Monday, July 30, 2018

Politically Correct 911. "The Problem." And that's the way it is.

It's the way things are: The Sheeple brought it on themselves.

We've had two nice days weather wise.  Low humidity, temps in the low 80's, and no rain . We spent most of those days working on the place, trying to get as much done as we could.  More rain storms are coming in tonight and we are expecting thunderstorms and rain through the rest of the week.

I worked on the porch roof for a couple of hours today, til it got too hot to be up there. The terrific winds that accompany these thunderstorms had pulled some of the metal sheets loose. I got most of that fixed. They were screwed into stout beams, but the wind pulled the sheets up so much they tore right through the screw heads. That wind is why my property is littered with downed trees, some piled on top of each other. I'm not going out there with a chain saw and cut all that stuff up. 

The Problem.

"Niagara Falls, Buffalo ranked as #1, #3 most dangerous places to live in Upstate New York" 
(Leader Line on article in Buffalo News paper)

cartoon illustrating how wonderful Buffalo is to live in.

I don't eat in fast food places often, and I don't  much go there in our town because the fast food places have become hang outs for the "new arrivals."  But I went into one of them for a cup of coffee earlier this week. Some of the "refugee arrivals" were in there, three women with their kids shrieking and running all over the place. The manager came out and asked them to keep the kids under control. They stopped jibbering, glared at the manager, and then just ignored her.  A few minutes later, one of the kids, about four years old, crawled up on top of one of the tables and stood on it. It tilted, and he fell off. Pandemonium.! Shrieks! Jibbering 90 miles an hour.

I got up and left.  Just took my coffee and headed out. I won't be going back in there.

This is what people here are calling "The Problem."  When someone says "The Problem"  they mean some new stupidity or outrage involving the inner city denizens , the illegal immigrants, and the "refugees" being dumped in North Georgia.

I went to the post office early Saturday morning.  An elderly lady started to back her car out of the parking lot. A beat up old jalopy came roaring into the parking lot off the main road, and nearly slammed into the old lady. Out of the jalopy jumps a Filipino woman, and starts cursing the old lady.  "You old bitch I nearly ran into you why the f**K don't you look where ....."  If you have spent time in the Philippines, you know the drill when one of the bar girls goes off .

The poor old lady had gotten out of her car and was just standing there. I  went over and told her to get back in, then told the loud mouth to shove off, and got out my phone to call the Sheriff's Department. She roared off, still cursing.  That's the kind of call I hear now that I'm back to listening to scanners, it was just my turn to be there.  You go to town to the store, or a fast food joint, or the post office, etc. you're apt to get involved in something like this.

President Trump is trying.

I'm just glad I don't have kids in school now. There are real problems in that environment.

I suppose I write about this stuff too much, but here's the thing. Before these people started being dumped on us, it was just a political issue. I didn't like having illegals and  "refugees" coming into this country. Now it's a quality of life issue. There's a big difference. I hope no one reading this finds out for themselves, though I know Rob and a few other people have experienced the same developments, with the same results.

One thing I will say.  Open carry here used to be pretty much a political statement, an assertion of rights under the Second Amendment. I didn't do it, because I didn't want to highlight myself as being armed , in case I needed my gun.  But now, open carry is growing by leaps and bounds, and it's purpose is to keep the groups of "new arrival" teens and twenty somethings from getting aggressive with you. People want to avoid trouble, and if you are walking out to your car in the Walmart parking lot and run into some of these slugs, that may be the only way to do it. They harass people for the sheer fun of it, especially women.  Open carry is nature's way of saying "Don't Touch" and the problem children seem to understand that.

Doesn't look very comfortable, but I guess it gets the point across. Haven't seen anybody here open carrying a rifle yet, but it wouldn't surprise me. I know they have them in their vehicles.

Still, for all that I am concerned about developments in town, as long as you stay out of the town, this is still a beautiful place to live.  I may not have cable, and my electricity goes out a lot and is always among the last to be restored. But there aren't many people out here, and I have a good sized piece of land that I do control. I have a nice place that suits me, and I can live a peaceful existence up here on the mountain.  Life is pretty good.  I'm not sure what it will be like for my kids when they are my age, but maybe it won't be so different here than it is now....


Thought for the Day:

Do you remember "Jericho"
It was about a small town that suddenly finds itself under siege in  a world coming apart at the seams.
I always enjoyed it, but I understand it better these days.

And that's the way it is, this 30th of July, 2018.


  1. The thing that frosts me so much, is that this is OUR country. I , nor anyone I know have tasked our "Representatives" with importing third world savages. They add nothing to our lives, and I deeply resent paying for them, and by what right do they dare run you or anyone else off f one square foot of OUR country? This crap has to stop. And soon, or there will be bloodshed.

    1. J, there are some highly aggravated people here , as the gathering I went to some time back illustrated. People are furious that their wives get groped in the grocery store parking lot, or they have to slam on the brakes because a group of "bruddas" are walking into traffic down one lane of the four lane road, or they are trying to eat dinner in a restaurant and the "refugees" are in there, shouting and hollering and throwing food at each other. And on, and on, and on. Every kind of aberrant, anti-social behavior you can imagine , and it's all done with an arrogant, "f**K you" attitude that is particularly galling. It's like living in the center of "de hood" with all kinds of bizarre foreigners thrown into the mix. Why are Filipinos, Koreans, Burmese, etc being given refugee status and brought here? I have nothing against any of those people, I've spent a good bit of time in the Philippines and Korea, but I can tell you the people we get here are not "average citizens" of those countries. It's more like the Mariel Boat Lift, flush the toilet kind of thing. The Islamic refugees don't bear talking about. Think of all the things you detested about Arabs when you were overseas, and then think of having them in your home town and in your schools.

      Eventually, these guys are going to mess with some of the local bad boys, or they are going to do something to someone's family so egregious, that there will be blood in the streets. I'm amazed it hasn't happened yet. The obnoxious little cliques of teens and twentyish "new residents" that are causing so much of the trouble are pretty good at picking out safe targets though. I think they can tell when someone is weak, or helpless, or afraid of them, and when someone would gladly kill them given half a chance. There's an old saying here "when you f**k with the bull, you get the horns." They concentrate on the cows and steers.

  2. Open Carry. Sigh. The leftist twits (from both parties) in Miami keep stepping on our dream of that here in Florida. The stupid city I live in is actually trying to sue the State in order to overturn the State's laws against stupid people like The City from enacting gun-control.

    Florida is weird. I want the state I moved to in '73 back. So I know how you feel.

    I sweat too much to comfortably conceal carry except in a snow storm.

    1. Andrew,

      Open carry is common here. And as you pointed out about Miami, cities and townships can't "preempt" state law, so there's nothing the whiny bitches can do about it.

      You guys got some 400,000 Puerto Ricans moving into your state after that hurricane, that probably complicated life a bit. It will certainly complicate the next elections.

      I used to wear a light vest with a shoulder holster in summer, but that screams "gun." So I wore a pig skin, inside the belt holster with a Walther PPK in it. But that rubbed on my side and was uncomfortable, especially sitting down. So I just quit carrying in summer in my own county.

      But now I have an outside the belt holster for my Beretta 92, and I carry that , with a light shirt untucked to conceal it. Anyone looking for it would see the bulge, but I don't care. I'm not getting my ass beat by Ahmed, Abdullah and Abu Hamsa in the grocery store parking lot.

  3. It will keep getting worse until people start fighting back, maybe literally.

    1. I wish I knew how to do that. The federal government doesn't care a damn whether people like what they are doing or not. The President is stymied by the Deep State and the courts at every turn. There doesn't appear to be any legal way to stop this. 😡

  4. I am so sorry your area is experiencing this population influx. The reason why they were rerouted their is clear - to water down the Republican vote by both getting more Dems there AND convincing the native population to move to another area. Increase Democrats and reduce Republicans.

    1. It's a formula that has worked for them in Atlanta, where the vast influx of Southeast Asians turned the Chamblee area, largely retired white seniors, into "Chambodia", now populated by Vietnamese and Cambodians. And that happened years ago.

      I also think there are people in the Non Governmental Organizations and in the state and federal governments who are making huge sums of money off the process of importing garbage and dumping it on the doorsteps of people who have no political power and can't do anything about it. I haven't heard of any of this going on in the swank areas of D.C.

  5. We are being conquered from within. The founders of this country would have been shooting by now, I believe. You have changed your habits and are staying home...'they' have already won.

    1. I don't have a lot of alternatives, Tewshooz. I'm open to suggestion, and I don't say that facetiously. But where's the pleasure in going into town if you have to put up with the antics of a bunch of monkeys. It's not fun to have lunch in a restaurant when 8 incredibly loud, obnoxious people are ruining the place for everybody. It's no fun to go for a cup of coffee if you have to put up with the smell and noise of some middle eastern individuals who are not particular about bathing, or about letting their kids run rampant all over the place. Hell, you can't even go to the post office without having to interact with these people. If I could get rid of them, I would, but there's no legal way to do that. And I wouldn't ever write on the blog about anything "illegal" being done in relation to this problem, even if I knew about it.

      The founding fathers lived in a time when common sense had some bearing on a persons actions. That is absolutely not the case now. The laws don't protect the people, the laws are used to exploit them, and to control them.

    2. Rolling over is not the answer, either. Sure doesn't sound like the Georgia I used to read about. Sure would have loved to be a fly on the wall at your ranch meeting.

  6. I usually bitch about how the rich, intellectual, liberal, 'Yuppies' (as Phil Robertson calls them) have invaded our home town city... And changed it.

    Kids, of long time residents, can't afford to build a home here, anymore. Because the *Elite* buy every lot for sale, knock down home on it, and build McMansions. Only reason our son could build, was because we owned the next door lot, for 50 years.

    But! I had a thought. (As my husband says; "It's dangerous when I have a thought!") But it was a good thought.

    The reason we don't have any importation of *garbage* here, is that those *elite,* don't want their women/children hassled by *garbage*!!! So, we *deplorables* don't get hassled either.

    Is it possible, that those Lib-Tards, are actually good, for something?????????

    But don't worry! I'll not spread this possibility. I will continue to bitch about them. While being secretly glad, they are here. And we aren't a little city, ripe for the picking, of those who want to 'plunk down' *garbage*... Like in other semi-rural areas.

    1. It's a maxim of the liberal left that their social engineering projects only effect "the great unwashed" and not their own lives. Like Secretaries of Education who send their kids to private schools, as one example.

      There are no Third World Troglodytes living out at the lake here. They all live around the town.

      Strangely, it seems like it was the advent of Walmart, combined with the four lane road coming up here from Atlanta, that made us the target for the "wretched refuse" being dumped here. Murphy , N.C. which is across the state line, is difficult to reach and not really convenient to get to from Atlanta, and they are not being touched by this "dump the garbage" phenomenon. I'm not sure why Walmart is involved, but it's no coincidence that the opening of Walmart started the influx of "strange people", the subsidized housing has exacerbated the problem by a factor of ten, though.

  7. I worry about things being too politically correct. I worked with a guy probably 5 years ago. He kept referring to Native Americans as Indians. Then said things about them having drinking problems. He was from South Dakota. He was right many do have alcoholics in their families. Much of it is genetic. My oldest sister had problems with alcohol; her biological family did as well. I could see a student being bothered by what he was talking about with the Native Americans. I kept trying to change the subject because of the student. Had I been in a room alone with him, I would have let him ramble on. He wouldn't get me trying to change the subject. He kept going back to it thinking I was the one bothered by what he was talking about. It was a mess. I heard all about it in my evaluations.

    That part makes me glad I teach alone now.

    We're going to get to a point where we can't say anything.

    I personally don't even have a problem with retard. Retard means slow. There's a Retarder Paint - slow drying. It's now a big thing not to say that. Here I have a nephew that falls in that category.

    I do have to say that I don't like when people call Democrats - Nazis. Like hummm - they aren't all like that! I also don't care for Libtards. Just because you're Liberal in your thinking doesn't make you slow, retarded.

    1. That kid informed on you? And some administrator paid attention to him. I'm sure glad I quit teaching!

      I went to school in New Mexico, at the University of New Mexico , for four years. I can guarantee that the Navajo have a major problem with alcohol, and everything I read about reservations confirms that issue. I don't know if it's genetic, or because their lives are so miserable, but they do have that problem.

      I called Indians , Indians. Native Americans implies that they were the original inhabitants of the continent, but archaeology indicates that it was a lot more complicated than that. It's interesting to me that the different indian tribes do all they can to squelch any research that might weaken their claim to having been "the first people."

      There was a time when people could have different opinions on political issues and still have friendly relations, but it seems to be long gone now. There probably are some good people who vote Democrat, but they are like good people voting for National Socialism or Communism. They have to take responsibility for the dire situations their votes allow to develop. It often seems to people on the conservative side of the spectrum that Liberals must be retarded, because the ramifications of the things they do have such appalling consequences. I suppose a person could be intelligent and still not have any common sense, but the end result of their actions would still be as calamitous.

      These aren't the best times to live in, and it's hard to maintain a dialogue between radically different value systems.

  8. The thought of the day is how Trump got elected. I hate that politics is so much about your status on TV or how well you do in sports. I guess it's been that way for a long time. Ronald Reagan was an actor too. People got in a hissy over Opera trying to win Obama votes. I don't know that that's any different than Trump or Reagan being on TV winning votes.

    1. I actually never saw the show President Trump sat in on. But I paid close attention to his political beliefs, which coincided with my own, so I supported him in every way I could. If I had never heard of him in my life, and if he had been a more traditional "Republican" I would still have supported him because Hillary Clinton is one of the most evil, monstrous, reptilian candidates the Democrats ever put up. I couldn't bear the thought of her being in office, not after having suffered through here Harlequin Husband and his antics from the oval office.

      People have a tendency to pay attention to celebrities, it's undeniable. I have no idea why, but they do.

    2. Yep the Democrats would have been wise to pick someone different than Hillary for sure.

    3. They probably could have won the election with a centrist from the Southwest, or high plains states. Someone who could have connected with disenchanted Republicans. But it seems like now, there isn't aren't any centrists left on either side. Just Blue states and Red states. There's no "hail fellow well met" left, it's all just war to the knife now.

      Sam Nunn was a Democrat and he was better than any of these jackass Republicans like McCaine or Lindsey.

  9. It's been stormy here but I'm thankful for cooler temps. School starts back next week.

    1. Lisa, it has cooled off some here too, since the storms came rolling back in. But I can't take much advantage of it, since the rain has been so heavy. Rained all last night and is going to rain all today, as well.

      Life changes for mom and dad when the kids go back to school, maybe you will have a little more free time.

  10. Not sure if I'm the Rob or not, but things are changing that is for sure. My son the C.S.O has been advised by the Chief that he arrive to work not wearing his light blue police shirt. worried about being a target. If you hear this from a small town chief, you take note. His chief is ex military. I still need to meet him. Sad when America is now just a dumping ground