Saturday, August 3, 2013

Jumping through hoops.

It seems that Al Qaida has been talking on their cell phones about doing something to Americans this coming week. We have shut down a good many of our embassies and consulates, and there's a travel advisory out for Americans. I can see being concerned, but I wonder about closing down the diplomatic buildings. That looks like a lack of intestinal fortitude to me.

I have seen what Islamic terrorists can do, first hand.  People always think of 9-11, which was horrific. But Militant Islam has a long, long track record of appalling acts of terrorism.  For them, I have no sympathy whatsoever.  One reason out of many that I am pro Israeli is my admiration for how they handled the terrorist issue in 1982-1983 , in Lebanon. The Israelis are people that we want on our side.


  1. "Militant Islamism is a political force, which uses religion as a platform." Fundamentalist/ militant Islam is both religion and politics intertwined.

    It is a very western perspective that church and state are distinctly separate entities. In the Middle East, Central Asia and I suppose Sub Saharan Africa this distinction is not made.

  2. Turkey has struggled since Ataturk to keep secularism. I think Egypt is trying to do the same thing now. I was trying to emphasize that I don't have any particular regard or disregard for Islam as a religion. Religious issues in general sit lightly enough on my shoulders. But when religion is used as a pretext for the attainment of political goals such as the "World Wide Caliphate" than it becomes a problem. Lebanon was (and may still be) a place where Moslems, Christians, Druze and every other dog and pony had their own ethnic identity and their own agendas. Religion loosely identified their affiliation, but that was the extent of it. Militant Islam seems to me a politically motivated group with wide appeal across the spectrum of Islamic life. At any rate, it didn't do me any good to try to differentiate, I immediately got a blast condemning my statement as religious bigotry. I think some people must have spiders out there searching blogs for the word "Islam" because the reaction time was remarkably fast.