“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Friday, October 18, 2013


I got up this morning to go for a walk, but the dogs were no where to be found.  They decided to talk a walk in the woods on their own,  so they left me.

I'm reading blogs now, then I'll read the news. After that, I'm going over to the little lake and walk a bit.

I don't have anything planned for today.  For once, I'm caught up on the chores and don't need anything in town.

It's nice and warm, so I suppose I ought to take the ferrets out to the meadow.  I can only take one at a time, since they have to stay on a leash or they'll bolt for the woods. Jasmine is too old to go to the meadow, so that leaves the four young ones. Ten minutes each, plus another ten minutes for all the rigging them into ferret harnesses. That will kill an hour or so all told.

I could go to a movie. I'll probably wait until tomorrow to do that though, since my wife will be home tonight and she likes movies.

One thing I need to do is walk down the mountain and check the mail. I haven't been to the mailbox since last week. A new Southern Ohio Guns catalog should be arriving shortly, always a highlight of my existence.

Maybe I'll take the truck and go down to the country store.  I can have a cup of their "pumpkin spice" coffee they only have in the Fall.  That would also give me a chance to listen to the local goings on, because there are always retired guys there on the bench outside the store. If it happens in the county they know about it. If it happens outside the county, they don't care about it.

If I was really motivated, I'd drive up to the big lake to our northeast, and rent a sunfish. This is a perfect day for sailing.  Light breeze, cool, and clear. That lake is the best around for sailing because it's wide enough that you aren't constantly having to paddle to get far enough out to catch a breeze. At the big lake in our county, it's long and narrow and the mountains kill the breeze.

But I'm not motivated today....

I could do some firearms maintenance. A lot of the guns could stand a good wipe down with a silicon cloth and a patch through the bore.  I used to keep a log , in which I recorded maintenance on each rifle. But it got to be more of a chore to keep the log up than it was to keep the rifles clean.  Now I just give them a wipe down periodically and it doesn't seem to hurt them any.

If I shoot one, I clean it thoroughly three days in a row. Like everything else I own,  I try to keep them in good shape.

Well, I suppose I better start making some decisions. It's either that or sit here at the house all day.


  1. I would say cleaning has kept me from shooting sometimes more than anything else. I have many times said to myself "I should go shoot XXX" then think "nah I don't want to have to clean it right now".

    Enjoy your day!!!

    1. That is a sure sign of encroaching old age. That's my problem today. It isn't that there aren't entertaining things to do. It's just that it's easier to sit up here in my easy chair and look at the clouds through the skylights.

    2. Cleaning often factors into my shooting plans. Instead of putting a box or so through several guns I am far more likely to take 2-3 then shoot them a bit more.

    3. Another factor that enters into it for me is the beating you get from the old full powered battle rifles with steel butt plates. 20 rounds of that is about enough for me at one time.

  2. It sounds like you have a big list, but you don't want to do much of anything. I have days like that to.

    1. No energy. I am basically marking time until I need to go open the gate when my wife comes home.

  3. I love the rare day when I don't have anything that has to be done.

    1. It is nice, once in a while, to just coast along for a minute.