Monday, July 30, 2018

Politically Correct 911. "The Problem." And that's the way it is.

It's the way things are: The Sheeple brought it on themselves.

We've had two nice days weather wise.  Low humidity, temps in the low 80's, and no rain . We spent most of those days working on the place, trying to get as much done as we could.  More rain storms are coming in tonight and we are expecting thunderstorms and rain through the rest of the week.

I worked on the porch roof for a couple of hours today, til it got too hot to be up there. The terrific winds that accompany these thunderstorms had pulled some of the metal sheets loose. I got most of that fixed. They were screwed into stout beams, but the wind pulled the sheets up so much they tore right through the screw heads. That wind is why my property is littered with downed trees, some piled on top of each other. I'm not going out there with a chain saw and cut all that stuff up. 

The Problem.

"Niagara Falls, Buffalo ranked as #1, #3 most dangerous places to live in Upstate New York" 
(Leader Line on article in Buffalo News paper)

cartoon illustrating how wonderful Buffalo is to live in.

I don't eat in fast food places often, and I don't  much go there in our town because the fast food places have become hang outs for the "new arrivals."  But I went into one of them for a cup of coffee earlier this week. Some of the "refugee arrivals" were in there, three women with their kids shrieking and running all over the place. The manager came out and asked them to keep the kids under control. They stopped jibbering, glared at the manager, and then just ignored her.  A few minutes later, one of the kids, about four years old, crawled up on top of one of the tables and stood on it. It tilted, and he fell off. Pandemonium.! Shrieks! Jibbering 90 miles an hour.

I got up and left.  Just took my coffee and headed out. I won't be going back in there.

This is what people here are calling "The Problem."  When someone says "The Problem"  they mean some new stupidity or outrage involving the inner city denizens , the illegal immigrants, and the "refugees" being dumped in North Georgia.

I went to the post office early Saturday morning.  An elderly lady started to back her car out of the parking lot. A beat up old jalopy came roaring into the parking lot off the main road, and nearly slammed into the old lady. Out of the jalopy jumps a Filipino woman, and starts cursing the old lady.  "You old bitch I nearly ran into you why the f**K don't you look where ....."  If you have spent time in the Philippines, you know the drill when one of the bar girls goes off .

The poor old lady had gotten out of her car and was just standing there. I  went over and told her to get back in, then told the loud mouth to shove off, and got out my phone to call the Sheriff's Department. She roared off, still cursing.  That's the kind of call I hear now that I'm back to listening to scanners, it was just my turn to be there.  You go to town to the store, or a fast food joint, or the post office, etc. you're apt to get involved in something like this.

President Trump is trying.

I'm just glad I don't have kids in school now. There are real problems in that environment.

I suppose I write about this stuff too much, but here's the thing. Before these people started being dumped on us, it was just a political issue. I didn't like having illegals and  "refugees" coming into this country. Now it's a quality of life issue. There's a big difference. I hope no one reading this finds out for themselves, though I know Rob and a few other people have experienced the same developments, with the same results.

One thing I will say.  Open carry here used to be pretty much a political statement, an assertion of rights under the Second Amendment. I didn't do it, because I didn't want to highlight myself as being armed , in case I needed my gun.  But now, open carry is growing by leaps and bounds, and it's purpose is to keep the groups of "new arrival" teens and twenty somethings from getting aggressive with you. People want to avoid trouble, and if you are walking out to your car in the Walmart parking lot and run into some of these slugs, that may be the only way to do it. They harass people for the sheer fun of it, especially women.  Open carry is nature's way of saying "Don't Touch" and the problem children seem to understand that.

Doesn't look very comfortable, but I guess it gets the point across. Haven't seen anybody here open carrying a rifle yet, but it wouldn't surprise me. I know they have them in their vehicles.

Still, for all that I am concerned about developments in town, as long as you stay out of the town, this is still a beautiful place to live.  I may not have cable, and my electricity goes out a lot and is always among the last to be restored. But there aren't many people out here, and I have a good sized piece of land that I do control. I have a nice place that suits me, and I can live a peaceful existence up here on the mountain.  Life is pretty good.  I'm not sure what it will be like for my kids when they are my age, but maybe it won't be so different here than it is now....


Thought for the Day:

Do you remember "Jericho"
It was about a small town that suddenly finds itself under siege in  a world coming apart at the seams.
I always enjoyed it, but I understand it better these days.

And that's the way it is, this 30th of July, 2018.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Informed Delivery. Direct TV phases out single satellite service. VA health care. Yugo SKS. Long term storage ammo.

There's a new U.S. Postal Service web page / app that might be useful to you.  It's called "Informed Delivery." Every morning, you get a scanned image of all the mail that should be in your mail box today.

It's free, and it only takes a minute or so to open an account with the post office on line.  A word of warning, you have to verify that you are who you say you are by answering multiple part questions like :

Which of these addresses have you lived at:

A.  Dorkster Manner 150
B. De Projects Build A21
C. Inagadadavisa Lane
D. None of the above.

My first go around, all of the questions were answered "none of the above" and the system rejected me. But it gives you the opportunity to repeat the security test and the next time it worked fine.

For me, this is a boon because it's a pain to go all the way down to the mailbox and all the way back. I take the Jeep these days as the walk back is a bit stiff for me, all upslope as it is. Now, I only go to the mailbox if there's something in there worth making a special trip. Otherwise, the mail can just stay in the box until I go into town.

Here's the link to sign up:

Informed Delivery sign up page.

Direct TV phasing out "standard service."

I finally got a semi-definitive answer from Direct TV on the issue of "standard service" vrs "HD service."  It took long enough and I had to go through AT&T, but here's the situation.

Direct TV is phasing out all "standard service" i.e. single satellite service, by mid 2019.  After that, if you don't have their new HD equipment, which utilizes three satellites simultaneously, you are out of luck.

They are dropping some of the channels on standard service fairly soon, and the first to go is the "local channels" option, which means I won't be able to watch the Atlanta stations anymore.

I'm not going to wait for them to cut my satellite feeds off.  Dish Network apparently has a system that will let their HD service function on one satellite, and it's the same satellite that the "standard service" works with now. So I will start trying to get a handle on whether or not Dish can provide me with satellite television, and if so , I will switch.

VA Health Care:

We are still trying to learn the ropes with VA health care.  The VA in Atlanta called and wanted my wife to make an appointment to see a doctor down  there , an ear, eyes and throat specialist. Because the Atlanta hospital has one of those, the VA won't authorize her to see a local equivalent.  Since we have UHC administered medicare, which allows us to go to a local doctor, we declined  their offer. I'm not about to drive to Atlanta.

On the other hand, because the VA hospital does not have the capability to do mammograms, they authorized her to get one done at the local county hospital. The VA , supposedly, will pay for it. 

It turns out that when it comes to medicines, how much of a copayment you have to make depends on your income, and on the category you are in (i.e. disabled, etc.)  For us, the VA copayment on medicine is $9.00.  But we get the same medicines at the local pharmacy for either $1.00, or nothing, through our United Health Care Medicare policy.

It looks like the VA health care might come in handy for us down the road, in the event of some major problem. But as far as being much use to us right now, it probably won't be a factor. However, if we didn't have medicare, it would be much more helpful to us.

If you are a veteran and want to see if you are eligible for VA health care, here's the link below. Don't assume you aren't, the rules have changed since President Trump took over, and just because you were previously denied benefits doesn't necessarily mean you will be now.

Veterans Administration Health Care Application Process

We are having a little break from the bad weather. No rain for a few days, and the temperatures have been in the low eighties. The humidity is still very high, but we can cope with that has long as the equipment continues to function.  Today we're going into town, I have some books to pick up at the library, my wife needs to run by the hospital,  and we need to do a little grocery shopping. It should not be a tough day.

Things for sale you might need:

Classic Firearms up in North Carolina has gotten in some of the Yugoslavian SKS rifles. These first came into the country (as far as I know) about 15 years ago, and sporadically a few more show up n the market. In 2005, I bought one in new, unissued condition for $300.00.  Today, NRA good rifles like these run about $500.00

C&R Eligible
Yugoslavian SKS 7.62x39 Rifle

Good Surplus Condition

They are asking just under $500, but I don't know if that includes shipping. If you have your C&R or other FFL, you are good to go. If not, you have to get your dealer to send them a copy of his FFL, and Classic will ship the gun to your dealer.

Classic Firearms (the one in N.C., not the one in Texas)

Centerfire Systems is running a promotional on long term storage ammo, either in the ammo can or in plastic "cans."  Free shipping.  The prices aren't particularly spectacular, but free shipping takes off about $20.00 you'd normally have to pay.  I buy a lot of things from Centerfire, usually parts or accessories, and they have always done me right.

Centerfire used to have a really good monthly catalog, but now they just do "internet" sales.

Centerfire Systems

The prices didn't save when I saved the pictures, but they are all on the web page.

That's about all there is to say. Nothing spectacular going on here, and today should be fairly routine. 
I hope so.

Branco Cartoon:

About time for God to do the Sodom and Gomorrah bit on San Francisco. Past time, really...

Wish I was there.....where ever there is.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

President Trump wins an important one in Georgia.

  The run off elections in Georgia were held yesterday. The only one of much significance was between Brian Kemp and Casey Cagle.

Kemp was endorsed by President Trump.  Cagle was a "machine politician" of the Georgia Republican Party.  He was renowned for bragging about voting to pass legislation that he characterized as "shit", because it benefited him to do so. Cagle wasn't a bad guy, he was just one of those Republicans who didn't understand that people were sick of business as usual. What doomed him was identifying himself with the Republican Party, rather than the conservative voters in this state. The two are no longer synonymous.

Now the election in November is shaping up here as a referendum on who is going to control our electoral votes, and our way of life. Kemp is rural, conservative, a Trump advocate, and attuned to the anger and frustration out in the countryside where most Georgians still live.

His opponent, Stacy Abrams, is a black , female version of Bernie Sanders. She's a Democratic party hack who has haunted Georgia politics for years.  Emboldened by Keisha Bottom's success in stealing the election for Atlanta mayor, she wants to be our next governor. The Dems think they have packed enough "refugees" and "illegals" into the state to swing the election. They may be  right.

Excerpts from a CBS news article bemoaning the victory of Brian Kemp in the run off for the Republican Gubernatorial race in Georgia.  (Kemp won by a two to one margin.)

"A self-described "unapologetic conservative" whose campaign ran an eyebrow-raising ad that said he could use his own pickup truck to "round up criminal illegals," Kemp rode conservatives' contempt for the establishment to capitalize on his bare-knuckled, outsider politics."

"Kemp portrayed the race against Abrams as a battle with the "radical left" as Georgia's future hangs in the balance. "Do you want a governor who is going to answer to Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton?" he asked."

"In a tweeted endorsement last week, Trump pointed to Kemp's tough stance on illegal immigration and support for gun rights. With days left in the race, Vice President Mike Pence also stumped for Kemp on the campaign trail. Both reiterated their support for Kemp in tweets Tuesday."

"Kemp's victory is another endorsement success for Trump. He backed South Carolina congressional candidate Katie Arrington ahead of her upset of Republican Rep. Mark Sanford, and he helped Rep. Martha Roby of Alabama withstand a GOP primary challenge. That run could embolden the president to get even more involved in looming Republican primaries, including gubernatorial contests in Kansas, Tennessee, and Florida."

"Nichole Jacobs went to Sandy Springs Christian Church to vote Tuesday for Kemp, citing his stance on immigration. Jacobs sends both her children to private schools, and feels her affluent Atlanta suburb is overrun with illegal immigration. "People are moving out of Sandy Springs to get into a better school district or putting their kids in private schools," Jacobs said."

Georgia is in real trouble if the Democrats are right, and they have moved enough of their drones into the state to elect the Democratic nominee for Governor. Remember Stacy Abrams, Hillary's good buddy from the last Presidential election?

 She's an old crony of Nancy Pelosi, as well.  If she gets into office, rural Georgia is finished.  Atlanta already takes part of the property tax we pay up here, and uses it to pay for their socialist mini-state. That's nothing to what Abrams would do if she could sign laws and crack the whip on the state legislature. She's the arch-typical moonbat, and she wants to make Georgia into a socialist paradise.

The Democrats are making a great issue, in the newspapers here and on the news programs, of  the "changing demographics" in Georgia. They say Georgia's population has been greatly increased by "immigrants." By that, they mean the illegals they have been instrumental in importing here, and the "refugees" like those that are flooding into North Georgia using state and federal money for housing, and for cash handouts. Those people are Democratic Party voters, right down the line. They know which side their bread is buttered on. Anybody can vote in Georgia, multiple times, without much  trouble, thanks to the Justice Department.

Georgia has a huge problem with illegal voting by people who do not have the right to vote in the state. Three times in the last few years we have  tried to at least make registering to vote have some semblance of screening to it. Three times the Justice Department has vetoed the new laws. Unlike the rest of the country, Southern states have to submit their proposed changes on voting laws to the federal government.

"Under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, Georgia is required to submit new voting procedures for federal review before they are implemented."
American Civil Liberties Union web page.

The big issue is voter identification. Under current rules foisted on us by the Department of Justice, anyone who wants to register to vote has only to "affirm" that they are a citizen, over 18, not a felon, and produce one of the following:

  • GA driver's license (can be expired).
  • A valid employee photo ID issued by any entity of the US. ...
  • A valid U.S. passport.
  • A valid U.S. military ID (with photo).
  • A valid tribal ID (with photo).
  • Any valid photo ID issued by the state or federal government.

The problem is that any of  these can be readily obtained with any name you want on it, for as little as $20.00, from groups that facilitate illegal voting, either for money or to advance their own political agenda. 

So, illegals or our "new imported neighbors" can take their fake i.d.,  a copy of a utility bill or any other mail with their address on it, and register to vote.

Looking at my county as a "microcosm" of the state, it was once rural and solidly conservative. Then came the "first wave" of Hispanic illegals.  Then the "second wave" of retirees who originally came from liberal Northern states, moved to Florida, then moved here. They're the ones with "North Georgia Democrat" bumper stickers on their cars. Now we have  "the third wave" , a vast influx of people from the Third World, being artificially planted in strong conservative voting districts.  Since you can literally register your dog to vote here with a little effort, maybe the Democrats are right.  Maybe the "demographics" are going to make Georgia a blue state.  

If not, they can just steal the election through political corruption and chicanery, as they did with the Atlanta mayoral election not long ago.  Everybody knew it at the time, the Democratic party bragged about it.

 Then when the outgoing Mayor Kassim Reed gave his farewell party and handed out $750,000 of state funds to his "associates" as "rewards" for their service to him, he made a mistake. One of the people he called up to the podium only got $3000.00 in their envelope, and not a cruise to Alaska like others got. Happens he was one of the one's who "diddled" the absentee voters balance to make sure the black candidate for Mayor "won" the election. Offended by the paucity of his "gratuity" he squealed on the Mayor's campaign "committee", who turned out to have bribed one of the highest election officials in the state (black guy, who would have thought?) to make sure that Keisha Bottoms "won" the election. 

Now the feds are investigating, and there are updates virtually every afternoon on the evening news, like a soap opera series. But given that it's the U.S Justice Department doing the investigation, nobody expects anything to happen, and "Madam Mayor" will just keep the stolen office. She already celebrated by buying her husband a nice first class ticket ($1,400) to the 2018 Super Bowl using a state credit card. It was all " a mistake" of course, at least, after it went public.

Thought for the Day:

Branco Cartoons:


The left really believes that asking a person to show i.d. to vote is "racist."
You can get a free photo i.d. at any driver's license office in Georgia. The catch is, you have to be who you say you are.