Monday, July 8, 2013

Medicine Man

I spent a lot of today dealing with sick kittens. One of the barn cats had four babies, but she abandoned them as soon as they quit nursing. The other Queens have been cleaning them, and I feed them.  They picked up some kind of malady that gave them diarrhea, so I've been bathing them in a dish tub.  I have to get that off of them or the bottle flies will lay eggs on the kittens. Those are brutal to get off, you have to use a flea comb.  At any rate, I cleaned them, fed them, gave them some medicine we have found to be efficacious with kittens for that issue. The whole thing will have to be done again tomorrow.  Taking care of sick animals is part and parcel of living in the wilderness. The nearest vet is in the town, and it costs $100 to walk in the door.  Last year, one of my ferrets got sick. I couldn't help him, and wound up spending $700 (far more than I could afford) at the vet.  The poor guy passed away, and I know I should have let him go and not tried to keep him alive so hard, but my ferrets are my friends. I thought the vet could save him.  She really tried, but not everything ends as people want it to.

 It has been hot and humid today.  Even with the air on,  I have not been able to get the humidity down below 62% in the house or the shop.  I don't remember it ever being this humid outside, it's running 97% out there right now. But then, I've lived here for 27 years now, and doubtless there are a lot of things I've forgotten.

Got in another case of the Bear Creek dehydrated soups I like so much.  The UPS man left it at the foot of the mountain, since he can't get up here even if the gate is unlocked.  I took the Jeep down to get it, as my hip has been giving me a lot of trouble and the walk down and back is more than I can handle at the moment. 

When I was in town Saturday I bought myself a box of "Bubba Burgers", and a couple of tomatoes. I also got some nice onions and hamburger buns. I 've been too tired to cook them though, and with the wife up in the North at the kids, if I don't cook it doesn't get cooked.  I thought I might try it again this evening when the sun sets and it cools off outside, but I'm already running out of steam.

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