Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Deteriorating Times

I have been reading blogs this afternoon, and there is some well founded concern amongst the writers about what happens next.  Listening to the Shawn Hannity show a little while ago, he went through a long list of disturbances associated with events in Florida.  People are wondering if it will taper off, or if it is just getting going. I'm safe enough up here in my mountain "festung" , but I have kids in a northern city and my wife is up there visiting right now. Makes me just a little bit nervous.  If things start going sour they'll have to all come home until it blows over, but that's hard to do since both my kids have jobs.

 It isn't that my wife, my daughter and my son are helpless. Far from it. But I think it might be better to bail out than stay around an area that is likely to be embroiled in violence.  We don't have much of a stake in that city, other than their apartment and meager possessions. After seeing how Zimmerman has been pilloried and how he's being used as a money maker by people like Jesse Jackson, I don't think I would want my family exposed to the same treatment.

Holder is at the NAACP right now, doing some rabble rousing and Obama certainly hasn't stepped up to encourage adherence to the rule of law.  They see a way to make political points on all this, and as Karl Marx liked to say, there are always useful idiots who can be exploited by an adroit politician. There are also lots of people glad of an excuse to loot and wreck general havoc.

I'm not making any predictions. I already proved wrong on the only one I did make, because I did not for a second believe that Zimmerman had a prayer with a jury  comprised completely of women.

This little graphic on the right dates back to the 1992 riots. There are lots of  film clips on YouTube that show people being dragged from their cars, beaten and left laying in the street. No police around, and apparently the victims were defenseless.

I'm not sure a lot has changed in the cities. I know most of the people whose blogs I read would be in good shape, if things went bad. They live out in the country and are well heeled in the defensive equipment department. Moreover, they have the will to take care of themselves, which is essential.  As for the Sheeple, it's hard to worry about them. While we were putting ourselves in the best position we could to weather storms, they were taking cruises and buying luxury cars. They were voting for Obama, and doing their best to change the laws so the rest of us couldn't defend ourselves. I don't worry about them that much.


  1. I read your posting today. I can see it coming. First, Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge. Then David Koresh at Waco. Next, Pioneer Preppy at the Homestead......

    Nobody can say you lack morale courage! ;-)

  2. Harry - i can't make predictions about what is, or is not, to come. i just want to be prepared. i am glad that you have your mountain retreat! i have said for years that if you truly want to be "prepared", then get the heck out of dodge. i don't care how many rolls of toilet paper someone has in their "preps"...if you are still in the cities, suburbs and large towns - yer wasting your time in my mind. save money, get out of debt and then get yourself a place in the country with a small, welcoming community. it can be done. we did it.

    if something does happen in the near future that makes it seem like it will hit the fan, send your wife and kids this way. your friend,

  3. Kymber, one of the reasons I moved so far out into the mountains, so many years ago, was the fact that I remembered the race riots of the 1960's so well. I didn't want to be anywhere near any place that might go through that again. Also, people who live in cities are so dependent on the infrastructure that if it goes down, they are in serious trouble. If the power went out in the city where my kids live, their apartment would have no water, no sewage service, no heat, no cooling, no ability to cook. I know they have to live there to earn a living, there's no living to be had out here in the hinterland. But I'm glad they have bolt holes, with their parents and with our friends, if they ever need one. I think when they are financially secure they will move to some smaller town where they can live a life more like the one they had here, but no one knows the future so it's good to have folks like you and your husband that I know I can count on.