Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hot everywhere. Centennial Outdoors Backwoods Survival Guide. Other magazines.

Yesterday was M's birthday.  We drove up into North Carolina to do some birthday present shopping. In the parking lot at the store she likes in Murphy,NC the temperature was 96 degrees.  The temperatures are highest in the South and the North East.  Tonight the local weather channel we watch out of Atlanta said it will be hotter here tomorrow, and hotter in the West and SouthWest.

There are forest fires all over the West. Here's a link to a good map for general locations.

U.S. Forest Fires (Google Maps,2018

Below is another useful map about fire locations.

Wild Fire Map

We've been having so much rain that forest fires are not likely here. But I keep an eye on that very closely in summer. That bad fire season we had a few years ago made a believer out of me.

Other Magazines:

I always post the magazines I subscribe to when they come in, or if I find one on the news stands, or on the net.

Centennial Outdoors has been publishing survival oriented magazines for several months now. I didn't buy the first one, because it was just too simplistic.  The second wasn't bad, and the one below, which just came out, is really good.

I'm not usually very interested in magazines about bugging out, or living in the back woods on a minimalist level. This magazine had some articles in it that I really found interesting, though. Things like how to roast coffee beans, grind them up, and make coffee. I have a sack of beans my son left here, and I have a coffee grinder, but I've not used them. I'm going to give it a try now. Some of the articles were written in such a manner that the information was useful whether you are sheltering in place, or bugging out.  Years ago, there was a lady who had a good survival blog, and she put out a little book, paperback, with good basic information. I hadn't heard of her in years, and I thought maybe she passed away, but she's got an article in this issue.  All in all,  the magazine was certainly worth ten dollars.

Survivalism and Homesteading are two different things, but they do  overlap.  I've started buying some of the Mother Earth News special editions, because they deal with things I work on up here. They run ten to fifteen dollars, so I don't buy them all, but if they have an article I want, I pick them up.

If you go to their web page, you can buy some of the issues from past years for as little as a dollar. The information is still useful, if you live in the country, or you want to.

The two magazines above are oriented towards people who want to live on a very basic level.  If you want to go "Mountain Man"style, they're both great. I almost bought a copy of American Frontiersman today because they had some great adds for tomahawks. These things were the real deal, and I was seized with the desire to buy one. But on reflection,I realized I could find the things on line without buying the magazine, and my magazine budget is already somewhat bloated.

Backwoodsman , as I've mentioned before, is a great place to get published. They are friendly to new authors, and if the material is of interest to their readers they'll publish it, though you shouldn't expect to finance a vacation on the proceeds, if any.  My brother has been published in there a couple of times, and if he can do it, you can too.

Modern Pioneer is a really good magazine. Especially if you are an outdoorsman, or you figure on taking to the hills when the Great Unexpected arrives.  I'm forting up here, and I'll either live a pretty good life or something will go wrong and I'll get wiped out.  But I'm not going "On The Road."  If I was considering that, I'd start buying this magazine.

There are a lot of magazines out there on hobby farms, building cabins, and the like. They do have some interesting information but not enough to spend my money on. Same thing with the "primitive living" magazines. I am not particularly interested in how to build a cow crap and mud shelter, or how to make a raw hide breech clout.  There are magazines for the cave man wannabe, though. I just don't buy them.

If anybody knows of a good magazine I should be buying, let me know. I've started subscribing to more of them now that they are disappearing from the news stand.

Fourth of July Cartoons:

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  1. I always buy The Backwoodsman. In fact, it's about the only one that I do; then I pass it along to a friend. Good memes today, as always. As usual, I stole them to put on Facebook. Hope you had a nice Independence Day.

  2. You're always welcome to anything you find useful here. Glad you liked them. That's a good magazine, once in awhile I buy a copy for a specific article that I like, you never know what you'll find in it.

  3. This is the first Independence Day in 30some years where I didn't have to worry about stray rounds coming through the roof.

    Give my birthday wishes to M!

    1. Yeah, firing a weapon into the air in an urban area is not a good idea, but there are 3rd world countries everywhere for which it's an accepted practice. And then, there are some American cities......

      She had a pretty good birthday. She like to shop.

  4. we had a fireworks extravaganza here, in violation of laws here in the communist state. i was heartened by the displays from neighbors near and far as well, more than i've ever seen. that's a whole lot of revolt right there. i love it. i remember several years there was very little celebration at all. i figure if you'll drive 4 hours to another state and spend hundreds of bucks and risk arrest, there's hope for you yet. sic semper tyrannis

    1. 8 years of Barrack Hussein really beat people down. Having leftards running everything meant an infinity of new "control" laws, and people got hassled or even arrested for putting up American flags on their homes. How many times do you remember seeing news articles headlined "Vet told to take down flag by homeowners association" or "Veteran arrested for refusing to take flag off his home."

      Things are better now, but there's still a lot of the old sickness out there that needs cutting out. And you are certainly right, people are giving up being passive and hoping "things will get better." There are some really angry folks out there, who have honest to God had enough. It's about time.

  5. It's been really miserable here, too. We're trying to find creative ways to stay out of the heat. Today we spent the day at an aviation museum which was nice and cool, and super fun. I'm still on that stupid doxycycline for the tick bite, so I'm not supposed to be in the sun anyhow.

    1. I was afraid the tick bite would turn out to be serious. I hope you get over the effects of it very soon. I'm glad you didn't get the really bad malady from the bite that my friend did. Lymes Disease, I think it is.

      The heat continues unabated here, was 98 in Murphy NC when we were up there recently. Here at the house it's been hitting 92, but cools off some at night. An aviation museum would certainly be a good place to spend some time on a hot day!