Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Upcoming magazine releases

I got a copy of this magazine a few weeks ago at a grocery store. It isn't a bad magazine, though it suffers from having the same name as the old American Survival Guide from the early 80's to early 2000's time frame. That magazine was much superior but is long gone.  This one has some interesting reviews of equipment, but the articles themselves tend to be pitched to the novice level. That makes them of limited use to people who know something about Survivalism. Still,  I buy them for what I might learn.  I tried to subscribe, but you can't.  So if you miss them when they first come on the local magazine rack, you are out of luck.  I contacted the publisher twice about trying to get back issues, but it was like talking to an Indian call center. All I got back were scripted emails that said, in essence, "we have a few back issues but we don't know which ones."  That seems rather odd, but I gather the back issues are handled by a third party, and not the publisher.

This magazine, Be Ready, will be released mid August.  Again, you can't subscribe. It is published by the same outfit that does Guns and Ammo.    I ordered one from the Shotgun News on line store, since I seriously doubt any of them will work their way to our two little grocery stores in this county.  Most of the books and magazines I need, I get via Amazon.  On the Kindle if possible, but I buy hard copies if Kindle editions are not available.  Be Ready is supposed to be released four times a year, just like the Surplus Guns quarterly,  another Pederson Publication.

Off Grid is published by the same people who do Recoil and Firepower.   It is a quarterly, and the first edition is supposed to be in the stores on 16 July.   This series of magazines is very high end.  Good quality paper, lots of information, and very expensive for a magazine, selling for around $10.00 here. I don't know what Off Grid will run and unlike Recoil it doesn't seem they intend to release it for Kindle.


  1. While on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I came across another magazine named AMERICAN FRONTIERSMAN. It is a bit more than the issue of American Survival Guide I saw above, you might check to see if that is available in your area as well. The New Pioneer is the magazine which publishes this.

    A long time subscriber to Charlie Ritchie's Backwoodsmans (nearly 15 years), it too has much to recommend it.


  2. I have not heard of American Frontiersman. We only have two stores in this county that sell magazines, and they must not be carrying it. But I will try to find it on the net and buy a copy. I appreciate the heads up on it.

    I read "Backwoodsman" on and off, depending on whether I happen into the grocery store right after they put out the new magazines. If they do, I get a copy. If not, out of luck. It has some good articles on primitive living, and I like the positive tone of the magazine.