Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Curmudgeon

In winter, I complain about the cold and wish it was summer.  Now that's it's summer, I'm sick of the heat and humidity.

It's hot and humid here today, so much so I am not going outside except to do the necessary chores.

Maybe looking at some winter pictures will make the winter look closer:


  1. hey buddy - you know how much i respect and love you - but enough with the winter pics! we are just getting into our summer proper and i don't want to see snow!!! bahahahahah!

    your friend,

  2. I guess you folks really do have some severe winters up there. Cold is just easier to deal with. You can bundle up. But in summer, even just working in a t shirt and walking shorts, I get drained of energy after just a little work.

    I need to eat better! If I had gourmet meals like you make I bet I'd last longer at working. ;-)

  3. We only got up to about 89 today but after the morning rains the heat and humidity were so bad that after the third change of shirts I gave up and came inside as well.

    Luckily I got my bee inspections finished before the cloud cover disappeared or I would have really been hot.

  4. Days like today, it's better to just do what you absolutely have to do and then stay inside where it's cool. People have heart attacks going out and working in high temp, high humidity conditions. Same with heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

  5. Its just around the corner. Winter is what prepping is all about, right??

  6. That, and a long list of "what if's". Winter was got me started though, back in 1986. Moved here just in time for one of the worst blizzards in living memory. Was completely unprepared and had a very, very rough time. Now I look forward to winter. Even if we have an ice storm and the power goes out, I can live up here indefinitely in perfect comfort. Life is good!

  7. Beautiful pictures!

    I have never seen snow, maybe I should come for a visit one day in Winter...Hope the pics made you feel cooler, wont be long now and you will be wishing it was Summer again. I dislike humidity too! Make sure you drink plenty of water in the heat :)

  8. Tania, I can't imagine never having been in the snow! Aren't there places in Australia where there is snow? You have to experience it. Sometimes here it's so quiet when it's snowing that you can hear the snow falling into the trees. Of course, snow also has some drawbacks. Once my dogs came running down the slope, couldn't stop in time and ran right over me.

    I'm pretty careful about not getting out in the heat and getting dehydrated. It doesn't take long, with high temperatures and high humidity, to get into trouble. I would guess that's something you have to watch out for all the time, living on the edge of the outback as you do.

    1. Yes Harry it does snow in a few places in Australia, but they are a long, long way from here. A nearby town (about 2hrs away) had a bit of snow recently but it disappeared as quick as it fell. I only got to see pics of this event on facebook.

      I will see snow one day, it is on my bucket list :)

    2. I sure hope you get to see some good deep snow one of these days. Somewhere quiet where you can really enjoy it. Still, you have those spectacular sunsets and sunrises there to compensate until you can go visit the snow!