Monday, July 15, 2013

Some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you.

It has been raining here for two solid weeks. Raining hard, or just drizzling down but it never seems to stop. I can't remember going through a similar period of just solid rain for so long in all the time I've lived here.

It finally caught up to me today.  I've been noticing the mushrooms sprouting up, and the weird white fungus that has begun growing on the forest floor. I quit mowing my meadow because it was so slick and soaked that it wasn't safe. The rain is definitely causing some changes around here.

Even so, when I went out in the truck today, I got careless. I tried to turn it around by backing off the old forest service road I was on, and the rear tires sunk down in a bog. I mean, right down to the ground. Tried the old unditching procedure of digging out some of the gunk and putting branches under it, but they just sank into the quagmire. It's raining hard now, so I just left the vehicle and walked on home through the woods. It's so slick, and the clay is so churned up, that the tires just can't get a grip on anything.  Tomorrow I'll go back with a come along and see if I can get it out. If I can't, I'll have to get another truck  with a winch to pull me out, but it's a really bad road, very narrow and slick, and I hate to ask anybody to go out there. I have a friend with a wrecker service and I'll give him a call if need be. I'd rather get it out on my own, though.  I don't like depending on outside help for anything, though I can swallow my pride and do it if I have to. I'm also not that anxious to advertise the fact that I backed off the road without getting out and looking at the ground carefully after all this rain. It looked solid from the cab of the truck but I should have known better. Bad head work, best not shared with the local folks.


  1. Years ago in another life, with another wife, I let myself get goaded into doing something stupid. We were stuck in traffic on an interstate where an ongoing freeze was causing the semi-trucks some major grief getting up a small hill.

    We'd been traveling for hours and were anxious to keep moving. She keep telling me to do something and finally against my better judgement I did.

    I hit the gas and took off across the median to the access road. I almost made it when I bogged down.

    SO there I was with the front tires sunk down to the bottom of the front end totally embarrassed in front of the other cars looking like a fool.

    Some Texas farmer drove up, walked out there in the snow and mud, hooked up a chain and pulled me out.

    I offered him money, which he wouldn't take. SO I thanked him and his wife who was there with him and went on my way. Those other motorists were probably still there for several hours.

    Generally, the bear only gets you once.

    But this time I got lucky. The bear let me go.

  2. Do you know how many times I begged ex to not back into mud that caught us and stranded us? He seemed to have no sense of having done anything stupid and depended on other men to rescue us. He never tried to get us out. Yes, I never felt physically safe with him.

  3. You're right. Best to keep this a secret and hope the come along idea works.

    If not. Let the air out of one of the tires and then tell your buddy you had a blow out and barely managed to keep the front half on the road. :)

  4. I decided to get in touch with a friend that has a tractor. Some years back, he lost his hunting dogs during a night hunt and they showed up at my house. I fed them and watered them, then called the number on the collars and he came and got them. You never know when somebody you helped out will come through for you down the road a piece. We are going out tomorrow. I just had a senior moment with the truck. The problem is, you do that out here in the woods a long ways from nowhere, and you can find yourself up the creek in short order.