Sunday, January 27, 2019

Bear attack. Bad times at the McDonald's. CMP M-1 Garands.

There's been a bear attack in the county.  A fellow lived in a secluded "hollow", with his dog. He went out at night, to let the dog have a break.

There was a mama bear and her cub outside the house. The house had some porch lights but that was it, and the man and dog walked right into the bears.  The dog went for the cub, the mama bear got the dog, and the old man went for the bear with his fists and boots.

The bears fled, and the man and his dog got clawed up some, but not bitten. He doesn't hold any ill will, and the county isn't going to hunt down the mom and the baby. It was one of  those things.

I have big green security lights that light up the whole 360 perimeter of the main house and the shop at night. It took some doing, but the system is up now. I don't keep garbage stored near the main house. I don't go out in the dark, I stay within that band of light. I don't go out without a shotgun after dark. If you live in the woods, you better be careful of what you do, and when you do it.

I hear on the scanner at night where people are calling the dispatcher and saying there is a possum, or a skunk, or a raccoon on their porch.  They want a deputy to come and "remove" the animals.  I wonder what these people  are doing up here?  If you leave those animals alone, they'll go on. Contrary to the conventional wisdom among new residents, not all raccoons are rabid. There hasn't been a case of rabies here in ages.  Of course, I also hear calls where some 16 year old won't give grandma back her cell phone, and grandma wants a deputy to come out. All I can do is shake my head and not think about it as much as possible. The Sheeple mentality is difficult to understand.

I'm not learning as much as I used to from my scanners.  Since it became apparent that some of the new crowd here were using scanners to keep up with the Sheriff's deputies , we have "channel 2". "Channel 2" is encrypted.  When the Sheriff's Department wants to keep their communications from being heard, they "go to channel 2"   Then you hear a squelch squeal as they break lock, some white noise, and another squelch squeal as they end their transmission. Problem is, the "green" or secure transmission requires a much more powerful signal than a "red" or unsecure vhf transmission. Since this is very mountainous terrain, that means that even with a repeater (which we now have), most of the time the green transmissions don't work. If you are in an area where terrain masking prevents secure vhf transmissions, your cell phone probably won't work either. So you are left with the red , or transmitting in the clear. All this means that I can hear some of what is going on, where before I could hear it all.

Because of this, I know there was "an ethnic incident" at our McDonald's last night. But I won't really know what happened until I can get into town and talk with some people. It won't be in the paper because the movers and shakers here make damn sure nothing gets into the paper that might scare off the tourists or the halfway backs.

At about eight last night, the dispatcher put out a call to the Sheriff's patrol. The manager at the McDonald's had called 911, and asked for law enforcement ASAP.  He had "ten to fifteen young men damaging property, intimidating customers, running in and out of the McDonald's" and needed help immediately. There is only one town policeman on duty at night, so they had to get the deputies in there. I don't know what happened after that, because they went secure. I am guessing some of the ethnic "pseudo-gangs" from the P.J.'s went in there and roughed people up for the fun of it.  Glad I wasn't in there. Used to be, if you were involved in something like that, the law would arrest the trouble makers. But now, since almost all this behavior is associated with "ethnics" they arrest everybody involved in the actual affray, instigators and innocents,  and let the judge sort it out. If Abu Achmed Ailshaitan , Juan Valdez, and Cleotus Bohkohino are beating up John Doe, John is going to jail too. The law can't risk being accused of being "racist."

That's tough on John, since he gets booked, gets a record, has to come up with bail, and then can wait 3 years or more for this to go to court in our county. But  that's life in the new socialist paradise.

Still, if it came to it. I guess there are situations that would justify taking action and going through the grinder as a result. You can't back away from everything, but you should always remember what the consequences are going to be when you don't.

An interesting video on the M-1 Garand Rifles recently received by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)

Paying for the "multicultural reshaping of America".  If we are already trillions in debt we can never pay off, how is this going to work out?

Edward Abbey (1927-1989) is dead, but his wisdom lives on.

As Riverrider and I were discussing in a previous post,  just because you're old, doesn't mean it's ok to mess with you.


  1. Hey Harry,
    Bear are usually scared of humans, unless of course there's babies involved or there's no food and they come out of hibernation. We used to have them all over the place in the UP of Michigan. We would just make all kinds of noise, and they would scare off. That man and his dog were very lucky. You never, ever come any where near baby cubs!!! Speaking of bear, we had our one bear return this year. It's a black bear, he returned about a week ago. He's about 200 pounds he was sun bathing on a log on the other side of our dam.
    He got scared off when I came outside with the binoculars to get a better look at him. We always carry something with us when out on the property not just because of bear.

    Like you we enjoy listening to the police scanner (for intelligence....LOL).

    Hope you and your sweet wife are well!! Catch you later :-)

  2. Sandy, I've lived here more than 30 years now, and have had frequent interactions with bears. I think the only time I've been in a potentially difficult situation with them was when I've walked up on them and we were both surprised. That can happen at night if you don't have good lighting, or on a trail in the woods if there's thick forest or underbrush. We used to see bears crossing the roads, or at streams, or in fields a lot. But the last few years, too much development and too many people have driven many of them off. I like the wildlife here. I figure they were here before me, and I try to get along with them and avoid any confrontations.

    The scanners are still invaluable. They were worth their weight in gold a few summers ago when all of North Georgia, Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina seemed to be consumed in forest fires. I hate the encryption thing, though I understand the problem. However, I don't think they can make it work. They tried that many years ago and it was a complete flop because this county is all mountainous.

    We are doing well. Been so cold and windy and wet, we haven't spent much time outside since before Christmas. Monday night we are in for snow, then Tuesday more snow and temps in the single digits. I'm not looking forward to it, but thank God we don't have to worry about going to work, and will just fort up and enjoy the quiet. The mountains are never more silent than after a big snowfall.

  3. Good to see you posting again!

    When we were living up in the little country house, we knew there were bears around. Most of the people we know here know what to do around bears, so no big deal. It was only after I started hearing 'strange' noises outside that I started carrying and keeping the 12 gauge loaded and by the door! Turns out I was hearing the local momma badger, and like all wild animals, she was just letting me know she was there. Even the dog didn't want to go see what the sound was, so that's why I started carrying.

    The local PD went encrypted on ALL their comms, so my scanners are only good for the Sheriff and the State Troopers. Still hear some good things, but a totally different radio environment than SoCal!

    Been following the weather down your way and saw you got clobbered pretty good a few times this winter. Been very mild here, but with more wind than last year. 40MPH sustained is nothing here, and it can go for a couple of days, with gusts to 65+. I have to take my 'portable' antenna down as I don't want it to turn into $300 of scrap metal.

    And I enjoy the extra quiet a snowfall brings here. The closest we got to "snow quiet" in SoCal was when we got socked in with heavy fog. This is a very quiet area at night, and when it snows, you could hear a housefly fart, if there were any around this time of year!

    1. Dr. Jim, I have fired the shotgun over bears heads a few times, but never really got much of a response out of them. One old sow would take the garbage, open the bags, and sit on her behind while she ripped off the tops of coke cans and licked out the syrup with her long tongue. I could have set off an atom bomb and it wouldn't have phased her. I guess I would shoot a bear as a last resort if it was about to bowl me over, but luckily it has never come to that.

      I guess encrypted communications are the future for everyone. It's a shame, because there have been a lot of times when people listening in were able to help the Sheriff's Department in one way or another.

      It's Tuesday morning here, about ten , and snowing hard outside. Temperature is plummeting and not expected to get out of the teens to low twenties before Thursday, so we will be frozen in here at the house for a couple of days. No problem unless somebody has a heart attack, falls down the stairs, etc.

      When it's snowing, it really is quiet. Peaceful. Nice to be inside with a fire in the hearth and the snow coming down outside. Particularly when you don't have to worry about going to work.

  4. I am so happy to see your blog up and running! I had figured you were gone;(. Stu mentioned you were back and then today he reminded me...and voila, there you are. Yeah! Since we live in the southwest, land of overrun borders, we are enthusiastic about border walls...of course we can’t mention that in public lest we get educated. I can’t tell you the times “friends of mine” have shouted at me about the right way to think. I used to think most people were normal but now I have changed my mind ;). However, in the interest of still having someone to go to lunch with, we don’t discuss politics.

    Glad you are back online! Did you ever get an RV?

    1. Hilogene, it's good to hear from you. I know you are out there where the illegal immigration issue is real, and not philosophical. I'm there now too, though I never thought it would happen.

      It's amazing to me how many people would like to just throw open the borders and let everyone come roaring in. On the one hand, I half way wish we would so those people could reap the harvest of what they have sown. But since my family and I would have to live in the Third World to the nth power too if that happened, I'm glad the President and few intelligent people in the Swamp are trying to do something about it.

      You're right about the fact that so many people are living in Cloud Coo Cool Land. The reality will catch up with them one day, when it's too late for all of us.

  5. I much preferred the world we grew up in.

    1. You and me both. The quality of life in this country doesn't begin to approach what it was in the 1950's.

  6. Break out a snow shovel old man . Its heading your way !!!!!!

    1. Gary, ten in the morning here on Tuesday, and snowing like Hades outside. I expect I'll be snowed in until Thursday afternoon at the earliest, but I don't care. Don't need to go anywhere anyway....

  7. Hi Harry :)
    Glad to hear the man and his dog survived. Great advice about night time in the woods. Where we are here, we don't have to worry about bears, but when we move, it might be an issue. Actually Nova Scotia has a big coyote population too so that's something to consider.

    That's a terrible thing about the pc-ism in the police department. I don't understand the root cause of the fear of pointing the finger at the guilty - even if they are ethnic oriented. Guilty is guilty. I guess it all has to do with politics...We don't have that issue here up north in this village, but it doesn't mean we never will.