Friday, July 26, 2013

On the Road today.

Small lake near my house

First, I'm going to the small lake near my house. That only involves a twenty minute drive through the mountains on an old forest service road.  It's a dirt road, one lane that cuts through the mountains. Assuming no trees have come down across it since I was last on it, that particular road is the shortest way there. I'll take a chain saw along though, just in case since we've had some really bad weather in the last few weeks. There are two fords along the way, and if all this rain has the water level too high, I'll have to turn around and come back. That will mean a lot longer trip on a paved road.

one of the fords on the forest service road,  winter photo

After that, I'm off to a big flea market across the state line to look for some hand tools I want to add to my tool shed. I would like to pick up some augers of different sizes, another good axe, a pitchfork, and a few other manual tools.  I own a good collection of power tools, but the old timey tools are good backups. This is the best place to get them.

Whatever you need, the flea market has.

Then a stop by a grocery store there that has good case lot prices, and back home. Should be a busy day.


  1. OOOO I am envious I love those markets. I also need to find a good old fashioned hand drill but haven't seen one anywhere for years now to buy.

  2. Want me to keep an eye out for one? We have two big flea markets within driving distance, and I'm sure a hand drill wouldn't cost much. I'd be glad to pick one up for you.

    1. Well hell ya. If you find one just reply to one of my posts and let me know. You can send the particulars in an email to me that I have on my site but I am notoriously bad about checking email. I sometimes go months forgetting about it.

      But ya you let me know how much and I will shoot ya the cash. I tried ordering one not too long ago but as usual they were already sold out.

    2. Not a problem. I'll keep an eye pealed and see if I can't find you one. I'll probably be going to another flea market just north of me this next week.

  3. Sounds like a fun day Harry! We don't get to markets very often. Our town has one once a month, otherwise the city ones are a three hour drive down the road...I do love to wander around them though :)

    Your scenery is so different from mine, all that greenery and water you have is spectacular! We have a lake out our back door but unfortunately it is a salt one, so mostly dry and covered in salt. At the moment however it has water in it. I will take a photo for you :) South Australia has a lot of salt lakes some of them are quite large. We are also the driest state in the driest continent. Yay, no wonder I have problems with my veggie garden. Water is sooo expensive here!

    You have a great day!

    1. Tania, I lived in our Southwestern Desert, in New Mexico for four years and I'm still fond of that kind of terrain. Peaceful, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and no crowds. I know the logistics of living there are tough, though. That's part of why I finally settled in the Smokies. The mountains are green and there's water everywhere. I have a spring on my land that bubbles up to the surface and then makes a stream down the mountainside to a larger stream, then goes into a river.

      It takes me about two hours to get to the market I went to yesterday, and the other is about two hours away. I'm retired though, so I make a day trip out of it and keep myself busy.

  4. sounds like a busy but productive day! yes, when you live in an area with dirt roads cutting through mountains and such, you always have to be prepared for downed trees - jam always has his "kit" with him! as for the flea market - i am with PP and jealous as oh heck. no one around here throws out any of their old-time hand tools although jam is always searching through garbage to find some. we do already have a nice collection of old hand tools but you can never have too much. thanks for the comment asking if i was still ill....i've just been offline since jam got home. back now.

    your friend,

  5. I'm glad to hear you are OK. I was afraid you were still sick. Glad your husband is home again, I know you were really missing him. I'm not sure where all the old tools come from at the flea market, I would say estate sales except there always seen to be large quantities of them, more than can be accounted for that way.
    They don't just sell tools, there are guns, ammunition, anything your heart could desire. And the price is right.