Friday, August 30, 2013

A trip to the vet and that's it.

Rowena and I went to town to have her chip implanted.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, I was expecting them to make an incision but they just use a little probe looking thing. Of course, if I had been the ferret I might have felt less sanguine about the whole thing. However, she should start getting better right away now.

Came on home. I hate to only accomplish one thing when I go to town, seems like a waste of time and fuel. But I couldn't leave her in the car, it was way too hot. So we just scooted on back.

I have been paying bills this afternoon.  I have a very convoluted, involved process for paying bills which involves Quicken,  on line banking, and Excel.  Unfortunately for me, I have to have a back up system to check myself and this is the one I evolved over the last twenty years. It is virtually impossible for me to make a mistake or forget something as long as I follow my own procedures.  There was a time when I did all this in my head, but these days I am more comfortable with my system.  It takes a lot longer, but it works.

There are things that need doing outside, but in this heat they are just going to have to wait.  I am keeping the place up pretty well by doing the things that need doing a bit at a time, trying to get a little done every day. Over the long run, it will all be accomplished. 

The Sergeant was telling me how, in the late 1980's, the Australian Army located a large number of Lithgow produced MK. III No.I rifles that had not been issued at the close of World War II.  Many of them were exported to the U.S. in "unissued condition."

This took me back to the past, because I remember the guns coming into the states.  There was a great hue and cry because the old time collectors said it was impossible.  They felt that such collectible guns could not possibly still exist and that this was some kind of scam.  I bought six of them, because they were absolutely perfect. I figured it didn't matter to me what the deal was, that I still had the mint condition rifles and if it turned out they had been refurbished, so what?   When it transpired that they were the real deal, though, I didn't fire them. I still have them in one of the safes, complete with the original Lithgow paper tags wired to the trigger guards. I have other Enfield No. I Mk.III rifles I can shoot when I want to.

I reload my own .303 British, but I also have many cases of Pakistani produced .303 British.  Back in the early 1990's to mid 1990's, a wholesaler up North used to get it .  The guy I worked for had a retailers license so we could buy wholesale from this outfit.  A full 840 round wood case, with the ammo in bandoleers inside spam cans, only ran a little over $100 plus S&H, which wasn't so bad in those days.



  1. Glad to hear the weasel doing well :)

    I wish we could still get .303 Brit that cheaply, Last time I saw any .303 surplus I bought all the guy had at $12.99 for a cardboard box containing 30 rounds each. He had 10 boxes left and that was about 3 years ago. Since that time I have seen very little surplus .303 only new stuff.

    I did find a box of some copper plated round nose bullets up at graf's a couple years ago. Some company I had never heard of but They had em marked as 7.62x39 but I took one look at em and thought .303 brit. Picked up 3000 of them for $85.00 in late 2010. That should keep me supplied with .303 brit for a while without having to cast my own.

  2. Yeah, she's sleeping now. She's not making little squeaks in her sleep like she was, so it must be working.

    Yeah, it's kind of odd but most of the different rifles I load for all take one of about six different bullets. The AK-47 and the Enfield use the same bullet, as you say. Lucky for us because we can store more that way. 3000 for $85.00 was a superb price. Wish I could find something like that. I'll have to keep my eye on the Midway flier, sometimes they sell bullets at a discount.

    1. One thing I used to like at Grafs was the discounted aisle. Was about the only real reason for me to go there or buy from them really. They are bad about holding inventory for the mail order people and since I am in the same state I have to pay taxes on everything (guess we all do now) anyway that discount aisle would turn up some damned good buys occasionally but these days it's almost empty.

    2. I buy more from Grafs than I do from Midway. Graff has special runs of brass for things like 8X56R Hungarian, 7.7 Japanese, etc. You always have to wait for months past the promised delivery date, but I accept that as the price of doing business. The brass is good quality and beat the devil out of trying to cut down other cartridges to make substitute brass.

  3. G'day Harry,
    Years ago I purchased a case of .303 that was made in Czechoslavakia, it used to be fairly common here but I don't know if it is still around. It was very good quality and was also single flash hole so if I ever get around to reloading nitro i will start on .303. I have been saving this case, for practice i still have some Aussie .303 from the 50's and also some Indian cartridges,(although it creates a fair bit of fouling in the barrel so I have to give it an extra scrubbing when cleaning).

    1. Sounds like S&B. They have been making primo ammo for over a century now. I keep all my brass too, if it's boxer primed like the Czech ammo you got. I reload 9mm which lots of people say is a waste of time, but it's still fun and adds to my on hand supplies. I bought a bunch of Indian .308 some years back and it was so bad I just pulled the bullets and tossed the cases. I had split cases galore, and then I saw the same ammo I had purchased being touted by the big wholesalers as "for pulling bullets only" so I figured there must have been a lot of complaints. I'm sure Indian .303 is good because they produced the rifles under British supervision for so long, and the ammo would have been subject to the same quality controls I think.