Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Buffoons at the car wash. Car dashboard camera. Self Reliance magazine. A news segment from OAN.

  Saturday afternoon I went to the carwash. Just wanted to run the Jeep through, as it was covered in yellow pine pollen.

A lot of other people had that idea. There is only one "machine" wash, the other bays are all self service. Since we have a population that is about 80 percent "senior" most people use the machine wash.

There were probably 10 cars in line. Since it takes about 7 minutes per vehicle to get through the wash, you can see that people spend some time waiting in their cars.

The "laser wash" tunnel broke down. Some old goat drove into it way further than he was supposed to, tripped the sequencer on the bay, and it didn't come on.  The manager tried to explain to him what had happened, but all the guy wanted to do was yell. I was standing by the office, in the shade, so I  got to listen to this.  The manager asked him to go on out and come back around, but the driver wouldn't because he would have to wait in line again. Then, for unknown reasons, this old guy puts his car in reverse, backs up, and hits the frame that moves the water sprayers around the car. That shut off the power to the bay.

Now other people are starting to blow their hours and wave imperiously for the workers to come out and explain what's going on, so they can yell at the teenagers who work there.  The teens respond by taking a powder and going in the back. They don't care a tinker's damn about the customers anyway.
In about five minutes, the manager is out there helping people back out who are infuriated and want to show their umbrage by leaving. That makes the other drivers angry because they have to back out, there's no room in the lane between the buildings to get out of line.  Some of them are literally shouting in the managers face.  I wondered, if this is how they react to something as minuscule as a car wash problem, what do they do when the power goes out, or there's no gasoline, or the grocery stores are empty?  I know most people are Sheeple, but it's things like this that reinforce just what that means.

Twice now, in about six weeks, I've been intentionally run off the road. In both instances, someone followed me, flashing their lights and shooting "the finger", then passed me on a blind curve and shot back in front of me so that I had to slam on the brakes and drive off onto the shoulder.  After the first instance, I got that can of bear spray for the Jeep. After this last one, I got a dash camera. I am not sure, even if I have video of this kind of driving, what the Sheriff's Department will do about it. But I'm going to find out.

I appear to be infuriating some of our subsidized housing / welfare recipients who have moved in up here from Atlanta with my bumper stickers.  Can't think of any other reason they'd be giving me a hard time, as I don't know them from Adam.  I'm not the only one having this problem, but in listening to the police radio I know this is a "white trash" issue, since the aggression is coming from twenty something whites. We didn't have these kind of people up here once upon a time, but the new housing has drawn them like flies to horse manure.

Here's a news story from One America News that people should be aware of. It was on this morning. Speaking of One America News,  I got a virus protection program for my Kindle. It was called "Byte Defender." When I ran it  the first time, it came up and said "Application One America News is an aggressive malware" and urged me to delete it. I did delete an app, but it wasn't One America News, it was Byte Defender.

I went to wiki to try to run down something on contacting One America News.  The entry was clearly written by a refugee from Antifa, as it was nothing but an attack on the news network, full of spurious claims.  I think the person who wrote it was inspired by an article in Salon Magazine that was a screed against OAN.  Everyone and everything that is conservative is being banned, investigated, denigrated, and generally destroyed if the left can get away with it. And they do get away with it, since they own the media.

Anyway,  the beat goes on ......

And then, there's this:

There was also a charming video taken in a "Muslim American" school in Philadelphia, where kids that looked to be about third grade were singing little songs at a school presentation, like "We will chop off their heads for Allah."  That one disappeared from Fox News before I could find a copy to post, but it's probably out there somewhere. CAIR in action, again.

Missed a few Branco cartoons lately, here are some of the best:

New American Survival Guide out. If you can find a copy.  I can only get them by mail now.  I've been to the grocery stores and other potential sources in six North Georgia counties. You can't find American Survival Guide, Guns and Ammo, or Off Grid in any of them.  I could probably (though not certainly) get a copy by driving to Hall county, where there is a "Books a' Million" but I'm not even sure of that.

I get these magazines digitally now.  If you want a gun related magazine, or one with self sufficiency as the core, you won't find them in print up here anymore.

All in all, things keep moving along.  We stay up on the mountain and don't travel a lot now. I have plenty to keep me busy here anyway.  It's been up in the nineties, and humidity levels near 100 percent.  This weekend is supposed to be the hottest this year. Fortunately, all of our buildings are under the canopy of the forest and though that can be stuffy, at least  the sun doesn't blast right in on you.

Today I got all the cement parking pads cleaned off, and did some weed eating around the buildings so everything looks squared away. Of course, I only worked early in the morning and I'm too tired to do any more today. Things take a lot longer but then, I have more time these days.

Monday, May 20, 2019

This is where I live.

This fellow makes some good short films about North Georgia. I think this is one of my favorites, and I recognize almost all the locations. Gives a good idea of what the place is like if you stay away from the towns and tourist traps.

Haven't written anything in awhile as I was hoping there would be some good news to talk about, but it just seems to get worse. So I've been catching up on my reading, and listening to a new low power fm station that plays 1950's "lounge music" exclusively. I like that.

Sorry it took me so long to post some of the comments on the previous post. Just haven't had the computer on.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Second day of May and it's how humid? Some grumbles. Remember the Alamo (before you get out of the car)

Georgia is a great place to live.  I could do without the weather , though. Our winters in the past few years have been really cold, often down into the teens at night. When you have outbuildings, this means you are spending a lot on propane and electricity to keep them heated.  Now Spring, which used to be the one time of the year when the weather was really nice, is more of an early summer. Temperatures here yesterday got up to 89 degrees, and the humidity this morning is ghastly.  The sun was barely coming up, and I was going around starting dehumidifiers. I'll have to run the air conditioning in the apartment today, probably from around noon. Percy the Ferret lives out there, and he can't handle heat. He needs it to be about 72 to be comfortable. We have thunderstorms in the offing for this afternoon, but they will be "pop ups" which means it clouds up, rains like Hades for about 15 minutes, then the clouds go away. The humidity just gets worse, though.

You can't read that magazine because we don't like it. 

 Still can't find any of my magazines in town anymore. So, I subscribed.  It aggravates me though, that I can't get what I want to read in my own town, because some pencil pushing Leftard at "corporate" decided to please a bunch of whiny fools pushing their own agenda by not carrying my gun and survivalist magazines . That space on the news stand is now filled by "Hobby Farms" and "New Pioneer."

Two things I could do without in Off Grid, American Survival Guide and Survivor's Edge.

One is hunting stories. I know how to hunt, coming from my family background it would be strange if I didn't. But I don't hunt for fun, and I don't need to be told how to hunt for Moose in the far North. That's just wasted space.

The other is "martial arts." I took karate two days a week for four years. Not because I really thought it would do me any good, but because I thought it instilled discipline and my kids took the lessons with me.

But nobody ever learned martial arts from looking at pictures in a magazine. That's another waste of space.

Times have changed, and the Preppers are the demographic these magazines need to survive, not the "survivalists" of old times. Running articles about the efficacy of "Big Game Hunting" where some overweight individual pays a fortune to go to Africa and shoot an elephant or a lion in a carefully orchestrated slaughter doesn't win any fans for American Survival Guide, for instance.

My brother is a "big game hunter." He flew to New Zealand, shot a "red stag" and flew home. He's really a good guy, but he and I had a falling out about 5 years ago, over nothing really, and we haven't spoken since. At any rate,  I don't see the "big game hunting" thing in a favorable light, he does. But I buy the magazines, and he doesn't. Most "Preppers" are not into hunting, and if they were, they'd buy hunting magazines.

I wrote the editor of American Survival Guide and pointed these thing out to him, and I got a very measured and pleasant response. I'm pretty sure he hit the delete button on my email right after he answered it, but that's his prerogative.

If you go out in de hood today, you're sure of  a big surprise!   

Personally,  I think this guy should have invested in some Bear Spray before he drove down into "that part of town."  Prior planning prevents poor performance.  Note the people driving by who "don't want to get involved." I'd say deadly force would be justified in this instance, but a little Bear Spray in the right quarters might not go amiss. Worst case, use bumper sticker magnets, and take them off if you are going into "dey 'hood."

He could have saved himself by shouting "free watermelon down at the Chicken Shack!" but I guess he was out an out of towner and didn't know the ropes.

Then there are the people who actually do stand up and be counted. In the case of this young woman, it was more like a Banzai Charge .  I'm all for taking a stand, but I think you need to use a bit of discretion. This was at a demonstration in San Jose, California protesting something or other the Mexicans didn't like. She got a brick in the face for her trouble.  The really interesting thing is to listen to the White Sheeple inside the building. I almost wish the horde had broken in and gotten them.

tenno heika banzai !

Oh, well.  Perhaps a bit of levity is in order.


When you just get fed up with all the B.S.

Quote for the Day:

Just to get your day started right:

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Progressive Google You-Tube tightens the screws. Things are getting crazy in Europe. PSSSTT! Wanna buy some 5.56?

You Tube has taken another step in keeping "non-progressive" videos off the Internet.  They have already started censoring what videos they will post.  They also require "adult consent" to see some videos, and they disable the "embed" feature on videos they don't like, so bloggers can't disseminate  them on line.

Pat Condel says it better than I can:

This video is getting a lot of attention in Europe right now.  I've been doing some research on the Internet, reading different news articles and posts from overseas.  It's not all that easy to find out what's really going on, since there's no such thing as a guarantee of free speech in Europe, nor of a free press. You say the wrong thing, or write the wrong thing, and you can go to jail. There are some prominent examples of that phenomenon if you look for them.

Here in Georgia, strange things are happening.  In the last two weeks, my county has had a new infusion of "imports."  They are Asian people, but I don't know where they are from. They're not Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.  I know smatterings of those languages, and if they spoke one of them I'd recognize it. But I don't understand one word of this new groups speech.  I've only seen young people so far, in their twenties and early thirties, I'd guess.  The men wear all black clothes, have very long hair  down to the small of their backs, black leather boots or pointed toed black leather shoes. The women wear what I would consider "normal" clothes for that age group and gender. They're nice looking, in a wholesome way and you always see them in groups of two or three. They laugh a lot.  These folks look like Vietnamese or Thai, but I don't think they are.  All I can say for sure is they haven't bothered anyone I've heard of,  and they tend to keep to themselves even in town. Then again, they just started showing up, and time will tell.

On the other hand, our "Sand People" are behaving just like Arabs everywhere.  I was sitting at a business in town, waiting for something to get done, and two late twenties types walked up to me. I thought they were Mexicans, because they looked like the guys you see in pictures of Cartel shoot outs. One of them held out a ten dollar bill to me, and said "ten dolla!" I had no idea what he wanted. I asked him in Spanish what he thought he was doing. They looked at each other, and started that high pitched giggling that I instantly recognized as "Arab."  The guy says "ten dolla!" more insistently this time, and jabs his ten dollar bill at me.   About this time, one of the workers from the shop comes over and gets the ten, gives the two Sand Crabs some ones and a five, and they walk out without even a thank you. Turns out, they wanted change for the laundry mat next door, and they have been going into this other shop to get change because the change machine there only takes ones and fives. The manager at the shop said just to make change for them to get them out of his shop, so that's what they do. So now providing change for every raghead that walks in there is part of his cost of business.

Atlanta has had a measles outbreak. Strangely , it coincides with the arrival of  DHS buses hauling illegal aliens from Texas.  There's been a lot on the news about that kind of thing recently.

Even the MSM is starting to get a little nervous about this. Note that this report is only on the "local affiliate " level, not the national news, but it's ABC. Who would have thought it?  Maybe they will do another segment blaming President Trump?

If you are keeping up on the news, you know that today, as I'm writing this, more than 1000 students and faculty of a college in L.A. are under forced quarantine due to a measles outbreak.  Wonder how that got started?

  I've finished reading the first two books of "Deep Winter" for the umpteenth time , and am about through with the third book.

Reading them on Kindle is really helpful. I can read the book, highlight in several different colors, attach notes to passages,  and import text into other programs using the Kindle Reader.

One thing I always realize when I read these books, is how far from 100% my plans and implementation of those plans are from being "satisfactory."

For all that I've been concentrating on a self sufficient life style since 1986, I just can't get all the gaps plugged.

Reading Sherry's books makes it clear to me that I have a lot more work to do. At my age, if I didn't have adult kids I hope to pass this place on to as a going concern, I might just quit. I'm going to keep plugging away at it though. Get something accomplished every day, big or small.

There's never been a period when things looked so grim overall during my life time, not even when Slick Willie was President and Janet Reno was stamping out "malcontents" using the FBI and the ATF, left and right.

 "Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil." Ephesians 5.

If ever I needed to get into high gear, it's now.  But it's not so easy when you're sixty six years old. I know there are a lot of older people doing more than I am, because I hear from some of them. I'm just saying for me, it's getting easier to sit on the porch and listen to the wind blowing through the trees, and harder to get out and mow the meadow, or fix the roof, or recharge the DC batteries, or do any of the other one hundred and one things that have to be done up here to keep this place together.

If you are stocking up for the 2020 elections,  Classic Firearms has a deal that might interest you. I don't go in for "bulk packed" ammo if I plan to store it for a long time. I either repack it, or don't buy it. But this might come in handy if the left wing manages to "steal" the elections.  And even if President Trump is re-elected, and all the Schumerites are turned out (which I don't think is going to happen), ammo is a good investment against The Bad Times.

Federal Lake City 5.56 62 GR FMJ BT 12500 Round Barrel XM855BAR
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12,500 rounds of ammunition is loosely packed in a sealed barrel. The XM855 is a 62 grain Green Tip Steel Penetrator.  12,500 Rounds per barrel.

Branco Cartoons:

All in all, things are going well enough on the mountain.  We have a lot of tourists up here this weekend, and last night about eleven , someone started shooting off fireworks.  I knew it wasn't gunfire because those skyrocket things have a completely different sound, and they burst in "clumps", rather than the more linear sound a single weapon firing makes. Because of the way sound carries here, it's hard to estimate distance or direction, but it sounded close.

What really frosted me was the fact that we were under a fire warning. There was a strong wind blowing, and the humidity was in the mid twenties. If one of their little rockets had come down in the forest, we 'd all have been in serious trouble.  Lasted about five minutes and  then quit. I spent a good half hour sitting out on the porch looking for fire and keeping a weather eye out for the smell of smoke. I suppose it was some twits back somewhere in the national forest,  no one can tell what people will do once they get in the woods. They feel like anything goes, and many of them don't have the common sense of a cockroach.

The weather has been pretty nice, low humidity and warm.  The trees are all leafed up, and the mountains look like a completely different place than they do in winter.

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Does Life imitate Art?

The way things are going in the country today, there are a lot of "William Fosters" out there. Every new instance of chicanery by the media, every new incident where some illegal or "refugee" kills some innocent American citizen, and people are pushed closer and closer to the edge.

I was sitting in the Jeep this morning, outside a store. My wife was inside picking up some groceries. A fellow walked up to the window, and tapped on it. I rolled it down, thought he might need some directions. But he wanted to talk about the bumper stickers.  He was probably mid forties, fairly mild mannered, and articulate. He was also very angry about some of the  things he'd been reading about in the Chattanooga paper, and seeing on the news.  I got the feeling he was "venting" , and I enjoyed talking to him, but that only provides an individual with a temporary catharsis. It doesn't really "fix" anything.

I wonder if the posturing , self satisfied idiots up in D.C,  in New York, in San Francisco, et al realize just how many people feel like their backs are to the wall. How angry people across all age groups and situations in life are getting. How furious the resentment against the left is out where life is being negatively impacted by what's going on today, courtesy of the Democratic Party and their various hangers on, dogs and ponies, acolytes and lunatic fringe supporters. They may be sowing the whirlwind.

You can push the average rural American male just so far.  He may not be out at the Country Club, or on the golf course with the elite, but he knows the score. The left discounts conservative people as uncouth no-accounts, but they're wrong.

In 1993, when Falling Down was released, the director thought that the character played by Michael Douglas, William Foster, would be loathed and considered a villain.  What Director Schumacher didn't realize was that the life of William Foster resonated with the average working class American male.

The screenwriter stated in an interview that the film was a condemnation of "the old American way of life" (represented by William Foster), which the writer felt had now become "archaic."

The film grossed 46 million dollars in the first two weeks of release in American theaters, and took the top spot from Feb 26th through March 7th, 1993, an unusually long top standing for the industry at that time.

The critics panned the movie, heaping scorn on movie goers for their lack of perception in identifying with, instead of vilifying, the character of William Foster. Hollywood has never been noted for it's connection to the real world, and this was evident in the treatment of the movie in the media.

If the left wing keeps pushing the common man into the corner, if the perception is that our culture is being casually destroyed,  our safety threatened, our way of life eroded , then some people are not going to just sit idly by.

Good people are only going to stand for so much.  The people who fired the shots at Lexington and Concord were not malcontents, mentally unbalanced, racist, fascist, or evil. They were ordinary people who had exhausted every other avenue to address their situation. The people in authority left them no recourse, pushed  them into a "backs against the wall" situation, and the rest is history.

If President Trump can keep the country together, bring the left wing to heel, stop the flood of "wretched refuse" that's washing into every corner of the country, then equilibrium may be maintained. But if it keeps going the way it has been, then it's going to get out of hand.

More and more people are beginning to accept the philosophy of Jack Donovan, as the only way the current schism in the U.S. can be resolved.  I thought after the ridiculous "collusion" investigation was finally over, that the left might come to it's senses and start addressing some of the vital and short fuse issues in this county. But they're still making up lies, and thwarting every effort of the President and common sense members of the  government to do anything about anything.  They are making a serious mistake.

Well, whatever happens down the road, if you've never seen "Falling Down" you should take some time to view it. I think you'll see the applicability to our own situation in this country today. And if nothing else, it's good "escapism." Something we all need these days.