Thursday, July 11, 2013

Now, these people are leading the self sufficient life style.

I was reading Australian blogs again today. For some reason,  Australian's seem to be pretty calm and polite, you don't see (or, I haven't seen yet), all the fighting and "troll activity" we have to deal with here.  Take a look at this particular blog, the sheer scale of what they are doing is hard to take in.

An Australian Blog I thought was well worth reading.

When I was stationed in Japan,  we could take a Military Airlift Command flight from the neighboring Air Force Base (Kadena) to just about anywhere in that part of the world for ten dollars one way. The flights left on Fridays and came back on Saturdays. So, usually you took a week or so's leave and stayed awhile.  I was young and I always went to the Philippines, which had a richly deserved reputation as Disneyland for Adults. I was in my early twenties and not married then.  I wish now that I'd taken some of the flights to Australia, and I meant to, but the lure of Subic Bay, Manila, and Olongopo always overcame me at the time of decision.

Manilla, P.I.  1979

When Clinton was elected, my Uncle and I wrote to the Australian government and asked about coming to live there.  They sent us back a really polite, nice letter.  The Australians said that my Uncle could come and live there, because he was old and financially secure. The letter said I was welcome to come visit, but my family and I could not come permanently as they already had enough citizens who could do the jobs we did (like teaching.)  I was disappointed, but I actually admired their logic and their ability to act on reality. Unlike this country, where we let hundreds of thousands of illegals with no skills come to suck up the jobs, social benefits, and tax dollars.  I know I said this time I was avoiding politics on the blog but I guess sometimes it will just slip in.

At any rate, take a look at this blog, it's very good.

I own several Australian Lee Enfield rifles, Lithgow produced during World War II. Very high quality. They may be the closest I ever get to really going to Australia.


  1. I have lived there and have a brother in Australia. It is not what it used to be, cost of living is high and gun laws are so restrictive. It is easier to buy a machine gun here than a bolt action rifle over there, forget about a semi auto. Getting a hand gun is a year long ordeal and only through a shooting club and is so restrictive very few people actually can do it.

  2. Duke, I know that these days, I probably wouldn't fit in with their legal system. They are also overrun with Lebanese immigrants. I was in Lebanon 1982-1983 and just the name makes me see red. The people that have this farm seem like good folks, and the size of their ranch is unbelievable. 30,000 acre! I still think I must have misread that, although I read it twice. It just doesn't seem possible, that much land. I worked with some Australians while I was at Lejeune, and I liked them. They were relaxed people. I worked with the British, and I didn't like them as much, for a lot of reasons.