Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A day off

I know the concept of taking a day off when you are retired seems strange, but that's what I'm doing. I often feel like I am busier now than I was when I worked. I may not know what day of the week it is, (I spent all day yesterday under the impression that it was Thursday) but the day of the week isn't significant anymore.

There are always things that need to be done when you live in a log house and have log outbuildings. Particularly when you are going through the wettest July that the state has experienced since they started keeping records in the 1880's.  Today, though,  I have nothing pressing that has to be done.

If I was really motivated, I'd go down to the store room and do some tidying up.  Eons ago, I was an embarkation officer, (it was a collateral duty) and my job was to load ships of the Gator Navy, out of Moorehead City, N.C.  I got to be pretty good at it.

Putting that experience to use, I'm not bad at cramming the maximum amount of supplies into storage space.  I still wind up down there rearranging things though, always trying  to get a little more material into a little less space. I have some new cases of canned food that I could do a better job of storing, but "the spirit isn't on me" today. It will just have to wait.

The humidity outside is already very high, even though it's just morning.  So sitting on the porch and reading a book isn't going to be something I'll be doing. That's a good thing to do in fall or early spring, but not the dead of summer.

I need to do a chamber casting on a Japanese Type 99 rifle I got some time ago.  A lot of those rifles were converted to different chamberings after the war. This one has a bent bolt, which shows that someone did some "customizing" on it.  I can get a new bolt and my intent is to restore it to original condition. However, until I cast the chamber I can't be sure if it is still 7.7 Japanese. If it isn't, it's not a good candidate for restoration.  I have everything I need,  I just have to get out to the shop and do it.   Incidentally,  before somebody emails me about it, the rifle on the left is a Czech VZ-24 and the rifle on the right is a Czech Model 1898/29.  That's an old picture that just seemed to fit the topic.

I think I'll go listen to the satellite radio for awhile and decide on what positive thing I can accomplish today without it being a "task."


  1. I think doing nothing is a positive thing to do on a day off. But you won't.... you'll get bored quickly and get into something. :)

  2. I imagine your right. I'm just feeling ancy today. These past few days I've been up to my derriere in the proverbial alligators and I don't want to deal with anything today. I'll think of something relaxing. If it wasn't so humid I'd walk down to the waterfall.