Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sunday Morning. Friends that are gone. Nothing to see here, folks.

The rain woke me up this morning.  Channel 2 in ATL said there would be showers early today, but this was a cloud burst.

Didn't last long though. I got up and sat on the porch with a cup of coffee as the sun came up.  Couldn't see the sun, of course, but the light diffusing through the clouds into the woods was worth watching.  It wasn't cold out this morning, in the mid forties, so it was a good way to wake up and get going. Sundays are my "off days" and I have nothing particular to work on today.

friends that are gone.

Yesterday, my wife rearranged the furniture in the living room. That is to say, she decided where she wanted things moved, and then we dragged them around on a rug. The hardwood floor makes that doable. We are past the days of me picking up furniture.

When we moved a bookcase, we uncovered an old ferret stash. I'm down to one ferret now, Percy from Chattanooga, and he lives in the apartment. This stash may have gone back years.

There was a complete set of house keys. A necklace my daughter "lost." One of my wrist watches I thought I'd misplaced. There was an old sock, some christmas candy in foil wrappers.
A few other "sparklies" and "shiny objects." The strangest thing was the rubber butt pad off one of my Mak 90 Choate stocks.  It just disappeared off the rifle one day, and I had to look high and low on the internet to find a replacement. The ferrets must have pulled it off and then dragged it off to their horde.

When the ferrets pass, I always bury them in a big jar, so the dirt won't get on them. I put some coins in (to pay Charon to ferry them across the Styx, I guess).  I've got a big ceramic pot full of change from the 36 foreign countries I spent time in during my Marine Corps career.  I put coins from that in with the ferret, as well as American coins. Maybe some day that will give some future archaeologist something to do his thesis on.
 I put in some old costume jewelry (my mom sends my wife a lot of that stuff from yard sales.) I put in some ferret food. The first time a ferret passed away, I used this little set of tiny pottery jars my wife had collected in Crete and Greece. They were replicas of Minoan and Greek pottery, and were perfect ferret sized. I should have asked her first but once she got over being mad she was ok with it. She likes the ferrets too.
Finally, I make sure they have a comfortable cloth to rest on. I always put their favorite toys in their jars. Then I bury them up under a big spruce, in the corner of the meadow, because it has a good view. I scrounge around in the woods until I get a big enough pile of big chunks of quartz to build a cairn over their graves.

They're my pals and I want to see them off to the Rainbow Bridge in style.

Over the years, I've had Ragnar, Spike, Chloe, Rowena, Jet, Percy, Fey, and  Jasmine up here on the mountain.

One way or another, they all needed a place to live.  Whatever it cost me in terms of money, they more than repaid. You can't get too worried or anxious if you have some ferrets around.

Don't know what I'll do today.  Yesterday was a perfect day, temps in the low sixties during the day, and clear blue skies.

I'm not a fan of organized athletics, so I'm not planning on watching the football game.  Yesterday we did go into town, so I don't need to do that.  We went to the grocery store, where they had a type of sparkling water that I like, on sale. We had a good breakfast at the little cafe in the old part of town my wife and I feel comfortable in, and then stopped at the library so she could get some books. After that, we went to the feed store and Walmart.  When we got home it took me 20 minutes to unload the jeep. I wish I had a place to park the Jeep that was closer to the door. Hauling 50 pound sacks of feed into the barn is no great joy either. I may have to pour a little walkway from the up slope parking pad around to the barn door, so I can use a two wheeled dolly to move those sacks of feed.

 At least I don't still have two horses out in the meadow. Those animals can eat, and they not only require grain feeds, but bales of hay.  I used to haul a lot of hay up here, but these days it's just cracked corn and scratch feeds.

No 50 lb sacks of goat feed, either.  It was nice having the animals, but not so nice from a logistics aspect. They nibbled the logs on the side of the house, but they wouldn't eat the weeds in the meadow. I liked them though.

When I think about it, I used to do a lot of things out in these woods that I don't do anymore.

My son and I could always cut enough poplar and oak here on our own land to keep plenty of firewood for the hearth and the wood burning stoves.

Didn't even have to cut down trees, just cut up the blow downs. We cut our own wood, moved it to the house, split it, stacked it, and were good to go.

These days, I buy wood from a woodcutter.  He and his boys bring it to the house in the summer, already split, and stack it on a concrete pad next to the porch.  Once my son left home, I had to back off of some of the chores that were too dangerous to do alone, and  chain saw work fits in that category to my mind.

I picked up a copy of "Handloader" this month. It's been around since the 1960's.

I don't buy it all that often, because usually it's 90% load data on weird, wildcat cartridges I'll never even see, let alone load for.  A "Wildcat" cartridge is basically a cartridge somebody comes up with on their own and then tries to get some big company to make it commercially.

Most of them don't catch on, but some of them become "the next big  thing" in shooting.

This issue had a great article on the 8mm Mauser, and I load that, big time. Of course, I have my load data down and I'm not going to change it at my age without a compelling reason, but the article was interesting and worth the six bucks the magazine cost. I also enjoy seeing what's new in reloading tools and powders, etc.

Nothing to see here, folks!

While we were in town, I went by McDonald's to see if I could find out what the furor on the dispatch net was about.   The manager said "she couldn't talk about it."  Apparently the intent is to make sure the whole incident just "goes away" quietly.  Good luck with that.   Reminded me of the old song from the late eighties by Peter Gabriel, "We do what we're told."  The manager had never heard of it.

Stopped by the old man's house who lives at the foot of the mountain. He usually knows everything that's going on.  But he said he doesn't go into town anymore, and hadn't heard anything about it. Lots of people trying to avoid town these days.

I've been to Mexico.  There may be worse hell holes on the planet, but Mexico is sure a contender for the number one slot. And they're right next door to us.  Literally, these days.

Never cared much for their politics but I always liked this song:

A classic scene from a classic movie: The Outlaw Josey Wales.


  1. Yes, every once in a while I'll move some furniture in the house and find a petrified ferret present from friends long past.

    It's a quite warm day here in Tidewater. I worked the gun show for the club. Attendance at the show was light, I'll chalk it up Super bowl preppers. I did pick up some powder and primers there, that way I avoid the hazmat charges for shipping.

    Our Virginia Democratic Governor is now a certified Lying Democratic and a buffoon.

    Take care Harry.

    1. tim, swva here. hang in there, looks like the dogs are eating their own.

    2. It's nice they are getting some of their own medicine.

  2. If the gun grabbers get the upper hand, I'm commissioning Percy to design my caches of weapons. Nobody could ever find them.

    We haven't had a gun show here in ages, not since BATF showed up taking pictures of peoples license plates in the parking lot of the community center.

    I saw where they had some pictures of him in his college ku klux outfit. I imagine the cockroaches scurried out of the light on that one pretty quick. A politician can find himself shunned in short order these days.

    1. it was a sight, like a pack of dogs turning on an injured one. tore him to shreds. he tried to backtrack but he never got the memo that you have to deny first, then apologize. he did it backwards and the dems are in a deathmatch to see who can get credit for bringing him down. his replacement is a yankee lawyer carpetbagger and chomping at the bit at the prospect he might be gov'nor. the whole thing is a dem psyop to divert attention from shumer, who is getting caught up in a sex scandal of his own. I almost, almost, feel sorry for ol northam. sucks to be betrayed by your own kin that way, lol......take care harry. out, here.

    2. If the Democrats hadn't made such a habit of doing this kind of thing to conservatives, I might have a little sympathy for them but being as it is, I just sit back and exult. I'd love to see Schumer go down, he's one of biggest hypocrites I've seen in all my life.

  3. I find myself doing much less than I used to. I even need to hire work done for me, which irritates the bloody hell out of me. But it is what it is. Youth is gone, replaced by aches and pains and slow moving body parts. Sigh.

    I think there are many more incidents happen that we don't hear about - those in control wish to see them just disappear. Our scanners report something happening, but the perpetrators are always 'a group of youths.' Those 'youths' sure do get around, jumping the trains without paying, harassing folks on the streets, making shopping malls places to avoid at all cost. Busy, are those 'youths.'

    Glad your weather has warmed up. So has ours, and for that I am most grateful!

    1. You can only do so much as you get older, particularly if you want to try to maintain some semblance of good health. But at least we don't have to work these days, which releases us from the pressures associated with a job. That's a good thing.

      You can see all kinds of videos of gang violence, and of innocent people being caught up in it, on youtube since filming acts of violence against victims has a cult following among perps these days. But you can't repost them in the blog, that capability has been disabled by youtube.

      It's nice here again today. A little cloudy but at least it's relatively warm in the low 60's.

  4. Thankfully, My wife is past the furniture moving stage. She isn't able to do any extra cleaning and I'd be barely able to move anything.

    1. My wife likes to watch all those shows on television where people buy an older house and redecorate it, etc. She gets some ideas from those and sometimes we use them to change things around. Keeps her happy and I don't mind. We don't mess with the rooms I use, just the living room, kitchen, family room, things like that. I have to slide the furniture on old rugs though, can't lift it anymore.

  5. Harry, I'm so glad you're back! I love your blog today for so many reasons!
    Your "Old Lady Friend" in Illinois....where we are all thawing out and rain will be coming soon. :)

    1. Lynney62, I'm not working on it as much as I used to but I'm trying to keep it going so I can stay in touch with folks. I appreciate the comment. We have had two days of nice weather, in the sixties during the day. Tonight it will rain but it won't get cold. I don't really like too much rain, but the cold is the worst!

  6. Loved your post especially the ferret story! A portion of the country is showing that it's lost it's every loving mind. When I think this portion of the country can't do anything more stupid/horrible they prove me wrong yet again!

    In my neck of the woods I can't express my opinion as my opinion is in the minority and hubby and I own a business. It's blogs like yours that help keep me sane :)

    1. Westside Mom, I'm hearing , mostly via email, from people all over the country who are experiencing the same bad things we are here. Like me, they live in areas you would never expect to be a dumping ground for illegal aliens, middle eastern gutter sweeping, Somali pirates, etc. But they are...

      You have to be really careful about staying low profile if you are still working, or have a business. To do otherwise could be disastrous. I'm retired, don't have a business or a job, but I'm beginning to wonder what "they" can do to me, since my convictions on the continuing safety of our mountains has proven to be so ill founded.

  7. Hi Harry,
    I smiled at your comments about scaling back as we age....I saw an ad for a house for sale, with 40 acres, about 100 miles outside of Vegas. It had solar, propane etc, only real issue was the need to truck in water. Too far for us now at our age. The house came with a grader to clear the road, so now I know that if I look at a real estate ad, if I see the home comes with a grader, I don’t need to look any further ;)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Stu is chiseling his way through the retiring project but with a lot of muttering about the Italians (since it is an Italian motorcycle) ;). And to add another irrelevant tidbit...we saw an interesting movie on Netflix called IO. Was a bit slow at times but the plot was good.

    1. Hilogene, that place sounds pretty nice. Wonder if a well could be sunk to handle the water issue? But the fly in the ointment is that we "seniors" just can't pack the load we did as 30 something in the "old days." I went out this afternoon, between rain showers, and was behind the house, looking for one of my wife's cats. I saw where part of the retaining wall out there had collapsed. Now I have to fix that the first dry day we get! >:-(

      I know a fellow with some kind of foreign bike, can't remember where it was from. He had to haul it all the way to Chattanooga this past week to get $4,000 worth of maintenance done. Expensive hobby!

      We have been watching a lot of things on netflix. I think I may have seen the IO movie in one of those lines of movies they suggest based on what you have already watched. I'll sure check it out.

  8. Hi Harry :)
    It was heartwarming to read about your ferrets and how you take care of them. Really nice. :)

    Oh I loved that movie, thanks for the clip!