“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rowena and I are leaving for her pre-op visit shortly.

We have to leave for town shortly.  I have her carrier all fixed up with an old towel she likes. Ferrets are good travelers but nobody likes to go to the doctor.  She is supposed to go in Friday for her operation if all goes well today.  All this would be unnecessary if some dithering moron of a politician had not felt compelled to get their name on a piece of legislation by passing stupid laws that harm the animals.  Spaying or neutering is a good idea but not when it has to be done so young that the ferrets get adrenal disease.

I haven't watched the news today so I don't know if Barak has ordered strikes on Syria yet to save face for himself.  Hope not.  It's a pointless evolution.  The talking heads are going on and on about "destroying the Syrian Air Force" and how that will solve the chemical weapons business. I guess they have never heard of artillery delivered chemical munitions.   People tend to forget that Syria is an Iranian proxy, and that Iran controls Hezbollah, who are the real crazies and bad boys of the Shiite world.   Over and over again last night, the military analysts,  retired types mostly, said "this is a really bad idea."  But the blood thirsty news guys like Charles Kuralt are all for it.

We have a long history of intervention and not all of it ends happily.  My own particular experiences of  "intervention politics" , which I gained in 1982-1983 in Beirut, do not make me a proponent.  But even back as far as 1918-1920, when we sent American troops into Russia to fight the Bolsheviks, it was a lousy idea.

I dug out one of my books on that little fiasco because I wanted a quote from it.  Richard Goldhurst wrote The Midnight War, The American Intervention in Russia, 1918-1920.  The last chapter has this to say:

" If nothing else, the Russian intervention is one of the classic examples of where war starts: in war rooms all over the world; warm, well appointed rooms where men can play politics and dwell on the certainty of result rather than the magnitude of catastrophe."

No lie. 


  1. I hope all ends up good with your vet visit!

    If anything happens in Syria, just remember it will all be over in a day or 2... just like everything else we have ever done... just a few days.....

  2. Praying for a good outcome for you. I also hope the U.S. doesn't get sucked into another long "war" we can't win.

    1. Things went ok for Rowena's pre op.

      I don't know what Obama and his toadies are thinking of. We are broke, nobody can get a full time job, millions are on food stamps because they can't buy an honest job, but we need to come to the aid of the oppressed Syrians, who cordially hate our guts anyway whether they love Assad or hate him. One guy on the news last night said it was like world war II, where we had to help Stalin, even though he was a murderous psychopath, because he was fighting Hitler. That sure worked out well for us.

  3. Harry - little Rowena is in our prayers. i don't care what you say, taking care of those little ferrets speaks about your character. man, i am sorry that you were in Beirut in 1982-83. the last chapter of that book feels menacing...because it's so true.

    i have been reading some off the wall alternative news sites that are predicting a bio-chem attack in the US, to be blamed on Syria, in order to have the US move into Syria and then all of the middle east. most people call these kinds of sites nut jobs. i sure hope that they are.

    let us know when you get word about Rowena. your friend,

    1. I volunteered to go to Lebanon. In fact, I begged and pleaded and made myself such a pain in the ass my Chief of Staff finally sent me down there to get rid of me. I was attached to Sixth Fleet Staff and was supposed to stay on the Puget Sound, but I went ashore to the BLT every time I could get in an excuse. I knew one of the officers there, had been to school with him. At the time,I thought it wasn't much of a war but it was the only one we had. All I can say is that I was motivated, and young. That's a dangerous combination.

      Ferrets are good folks. They take care of me, in return. I never get lonely with them carrying on like they do.

      I don't think there's any danger of a staged attack here to give us an excuse, we've already pretty much proved, between Bill Clinton and Barak Obama, that we don't mind popping off a few cruise missiles so the President can look authoritarian and "Presidential". Kind of tough on camels, and empty tents and pharmaceutical plants but that's life.

      On the other hand, if the Iranians get a wild hair, they could give Hezbollah something nasty, and those guys could set it off over here for payback. 80 year old ladies with crutches sneak across our border every day. I doubt a bunch of 20 something year old fanatics seeking Paradise and their allotment of 72 virgins would have any trouble getting here with a nasty package. If you have the green the Paks or the North Koreans will sell you a bomb even if you can't get one of the hundreds of suitcase nukes missing from the Russian military.

  4. Max, things went ok and we will get her taken care of on Friday.

    Maybe common sense will prevail. The one who really surprises me is McCain. After all, the guy was a fighterbomber pilot and got shot down, he knows the difference between talking and doing. Most of these piss ants like Bill O'Riley have no clue what the hell they are talking about. >:(

  5. The definition of insanity: our adminstration supporting the rebels, in most cases comprised of bin laden's minions.

    The president's approval rating now below 40%, something must be done....wag that dog!


    1. It really does boggle the mind. So does the idea that the "rebels" will be grateful. First, who cares a damn for their gratitude? Second, as you say, that entire rats nest is infested with Al Qaeda. So we have the Sunni Terrorists fighting the Shiite Terrorists and we are supposed to pick a side and hand over weapons?

      Clinton must have lend Obama his copy of "Wag the Dog."

  6. Well I heard on the radio Russia and China walked out on the UN meeting over Syria tonight. Not sure what that means. England is supposedly backing out now as well.

    The prick Obummer is just arrogant enough to do something though and stupid enough to already be out maneuvered.

    1. Russia and China are going to make sure nothing can be done under UN auspices. For once, I hope they succeed. As for the British, they have good soldiers but their politicians are even more pusillanimous and gutless than our own. I know that seems to be impossible but they manage it.

      Strangely enough, the ones the Syrians better look out for are the French. They don't mince around when they are pissed off. After the Beirut bombing, when we were still listening to the State Department blame Syria when everybody knew that was B.S. the French sent in air strikes on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards camps in the Bekka valley and messed up their dope but good. They got some payback, which we never did.

      Maybe we should gather up an army of 10,000 inner city "youth" and drop them over Syria. Within a few days, not a liquor store would have a bottle or a clerk to it's name. Oh, yeah, the Syrians are Moslems and don't drink, guess that won't work.

  7. I think we need to stay out of syria.The most we can do is to take the muzzel off isrial.Our military has to many theaters of action now.

  8. Gary, I agree. And what are we supposed to do if we bomb the dump? Then'll we'll just blow up some more civilians and make the world wide news again as ogres. It's not our problem. It's an Arab problem and they can settle it or not for all I care.

    The Israelis are good fighters. I saw them in Lebanon and they can clean somebody's clock pretty well. But even they don't want to get involved in all this craziness. I feel for them, surrounded by millions of people who hate them and have no more common sense than a June Bug.