Saturday, September 28, 2013


Already did one post this evening but I was dissatisfied with it and deleted it.  Sometimes when I am writing on this blog I forget other people actually read it from time to time, and I just ramble along.  I've always been that way so I can say with some certainty it is not a sign of advanced old age overtaking me, at least at this point.

We have a fire tonight. It's not cold enough to need one, but it's cold enough to let you enjoy having one in the fireplace.  A fire has a calming effect, I suppose the sound of the embers popping and the slight smell of wood smoke makes people unwind a little.  When I went out on the porch a bit ago the wind was blowing and the smoke from the chimney was wafting back down under the porch roof .  It smelled good.

My security camera system finally quit today.  It was many, many years old and not very advanced but it did the job. I certainly got my money's worth out of it.  Now I can get one with better features and take advantage of the greater capabilities of the systems on the market today.   A good six camera wireless system with infrared  is what I have in mind.

I ordered a mount and a light for my shotgun from Centerfire Systems.  Not terribly expensive, but I want to see if I like it. If I do, I can think about getting something a bit more costly for a rifle.  For now, I'm not buying a laser because with a shotgun, if I can see it in the light and I'm close enough for the target to be in range, I don't need a laser.  If I put something on a rifle that will be different.

My daughters horse has to go to a different stable now that cold weather is coming on. This one apparently has better stalls for the horses. I will be picking up the tab on that to help her out. The thing about budgets, is that if you take money out of the budget you didn't plan on, then you have to compensate by reducing expenditures in some other cell.  I don't mind, because I'm glad she saved the horse. She was already paying a small fortune each month to ride at a stable where they rent horses, and I may actually save money by her having her own horse once it is well enough to ride.  I'm proud of my daughter, because she takes action to address things she sees that are wrong.  I know I am being the archetypical father , but that's how I feel. I have good kids. Whatever I've done wrong in my life, and I'm sure there are plenty of line items there, my kids have turned out well.  No drugs, no police run ins, and they aren't mean or hateful like so many people are.  Paying for a few things like horse stalls is nothing compared to the joy my wife and I get from our kids.

Well, it's almost midnight and tonight I have to get some sleep because we have plans for tomorrow.


  1. No drugs, she's not a stripper, neither of them are in jail, generally doing good things, there is probably a lot more room for it to be worse than better.

    I think a mount and light for a shotgun is a solid call. I've heard of old school (Gulf War) era SAS zeroing weapon mounted lights to shoot based on the light. Depending on how adjustable the mount is, and how solid the adjustments are that might be an option, at least to get it to pattern towards the middle of the light.

    A laser might be hard to see in conjunction with a flashlight. Using the laser without the light means either you lack target identification or there is a transition between the light and laser. Good duty grade lasers are not cheap. Cheap lasers may function (ie laser works) but probably will not adjust or hold a zero with any reliability. Honestly the only civilian lasers I would recommend are Crimson Trace, Surefire (light combo's), Streamlight (same) and DBAL. The cheap ones start at a couple hundred bucks and they go up in price rapidly.

    Also it's just another thing to hang off your gun.

    I would suggest you to consider a tritium front sight post instead of a laser for aiming. They replace the factory front bead but glow in the dark. Cost is $30-50ish depending on shotgun make. The advantage of this setup is you could see it in twilight alone and it would still stand out with using the flashlight.

    Good luck,

    1. I can do that. They sell the night sights at the general store, though I don't know much about them. The price is right. Centerfire had a wide variety of mounts and equipment for shotguns. I've bought things from them before and got good value for my money, though they don't sell the high priced name brands and I never bought this type of gear from them until now.

  2. Mossberg


    Universal (maybe they're all threaded the same?)

  3. It sounds like you do have good children. My three children have had no police run ins or drugs in their lives. It appears the four grandchildren are following the same path. I can see why you would not mind helping her a bit. Or a lot.

  4. Practical , I am very serious about my children and my friends. Both are important to me.

  5. I been looking into some horse meat recipes if you want em.

    We have the same idea about shotgun lasers. I came to about the same conclusion you did.

    I don't think I know of any Homeschooled child that has had drug problems of any kind. In fact now that I think about it I don't know any home schooled children that grew up as a smoker or drinker either. Not that I know enough of them to constitute a control group or anything but there are actually a fair amount of them in my neck of the woods.

    Keeping them away from the social pressures of group/public schools nips that in the bud I think.

  6. Harry - you are a very good father and friend, and your wife is a very good mother. you both have every right to be proud of your children...they are praise-worthy! it is so difficult for young people right now and your children are holding their own!

    i can't wait until we get a woodstove...i love the smell and the sound of a nice, warm fire!

    your friend,

    1. Kymber, a wood stove is a nice thing to have and I am sure up there in the Far North it will come in handy. Did you go down to the water today? If I lived where you do, I would go down there every day to see the dawn, and every evening to watch the sunset. When I lived on Emerald Isle I never missed a dawn or a sunset. That's the best thing about living on water.

      My daughters boy friend has a teen aged son from his first marriage. The kid is a nice boy but he has a drug issue and it has caught up with him. He has to go back to juvenile court this week and they may put him in juvenile hall because he keeps using drugs and getting caught on the drug test. I guess the judge is tired of it. It seems kind of dumb to put some teenager in jail because he smokes marijuana, because the experience will only be negative and he isn't going to come out "reformed" but that's our justice system. Meanwhile, rapists and murderers get released from prison because there's no room for them. I'm in a really sour mood, we've been on the phone all morning because my daughter is all upset over this and it has spoiled my Sunday, which is really the only day I try to keep free of any turmoil. :-(

    2. Harry, my friend, email coming.