Monday, October 28, 2013


I got up at 3:00 this morning,  and started a Lima bean soup with a ham bone.  Went to bed around 11:00 last night after watching the National Geographic show American Blackout.   Around nine I went into town because I had to go by the bank and the post office.  Now I am home, having made a new pot of coffee. I don't have any plans for today.  In a bit  I will go upstairs and listen to some smooth jazz on my satellite radio. It's damp and cold outside, so the dogs and I won't be taking our walk today.   If I feel like it later on, I may walk down the mountain to check the mail.  My Southern Ohio Guns monthly flyer has not come and I've been looking for it. I keep them and have them filed chronologically for many years.  Helps me with tracking price increases overall for the type of firearms I'm interested in, and ammunition.

The show last night wasn't bad. They advertised so much that it was hard to follow the story line, which was aggravating. I'm not sure why four college kids stuck in an elevator was worth so much of the plot, but overall it pointed out some interesting things. I hope people who are just starting with self sufficient living watched it.  For the most part, the show was about what not to do, rather than what to do in a crisis.

Christian Science Monitor: How Accurate is Nat Geo's "Black Out" ? 

For one thing,  once that kid started handing food over to the "neighbors" on the other side of the fence, he guaranteed that guy would be back with his hunting buddies. That gave me pause, because I had been thinking rather lightly of letting my daughter bring people I didn't know here. Maybe that is not a good idea. Or maybe she should pick who she wants to come, and let me review the list. One thing is for sure, there's only one chief on this mountain, and that's me. In a crisis, it won't be a democracy on my mountain top.


  1. No, it won't be a democracy, it'll be a coup.

  2. I need warm bodies to help me run the place and defend it if need be. But they need to be individuals who are willing to toe the line. The kid in that show last night is exactly what I don't need. I trust my judgement over that of a twenty something in matters of this nature.

  3. I have a couple of buddies that watched and he was of the opionion that it was more propaganda for preparing the masses rather than a good representation. No one covered bank runs or any of the nuke plants going critical with out energy to cool the rods. I doubt the nuke plants have over 10 days worth of fuel for the backup generators and if they go into an unplanned shutdown that would turn out very bad.

    1. The reviews I've read on line said pretty much the same thing, so that would appear to be a general consensus. If they hadn't blown off 45% of the show time by advertising and pimping their new "Kennedy" show maybe they could have done a better job. However, some parts of it were worth while. I have to admit, I didn't mind it too much when the whiny, arrogant yuppies in the 47th floor apartment got whacked. People like that get under my skin. The show needed to be a full two hours long without all the distractions, then it would have been better.