“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Sunday again.  I got up early, took my thermos of coffee and rode over to the little lake.  The goslings are about grown and will soon be flying off with their parents. If the DNR does't come and shoot them for the heinous crime of pooping in the lake.

It's very still and overcast, which probably means we are in for thunderstorms today. I don't mind a little rain as long as it doesn't last for days, as has been the case this year for reasons no one can adequately explain. It's been the wettest year on record in this state.

This afternoon I am taking the dogs and going out to do some gold panning.  It's relaxing and there are plenty of places to pan here close to the house.  I joined the Gold Prospectors Association of America,  and I watch Gold Fever on the Outdoor Channel.  It's another of the things I took up when I retired.  Gold panning is fun, it gets you out of the house, and it doesn't cost much after you get the gear.

If I get too tired out from all this activity,  I'll just go sit under a tree and enjoy the view.  Sundays there's a radio station that plays music from the 1940's all day, and I enjoy listening to that.  My table under the tree is a good spot to relax while I listen.

Yesterday  I took Ragnar out for a walk in the meadow.  He has a little harness with a leash on it, but he doesn't like it. After awhile I took it off of him and he immediately bolted for the forest like a bat out of hell. If he once got in the woods I'd never find him.  Fortunately one of the cats was laying in the grass dead ahead of him, and Ragnar had to stop and eyeball the cat, so I caught him.  He had to have a bath, because he gets pine pollen on him out there and he's allergic to it.  After all the excitement yesterday  it will take him all day today to recover, so he is sleeping it off on the couch.  As you can see, he is developing a bit of a weight problem, so I'll have to take him out more often but no more "trusting" him and taking off the harness.
Ragnar is the only one of my ferrets who likes to go outside. The others want no part of it.

This may be how he came to live with us, because I suspect he ran off from his original owners. He was found down in  Florida at the apartment complex where my kids were living.  The gardener found him, almost dead from dehydration and terribly sunburned. My daughter was known for taking in strays and finding homes for them, so the gardener took the moribund ferret to her.  She nursed him back to health. To show his gratitude he tore holes in the carpet and gnawed through the kitchen cabinent walls under the sink. So he was transferred up here where there isn't a lot of damage he can do as long as he can't get to AK-47 recoil pads.

One thing about it, as long as you have ferrets you are never going to be lonely.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Panning for gold is one way to make a little extra money, and enjoy the great outdoors.

  2. Yeah, sitting alongside a stream in the woods is nice. Nobody around, no distractions. Once in a great while you get lucky but mainly it's just relaxing.

  3. Since they closed up all the lead mines around here and as expensive as lead seems to be now maybe I should start panning for lead :)

    Actually any lead mines are a few hours drive Southeast of me. We don't have any metal resources close but it sure would be nice to find a free lead source :)

  4. I'd be nervous about working with lead. That stuff is nasty. I know you cast your own bullets so you are probably already done for anyway.

    We have gold, rubies, emeralds, and some other semi-precious stone I can never remember the name of. All the tourist spots have these places where you buy a bucket of dirt and sluice it around. Some years back an EMT guy from the city found a big emerald, but he didn't know what it was and he had it sitting in the station as a paperweight. Some other guy passing through told him it was an emerald and it turned out to be worth a pretty penny. There's a river in the next county they still take a lot of gold out of. You can go down the river in your kayak, and there are these pipes coming out into the river bottom where people are illegally dredging. I'll never get rich I don't imagine but it's something I can do close to home and have a good time.

  5. Have a good day, my friend. Time for me to get out and work in the yard. Sure is nice to have you back...

    1. It's good to be back. I'm really enjoying seeing what everybody from "the old days" is up to, and there are lots of new bloggers that are a lot of fun to read. Don't get heat stroke out there in the yard.

  6. Sure sounds like you had a good day. Hope you found some gold, wouldn't that be great? Those goslings are gorgeous as is your ferret family. I think Ragnar may be enjoying his second chance at life...Sounds like he is a little bit mischievous and rebellious, and fun to be around :)

    1. Tania, I find a little now and then. Not enough to get rich but enough to keep in a little bottle. Maybe one day I will find a big nugget! You never know, and that's part of the fun of it.

      Ever so often the Department of Natural Resources goes out to the lake and shoots all the geese. They say the geese "foul" the water but it's a pretty good sized lake so I think that is nonsense. I hope the goslings fly out before that happens again.

      Ragnar is a great companion. He has a lot of personality, both good and bad. I am pretty sure he looks at me as his personal servant. If his food dish isn't full or he thinks it is stale, he finds me and make a "chuk chuk chuk" noise until I come see what he wants. They're all a lot of fun, and they keep me company. They are the only "inside" animals I have. Everybody else lives outside.