Saturday, February 9, 2019

Amazon Prime and the Firestick. Good shows on gun ownership and the Israeli Mossad. Meanwhile, on the Southern Border, it's Götterdämmerung. AIM Surplus has Mosin Nagant rifles and surplus 8 MM Mauser ammo.

When we finally broke down and bought a flat screen tv, we only envisioned hooking it up to the satellite receiver.  When my son came home for a visit, he fixed the new tv so it would operate on the satellite, but he also hooked up an Amazon Fire Stick to the set, and also our DVD player.

It's been amazing. You pay $40.00 for the firestick, and then you can watch all sorts of different programming. We have Amazon Prime, Netflix, CBS Easy Access and a subscription to One America News. You pay for Prime once a year, last year it was $100.00 and this year it's going up to $120.00.  With it, you get free shipping on most things you buy, and access to a huge pool of movies, television shows, music, et al.  I think it was Tewshooz who first explained Prime to me and it has been a good investment.

I found this movie on Amazon Prime.  It's a interesting show.  If you don't have Amazon Prime, at the end of the trailer there are some other ways to access it, although I haven't tried them.

Keep and Bear EXCLUSIVE TRAILER from Darren Doane on Vimeo.

Another good show, a four part documentary, deals with the operations of the Mossad, Israel's equivalent of the CIA.  What I found particularly fascinating was the interviews with former Directors of the Mossad, going back to the 1950's.  If you saw the movie "Munich" , that dealt with Mossad operations initiated to kill the terrorists behind the Munich massacre.  Netflix has the program. You can get Netflix for $7.00 a month with advertisements, or without advertisements for $9.00.

In the early 1970's, there was close cooperation between the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and the USMC.  Israeli officers attended our staff schools at Quantico, Virginia and in return gave presentations on their own combat experiences and what they had learned from them.  If the U.S. Department of State was consistently anti-Israeli and pro-Arab, then the U.S. military was equally adamant in it's close relationship with the Israeli military.

During the USMC deployment to Lebanon (1982-1984) there was sometimes friction between Israeli troops and U.S. Marines in the field. Primarily, it was a matter of Israeli infantry or armored patrols trying to cross the Marine lines around the airfield. Sometimes, this was inadvertent, and sometimes, it was intentional.  Any time you put two different military forces in close proximity to each other, this is going to happen unless you set up appropriate communications and liaison links between the two. That holds true even for troops from the same country, as in USMC and US Army joint operations. When you have two foreign forces, it's worse.  When the Marines came in country, the Israeli's, naturally enough, made contact with the Marines in order to set this liaison system  up. But the State Department, not the Sixth Fleet, was running the show and they were their usual prissy, heads up their ass, play with the unicorns, no practical experience moronic selves. They saw the mission as saving the poor, downtrodden, set upon Arab terrorists (the PLO) from the evil militant Israelis. I'm not kidding, and I'm not exaggerating.

 The State Department forbid any contact or coordination with the IDF. For awhile the head State Department figure in Lebanon was a "Lebanese American" named Philip Habib. That fat slug was a nightmare. His sole qualifications for the assignment was that his parents were Lebanese and he had "friends" in the inner circle of the State Department. Even in an organization known for stupidity, banality, and left wing bias, this guy stood out as a paragon of non-virtue.

 In time, the MAU commander( then Col. Tom Stokes, or "Red Man")  quietly established a link with the Israelis to prevent negative interactions, and things settled down. He risked his career in doing so, but reasoned it was better to risk his career than his troop's lives. The rank and file were well aware of this, and throughout the Marine deployment, members of the Dept of State were not welcome in the "club" the enlisted Marines built for themselves. "Not welcome" is putting it mildly, and some "Staties" that didn't get the word were shown the door and assisted out of it.  Same reception for snotty reporters the troops didn't like. But, I digress......

Even so, I got to see the Israelis in action and I envied  the way they annihilated anyone who attacked them. At the same time, the Marines in Beirut were firing flares back at Moslem militias who were firing artillery and mortars at them. I'm pretty sure that most, if not all, of the Marines who were associated with that expedition were rooting for the Israeli's. When Israeli troops pulled back from Beirut, things for the Marines got much, much worse because there were no Israeli troops on the high ground around the airport and the terrorists swarmed into the vacuum. They promptly set up mortars and artillery and began pounding the Marine positions below.

I was cheering the Israelis back then, and cursing the Moslems. I'm doing the same thing now, 36 years later. 9-11 just made that sentiment stronger as far as I'm concerned.

This fellow always makes good sense. Considering he lives in a country where free speech is not guaranteed and you can be jailed for "sassing" the powers that be, he's very forthright.

Down on the Southern Border, things are completely out of control.  


"The great thing is to get the true picture, whatever it is" Winston Churchill

Quotes from Emails friends have sent.

From a fellow who lives out in the Wyoming/Montana/Dakotas territory, excerpted from  a conversation dealing with the way "ethnics" are being dumped on communities where you would never have expected it to happen.

“I'm sorry to read that your lifestyle is starting to be one of being 
under siege to the point you feel you can't really leave home. I don't 
mind newcomers who assimilate, but these ones that don't... Our lefty 
mayor made a big deal about pairing up with some refugee resettlement 
program to bring in a bunch of Somalis or Ethiopians or some similar 
bunch... they don't speak the language, they cant drive, have third 
grade (and Third World) education, and they live off of .gov 
handouts...and the press lionizes them as brave people surmounting the 
odds. Importing welfare cases when we can't even take care of the ones 
we had, all in the name of virtue signalling. Like you, I may need to 
go find a mountain to call my own.”  Anonymous.

This is from a friend who is planning a rural relocation from the suburbs, once his kids are out of college and the working career wraps up.  We were discussing the concept of buying and equipping a retreat prior to being able to live in it full time.  From what I have seen up here in Appalachia, that's a bad idea. Especially when hordes of inner city/illegal immigrants/"refugee" imports suddenly appear on the scene. Here are his thoughts on the subject:

"I have 3 friends who have experienced what you described about those characters who parked down by your gate.  My friends have had mountain retreats that they only stay at part time.  They have all been broken into.  One actually has a place in a gated community up in (redacted) county near (redacted)  and they still were broken into.  The criminals actually lived in the house for a few days undetected and ate the food, etc.  Then when they left, they turned the heat off and left the back windows open and froze all the pipes which burst of course.  Did lots of damage.  Since you live in the mountains, you probably are familiar with the type of people I am talking about.  A lot of these "Hill people" don't have houses or abodes of any kind, they just live on the mountains out in the woods.  They have relatives sprinkled around the area so the locals know who they are, but they would never turn them in. It is very difficult to catch them since they don't own anything and they just drift around sometimes living with their relatives until they get tired of them and kick them out.  Like Jim Rawles says (and you too), if you have a retreat, you better live in it full time."  Anonymous.

The email address I use, and check most often,  is

Logistics Support:

Got an email last night from AIM Surplus.  They have a variety of different Mosin Nagant rifles in, high prices, but some are the much sought after  "hex" receivers, so I am putting in their information in case someone wants to pick one up and has an extra $400 or so laying around the house (that the wife doesn't know about.)

Even more surprising, they have some Yugoslavian 1950's production 8mm Mauser on stripper clips, $6.49 a box. Of course, this is corrosive ammo but that's no big whoop.  I have shot a lot of this ammo, and put  back several cases of it.  It's good stuff.  Surplus 8mm Mauser is just about non-existent these days, so this is a good deal for Mauser buffs.

AIM also has Ethiopian surplus 8 MM Mauser , 20 rounds to the box for just under $6.00 a box. I am not so sure about this ammo.  It might be fine production wise, but I have a hard time imagining the Ethiopians keeping the ammo in a cool, dry place for the last 70 years or so.  I've shot a lot of surplus ammo, and the only ammo I ever bought that turned out to be a dead loss was Indian 7.62X51. I wound up pulling the bullets on a whole ammo can of that and just throwing the rest of the components away.  I have a feeling this Ethiopian ammo from the 1950's  might be the same quality, but I have never heard anything about it before, so I am just guessing. 

Meanwhile, on the mundane side of things.

We've had three days of good weather.  Lows in the forties, and the high this week was 75 degrees. Last night the cold came back in, and we are expecting freezing rain tonight.  This has not been a typical winter, to say the least.

Tardigray came back to the house about 3:00 a.m. on the night she escaped.  We know this because my wife and I were going out periodically to shine the flood light around the tree line, looking for glowing Tardigray  eyes.   When I opened the door, she was sitting there and rushed inside. We were both greatly relieved. My wife loves that cat, and there was little doubt who had left the door open when the cat escaped. That could have been ugly, but all's well  that ends well.

Not much else to tell.  It's quiet today, heavy overcast, and a strong wind blowing. About 35 degrees outside, but we are warm in the house. Cedar logs are good building material, they insulate well and last a long time. If I made some mistakes in setting up  this place, that wasn't one of them.

Quote for the Day:


  1. Yesterday I was at Walmart returning an item at the service counter. The line was six deep. At the counter were five "foreigners" of the african variety with a barely understandable grasp of the English language, holding up the show. All were attempting to send money to 1)Kenya, 2) Somalia 3)Nigeria. It was payday so all had large sums of cash to the tune of 5 to 800 U$. Now what I can't figure out is where these people get this sort of money to wire to their cohorts in Africa when they can't be making anymore than minimum wage here and you can't find a local rental for less than 1500$ per month. What can the possibly be living on while they can afford to send that kind of cash back home? hmmmm? let me guess welfare handouts??? yea call me judgemental if you want.

    1. Michael, A few months ago, we had a bunch of "Syrians" at our Walmart. There were four of them ,in the mid twenties range. The place was really crowded and all the cashier lanes were full. These birds let the cashier ring up all their cart, then told her no, they wanted separate receipts for their own individual purchases. She had to go get the manager to fix it. All the while this was going on, they were laughing in that high pitched tone , giggling, and gibbering away in Arabic. Then one of the picked up a broom out of the cart, pointed it at all of us in line, and said "boom! boom! boom!" at which they all shrieked with laughter. I wanted to kill the bastards. Some of the people got out of that line and went to other lines, but my wife and I stayed in it even though they aggravated the hell out of me. I'd have given ten years off my life to be able to pull my Sig out of my shoulder holster and say "boom, boom,boom" to them. Not happening, though.

      These people make far more money sitting on their asses in their government paid for housing, eating the food from their WIC and welfare, and picking "dey check" than lower income Americans make slaving away in fast food joints, or selling shoes, or waiting tables. And then the government takes part of what the Americans who work earn, and gives it to the Somali's, Nigerians, fill in the blank.

      I'm judgmental as hell about that. I could bite ten penny nails in half when I think about it. Same way I feel when the ethnics trash a local business, or grab some woman and her teenage daughter on the behind out in the Walmart parking lot.....

    2. The other day I saw statistics where sub Saharans have an IQ of 45 to 65; not exactly your skilled labor types. However, with the help of their 100+ IQ of leftist commies pencil pushers they can work our welfare system. Same goes for the Syrians and their 85 IQ. Am I bet. And they want me to park my white privilege? No way, mister.

    3. I don't think that there are any parameters at all for people trying to immigrate "legally" and I'm certain there aren't any for illegals. No matter how low their intelligence level, how lacking they are in education, or skills, or the ability to speak our language, they just continue to flood in by the thousands. Half the country (the half that doesn't have any contact in their daily lives will these people) think it's perfectly ok and we should open the borders, demobilize ICE, and just await the deluge. I saw an article today where the Mayor of New York City wants to make 30,000 aliens living there eligible for "free" health care, i.e. working citizens pay another tax and the illegals skate.

      It's certainly worse than it was this time last year, by a long shot, and that's saying something.

  2. Thank you for the movie ideas. And welcome to the world of streaming, it really is fabulous, we have a Roku (similar to Firestick), Netflix and amazon prime.

    Not much else new here on the Southern US border, aside from the usual overrun. I range from refusing to read or watch the news to wide eyed astonishment when I do. I don’t think I could have ever produced the storyline of the Green Dream. AOC makes me ashamed to be an economics major, Actually not, I think BC or BU or wherever she went should have their credentials revoked....but I digress:). Thanks again for the movie ideas.

  3. Especially when the weather is bad, it's really nice to have access to all this programming. I really enjoy an old History Channel series called "Greatest Tank Battles"" and have been watching it on Prime. Just this week I found out there was a third season and watched it.
    The border situation is like a science fiction movie. The mainstream left wing policies that are facilitating this disaster are bad enough, but the bizarre, irrational, third world characters being glorified now are just unbelievable. I have a sinking feeling that it's going to get worse.😕

  4. I use the heck out of my Amazon account. It's not worth it if you don't need the free shipping. Living out the the sticks, however, I get a lot of stuff delivered -even fairly basic foods are often cheaper than what I can get locally.

    1. I get a lot of things through Amazon and Walmart on line. There are things our Walmart doesn't sell, for instance, a brand of coffee I like, that I can get cheaply on line from Walmart, and there's no shipping fee.

      I buy some things on Amazon, especially books, tools, electronics, etc , get them at a good price and delivered free. It's hard to beat that, even though I detest the guy who owns Amazon, and his social engineering efforts.

  5. We have a Roku up the grandson's room so he can watch kid's stuff on the little TV I had in the old Radio Room in Long Beach. Lots of good kiddie shows on Roku.

    I've only bought M1 Garand specific ammo from the surplus places, and that's getting scarce now.

    Good to hear the cat decided she like living indoors better than outdoors!

    1. Roku is one of the two devices I know of that One America News will stream on, the other is the Firestick. We get the Disney Channel on the satellite, but we never watch it as there are no longer any little kids in our family. We had to take it as part of a package to get local networks (Atlanta).

      I bought a lot of M1 Garand ammo in the can, too. I know I have a lot of Korean, some Greek, can't remember what else. Haven't seen any for a long time though.

      Yeah, they're a pain in the rear when I am going and coming a lot, because they try to fly out of the door.

  6. I know you have stated you are not a Christian, so I hope I don't offend you, but after reading of the recent incident in Nashville I have included your son and daughter in my daily prayers. I pray they remain out of harms way.

    1. Don't get me wrong, W.P. I've never said Christian are "wrong." Just that it doesn't work for me. My mom, sister and two brothers are hard shell baptists. My wife is a baptist, and her parents were missionaries in Africa for twenty years.

      If there is no God, prayers won't hurt. If there is, they may help. That's a pretty positive situation.

  7. FWIW, Ian McColum at Forgotten Weapons found that Ethiopian 8mm Mauser ammo to have a lot of hangfires and several failure to fire. Here is his video on his experience with it:

  8. I'm not surprised to hear that. I know Ethiopia ordered a large numbers of Mausers before the Italian invasion, and they are highly collectible now. I've never even seen one "in the flesh." But where they got the ammo is a good question, I doubt they produced it in Ethiopia, though it's possible. More to the point though, if it's that old and has been sitting in a storage shed exposed to high temperatures all that time, it's a pretty good bet the primers and the powder charges will have deteriorated. If it was cheap enough, you could pull the bullets but it's not nearly at that price. Especially when good Yugo surplus is available, I would give the Ethiopian ammo a miss, even though it's cheaper on the face of things. I appreciate you sending the link and the info.

  9. Harry, I didn't know you were back at it. Very nice. --Troy

    1. Hey, Troy. Hope all is well with you. If you get a chance ,drop me a line at and bring me up to speed.

  10. Hi Harry!!!
    I didn't know your blog was back! I have to catch up with you!
    Sorry for the quick comment, I'll be more thoughtful when I read your latest posts!! :) Happy to see you back!

    1. Hey, Rain. I've been following your endeavors over at your place. Sure is beautiful up there in Canada. Yeah, I've been blogging again but not long. I missed my blogging cronies....

  11. Harry,

    We don't watch a lot of TV but when we do, there's nothing worth while. Maybe we need to check out this Amazon thing. I'm happy to hear your cat is back. Living in the wilderness can be very dangerous for a pet being outside wondering and lost.
    The weather has been up and down, and just totally crazy. Stay warm!

    1. Sandy, warm here now, but there's a big rain storm coming in tonight and going on through tomorrow. The weather forecaster on the Channel 2 news out of ATL was all excited because there is a big air mass coming from the Pacific that is supposed to bring a lot of rain here, and it caused snow at the 6000 foot level on some mountain in Hawaii because it is so cold. He said it has never happened before in recorded history. I guess you have to really be into meteorology to get excited about things like that.

      Getting lost in the woods here is usually the end of any small pet because the forest is teeming with predators, from wildcats to bears and anything in between. The only one I am really apprehensive about is wild hogs, they are bad news if you surprise them.

      I am really enjoying the Amazon Firestick. Didn't have a lot to do today, so I watched a movie made in Germany in 1957 about Hans-Joachim Walter Rudolf Siegfried Marseille, "The Star of Africa" who had 158 aerial victories, including 17 in one day. He was killed in action on 30 Sept 1942. The aircraft, equipment, uniforms etc were all authentic and it was a great movie for the technology of the 1950's. I also watched a 1950's movie about the Hungarian Air Force in WW2, filmed in Hungary, again using authentic equipment. Without the firestick and amazon prime, I'd never have been able to find either of these. It's been worth it's cost many times over.

  12. Gosh, I never think about Vimeo for video watching. We don't have TV, so it's either online or whatever the library has to offer. They do sometimes carry Netflix series, and we've enjoyed those.

    Really good news about Tardigray. I hope she's please with herself!

    1. Leigh, Tardigray has not been trying to rush out through the door today so maybe she got her adventurous longings out of the way and will stay inside. Caramel Cat, the one who fell out of a vehicle engine at the local car wash as a kitten and was adopted by my wife, ran out today but turned around and ran back in as soon he realized it was a big world out there.

      We only have basic programming on the satellite, which lets my wife watch the Weather Channel, the two QVC networks, EVINE, and the jewelry shopping channels while I can get the three local networks from ATL. It only costs $20.00 a month. The Firestick lets us watch just about anything we want to through Amazon Prime, although we do also have a subscription to Netflix and one to CBS All Access (so I can watch Star Trek,Seal Team, and Blue Bloods), and we have that little $5.00 subscription to One America News. With all that, we can always find something to watch when we have to stay inside.

  13. Hi Harry :)

    The Canadian version of Amazon Prime doesn't give as many perks as the U.S. one. I subscribed for the first month for free, the only benefit for us is that there is no minimum amount to buy for free shipping. We don't buy enough from Amazon to make it worth it. Hopefully Canada will catch up soon, sounds like you have a good deal!

    We often watch movies on You Tube, Vimeo and Daily Motion. We also download stuff like tv shows and movies and watch on our laptops. One day I dream of a big screen tv though to have a nice movie night! Maybe one day! :)

    So happy Tardigray is back! One of our cats escaped one time through a screen window he pushed out. He was gone for hours during a rain storm. I heard him meowing across the street, he was hiding under a bush, poor thing. He'd never been outside and I guess the big bad world scared him. We're more careful now with the windows, secured the screens so they can't be pushed out (or in!!!).

    1. Rain, a fair sized flat screen tv down here just runs about $100.00. Once you have that, if you have an internet connection at your place, you just get the $40.00 fire stick and you are off to the races. I don't know if you have to have Amazon Prime to use firestick but I doubt it, you just wouldn't have the Amazon Prime movies and tv shows, but it seems to me you should still be able to use the free movie viewing channels (apps, they call them) and there are a lot of those.

      It's tough when a pet gets out. The most harrowing experience I've had that way was when one of my ferrets got out and got in the woods. You can always rationalize that a cat can survive in the woods, though it's pretty dubious. But a ferret will starve to death, they can't hunt if they've been domesticated. Fortunately, I found the furry digging a burrow under a fallen tree and snatched him up and back into his controlled environment. I am sure he was annoyed as he was having a fine time digging, but he'd have been hungry soon if something didn't get him first.

  14. hey harry, how does that work? does it run off your internet connection or is it a separate connection? we have unlimited gigs but they slow it down to a crawl about halfway thru the month, claiming we used 10 gigs or something. when we only had ten gigs, we never ran over, and we do nothing now that we didn't do then, lol. I'm sick of paying for dish and having nothing of interest or conversely losing service due to the weather constantly. take care. out here.

  15. RR, it's just like a computer that hooks into your router. The hard part was figuring out what connections to make into the flat screen tv and what settings to use. That was horribly complicated and there was no way I'd ever have even begun to figure it out, but my son understands all that and had us up and running in the blink of an eye. He also hooked up our satellite receiver, and our DVD player. You use the tv remote to choose what device you want to play. It's really easy, and the HD flat screen tv is just amazing. I had no idea the picture would be so sharp and clear.

    I had that "choke point" system with band width while we had satellite internet, and it was not very good because not only do they slow down your internet speed after a point but every time there was rain, or a temperature inversion, or anything like that, it didn't work at all.

    Right now, we get our internet over the telephone line. It's 26 pair twisted copper wire, 1940's technology, but we still get a download speed of 5.6 megbytes and an upload speed of .7 megabytes, which is probably pretty lame but it works the tv just fine.

    We kept the satellite because we have the "basic" program which lets you get the three ATL networks, the QVC networks , Evine, and the Jewelry networks (my wife likes all those a lot) plus we get the Weather Channel. I like watching the Georgia news on the local networks, and the Weather Channel is good to have when big storms are in the offing. It's only $25.00 a month.

    The fire stick is great, but you might have to have someone come do all the settings initially if you are like me and not all that conversant with computer technology.

    1. thanks harry. our phone lines are so bad we had to go to walmart smart phone. Verizon has been on my road for a couple weeks laying some kind of cable. hopefully its fiber optic and we can get hooked in that way. I have an antennae on my shop which picked up 8 local channels. now its down to one spotty channel. we had a brief power outage sunday night, turned on my solar system and my inverter wouldn't work. everything I plugged in tripped the gfci. I can't win these days, lol. take care bud. out.

    2. I know how you feel. Seems like something is always crapping out, usually when you need it most.

      I sure wish we had fiber optics, but it will never happen. Not enough people live out here to make it worth their while, especially since almost everybody out here is old and local, which means they don't use the internet. If the CCC hadn't run a phone line out to this land during the depression, I'm sure I wouldn't have a phone today.

  16. thanks for the info on the 8mm. I just placed an order for the Yugoslavia rounds.

    1. I think you will like it, Gary. I have been shooting it for years and never had the first problem.

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