. All the DX magazines have disappeared so I don't know if they still do that.

I like listening to the Wildcats because there are some good "Patriotic" stations that are informative and entertaining. There are also some old fashioned "Hell and Brimstone" religious broadcasts that I get a kick out of, and  there are some outright lunatics, ranting and screaming, who are a hoot!

Here's a good place to look for radio gear and accessories like antennas. They have a good catalog they'll send you for free if you ask them too.

Crane Radio

If you can get some old military "slash wire" , or a spool of speaker wires, you can make your own long wire antennas. They can be made out of wire and plastic spoons.

A good reference for that kind of thing is  MCR P6-22-D,  Radio Antennas Handbook.

You can find a lot of the U.S. Military Field Manuals on Radio Communications at this web site, in PDF form.

U.S. Military Radio Communications Field Manuals

When the power goes out, or something truly bizarre happens and normal communications like your television set or the internet are not functional, it's nice to have an alternate means of finding out what's going on out in the world.  Remember to keep a log and copy down the frequency, identification (if any) , date and time you hear a program you might want to listen to again. It will help you catch the broadcast later on, with luck.

Incidentally,  while I have some basic knowledge of radio propagation and equipment, here's a link to a guy who is truly a "duty expert.".

Dr. Jim's Blog


A good joke:


  1. Why are you still using Google, anyway? Stop giving the enemy your business, Harry

    1. Well, pragmatism and expediency are probably the two key words. All of my email accounts except one are gmail. I've had them a long time, and they all serve specific purposes. Then there's the fact that blogger is a Google thing, so I'd have to give up the blog. That would silence me a lot more effectively than messing up my news feed. Then there's the fact that they don't make any money off me. I don't advertise on my blog,or support them financially in any way. I can dump Citibank, and I have. Google is a different issue. We have a saying here about this kind of thing. "He cut off his nose to spite his face."


    2. I stopped using Google as a search engine during the 2008 elections when I went searching for positive news articles that I had heard about on Rush Limbaugh, and came up empty.

      I switched over to Bing, yeah, I know, it's a Microsoft product, but it doesn't censor near as bad.

      Given what I know now, I'd do all my searches on Duck Duck Go and keep Google for the Blogger stuff (now that I am a junior member at Chant du Depart, I need the Google active in the background for access to Blogger rights.)

      Computers. They're like claymore mines. Never ever safe once they're active.

      Oh, well...

    3. I use Bing a good bit of the time. They seem to do better when I am looking for images. Lots of people think highly of Duck Duck Go. I went to their home page, and when I wanted to down load it, it wanted to modify something or other, and add an extension. After much trepidation, I figured all the people who are positive about it must know it's safe, so I added the extension. Now I am trying it.

      computers are accident waiting to happen. Every time I do an update on my computer, I hold my breath for fear the update will cause it to fatally crash. I've been down that road with Microsoft before.

    4. Here we have a saying, "put your money where your mouth is".

    5. Everyone plays their hand the way they see fit.

  2. We use Duck Duck Go as a search engine. Supposedly, they don't keep files of your searches. Guess we are about to start summer in Texas. 90's are expected next week. I haven't had enough spring yet. Glad to hear you are having some nice weather. Jana

    1. Jana,I realize that Google tracking a person's searches is a violation of privacy, but privacy is just not much in evidence these days. After I place an ammo order on line, the next web page I look at will have ammo adds all over it.๐Ÿ˜ก

      The change in the weather has been very welcome. Especially as regards propane consumption.๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Thanks for the 'plug', Harry!

    My air gun/CO2 gun experience is limited to a Crossman CO2 pistol in the late 1970's. It had one cartrige and fired BB's, so it wasn't very powerful, or very accurate. Even that gun had a noticeable drop in performance after not-too-many BB's had been fired.

    Your storage solution for non-potable water is brilliant. I'm sure our in-laws 'out in the sticks' could use the info, so I'll pass it along. They all have good flowing, deep wells, but other than generators, I don't know what their back-up power options are, so bulk water storage makes sense. Plus, it can double as fire fighting water, an important consideration where they live up in the pines.

    I hadn't herad the "Wildcat" term before. Being a Ham for so long, I just automatically call them "Pirates". Some still call them "Bootleggers", but that term actually means you're using somebody else's callsign, or a made-up, fake callsign.

    I got started as an "SWL", or Short Wave Listener back about 1961 or so. My first 'real' radio was a Knight-Kit "Star Roamer" that I built from a kit. It wasn't a very good radio, just 'adequate' for a beginner, so all I could enjoyable listen to were the Big Guns like VOA, BBC, Radio Moscow, and HCJB in Quito, Ecuador.

    It opened the world to a 10 year old kid, and my dad marveled that we could hear all that stuff on a radio his kid built.

    I've tried a few times to listen to the Pirates, but haven't really had any luck. Knowing radio, it's just a matter of me being a bit more persistent and I'm sure I'll snag them. If I don't have any luck with my little Grundig G3 radio, I'll toss some wire into a tree and fire up one of my better radios.

    Or I could just get off my rear end, stop working on the car, and FINISH my 33' vertical installation!

  4. Dr.Jim, That big hurricane remnant that came through here and wiped out the power for so long, coupled with generator failure , made it pretty clear I was getting complacent. I don't want to be down at the creek with a bucket.๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

    There are, or used to be anyway, some magazines that covered pirate radio stations. I'll see if I can run any down. "Wildcat" is a term these"Lone Rangers " transmitting out of barns and trailers use for themselves. They are distinctly different in tone from the "pirates" and a lot harder to follow but fun to listen to.๐Ÿ˜

    I figured if people had any questions about radio that weren't pretty basic, you'd be the right place to go to. I don't know anyone else who worked radio off a battleship.

  5. Hauling water just to flush toilets is a huge pain. I think in a long term grid down situation I'd set up a couple of composting heads, just to save water. Of course, an old fashioned out house would do the job too. However, a nice odor free composting head in the warm house beats trudging outside to use a smelly outhouse.

    1. I don't mind it so much, though I have never really had to do it to me honest. I've always switched over to the generator and run off that til the power came up. But this disaster last summer with the generator going down at the same time as the grid made me want to have a back up.

      I'm not a big fan of composting toilets. If I were going to move around, I'd have a couple of them because it would be the most practical, but since I am going to shelter in place I will just pour a couple of buckets in the tank on the back of the john. Given your adventurous lifestyle, both on your sailboat and when you travel on land, I'm sure you have a lot more flexibility in your outlook on just about everything than I do. Being sedentary like I am up here on the mountain doesn't encourage innovation.

    2. If things get really bad and gasoline dries up for our generator for the well, we will dig an outhouse. Water will be too precious to dump down a toilet. You can be like a bear in the woods, lol

    3. Water, per se,is rarely a problem here. It's having it handy and in sufficient quantities that I am working on. If I didn't have two streams adjacent to the house I'd have to take a different tack. Digging an outhouse here would be a prodigious undertaking , without some mechanical device to do the digging, but the old abandoned homesteads here had them. I myself have little enthusiasm for such a project,having read "The Milagro Bean Field War" many years ago. That book mentioned in passing that people sitting on the "throne" in an outhouse sometimes got bitten on the testicles by black widow spiders. I found that somewhat off putting.๐Ÿ˜•

  6. Google censors conservative content on YouTube too. So much for net neutrality.

    1. Google is far from a favorite of mine, and that's a big reason. I'm experimenting with Duck Duck as a search engine, but I'll keep using Google email and Blogger because letting them run me off "the air" would be a form of surrender, and I'm not going to start all that email over, or learn a new blog system. So I am doing what seems best, in an imperfect world. Glad to hear from you, I know you have been really busy and have had a lot on your shoulders these past few months.

  7. Hey Harry,


    I got a good laugh at the .45 cal 1911 meme about the wife that sleeps around.

    The google censorship stuff was interesting. On YouTube a great many of the 'Alt Right' channels that I subbed to where deleted but they are finding ways around Googles AI's. One thing is simuliar to Pirate Radio stations in one aspect. They start a channel. do a video that goes against Youtubes communist agenda, the video us up for at least a day. Then its deleted. Another YouTube channel is created and another anti-communist video goes up and 'rinse, cycle and repeat'
    Many of the video criticizing Israel's 'tail wagging the dog' are still up. 'Apparently Trump announced that we are pulling out of Syria a while back. Israel made numerous phone calls to the White House and then a short time later. We launched the second attack on Israel that happened weeks back after the 'alleged' chemical attack (I'm sure Iran's White Hat's were involved on this one too) 'Harry when you get the chance 'Look up the 'White Hat's' in Syria. The White Hats are funded by Iran like Hamas is funded by Iran.

    'For the record I am not an anti-Semite. I do not want to see the state of Israel destroyed. However we can no longer afford to get involved in 'Regional Wars' on behest of Israel. Iran though is a different matter. I am hoping that Trump can do what he did to North Korea with Iran. I don't like Iranians and personally I would like to see Saudi Arabia and Iran duke it out on the battlefield and it would be fun to watch more muslims slaughter each other.
    Saudi Arabia is no friend of the U.S. either. They need our support to keep Iran at bay but the Saudi's have their own agenda and its not in the best interest of the U.S.

    I also think we need to pull out of NATO largely because Europe is being taken over by the Muslims and Erdogron has ruined Turkey and is 'encouraging' Islamic invaders though immigration from Turkey into Europe. Many decades from now when most of Southern Europe is Islamic. I'm sure the Russians may attack (or get attacked) and this is a war the the U.S. can sit out and not get involved in.
    The Russians and Eastern Europeans have been down this road before and they can take out their own garbage.
    Suffice to say old 20th Century alliances (such as NATO) will change this century and that's because the demographics in Europe will completely change.

    The best course of action over the next 80 years or so I think is for the U.S. to modernize its Nukes, Nuke delivery systems and work heavily on 'Fusion Nukes' which give off very little fallout (I will write another time on what I know about 'Fusion Weapon Systems' that are something like Hydrogen nukes but lower yield and a lot less fallout)

    We should move into a 'limited isolationist policy' using 'Stand off' nukes to protect our sovereignty. As I stated before we can longer afford to get into regional conflicts, religious conflicts and fueds that go back 5000 years. None of it makes sense lets just stand back and let them all kill each other get the worlds population down by several billion.

  8. CC: The "White Hats" have long been recognized as a project of the Iranian intelligence services. Two months ago there was an AAN report showing "White Hat" videos , purporting to be documentation of "government gas attacks against civilians". Unfortunately, the video makers used the same little girl to portray a "victim" in both videos, which let the cat out of the bag. I tend to be very careful about any news reports concerning Israel, especially from European sources. Europe has never been "Jew Friendly" and since 1947 the attitude there has tended to become more vehemently anti-Israeli. I watch several European news broadcasts daily on the satellite, and when they get through disparaging the United States and making snide, prejudiced comments about Americans they move on to running down Israel. In the United States, the left wing detests the Israelis because the Moslems are a Democratic constituency, and because Moslems are a favorite left wing "protected group." Anything the MSM says about Israel is just patent bullshit, just like it is about President Trump.

    To my knowledge, there are no Moslem countries that we can count on as "friends" or "allies." Jordan comes close, but it's a small Kingdom and has always been bullied into siding with the "bad guys" in the Middle Eastern wars, whether it wanted to get involved or not.

    Erdagon sees himself as a 21st century Saladin, but the guy is your basic tin pot dictator. He's a full on Islamist, has been destroying the reforms of Attaturk as fast as he can, and won't rest until everybody is out in the streets praying to "Allah" five times a day. Damn shame because Turkey has a good army and the Turks are good soldiers. We would be a lot better off telling Turkey to kiss our respective asses at this point, and supporting the creation of a "Kurdistan."

    I understand your thoughts on regional conflicts, but I don't think we can become isolationist and hope to keep our heads above water. For instance, look what happened to Europe when they sat back on their hands and didn't "get involved" in the events of the "Arab Spring." Now they are awash in Third World barbarians who are destroying European civilization. We are already suffering the same effect here in the states, as I can attest from a personal perspective given events here in the last year.

    It's all one big s**t sandwich, and every day we are having to take a bigger and bigger bite. I don't see a way out, which is why I am going over my own situation up here and trying to ferret out any chinks in my armor. I can only effect events on roughly 20 acres, and it's a big world, but I am doing what I can.

  9. "Tewshooz has left a new comment on your post "Well,that's odd. Down the Toilet. Moshi moshi a...":

    From Tewshooz:
    Use AdBlock Plus for free and no more ads.....Poof
    Also get a VPN when you are traveling around the web. I use PIA....sure it costs a few bucks. My computer is cloaked and appears like it is in Seattle for now. I choose where. "

    I published the comment above but it didn't show up on the blog. So I went to the email copy, did a copy and paste into this remark.

    I'm considering doing both. I have some concerns in that add blockers I have tried in the past caused some conflict with other internet web pages I use. The VPN seems like a good idea if it isn't too expensive.

  10. Hey Harry,


    On the part of 'Regional Conflicts' If the U.S. did not get involved in Syria, Libya and Iraq. The dictators in those would have slaughtered the Isis and other Islamic groups in their own backyards.
    What I am saying on the idea of being 'Isolationists' is Muslim countries and sects love to slaughter each other and that allows some sort of primitive self regulation. As long as it is contained in their region. I don't see the problem. 'Quite frankly and I am being a true misanthrope here. They can dump nerve agents all they want on each other for all I care. Sixth Century religious extremism has no place in the 21st Century. 'Bush Jr, Obama and Hillary completely screwed any 'secular Islamic countries' for the sake of the U.S. dollar, oil, minerals in Afghanistan and for the profits of the military industrial complex.

    'Endless warfare was one of the 'cancers' that destroyed the Roman Empire and that will be our downfall as well.

  11. "On the part of 'Regional Conflicts' If the U.S. did not get involved in Syria, Libya and Iraq. The dictators in those would have slaughtered the Isis and other Islamic groups in their own backyards."

    Truer words were never spoken. Whenever I think of how we toppled Saddam, who was an effective counterweight to the Iranians, and who held down the Shiites in Iraq, I feel ill. I went along with the invasion of Iraq because I believed all the bullshit about him planning to use WMD on us. When it turned out to be nonsense, I realized we'd made a horrific mistake, but it was too late then.

    Doing things like throwing over our old ally, Hosni Mubarak , and letting the Muslim Brotherhood take over in Egypt was unbelievable, even for the twit in office at the time.

    Letting the Al Qaeda sponsored militias take over in Libya wasn't that great an idea either. But I'm not sure if that supports an isolationist stance, or recommends the opposite.

    Militant Islam doesn't really stay "contained" in the country of origin. Indonesian moslem terrorists have cooperated in or conducted attacks against Australians in Bali at the behest of Al Qaeda. The shitbirds fighting us in Afghanistan come from a whole host of middle eastern and former soviet republic countries, from Pakistan and the Balkans. It's an international association, so to speak.

    I think we need to rely more on special forces intervention, in situations where we have a chance. The Kurds are one example of a people who we can work with and win. The South Vietnamese are an example of trying to help people who were not worth a damn and wouldn't help themselves. I guess we have to try to navigate between Scylla and Charybdis.

  12. You don;t need to fill the tank to flush a toilet manually; I've done it by pouring water in the bowl with a bucket. My toilet flushes will on about a gallon that way; some work on as little as a quart. This method will help your water go further.