Saturday, July 27, 2013

All dressed up and no place to go.

Saturday in the mountains.  Since I was out and about yesterday, I don't plan to go anywhere today.  It's a major evolution to go to town , let alone out of the county.  To get to the nearest place with a bookstore I have to drive two hours. Then when I get there, it's just a "Books a' Million" and they don't have a lot I'm interested in. The nearest Barnes and Noble is a day trip. loves me, I buy too many books from them on line. When I die their stock will plummet and they will probably put up a bronze statue in my memory.

I could walk down to the waterfall. It's about 40 minutes through the woods. I used to make that trip in under 30 when I was in my late thirties. Now I have to sit down along the way and rest ever so often because my hip starts to hurt. I rationalize that I am waiting for the dogs to catch their breath. They are not getting any younger either.  Used to be, I'd always carry a rifle with me. Not because I want to shoot anything, but because the trail passes through some pretty thick vegetation and you can walk up on hogs or a bear.  Now I just carry a pistol because a rifle gets too heavy.  Walking in our woods is not like walking in the woods out in the Great Plains or the West Coast.  The humidity is really high, which is why this place is called the Smokies. Often you get out there and you think low clouds are flowing down the mountain side, but it's just water condensing out of the air.

My wife is still up North with our kids.  She has been going to malls, going to nice fancy restaurants, and generally doing all the things you can't do here.  She's also been helping the kids with logistics issues. We put new tires on both their Jeeps,  got the Commander a brake job and the Liberty is going in next week for the same.  She got my son some decent furniture for his room.  He's always been a bohemian and is not much of a materialist, but he's old enough now at 24 to start acquiring some decent furniture , at least.  My wife has been going horseback riding with the kids up at the stables my daughter goes to.  She won't go trail riding with me here because she thinks I am going to fall off and get all busted up.  I don't think I would. When I say so,  she reminds me that when my son wanted a dirt bike, and she didn't want him to have one, I got him one anyway. I didn't think anything would happen there either but he had a terrific smash up and had to be carted off  to the emergency room. It was not pleasant having to call her from the hospital about that..  She never lets me forget it, women are like that. In the Marines we used to say "one ah sh*t! equals ten thousand atta boys." That's how my wife sees it.

I'm not much interested in just spending the day rocking on the porch.  It's Saturday, after all.  Of course, once you retire it doesn't matter what day of the week it is, because you don't have to be any place, any time. I try to keep Saturday and Sunday as "special" days.  It's easier when the wife is home, because we can drive up to the next county and go to a movie, or  go to the lake and rent a sailboat or pontoon boat. Even just driving up to the town north of us, across the state line, to do some grocery shopping at the wholesale grocery outlet is fun when she's home. But it isn't fun to do by yourself.

We like to go into town for supper too. There's a nice little country restaurant with a great view of the mountains. Lots of weekends we go to a movie up at the big lake, then go back to town and have a good meal there. Afterwards we pick up a few groceries and that makes for a good Saturday.

I wish I could have gone with her to visit the kids, although I would only have stayed about three days instead of the whole summer. But I have my place to take care of, and the animals have to be seen too. I don't like being gone very long, home is where I am most comfortable.   She'll be home in mid August and until then I will just have to get along on my own. I would never make it as a widower, though. If anything happens to her, I will do like my great, great Grandfather, Joseph.  He fought all the way through the War Between the States in Company B of the 54th Georgia Infantry. When the war was over he had lost an eye at Kennesaw to a Yankee shell burst, and a leg when the Yankee cavalry wrecked the rails outside Atlanta and the hospital train he was on derailed.  At 65 he married a 22 year old woman (there weren't many men left in the South after the war so the women couldn't be that choosey).   I might have a harder time finding a young woman for myself these days, so I hope my wife lasts out.


  1. Harry - we went to the annual roast beef supper last eve and did all the serving and cleaning. we had another function scheduled for today, but that got cancelled, thank goodness. we also have a friends' family reunion party that we have to attend tonight. i can't wait until tomorrow - living up on a hill with just jam and only going out to community events makes me not like having to go out and be around people too many days in a row. i prefer to be at home, too, but the occasional event is ok.

    i know how you feel missing your wife - i had no idea what to do with myself when jam was gone and he was only gone a week!!! i'll check for new posts from you every day or two to try and keep you company. take care buddy!

    your friend,

  2. Kymber, you are certainly a social butterfly. I go to a gun club meeting about twice a year. That's it for me.

    I'm used to her being gone a lot because of her job. I also know that visiting the kids is her favorite thing to do and it helps her rest and relax. I do miss her and I look forward to her return.

    By all means, come by and visit. I always enjoy your comments. One of these days I'll have to get up your way and see that great place you live in. Sounds perfect.

    1. There's that whole naked thing they do up there that is very off putting.....

    2. You mean the swimming thing? Yeah, Canadians are free spirited folks.

    3. I think that while you were away from blogging that Kymber expanded the concept to include yard and garden work. She was going to include the construction of the greenhouse, but Jambo smashed his thumb with a hammer and upon further consideration realized things could swiftly get "out of hand" and flat out vetoed the idea when Kymber brought out the electric powered saw....

    4. oh kill me buddy - bahahahahhaah!

  3. I loved this post!

    Thank you for sharing some of your life and beautiful mountain home.

    You have reminded me of something...Hubby has just fixed up his "big" motor bike for our son (17.5yo)...I feel sick as I have this dreaded feeling that something bad will happen...hubby says I am just being silly...hope he is right and I am wrong :)

    Gee I bet you do miss your wife, she is gone for a long while. I am a homebody like you. I don't go out much especially when hubby is away. He is only gone for a few days at a time...I prefer my own company and just enjoy the silence for a while...

    Re your comment on my blog: If I have done the conversion right, the price of diesel would have been $8.00/gallon, that sounds worse than $2.00/litre lol!

    Wishing you a great day!

    1. In my experience, no matter how careful you are, young man plus motorcycle equals a wreck, sooner or later. My son was armored like a medieval knight, which saved him from serious injury when he hit the tree. People who ride regular motorcycles don't have all that protective gear the dirt bike crowd wears so they are at greater risk in a smashup. The situation you mention is exactly what happened with my wife and my son. She was right about the injury happening. But you can't protect young men from all peril and if you did, they'd not be equipped to handle life and family down the road. It's just part of having boys, I guess. Philosophy doesn't make you feel any better when a kid gets hurt though, I know from personal experience.

      Yes, I miss my wife a lot. But she really has a stressful job, she teaches special education and has the severely handicapped class. So if getting out of the mountains and spending her off time with the kids is what she needs to do, it's ok. We've been married now 31 years come next December so I guess our marriage is safe. :-)

      $8.00 a gallon! That would cost me $400.00 to fill up all the tanks on my truck. I don't see how you folks can pay that. I remember ten years ago I was mad if I had to pay seventy eight cents a gallon. That's why I bought a big diesel that gets 12 miles to the gallon, back then it didn't matter. Now I only drive the truck if I need a truck, and I use my Jeep for regular transportation.

      I see from the price of diesel you not only have to be tough to live in Australia, you have to have a lot of money, too!

  4. So glad to re-discover (I think) your blog. If memory serves, you're the gentleman who put a great deal of money into a German-made or -designed solar panel and battery system and had issues with it-this a story from maybe a year and a half ago, and I've been searching for that ever since. Maybe I'll find it in your archives, but that, and a lot of the other stuff you posted intrigued me, so, again, it's good to re-discover your blog via a comment at Commander Zero's blog.

    1. That was me. That old blog is long gone, I'm surprised you remember it. I took a break from blogging for awhile, but this one will be a lot less contentious and political. I'm getting too old for that stuff.

      The system I put in was a good one for 1999, but I had unrealistic expectations and it didn't work quite like I planned. Never trust what people tell you if they are selling you the equipment! I might have done differently if I had not been so trusting of magazine articles, too. I still get annoyed to this day when I see a copy of Mother Earth News on the stand at the grocery store. ;-)