“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Moron at the car wash. New magazines on the display stands. Getting around the non-availability of British .303 and 8mm Mauser surplus ammo. "Trash and Treasure". Night Vision and bumper stickers. Get it while you can.

Saturday.   Raining sporadically, sometimes fairly heavy rain coming down. My wife and I got up early, went into town for breakfast, and then made a supply run. Came back loaded down, the Cherokee couldn't have had one more thing crammed into it.  We've run down a lot of our stored supplies in the last month. Between the cold and the rain, we haven't been doing nearly as much going off the mountain as we usually do.  Sacks of feed, 12 packs of paper towels,  48 rolls of T.P.  can all take up a lot of space. We made a dint in it, but that's about all.

We also went to the county "trash and treasure" show at the community center. It's really an event for women. Even my wife says there's nothing  there for men.  Mostly knick knacks, jars of different canned goods, cloth, and lots of jewelry. I mean, lots of jewelry.  "Trash and Treasure " is like a  gun show for women.

When we were first married, I brought my wife jewelry whenever I went out with the MARG or on a TAD deployment.  Gold and turquoise from Turkey,  pearls from Majorca, Wedgwood Jasper pendants from Britain, silver necklaces from Norway, gold earrings from Spain, she has jewelry from just about everywhere.  But it's not enough. We blew through her budget within about 20 minutes of getting there.

 Fortunately for me, it's close to the bank. My wife sent me to get more cash.....

After handing over the little bank envelope stuffed with wampum, I sat out in the car in the parking lot and listened to talk radio.  Nice way to spend a couple of hours I guess...

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Here's a way around the shortage of  .303 British military surplus ammo, and 8mm Mauser.

If you aren't one of those old guys who have cases of Pakistani and Greek .303 stashed away, but you still want to shoot an Enfield, get an Indian Ishapore 2a.

Built to use 7.62X51, it's based on the Enfield SMLE.   I have several, and they are all good shooters.  They don't cost a lot, and ammo for these is a snap to round up, surplus or commercial.

If you don't have plenty of 8mm Mauser stored away, but you want to shoot a Mauser K98, find an Israeli K98 converted to 7.62X51.   Shoots fine, and no ammo worries.

These guns are often in really good shape, don't cost much, and they are great shooters. The same modifications that make collectors turn their noses up at the guns make them great weapons for Americans who need a good rifle.

New Magazines on the racks:

Not a bad issue.  About half "field craft" type articles, and half equipment and specialty articles.
I'm not really interested in kayaks, but the article on avoiding ticks was worthwhile because I get them on me all the time out working in the woods, come summer.  The articles on herbs and their medicinal uses was good. There was an interesting article on water cisterns.  I have a cistern on the property, from before we sunk the well, but I've let it go to pot. Reading this article, I think maybe I'll put it back into working condition.  You just never know what idea or inspiration you'll get from a good magazine.

I don't know who Centennial Outdoors is, but this is the second Survivalist oriented magazine they've put out in two months. I didn't buy the first one, because it was so basic I just couldn't justify the expense. But this one, that's a different story.  It's designed more for preppers than survivalists. I've had friendly arguments with people as to whether or not the words are synonymous. I don't think so, some folks think they are.  Regardless, there's some useful information in this issue.  Some of it is pretty basic, but some of the articles are worth reading again no matter how long you've been at this process.  The first magazine was priced at $16.00, but this one is just $10.00

ATF comes to pick up the weapons

The Dims haven't changed their goal one iota since 1994. Feinstein is still out there, and the bruja is just as obsessed with enforcing the collective liberal will on the population as she ever was.

Bumper stickers and night vision devices. Brother, can you spare an AK?

Hank's got it right.  These are not good times.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Sheeple are going to have to get off of top dead center.

If you'd trust someone to be responsible for your children, to educate them, and to take care of them at school, why wouldn't you  trust that same person to be armed in order to protect your children?

I don't think it's ever been more dangerous to be a private citizen in this country, than it is now.  There are a lot of mentally deranged people walking the streets, and they don't always stand out.  The guy on the right is clearly "nature's way of saying don't touch" but a lot of people with mental disorders look perfectly normal until they snap.

Schools are more dangerous than most other places because they have students who are mental cases, but they often just keep passing them on to the next grade.  I taught some like that. I had one kid (and these were fifth graders) who threw a rock from a flower bed and severely injured the elderly woman who lived next door. She went to the hospital, but he was back in class on Monday.  I had another one who was clearly a psychopath, but the school system forced me to have him in my classroom. He needed " a positive male role model" and he was part of the "inclusiveness" program. The kid used to bring a cigar box full of pencils sharpened to a diamond tip, and then throw them at the other kids. The effect was like a flachette round going off.
Could I take those away from him?  No, that was a "release mechanism" for him.  Too bad if he poked out some other kids eye during one of his episodes.  So there are lots of those characters running around in schools that mom and dad at home don't know about. Teachers are not going to cross the administrators if they want to keep their jobs.

Then there are the just plain crazies. They're out there.  Until the financial crash of the 2007-2008 period, Georgia had three large institutes for the mentally ill , that were owned by the state. When the Sheriff's Department brought someone in for crazy behavior, the hospital kept them for three days, then they were evacuated to one of the state mental institutions for evaluation and , if necessary, an extended stay.

Then came the crunch, and all of those were closed. So now, if a crazy gets taken to the ER, he gets put in a room for three days, then he is evacuated out the back door of the hospital and put back on the street. The rare exception is the mentally ill person who has health insurance to cover mental illness, but guess what? Not many of these folks do, as they are generally broke and homeless.

And there are other threats out there.  School kids are good victims for Islamic terrorists, because it hits Americans hard. The Israelis learned how to deal with this, especially after the Ma'alot Massacre, but we don't seem to learn.  The Ma'alot Massacre

Schools use the sardine defense, but inevitably some of the sardines get eaten.

Telling people that making a gun free zone of the school will protect their children, implies that criminals, terrorists, and the mentally ill are all impacted by little signs with a picture of a gun , overlaid by a circle with a line through it.

It's not a logical assertion.

And yet, after every incident, the high brow liberals come roaring out, saying we can fix this with more restrictive laws.  We needn't take any positive action that will have an impact on the ground, just pass more laws.

Lighting candles, putting Teddy Bears and flowers on the chain link fence,  all that gives people an emotional outlet when something like this shooting happens.  But that's all it does.

Our high school here has only one approach for vehicles, and that has a guard booth and an armed guard. But anybody can climb up the blind side of that mountain, and come down through the trees. Maybe it's time to let the teachers carry.  This is rural country, gun country, and most of the locals can use a gun in the same way they can a tire jack, or a chain saw, or any other tool you need up here.

No city will do that, because there are too many smirking, know it all liberals who have kids in private schools and figure they are safe no matter what happens to yours.

We have the Israeli model, we know it works.  But we won't adopt it.  Not because the working class of America has reservations, but because the people pulling the strings don't live in this world, and they don't have to deal with the situations the rest of the country does.  It's just the way it is.

That's how I see it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A brief post. It's like a star cluster, to let people know I'm still here.

This has not been a great week so far.  Yesterday the gas truck came out, and they had a rookie driver.  He backed over my satellite dish.   Not that this is hard to do, you have to back up a steep slope, on a narrow concrete path not quite as wide as your gas truck, and park nose down at a very steep angle. I have enough spare parts salvaged from an older dish to fix the dish.  Don't want to get the driver in trouble, and it's hard enough on those guys to come up here.

Got a package from a friend, and it had a note taped to it that said "ok to leave at gate". On the note, the driver had written THANK YOU!!! with a big smiley face. They hate coming up to the mountain top and I hate having them come because then it's a nightmare getting them back down.

My wife toppled down the stairs that run from the middle level to the lower level of the house. She was carrying laundry, and she said her knee just quit working.  Couldn't get her to the doctor until tomorrow, so she's taking OTC pain killers and I'm playing Stephen Fetchit since she can't walk. She got bored and wanted to go to Walmart, she said she would ride around in the Cripple Cart. I said "not only no, but HELL no." We are not ready for the knackers yard yet.

  Read a great book.  People forget that for a long time, the war in Afghanistan had troops from a lot of the NATO countries in it.

  The Brits were there, and this book is about a fellow who flew Apache gunships.  It was really interesting, things have changed a whole lot since my day, but I'm still fascinated with flying helicopters.

The best part of the book deals with an incident most of us have never heard of.  The British were clearing a village, and ran into heavy resistance. They had to pull back and regroup, but they accidentally left a man behind.

The two Apaches supporting them landed, picked up four British Marines who hung on to the side of the helicopters on the pylons, then flew back to the village and landed under fire. They found the missing Marine and got him back, but he was already KIA.  Didn't detract from the incident, though.  Below is a painting done by a military artist of the event.

The air crew fellow out in front blasting away at the Jihadi's with his Browning High Power is Ed Macey, the author of the book and one of the pilots of the Apaches.

The British, Canadians, Australians, Germans, French and a lot of other NATO troops, especially the old Eastern Block guys, did good work over there. Even though they had to deal with the same idiotic rules of engagement.

And another good book:

Sebastian Junger is a journalist.  He also wrote " The Perfect Storm" and a few other books, but "War" has to be the best. Because it couldn't be any better.  He was embedded with troops at an isolated outpost in Afghanistan, and unlike most journalists who are prissy little twits, the guy fit in and was accepted by the troops.  Some of his observations about soldiers are so well put and so accurate that I don't think I've heard them better expressed anywhere.  If your library can get it for you, it's worth a read. One of those you stay up late reading because you can't stop.  Doesn't matter if  you are a veteran or not, it's enthralling.

Restrepo is the documentary made from films Junger took when he was out with the troops in the bush.  I haven't seen it yet but I'm going to buy a copy if I can.


Between fixing the  roof, fixing the satellite dish, and doing my work and my wife's work, I'm getting pretty ragged.  Be glad when she's 100% again, both because I want her to feel better and because I can barely keep juggling everything that has to be done, by myself.  I see now the wisdom of having more than one wife, though I can see the drawbacks as well.

I know this is just a "down and dirty" post, but I wanted to let people know I am still in the game. Just a lot going on here at the moment. Seems like the last month or so has been that way.

Thought for the day:

Taking care of my wife's cats!

Music to calm your nerves.

Monday, February 5, 2018

AT&T , (in the guise of Direct TV)another Epic Fail. Where have all the survivalist magazines gone? What's a carbine? I detest insurance companies.

Lots of rain the last few days. It was supposed to be "freezing rain" at one point. I drove the Jeep down to the foot of the mountain, hiked back up to the house, but the freezing rain never came.

Better safe than sorry. I'd rather make the hike for nothing, than get caught up here unable to get out for a week or so.

I got my ammo from Centerfire.  I don't think I'll be ordering any more ammo from them.  That won't stop me from placing orders for other things. It's just that it was a total goat rope because of their wanting a signature for the delivery.

I have had a lot of ammo delivered here, and never ran into that before.  Then too, they charged me $4.00 for using a credit card to buy on line, and I didn't much care for that.

To add insult to injury, Sportsman's Guide was selling it for about ten bucks less with free shipping and no credit card fee.

On the plus side, the ammo can and the ammo look as new as the day they were made, which in my case turns out to be 1982.  Live and learn.

I've been thinking about all the survival magazines that have disappeared in the last few years.

Living Ready was a good one.   It had a lot of useful information in it, and the magazine wasn't stuck on field craft, like so many of them were.

I subscribed, but I suppose enough people didn't, because after the first few issues, it went to digital only, then it just disappeared.  I have heard, from time to time, that people have seen it on the news stand at Barnes and Nobles, but I've never been able to find it.

There are still some web pages that list it, but when you go to them, they are all from 2012, or that time frame.

  Survivalist was a good magazine.  It was out of Florida. I called them one time, because my magazines stopped coming and I thought maybe my subscription had run out.

At first, I couldn't get anyone to answer the phone. Then, one afternoon, I got this old fellow who said he was just about to go pick up his grandkid at school, and would I mind calling back in about half an hour.

I did, and it turned out my subscription was expired, so I sent them a check.  They were good folks, but they just disappeared . The hard copy magazine seems to have stopped being published.   I saw the magazine advertised on Kindle in the digital version. I tried to subscribe, but  the subscription never picked up. Now it's not listed anymore.

The "Old" American Survival Guide was a great magazine. It was oriented towards rural males.  There was a fantastic following, but the guy who published it apparently died, his wife (some say his daughter) took over, and she did not want to be associated with anything so gauche as a magazine that had guns in it. So she shut it town.

Jim Benson was the editor, and he was a gentleman. Just as courteous and trustworthy a fellow as you could ever want to meet.

After American Survival Guide got shut down, he started his own magazine, but it's no longer being published. I don't know what happened to Mr. Benson, but I hope he landed on his feet. He deserved to.

The "New" American Survival Guide is ok. It's more a Yuppy publication than anything else, all fancy ,trendy gear. I read it and sometimes I learn something, sometimes I don't.

Modern Survival was the magazine Jim Benson started up when he left American Survival Guide .  As a historical footnote, I wrote four articles for this magazine, and Jim always paid me in a timely manner. Not everybody does that, I assure you.

The magazine was on the internet for awhile, then just vanished.  I never really found out what happened, but I heard scuttlebutt that he sold it to a limited liability company that then never got it back off the ground.

I thought it was a great magazine, and I liked the fact that he was open to submissions from no name people. Not everybody had to be Massad Ayob to get their articles published.

Prepper & Shooter was not a bad magazine. It really wasn't around all that long, and before it went under, it went digital only. That seems to be the trend in magazine publishing.

I've noticed that once a magazine quits printing a hard copy, it's not long for this world.  Maybe survivalist literature doesn't lend itself to digital media.

I've heard  this is still being published somewhere, but if so, I haven't been able to find out where.

Oh,well.  There was a time when the Survivalist movement was mainstream. Even if a lot of the shows did shelter under the the heading of "prepper" which made a lot of people less uncomfortable.

Remember these?

True, it was a reality show, and a lot of the people in the episodes made me cringe with embarrassment. But still, it had great ratings... for awhile.

Oh,well. Time marches on.

The Popular Mechanics survival issue is out on the news stands now. Only costs $5.00, it's fun to read, and sometimes you learn something new.

Also out on the news stands  is "How to Survive Anything " by Centennial Media.

  It's big, flashy, and expensive.  Costs about $16.00.

I looked it over, and I couldn't figure out what the point was. They have all these one page articles on different things that can happen to you, but precious little on what to do about it.

Since I'm not overly worried about things like shark attacks, and I already have a good handle on potential problems like pandemics, social disorder, etc I decided to save my money.

It's rare for me not to buy something on the topic, but I have to say that this particular magazine did not motivate me.


If you are following the news at all, these cartoons will strike you as particularly relevant.  It's hard to believe that the Democrats hired some jerks to conjure up a "portfolio of lies" about President Trump, and then a secret conclave in the FBI leadership contrived to "market" it to the media in an attempt to damage the President's campaign. But they did.

It's tough to believe that another one of  the Kennedy's has crawled out from under a rock, but that's true too.

And the fact that the Dims were all for illegal surveillance of American citizens should surprise nobody.

Thought for the Day:

Transmitting from the mountain top.