Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Snow. Polar Bears. Getting tougher for everybody, but the Christians are being singled out for "special treatment."

The snow started early this morning, just after sunup. It's not supposed to get too deep, maybe 3 inches or so. The temperature outside is falling as the arctic air mass arrives though. We won't get above freezing today, and tonight it will be in the teens.

In all probability, I won't be able to get out until Thursday or Friday, but it doesn't really matter. We have everything we need up here, and we have plenty of books from the library. My wife insisted we go into town and stock up.

As Dr. J remarked in a previous comment, when you have snow things get really quiet. If you get those hard, frozen little balls of snow you can hear them rattling down on the tree limbs. As long as the power doesn't go out, I don't mind snow.  When the grid fails, I have a lot more work to do and I don't much like using the generator. Too noisy.

When I was in the Marines, I did a lot of cold weather training in Korea and Norway.  Never cared for it. I'd rather be in a hot climate than a cold climate. But if you are going to live here, you have to be able to handle bitter cold in winter, blistering heat and humidity in summer.  Flexibility and prior planning are a prerequisite. That's why there are so many "summer homes" vacant here in the winter.

The good old days, or not so much so.   Yechon, Korea winter of 1979.  It was cold.

Can't remember what airfield this was, but it was cold enough to keep everybody grounded. I think this was taken in 1977, so it could have been a lot of different places.

American Troops in Russia, 1918-1920

Appropriately enough, I've been reading about the 1918-1920 military intervention in Russia. Having participated in a forgotten military expedition myself, I have been researching other American military interventions that no one remembers anymore. There are more of them than you would think.

In 1918, we sent troops into Siberia , ostensibly to guard the vast quantities of military supplies in Murmansk and Archangel, ordered by the Czar but not paid for.  In reality, it was an attempt to prevent the takeover of Russia by the Bolsheviks.  Fascinating reading but it wouldn't have been much fun to be there.

Most of these books are available as Kindle Ebooks for a few dollars.  Some you have to buy hard copy, and most of those are out of print. You can track them down though through on line used book sellers. My library wasn't able to get any for me, too esoteric I guess.  I've enjoyed reading about that conflict. Sometimes, the truth really is stranger than fiction.

Museum display of U.S. Soldier in Siberia. Note they were equipped with Mosin Nagants.

Hitler singled out the Jews.  Today, it's the Christians turn.

I've mentioned how the real, on the ground effects of "multiculturalism" and unbridled illegal immigration have impacted my own small community.  Georgia in general is reeling from the onslaught of left wing "activists", and these people flooding into the state have a particular hatred for Christians. Largely, I think, because Christians tend to be among the few who actively oppose the new socialist agenda in this country.  They do it from the pulpit, and they do it by their daily lives. Bear in mind, I'm not a Christian, so I'm not touting my own faith. I do admire Christians for their strong moral values and their courage, however.

Yesterday there was a long screed on one of the Atlanta evening news programs, condemning a pastor who spoke up in his sermon against all the degenerate behavior being lauded as "ok" in these times. The newscasters told in gloating detail how they thought the church should lose it's tax exempt status, how the pastor should be fired, and on, and on.  They were furious that he'd opposed things like same sex marriage. And this was just a bunch of local penny whistle talking heads.  There have been things up here that go in the same direction. I thought this One America News story was worth posting. Incidentally, if you have a Kindle Firestick, or a Roku, something along those lines, you can get One America News for $5.00 a month on it.  I don't watch Fox anymore, it's just a platform for limp members like Shepard Smith these days, and I don't need that. But One America News is something I can get some value from.

So, there's not much to tell about life in the mountains today.  It's snowing, I'm staying inside by the fire. All the animals are inside, too cold for them to be out.  Should be peaceful up here.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Bear attack. Bad times at the McDonald's. CMP M-1 Garands.

There's been a bear attack in the county.  A fellow lived in a secluded "hollow", with his dog. He went out at night, to let the dog have a break.

There was a mama bear and her cub outside the house. The house had some porch lights but that was it, and the man and dog walked right into the bears.  The dog went for the cub, the mama bear got the dog, and the old man went for the bear with his fists and boots.

The bears fled, and the man and his dog got clawed up some, but not bitten. He doesn't hold any ill will, and the county isn't going to hunt down the mom and the baby. It was one of  those things.

I have big green security lights that light up the whole 360 perimeter of the main house and the shop at night. It took some doing, but the system is up now. I don't keep garbage stored near the main house. I don't go out in the dark, I stay within that band of light. I don't go out without a shotgun after dark. If you live in the woods, you better be careful of what you do, and when you do it.

I hear on the scanner at night where people are calling the dispatcher and saying there is a possum, or a skunk, or a raccoon on their porch.  They want a deputy to come and "remove" the animals.  I wonder what these people  are doing up here?  If you leave those animals alone, they'll go on. Contrary to the conventional wisdom among new residents, not all raccoons are rabid. There hasn't been a case of rabies here in ages.  Of course, I also hear calls where some 16 year old won't give grandma back her cell phone, and grandma wants a deputy to come out. All I can do is shake my head and not think about it as much as possible. The Sheeple mentality is difficult to understand.

I'm not learning as much as I used to from my scanners.  Since it became apparent that some of the new crowd here were using scanners to keep up with the Sheriff's deputies , we have "channel 2". "Channel 2" is encrypted.  When the Sheriff's Department wants to keep their communications from being heard, they "go to channel 2"   Then you hear a squelch squeal as they break lock, some white noise, and another squelch squeal as they end their transmission. Problem is, the "green" or secure transmission requires a much more powerful signal than a "red" or unsecure vhf transmission. Since this is very mountainous terrain, that means that even with a repeater (which we now have), most of the time the green transmissions don't work. If you are in an area where terrain masking prevents secure vhf transmissions, your cell phone probably won't work either. So you are left with the red , or transmitting in the clear. All this means that I can hear some of what is going on, where before I could hear it all.

Because of this, I know there was "an ethnic incident" at our McDonald's last night. But I won't really know what happened until I can get into town and talk with some people. It won't be in the paper because the movers and shakers here make damn sure nothing gets into the paper that might scare off the tourists or the halfway backs.

At about eight last night, the dispatcher put out a call to the Sheriff's patrol. The manager at the McDonald's had called 911, and asked for law enforcement ASAP.  He had "ten to fifteen young men damaging property, intimidating customers, running in and out of the McDonald's" and needed help immediately. There is only one town policeman on duty at night, so they had to get the deputies in there. I don't know what happened after that, because they went secure. I am guessing some of the ethnic "pseudo-gangs" from the P.J.'s went in there and roughed people up for the fun of it.  Glad I wasn't in there. Used to be, if you were involved in something like that, the law would arrest the trouble makers. But now, since almost all this behavior is associated with "ethnics" they arrest everybody involved in the actual affray, instigators and innocents,  and let the judge sort it out. If Abu Achmed Ailshaitan , Juan Valdez, and Cleotus Bohkohino are beating up John Doe, John is going to jail too. The law can't risk being accused of being "racist."

That's tough on John, since he gets booked, gets a record, has to come up with bail, and then can wait 3 years or more for this to go to court in our county. But  that's life in the new socialist paradise.

Still, if it came to it. I guess there are situations that would justify taking action and going through the grinder as a result. You can't back away from everything, but you should always remember what the consequences are going to be when you don't.

An interesting video on the M-1 Garand Rifles recently received by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)

Paying for the "multicultural reshaping of America".  If we are already trillions in debt we can never pay off, how is this going to work out?

Edward Abbey (1927-1989) is dead, but his wisdom lives on.

As Riverrider and I were discussing in a previous post,  just because you're old, doesn't mean it's ok to mess with you.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Some advertisements irritate me. Double Standards. Mosins at Classic Arms. The Mountain Feist. Southern Ohio Guns is Kaput.

Corporations pushing a cultural agenda: Here's a sample.

Personally, I don't much appreciate it when corporations try to sell their own world view while simultaneously pimping their products. But it happens all the time.  You expect it in anything out of Hollywood. But how do cultural mores fall into the province of cell phone service?  It's an effective way of convincing the general public that whatever point of view you espouse is valid, but it only works one way. When a business tries taking a public stand that contravenes the left's view of how people should live, the lawyers come out of the woodwork, the MSM rants and raves, and that business isn't around long.

"Good for the goose, good for the gander."

Here in Georgia, we have a big StinkEx going on because one of the faculty at the University of Georgia, who's salary is paid by my taxes, is teaching his classes that "fighting white people is a skill."

 Irami Osei-Frimpong — a staff member at the University of Georgia, also touts his proposition that “Some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom. To suggest otherwise is ahistorical and dangerously naive.”

When a student posted a video of this guy "teaching" ( or ranting) in the classroom at the university, there were complaints. But the University Administration said he was "exercising his first amendment rights."

Ok. But what would have happened if a white professor stood up there and delivered the same tirade, but with "white" and "black" transposed?  There'd have been MSM all over the campus, it would have been on every MSM news broadcast every evening for a week, and the professor would have been fired, with great lamentations from the university about his ever having been hired.

Mosin Nagant Ruminations:

 I ran down a copy of this book on the Mosin Nagant rifle.  It's one of a series, each book deals with the maintenance and repair of a specific weapon. They are very basic, which is a good thing when all you want to do is maintain the weapon.  Amazon gets them from time to time, you just have to keep an eye open for the one you want.

Back when the meme above appeared, the Mosin Nagant rifle was literally dirt cheap. you could go into a gun store or hardware store, and there would be a rack of them to choose from at about $45.00-$50.00 each.  But the Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30 is still the most affordable military surplus rifle you can find in the ordinary course of events. The ammo is still cheap too, although surplus has gotten scarce. New production ammo is cheap, though.

Classic Arms of North Carolina had some for sale recently at fair prices. Don't know if they still have any left.  This is the video they did in October, but they had a new shipment come in about a week or so ago.

Classic Arms video on Mosin shipment:

Sounds right to me....

This meme dates back to the late eighties and early nineties, when Aztec Arms, now defunct, sold M1891/30 rifles by the crate.  Wish I had bought a couple of crates to store against a rainy day. They came with the rifles (10 to 20 depending on which crate you ordered), with slings, bayonets, oilers, mag pouches, and stripper clips, for about $65 a rifle, including the shipping. You got the crate, too.

 We had rain and sleet throughout the night, with strong winds. Today there's low cloud cover. It's like fog, and freezes on the trees so they are all covered in a thin layer of ice.

I've been bringing old Tuggy and our little Mountain Feist in the house during the days, and putting them in the barn (the heated part) at night.

Of course, this means we have no "Appalachian door bells" to warn us if anyone or anything is coming up outside. It's just too cold for the dogs to be out though. Time was, we built the "outdoor" dogs a nice house out of hay bales on the porch, but Tuggy is too old for that now, and Belle died this past year.

"Little Dog", the  Mountain Feist, just showed up on our porch out of the deep forest after a big storm. She's pretty old too, but she's still got all the traits the Feist was bred for. I have to let her out for about twenty minutes before they move to the barn , so she can run through the woods in a big circle around the house.

Mountain Feist

"The feist is not a new type of dog. Written accounts of the dogs go back centuries, with several spelling variations seen. George Washington referred to them in his diary in 1770 when describing a dog as "a small feist-looking yellow cur." Abraham Lincoln wrote about the "fice" dog in his poem, "The Bear Hunt". William Faulkner mentions the "fice dog" in The Sound and the Fury, but uses the spelling "fyce" in the stories "Was" and "The Bear" from the collection Go Down, Moses: "a brave fyce dog is killed by a bear". In her 1938 novel The Yearling, author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings uses the spelling of "feist" to refer to this dog. Claude Shumate, who wrote about the feist for Full Cry magazine, believed that the feist was descended from Native American dogs, mixed with small terriers from Britain, and was kept as early as the 17th century (Full Cry, December, 1987). The breed was popularized by President Teddy Roosevelt, who frequently hunted with a feist named Skip, belonging to his son Archie, and a Manchester Terrier named Jack, belonging to his son Kermit."

From Wiki

Southern Ohio Guns goes under:

Southern Ohio Guns shut it's doors recently. They were a great company, for twenty years and more I bought guns and ammo from them, and never had a bad thing to say about them.  They had the best monthly flyer on C&R things ever.  But like Samco International, they couldn't survive the shortage of C&R weapons from overseas. No product.....    The bans on Russian guns and ammo the federal government implemented exacerbated an already critical supply problem.

Not a whole lot else to tell.  There's a big "deep freeze" headed this way.  Supposed to be 17 degrees tonight in Nashville, where the kids are.  Colder here, no doubt.  It's cold enough already. My wife's "special needs" cat, Natty Bumpo, got out and ran off into the woods. I had to bundle up and go catch him, before he got lost in the forest and froze to death. It was bitter cold. The wind doesn't help. But we are all inside now.  My wife made bacon pizza for lunch, so time to finish up.

"A can of coke,
a slice of pizza,
and Thou."

With apologies to Omar Khayyam and his Rubaiyat.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Another winter storm rolls through the mountains.

Snow last night.  We had torrential rain, starting Friday night and going through all of Saturday. About 2 inches on top of all the other rain from the other storms that keep bowling through here. Then Sunday , in the wee hours, it snowed.  Our elevation got enough to cover the ground. Lower down, they got enough to make black ice, with resultant wrecks all over the county.  I've stayed inside today because the highest it got here on the mountain was 22, without factoring in the roaring wind. Tonight it'll be 17 at the airfield, lower here on the mountain.  We are all forted up. The cats are in the house or the barn, the dogs are all in the barn, and my old hermit cat who hates other cats is out in the apartment with the ferret. All these spaces are heated, so no one will freeze.

American Survival Guide: Vol. 8 Issue 3

Got my American Survival Guide in the mail. It's not sold here in my county anymore at either of the grocery stores. First one and then the other of those places dropped American Survival Guide, Off Grid, and a number of good gun magazines.

I asked the manager at one of those stores why they weren't offering the magazines anymore, and he said it was due to "customer input." He wouldn't elaborate, but I know they sold all the issues they put out of those magazines, every month. I think it was a political decision. Fewer magazines related to rural interests, more magazines like "Hobby Farm" and "Mother Earth News."

I subscribe to American Survival Guide and Off GridOff Grid sends the magazine in a good, stout envelope. American Survival Guide just sticks it in the mail with a label on the cover. Consequently, my new issues get here beaten up.

American Survival Guide also has a policy of including their "American Pioneer" magazine as part of your Survival Guide Subscription. Since the magazines cost about $10.00 a copy, you wind up paying for what is essentially a pretty standard hunting magazine that you don't want. It's not optional, you have to take it. I liked buying the ASG issues off the news stand, but don't have that option anymore.

Good article in this new issue about reloading.  My daughter, who is very astute politically, thinks in the next presidential election we are going to get a "Bernie Sanders" or "Joe Biden" clone, and a congress full of the moronic trashy foul mouthed young ethnics who seem to be so popular in the Democratic Party now. If she's right, I'll be glad of all the powder, brass, bullets, and primers in my shop. Won't be easy to get more in times like those.

It does get cold up here.

Thought for the day: