Monday, September 9, 2013

Animal antibiotics.... continued

Not long ago we had a discussion on whether or not using veterinary medicines on people was a "good" idea. There were well informed people on both sides of the question. My position is that it isn't necessary so long as you can get to a doctor, and have adequate access to pharmacies. My interest in vet medicines is their applicability when there are no doctors or handy CVS or Revco stores about.

I subscribe to a magazine entitled Survivalist.   It's a good magazine overall.  They also put out periodic emails alerting you to noteworthy sales or sources of preparedness supplies and equipment. This message below came in today and I thought I would post it just for the information of those who are interested in the subject.

George via 
1:30 PM (2 hours ago)

to me
Hey Harry,

Many of our readers have asked me WHERE/HOW to get antibiotics in
a post collapse situation, and I have to respond - "You Won't!"

However many medical professionals that are preppers recommend
getting and stocking up now on "Fish Antibiotics" since they do
not require a doctor's note and you can get them in any quantity.

Tom over at just got in a huge shipment and
they are going fast... Here's your link to get yours before
they're gone and to learn more about them!


Tom also said that if you use the code "Survivalist" at checkout,
you'll get an additional 5% off anything you order(you can use it
to get more than just the fish antibiotics too).

Stocking up and getting them online will help eliminate the
suspicion when you walk into your local pet shop and ask for a
case of them, since they are shipped quietly from Tom's warehouse.

Here are a few FAQs about what they are and why you need them:

Q. What are fish antibiotics?
A.Fish antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections in fish.
The antibiotics that are used to treat fish are the same or
similar as the antibiotics that are provided for human use from
antibiotic manufacturing companies, depending on type of
antibiotic and form. Antibiotic tablets and capsules used for
ornamental and pet fish are the same as the antibiotics dispensed
from the local pharmacies for human use, except that they are
clearly labeled for fish use only, not for human consumption.

Q. If the antibiotics for fish are the same as the USP grade
antibiotics that are dispensed from human pharmacies then why are
should humans not take them also?
A. The law clearly states that any antibiotic for non-human use
needs to be labeled as "not for human use" regardless of
application. Thomas Labs sources it's antibiotics from the same
USP grade manufacturing as antibiotics used for humans, but we
are not doctor's and do not deal in human health problems. Only
a doctor can correctly prescribe antibiotics for specific need
in humans.

Q. If your fish antibiotics are labeled "not for human use" does
that mean I can give them to my dog or cat, or other sick animal?
A. Thomas Labs makes antibiotics for fish. While it is true that
the antibiotics you may be prescribed at the veterinarians office
may be exactly the same as the antibiotics we make here for fish,
it is likely that if your animal is sick enough for antibiotics
then they should be under the care of a veterinarian.

These FAQs come directly from Tom's website where you can read
more for yourself. Be sure to get enough for you and your family
if you don't already have them. Remember that they can also be
used as a barter item too.

Talk Soon,

P.S. Remember, you can use Tom's code for anything on his site
through the end of the week, even if you already have a Antibiotics.
Tom has a huge catalog of survival gear that you need. Do me a
favor after you use your code and thank Tom through his website.


  1. I only have a fish. No need to worry about antibiotics.

    Both of my son's had major infections when they were little. One had meningitis at 2 months. The other had a staph infection in his neck at 7 months. Antibiotics were pumped down them to save their little lives. They both broke out with eczema soon after. I started giving them probiotics and that was the only thing that would work on flare ups of eczema. I have no problem with antibiotics when they are needed. I just think probiotics should follow. It puts the good bacteria right back in the body.

    I don't know if they make probiotics for pets or not? Sure would be helpful.

    As far as the name thing goes. I get it. I never really thought about that when I started my blog a long time ago 5 years ago. I know many other bloggers that use real names and others that use fake names. I wish I would have thought about that, but at this point I'd have to change every name in every post. It's out there.

    1. Well, I admit a shiver of horror went down my spine when I saw the name on the wash cloths. I had a couple of negative experiences with blogging because I was indolent and careless about what we call Operational Security. Probably survivalists are more attuned to it than others because we worry about more aspects of the issue than just some crazy showing up at the door. Let me just say that a friend of mine was able to pin point my exact address from my posts and I thought I was being quite clever about OPSEC at the time. I wasn't. I don't mean to be a craggy old doom sayer.

      When we talk about pet meds, we are actually talking about using vet medicine on humans in times of emergency when no doctors or pharmacy facilities are available. For instance, when your kids had meningitis and staph, you would have been in serious difficulty had that happened during some kind of disruption that kept you from going to the doctor. What many of us do is buy the same drugs from vet supply houses because you can then keep antibiotics in your supply stores for emergencies. Most doctors won't give you extra. My wife's sister is a doctor, married to a doctor. Neither of them will write prescriptions even for us for antibiotics unless it is for an immediate need. They are worried, as you are, about spurious use of the drugs giving rise to super bugs. I have never run across the word "Probiotics." I will have to see what those are.

      I like your blog, and didn't mean to be critical. It's just a mind set in my community.

    2. Hey, folks. Don't pile onto Alissa about the opsec thing. She's not a survivalist or prepper. She's a nice lady who has a blog about her home and her family.

    3. @ Alissa. They do make probiotics for dogs, mine is currently taking a course "prostora" is the name. I think they are by RX only.

  2. Yes, they make probiotics for dogs and especially horses. I even give them to alpacas. Sometimes I actually use the Sam's Club generic lactobacillus bifidus on the animals.
    Harry, thanks for qualifying when such meds might be used for human beings.

    1. I feel like I have missed out considerably on this probiotics thing. I infer from the word root that it must be some kind of enhancement.

      The use of vet drugs is one of those topics with people at both ends of the discussion and a whole lot of people somewhere in between. It's a judgment call for everyone.

  3. I worked for several different Veterinarians over the past few years. But it was with the Army Vet Command that I really gained the most knowledge... Army Captain Vets are some crazy minded people. And they like to experiment. Lots of times I got to witness the experiments. Well, it was while working with VETCOM that I learned the use of animal meds as opposed to people meds. You would be surprised at how alike the two are. Just packaged differently. For Animals they raise the some 800% as there is no regulation in the industry. Amoxicilian, Clavamox, It is all the same...just got to know your dosage.

    1. PS: Basically I was told by the Army Vets, that if its good enough for pets, its also good enough for us.. again, just got to learn proper dosing.

    2. That's a factor that's often overlooked when people are stockpiling. You certainly do have to know what antibiotic is appropriate for what malady, and how much to give for how long. There used to be a doctor who posted this kind of information on her web page, nicely broken down. The web page disappeared though and I haven't seen any references to her on Rawles so she may have decided she needed to lawyer up and quit discussing that. Just a guess on my part.

  4. I grew up in the horse world and know many folks (myself included) who have taken horse meds at one time or another. My farrier swears by the horse a bottle and he says it lasts forever because the dosage he takes is so small.

    1. I worked with a man who took vet medicines all the time and they worked for him, and he suffered no ill effects. But he had a smart wife who figured out the dosages and all.

      Personally I'm an adherent of the idea.

  5. My first wife worked for an old vet.He was one that used vet meds on himself family and staff.Now if it was beyond him he would send you to a good doctor but i have taken pet meds many times when i didnt have 80$ to go to a doctor.With a web search you can find correct dosing on a lot of antibiotics.Some of th older less used ones i have found work better than some newwer ones.

    1. Gary, your experience mirrors that of a lot of people. It infuriates me that even though I have taken the same medicines for many years (and a few more in the last couple of years) I have to pay a $55.00 copayment just to walk in the doctors office and get my prescriptions renewed every three months. Most of what I take are not associated with antibiotics though so they have me by the neck.

  6. We (our group) are lucky fellas. Our medic is the administrator of a very large veterinary center. We have many large five gallon buckets filled with antibiotics. He rotates them periodically. I hope we never need them. You've written some fine stuff of late, Bubba.

    1. One of the big advantages to a group like yours is that everyone has a skill set. I have to be the jack of all trades here, which means I know a lot about a few things, a little about most things, and all there is to know about nothing.

      I think it's all the turmoil going on right now, I've been reviewing my own situation and the best way to find out what your missing is to do a post and see what people say. It's like having a proof reader look over something you've written.