Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dump Day

I haven't been to the dump in about three months.  So today I loaded up all the trash from the bear proof bin, and hauled it to the dump.  When I got there, cars were stretched all the way back from the dump out to the highway. I've never seen that before.  Turns out the compactors were not working, and all the people with their passenger cars and their one little white bag of trash were having to wade through the inch of effluvia on the floor of the dump shed instead of just pulling up to a compactor. I always wear boots, and I have a pair of boots I never wear in the house for that. Even though I had to wait a long time in the blazing sun to dump my stuff, I got a kick out of watching people in sandals and street shoes trying to get through all that gunk. You have to cross a cement floor about 20 feet long, then there's a big pit with a trailer backed into it. You throw your stuff in that and when it's full they take it to an industrial incinerator in another county and burn it. Pretty nasty and the smell would knock a buzzard off a death cart at thirty feet in the summer time.

Then I went to Walmart, where I found the first 9mm luger I have seen there in three months. They had one box of 100 rounds, Winchester ball, bulk packed for $27.00 and I bought it. 

Went on out to the air field and had lunch at a gas station /cafe out there.  Not a very exciting day but at least the dump run is over for a few months.

There's an obscure little television channel called "Pivot" that has shown up on my Direct TV.  It appears to show nothing but independent films and documentaries.  I watched a show on the water situation, entitled "Last Call at the Oasis."  There wasn't much in it that  I didn't already know, because History Channel and Science Channel have run a good many programs on this issue.  It did have some segments on marketing "new water" to people.  "New water" is water you flush out of your toilet that is cleaned (they say) and then goes right back into your tap for you to drink. They showed a great shot of water with toilet paper and condoms floating in it, then showed Jack Black drinking it as he shilled for the company putting out the product.  Better him than me.

It also touched on the chemicals used in fracking, and how they are showing up in peoples bodies now. Not new but there was more detail than in anything I've seen previously. All in all, a good program. They absolutely advertise it to death, I'd say a good 20% of the program was cheesy advertisements, but if you tape it you can just fast forward through those.


  1. Drink recycled water. It's good for the environment and OK for you.

    Wasn't there a line like that in the old Judge Dredd?

    1. I think it was " eat more recycled food. It's good for the government and it's ok for you."

      Even more disgusting to contemplate.

  2. Good Fine on the 9mm ball. I haven't seen brass 9mm under $35/100 since Newtown and often it's been closer to $40.

    1. I think Walmart got the price wrong. But after my last experience with them and ammo pricing, I just figured I'd already made my contribution of time and effort to straighten them out so I just bought it. I was surprised to see 9mm. There was also one box of Winchester .357 but they wanted $38.00 plus there's a 7% tax, so I passed on that.